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mandy16 posted on Aug 01, 2007 at 01:46PM
This is my favourite film off all time. I love the last dance :)

What is your favourite part?

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hace más de un año TotallyAddicted said…
When I was young the part where 'Hey Baby' comes on when they are practising really meant something to me, I don't know why, but I guess loved the idea of practicing in water! I also love the end dance, that's the sort of thing I can watch over and over and over again.

It’s a great move, which will always be a classic - - - GO DIRTY DANCING :)

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hace más de un año pinkmad17 said…
This is definatly one of my favourite films too. But I only saw it for the first time a few years ago a lot later than most. The first time I watched it and Johnny left I didnt half curse him. Then when he comes back... wow! My favourite part is when her shoes change to the dancing ones! Love it! Oh and when he's watching her in the rear view mirror! You cant not love this film!
hace más de un año popforever said…
this is my favourite film, patrick and jennifer both play really good parts, i haven't really got a fav part but the last dance and where they practice in the water is the best! really GREAT film
hace más de un año iheartnate said…
my favourite part is in johnny's cabin where him and baby dance to cry to me.
and also when baby's like 'i'm scared of everything...'

i just love it all really! [:
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hace más de un año xxATLalexxx said…
ahh mann.i love the whole thing.but my favorite part wuld have to be when baby discovers all the teens dancing.well when billy shows her.she seems really out of place then dances with johnny and i wanted to stand up and yell WOOOOOH!
hace más de un año Rissiekoe said…
Its a buatafull movie, i like it very much. that part on the dance attic. that Baby is on the floor and they play the song after (i'm sorry if i write something wrong, my englisch isn't so good. I'm from holland link)
hace más de un año xxATLalexxx said…
this is my favorite movie of all time! ive watched it at least 40 times and never get tired of it! its amazing!!! my favorite part...when baby walks into the building where all the kids are dancing. i love how they dance and i love how baby is so uncomfortable. and then her a johnny's first dance together is great too!
hace más de un año KOKOLONDON said…
i fell in love with this film the first time i saw it :) lol i think i have seen it 100 times :) i just cant get enough of it. i think my fav part of the film is when they are practicing in the water, just that part does it for me :) check out my page :) link lol im so obsessed about Dirty Dancing i just had to make my own site
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hace más de un año sharonstillman said…
Yes it is a classic movie that will never be old!!!
Love the water scene too.
I love both Patrick and Jennifer in this movie.just loved how they laughed out loud.You could tell they were having a great time in real life!!!

This was the first time since Patricks passing that I've been able to watch it as I was just to sad!! He was a beautiful, kind and genital man.
It's so lovely to see Jennifer on dancing with the stars...she's just fantastic! I just wish Patrick would have been able to be on it. It would have been the mosted watch show ever...RIP you beautiful man x
hace más de un año antra4u said…
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hace más de un año IBelieveInJesus said…
Definetely one of my favourite movies. I just love every scene!