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squidward's suicide
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For an added affect, turn the lights off while reading!

Three sailors stayed at a cabina por the sea. One brought his girlfriend, the other brought his daughter. The sailor's daughter was ten, and had beautiful sapphire colored eyes that the other sailor's wife couldn't help but remark on constantly. At the time, the girl had fallen ill, and had not even the slightest idea what it was.

In the cabin, the woman was upstairs, escritura her little poems that were little known but beloved por those who read them. The girl was in the corner of...
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I'm sure por now tu have heard of the children's TV mostrar "Adventure Time". It's very popular. I must admit, I am a pretty big fan of the mostrar myself! It's a cute mostrar with a good storyline, which is más than I can say for a lot of caricaturas these days.

But.. it's the story behind the mostrar that's rather upsetting...

Finn was a 13 año old boy who was extremely lonely: having no friends and being ignored por his mother, who was having a difficult time enough trying to support him working 2 jobs. His only friend was his loyal dog, Jake. A few years later, Jake died of old age. After Jake's passing,...
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Remember Rugrats, that mostrar on Nickelodeon? What tu probably don't know is that the creator of the show, Gabor Csupo, originally planned a late night version of Rugrats called "Rugrascals", to be played at night, with más adult humor.

Because every major channel thought the pilot was too disturbing, they refused to air the show, and as a result no-one has really heard about it. However, one station in Wellington New Zealand mistakenly played it in the morning, thinking it was a regular Rugrats episode. The pilot and only episode of the mostrar that was seen was called "Chuckies Mom". The intro...
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