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*Spoilers* fotos from GoT: S05 Revealed

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Fanpup says...
I remember visiting this website once...
It was called Revealing foto Leaked From Game of Thrones Season Five
Here's some stuff I remembered seeing:
Revealing Photo Leaked From Game of Thrones Season Five
Over the past day, the fans of Game of Thrones have exploded, either with vehemence or with excitement over the most recently leaked picture from the set of Game of Thrones, Season Five. The picture depicts a complete shift from almost anything resembling the plot line fans were expecting in the book, and leaves one wondering what large-scale changes the new season will bring. The leaked image is set in what is confirmed to be, Daznak’s Pit, the only thing in keeping with the canon from 
Already, fans were shocked and somewhat dismayed to see leaked pictures of Tyrion Lannister interacting with Daenery Targaryen– an encounter that has not taken place in the books as of yet. However, this picture depicts and even more intriguing (and equally un-chronicled by George R.R. Martin) moment in which Daenarys, Missandei,  Tyrion, Daario Naharis, and Ser Jorah come together in the aftermath of what looks like what will be a violent altercation onscreen. It is certainly interesting when these many major characters come together, but even more interesting when their meeting is not something that has happened in the books.
While Tyrion has certainly not met the Mother of Dragons in George R.R. Martin’s latest book, nor have the two converged in a fighting pit, said pit is mentioned in the books. Daenerys is found there, attending a fight celebrating her marriage– a matter which will certainly interest fans as it takes place in the show. However, the wedding is hardly what will capture show-watcher’s attention if HBO stays at all close to the books. The final chapters of
tell of a harrowing tale, that is catalyzed by the events that take place in Daznak’s Pit. Dragons will be ridden. Khaleesis will disappear. A city will fall into chao. An invasion will loom on the horizon. This and much more we know we have to look forward to, if we have read 
. However, until the release of the latest picture, even the most extravagant of guessers would have predicted such a situation as the image suggests.
This marks a change in precedent for the show, as HBO seems to be making dramatic changes to the plots of major characters. Those who have read 
may no longer be able to rest in assurance, knowing the outcome of the plot. From using flashbacks, to sending Jaime Lannister to Dorne, to this latest development, it’s obvious that the writers of the show are changing things up from the original plot described in the books. As the show begins, we can probably expect more deviations from the books.
What do you think? Are you excited about differences in the show and the books or disappointed? Voice your opinions below.
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if the dragon’s involvement is changed for the lesser i will be very dissapointed, events in the north better stay the same!!!!!!
whatever D&D leave out, isn’t going to matter the true plot (GRRMs).
i hate this. i dont mind them changing the plot to better suite the small screen and their budget and time restrictions. but i am afraid they are goin to spoil some of the major plot surprises too early for the book readers. like when they reveled the “other’s” fortress in season 4. my only hope is that when they do deviate from the books, they deviate enough to complete change the story from the books. i dont mind having kind of two totally different endings for the series.
How is it the show’s fault that they spoil material from upcoming weeks? D&D are just trying to complete the story and they have no reason to change things up simply just to appease the book purists who don’t wanna find shit out yet.
Personally, I love it! It’s kind of like watching an alternate universe Westeros, like “what if THIS happened instead?”. It’s also really exciting for me as a book reader to NOT know exactly what’s going to happen. Tyrion and Dany not meeting up in the books was a huge bummer for me…so I’m excited to see how it’ll turn out in the show. Now we get two possible endings and plotlines for this world with the divergence of the show and the books and I’m really stoked to see how both turn out!
It’s one of those inevitable pains a book reader feels when adaptations happen. You know things will be changed, but it’s still a bummer. So instead of focusing on questioning how the above picture is even possible in the context of the book, I will focus on my growing excitement for the return of the series.
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