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 Real vampiros Don't Sparkle
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Nikola Tesla from Sanctuary (aka the best vampire EVER) does not appreciate being asked if he sparkles! :P
nikola tesla
jonathon young
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this is a study i have conducted to ask what is the big deal weith twilight and edward cullen I asked my littlesister tasha what she thought of the global phenomenon that has all the worlds women gripped in an edward cullen orgasm.

Me: why do tu think Edward Cullen is *shudders violently* hot?
Tasha: (I have made her respuestas sound like she has n intellectual brain cell through hours of trranslating twilight gibberish) I think it is mostly because he is unnatainable and perfect.
(what she actually dicho was: squeeeeeeee edward cullen i want him but cant have him because that perra bella is his...
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O Tempora o Mores
Oh the times, oh the customs

This articulo is an appeal to all Twilight fans out there, I invite tu all to think over your good and bad actions here on fanpop and contemplate them.

I have seen and compared examples of the appearances of the fandoms Harry Potter and respectively Twilight when criticism appear in each other’s sites on fanpop and I am astounded por the comparatively aggressive tone the Twilight fans carried when they respond to the dicho criticism.

Compare the responses of: link

And: link ;

Notes are to be made that both internet addresses were found por searching...
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