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BKG201 posted on Mar 06, 2010 at 09:53AM
I think that people who are passionate Disney princess fans should also be on the banner. If you'd like to be on the banner please speak up so the clubs maker can listen.

I would like to have my username on the banner
(I wouldn't usually complain but I've worked really hard on the Disney Princess club and I don't get any recognition.)
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hace más de un año disney_prince said…
Hi, yeah I'm the spot creater and I was thinking of making a forum like this to make sure everyone who wants to be on the banner can be. So like BKG201 has already stated, if you wanted to be added just leave a post.
hace más de un año DreamyGal said…
What about me?! I wanna be up there too :D
hace más de un año cromulanfav said…
Me too, I see none of you are there