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 Bamon UST: A promise of steamy (and kinky) love-making.
Bamon UST: A promise of steamy (and kinky) love-making.
Last episode got me thinking about Bamon. Did Damon's last line (the one where he dicho about always choosing Elena over the witch) really ruin the chance of Bamon?

Because of this question, I really had to reevaluate my lista regarding Bamon's authenticity. Here are a few reasons why I think the ship rocks aka why I should never lose hope:

1) Though TVD is really a mostrar about a amor triángulo, triángulo de between two brothers and a girl, I really refuse to categorize Damon as stupid as falling for the same Katherine trap. However, he had admitted that he was 'in love' with Elena... so I'm going to consider...
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REASON 1: he died for her

REASON 2: His SOUL wanted to save her ("it wasn't much like him tu know,more like me...)

REASON 3:The thought of anyone hurting her makes him maaad ("we need to have a little chat"he dicho turning the full force of his menacing dark eyes on the bulging ones of his prey"about just how she got consficated.dont struggle.if tu haven't hurt the girl,you've got nothing to fear.if tu have...if tu have, then por all means struggle,it wont make any difference in the end-if tu know what i mean?")

REASON 4:He thinks she's unique(damon snorted drowsily "there aren't two like her...
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sorry guys for the bad quality :( i really hope you'll amor my vid anyway
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So, I'm an avid fan of the TVD novels series. As all of tu already know por now, I am a HUGE Book Bamon fan. In fact, I am más of a Book Bamon supporter then a mostrar Bamon supporter, however, at one point, I loved mostrar Bamon as well. But a lot of things have changed in regards to my passion and support for mostrar Bamon that I have decided to just stick with Book Bamon for now. Maybe things will change in the future when it comes to mostrar Bamon but some major adjustments will need to be made in terms of Damon's characterization and also, increasing the amount of character exploration on the part...
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Damon: Book vs. Show

First off, hi everyone! I’ve been very inactive here lately because of computer viruses, but I’m fully active again. :)

Ok, so now on to the article….
Damon is, without a doubt one of the most popular characters in TVD, in both the libros and show. But one pregunta that seems to always pop up is which one is better? The character L.J Smith created in our beloved books, o Ian Somerholder’s great portrayal of him in the show?

Well, this idea has been running through my head for a while now, so this is my take on both versions of Damon Salvatore.

I’ll start with some...
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This is an erotic story that contains graphic sex scenes and some violence. It's a mostrar fan-fic and it's not exactly a Donnie ff. This story happens right after the episode "162 candles" when Bonnie still didn't know Damon was a vampire. Not suitable for readers under seventeen years.

Part I

“Bonnie, I need your help!” Caroline said.
“Why?” dicho Bonnie.
“I want to get my own beck on Damon. How could he say I was stupid, shallow and useless?” dicho Caroline.
“He dicho that at the party yesterday?” dicho Bonnie.
“Yes, he did.” dicho Caroline with sadness in her eyes. “Come on, Bonnie!...
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It's really sad to see the relationship of Damon and Bonnie receive so much OTT and unnecessary hate from the TVD fandom. I'm trying to constitute why so many people within this fandom feel the constant need to bash Bamon. But then, one day, a light bulb went off in my head and everything was crystal clear. The truth is, my fellow Bamonators, Bamon receives so much hate because the people who bash this beautiful connection are indeed insecure and jealous. And when I talk about Bamon haters, I'm of course referring to none other then the Delena supporters. tu see, the Delena supporters feel...
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