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So why not make a lit of that?

Season 1
1x01 : 'Can't sleep?' conversation [04.33]
1x01 : 'Good morning would be nice..' [04.58]
1x01 : Stella's concern for Mac [17.39]
1x01 : 'You alright?' conversation [20.25]
1x01 : Stella watches Mac at the hospital [30.50]
1x02 : 'Hang in there' [23.40]
1x02 : 'Use your head, not your heart..' [23.48]
1x02 : Mac comforts a frustrated Stella [36.00]
1x02 : Mac comes to help Stella with her case [38.14]
1x03 : 'You still with me?' [20.07]
1x03 : 'Playing hangman' conversation [24.20]
1x03 : Stella invited Mac to a bar, he actually goes! [41.00]
1x04 : (worked different...
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