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I know that I still have to finish Alexandra and the Princesses and my Rose Red fan-fiction, but back when I did a pick about which fan-fiction tu wanted me to write and the majority (apart from those that picked the "None" option) chose Alexandra and the Princesses which was why I started with that fan-fiction, but before I forget this fan-fiction I have to start write this one and yes, it's way más original than my other and yes, it's a modern Prince and the Pauper mixtured with The cisne Princess (or The cisne Lake). It would be cool if disney made a movie out of this! So anyways enjoy and please leave a comentario telling me what tu think :)

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom a king and queen had just got a baby girl who they where going to call Alexandra. They had just sent out the invatations to the whole kingdom and a few to our world because Alexandra's mother wasn't originally a princess who became a queen, she was an ordinary woman who just happened to get lost one día and came to this kingdom where she found Alexandra's father so of course she wanted her friends to come and celebrate the birth of Alexandra. What she didn't knew was that one of her friends had the very same día give birth to a baby girl whose name was Julia.

The día after Alexandra and Julia were born the celebration of Alexandra's birth was held and most of the visitors came with amazing gifts to her. Alexandra's mother's friends came aswell and they had the most unic gifts to the baby girl. They gave the child lots of clothes that didn't seemed to fit a princess. The friend who had got Julia came to Alexandra's mother and started to talk to her.
"Wow, it's been ages since we met last time, we should meet sometime even though tu must be quite busy now", her friend asked.
"Maybe we can, but I was thinking if our daughters can meet each other. Alexandra can go in kindergarten and school where tu live and Julia can come and visit us and Alexandra can visit you", Alexandra's mother answered.
"That sounds like a great idea", her friend replied.

It wasn't only kings and queens that came to the celebration, a pair of princesses came to visit. One of them was Snow White who also had a daughter named Rose Red who was born 4 years ago, but she had to stay inicial because if she followed with she would cause a lot of trouble.
"Your daughter is almost as beautiful as mine, well, since I'm a mother myself my best consejos to tu is give a lot of amor to your daughter and she won't be a troublemaker like mine is, I tried to give my daughter Rose Red a lot of love, but I didn't have the time to it and that made her a troublemaker", Snow White told Alexandra's mother.
"I will give her a lot of love", Alexandra's mother replied.

And that was what she did, Alexandra grew up into a beautiful princess, but she visited her friend Julia as often as she could and she didn't became a troublemaker which Julia wasn't either.

They played very often o watched a movie in Julia's house, but in Alexandra's castillo they mostly played with Alexandra's toys o outside if it was warm enough.

Alexandra loved animated movies, but she didn't have a favorito! of those she had watched, but she loved repeating the lines from different characters. She also loved hearing different fairy-tales that Julia's parents told them sometimes.

Julia loved the castillo that Alexandra lived in, it was so big and beautiful and when they played in the castillo it was always very sunny.

Even when they where teenagers they loved playing with each other after school. Alexandra thought that the school made her tired which was why she looked adelante, hacia adelante to the weekends because then she could finally rest and be calm until school started again. The summer holidays was the best time because then Alexandra sometimes followed with Julia and her parents on amazing journeys and Alexandra loved discovering new places and try new things, the amusment parks where her favoritos and the zoo's and watching the buildings and the malls and of course shopping.

And when Alexandra fell asleep each night she often thought back about how the día had been like especially if it had been a good día which most of the days where, but sometimes they wheren't good, maybe because of a test in school o something else that just made the día worse.

But Alexandra always did her best in school and even when she was tired she worked very hard. Before school started she always read libros about the upcoming subject so that in case if the teacher asked a pregunta she could answear them without looking in the book. That was the reason to why everyone thought that she didn't have time to meet her friends, but that wasn't true, she spended a lot of time with her only true friend Julia which all the others didn't knew anything about and they would never get to know that.

