hadas de disney Which one do tu like best?

VainSyeira posted on Jan 22, 2010 at 04:56AM
Which fairy do you like best? I'd have to say Tinkerbell, because I look ALOT like her, it's really uncanny, and I have her personality. But a close second is Rosetta, because she's so cute and she's the oldest. She's in touch with her inner beauty, like me.

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hace más de un año Nariko said…
Our favorite disney fairy is Rani!!!
My boyfriend and me love her!!!! she's very beautiful cute and emotional!
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hace más de un año CyD12 said…
my fav is Bess! she is just awesome! and my second fav is Rani!
hace más de un año daisy7572315 said…
id have to say fawn becas iv got her personalety i play pranks on pepol and i ame a tom boy my second is silver mist becos ilived my life on the water.
hace más de un año GypsyMarionette said…
Phineas T. Kettletree Esquire.(aka Bobble)
I love how his goggles make his eyes look so big. He's quirky and funny. He's a tinker, which I find interesting. Plus I love his Scottish accent.
I think he'd be fun to hang out with.
hace más de un año GypsyMarionette said…
Okay it seems a lot of people are picking the fairy with which they have the most in common. So, as far as that goes I'm kind of like Vidia. No, I'm not mean-spirited.

Ways we're alike:
-I get bursts of energy where all I want to do is take off running, sort of like her fast-flying.
-If I had one of the fairy talents, fast-flying sounds like it be a dream.
-I love lemon tarts, like she does.
-I have a sister who is a lot like Tinker Bell, usually optimistic and sometimes she gets on my nerves, but we get along for the most part
-We are both kind of secretive
-Sometimes I'm told I'm insensitive, but it's because I don't understand the other person's feelings
-We both feel that we're "equivocal misfit[s] who struggles to live in a world where others don't understand her[or us]"(quote from Neverpedia.com). So we seem loners
-Purple is my second favorite color
-Vidia has a soft spot for Prilla in the books. I see Prilla as sort of a child fairy. I love young children, and being around them brings out the mother in me.

Ways we're different:
-I do not believe in her "not all fairies are equal" policy
-Her arrogance gets on my nerves. I don't have low self-esteem, but I don't hold myself above others either.

Her arrogance and selfishness aside, I think Vidia is a pretty cool fairy.

Okay I wrote all this before actually reading the books. My above ^ opinion of Vidia was based on the movies and what I found on the internet. In the books, I don't like her much at all.
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hace más de un año Phobetonkinfan1 said…
i like rosetta best- and we have things in common:)link
hace más de un año pretty_angel92 said…
fawn is the best. she's funny and she likes animals =P
hace más de un año childofhades said…
silvermist rocks
hace más de un año Flora_Bloom said…
Agreed with Nadia!(CyD12)
Bess and then Rani!