disney crossover Yσυ'яε Му Lιttℓε мєямαιd ღ Снαρтєя 11.

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{I'll go to find her.}

Taran; oh my... I feel so bad.. I need to tell Jim.
*Taran runs and look for jim*

Taran; Jim??!

{Jim on the roof}
Taran; Jim!
Jim; What do you want?
Taran; Go ahead and Listen to Melody!
Jim; Ha. Never.
Taran; All this is my fault. Please you need to find her.
Jim; Find her? Do not tell me that she fled.
Taran; She get a boad and rowed out to sea.
Please you need to listen to her.
Jim; But how you know?
Taran; I know, her face when she said to me that, In her face it wasn't the true.
Jim; Ok. I'll go.

*Taran also told all the story to ariel and eric.*

{*Ariel, Eric & Triton talking in the ship*}
(You know all the story that Eric says to ariel that she needs to transform in a mermaid.)

Eric; Find her.
Ariel; Believe in me.


Meanwhile, Jim is going rowing a boat to find melody.

To Be Contiued.
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