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dragonsmemory posted on Jun 03, 2012 at 11:55PM
Long before humans walked the land, Earth was ruled by dinosaurs. They came in a wide range of sizes, from tiny carnivores the size of housecats to the great lumbering sauropods.
But what were the immense animals REALLY like? "The Age of Reptiles" follows a selection ofdinosaurs from all walks of life.

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hace más de un año dragonsmemory said…

Dinosaurs ruled for 160 million years, far longer than our own species. Their world was vastly different from the world today, for they lived in a different geologic era, the Mesozoic.
In the Triassic period, which began about 230 million years ago (mya), all the land on Earth was joined into one giant mass called Pangea. As time marched forward, Pangea split into two smaller masses. The northern one, called Laurasia, was composed of what would become North America, Europe, and northern Asia. The southernmost mass, Gondwanaland, was composed primarily of the southern continents. An inland sea filled the Great Plains region, and the Rocky Mountains werebarely new.
The climate itself was different. It was hotter, more tropical, in those days. Ferns, cycads, and conifers were the dominant plant life through the Triassic and Jurassic periods. In the Cretaceous came flowering plants, and pollinators.
In the days of the dinosaurs, ahuman would barely recognize Earth. Reptiles and birds ruled land, sea, and sky. Mammals stayed small and were mostly nocturnal. This way, they might be ignored by a hungry dinosaur. Only one event changed the situation, an even 100 million years in the making: the K-T asteroid impact 65 mya. (see "Epilogue: End of an Era" at the end of this book)
hace más de un año koalagirl9 said…
I think they were big Green and Brown and scary
hace más de un año dragonsmemory said…
Dinosaurs weren't just green and brown, and not all of them were scary. Some were red, black, orange, almost any color you can think of. They came in all shapes and sizes. From the massive, placid sauropods to the quick, mean theropods, there was a dinosaur for every day of the year. The carnivores were the meanest and smartest, but some of the herbovores would get a little mean if you pissed them off.