One día Alexandra waited for Julia, she had a perfect view from her room and from there she could also see the lake. But suddenly a witch appeared and transformed Julia into a swan. Alexandra hurried out, but she was too late. When she came outside Julia was por the lake now she was a swan.
"I'm going to save you, no matter how many fears I have to face", Alexandra told her friend.
"Well, tu have to face some of your fears, but I guess you're the only one that can do it now", Julia replied.
"Yes, I'll leave tomorrow morning", Alexandra said.
"That's good since it's going to take a long time before tu reach the witch's castle", Julia replied.
"How do I get to the witch's castle", Alexandra asked.
"Do tu see that forest over there, you'll have to pass por that forest, basically just go straight on until you've reached a clearing, there you'll take right and when you've passed por another forest tu can see the witch's castillo and lastly just climb up the mountain and you're there. To get inside tu have to first ring on the doorbell and then say why tu have come to her", Julia answered.
"I think I know the way now, thanks for the help", Alexandra told Julia with a bright smile.
"You're welcome", Julia replied.
(End of Part 1)
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hola guys! This is my first article, so try not to be too critical! I am pretty indecisive sometimes, so I'm not making a full-on lista yet. I'm just doing my parte superior, arriba 3 ;)

3. Rapunzel

I absolutely amor the movie Tangled! I think Rapunzel is a great princess because she isn't totally ladylike and I personally think she's a good role model. I mean, she is super nice to everybody and stands up for what she believes in. Finally, I think I'm similar to Rapunzel because I REALLY like art and we have overprotective parents. (Except mine are not nearly as bad)

2. Belle

Again, Beauty and the Beast is one of my...
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 Not true for me, I just found the picture to be funny
Not true for me, I just found the picture to be funny
WARNING! lectura this articulo may come with a few side effects such as happy, grumpy, bashful, sleepy, sneezy, and being dopey. Also if tu feel the need to take out a small duck...don't because Ducks are friends not food. Also the writer of this articulo can't not be fined if tu feel those side effects o anything else tu may want to blame on her.

The Creepier behind the Name
My name is Linnea, I'm 17 almost 18 Which may shock a lot of tu guys because I don't really act my age here at all.
 Me holding my DP pen
Me holding my DP pen

My Schooling
I'm a preschool drop out and proud of it I should get a t-shirt...
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la bella y la bestia
la bella y la bestia
animated film
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 amor is everywhere!
Love is everywhere!
Hi guys, since Valentine's día is coming up after Chinese New Year. I thought that it would be nice for me to write this articulo since I have loads of great amor songs on my iPod Touch. This articulo is base on the amor songs that suits the disney Princess with their respective princes and the reasons why, if tu have any suggestions o opinions, go ahead! I will not include Merida and Elsa in since they don't have a amor interest.

Snow White & Prince Ferdinand

Song: amor Story por Taylor rápido, swift

I chose this because the lyrics and the música video fits perfectly for them, since Snow White...
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cenicienta (1950)
a dream is a wish your corazón makes
lyric video
sing along
animated film
princesas de disney
música video
la sirenita
This video belongs to Walt disney animación Studios, and I own nothing of this video.
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Hi. I'm new here, I've only been here for three days. Anyway, I don't even know how I found this place, :D but it's really fun here. My name's Anna and I'm 13 years old (so I'm probably the youngest here) :)) I was born in the USA, Michigan, but since my mom is from the Czech Republic (In Europe), we had to mover to Prague. (My dad is American too) I miss it there and I hope to mover back someday. Anyway,

My favorito! disney princesses: Jane, Tiana, Mulan, Ting-Ting, Mei, Rapunzel, Merida, Nani, Anastasia, Pocahontas, Belle, Megara...

My favorito! (and hottest) disney guys: Shang, Jim Hawkins, Flynn Ryder, Hades (JK, but he is my favorito! villain)

My favorito! disney villain: Hades!!!!!!!

My favourite disney movies: Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Mulan, mulan 2, Anastasia, Tangled, Brave, Lilo and Stitch
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