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posted by BlondeGirl93
My corazón is my hands
My head is in the clouds
My feet have left the ground
My life is turning around and round
And every voice inside my head is telling me to run like mad
Oh bows and arrows stars and sunsets

hola hola hola yeah
hola hola hola yeah

Every heartbeat, every kiss just
Makes me wonder what all this is
suits of armour Hearts and arrows

hola hola hola ye-eah!

:Ok so now I gotta write something after this because it now wants me to write a longer articulo so hmm... how bout can tu guys please just tell me what tu feel is the best theme song to Dawson's Creek? I like this one better but it's not just up to me it's up to all of us.. thank tu guys so much :)
Ok, I don't know who else watches/watched One árbol colina but I find HUGE similarities to the Joey and Pacey's relationship(Jacey, JP) to brucas (BL); and Joey and Dawson's realtionship (Doey, JD) to Leyton(LP).
Doey and Leyton are 'platonic soulmates'. i.e. they share similar interests JD film, analyzing, academic fulfillment; LP music, abandonment, the arts (writing and drawing).
LP and JD seem to be unable to function normally with o without the other. Both share traumatic experiences and are there for each other which undoubtedly gives them a close emotional bond.

However, when they are...
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