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posted by cricketcrazy1
Finally India VS England is here.I can't wait to see the tempers flaring between the players.The best part is that Sachin Tendulkar is back.cheers for the god of cricket.OK lets analyse the Indian team.First there was a practice match against Somerset and everyone except Suresh Raina sucked(no offence) because he did so well with the bat and ball.Well the thing is Sehwag is injured,yuvraj is going bad Sreeshanth still looks like a dog and bowls like that to and God knows whether Bhajji and Mahi are still frnds.OMG so many problems but im sure India will win.

posted by cricketcrazy1
Cricket is the most exciting and funniest game i've ever seen.I amor cricket a lot but nowadays it just makes me sad.There are a lot controversies in cricket and just recently Shahid Afridi came in the news for quitting international cricket.There are many types of controversies most common is match fixing,players fighting with each other and ball tampering.From the start of 21st century there has been match fixing.It's really stupid that players are doing this to get más money when their getting 20 crores every year.Ball tampering tu have got to be kidding me.Players fighting I don't whether these people have realized that they're grown ups actuación like kids.So what if someone comes and insult you.That does'nt exactly mean tu have to go and shout at them.Besides players from different countries have become close during IPL.But then why do they fight.sheesh.
posted by Aaliyah08
In recently, it seems that so many of India’s renaissance efforts have come at the hands of the Delhi Daredevil, i.e., Virendra Sehwag and daredevil, he is, por name and por nature.

India is much to Sehwag in reciente times for altering their fortunes por fighting fuego with fire. It’s almost inconceivable that he lost his spot less than twelve months ago. His value to India cannot be underestimated.

He is doing things the only way he knows how. Castigated for hooking in Colombo, Sehwag has remained true to his instincts and is taking the fight back to the SriLankans. No thought of conservatism...
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