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Trisha_K posted on Aug 07, 2009 at 04:40PM
Well, it looks like Claire and Sherry are gone from the Resident evil story forever...? I was so hoping that they would show up somewhere in RE5, but I guess Capcom decided to just leave Sherry out of the games altogether. Does anyone know anything about her? Last thing I read about her was that she went to stay with her Aunt somewhere.

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hace más de un año BlackStarXSky said…
This question was two years ago...whatever. Sherry apears on RE6 she is big now, she is not the little girl anymore :)
hace más de un año missing_99 said…
Sherry will be in Resident Evil 6 (as a woman; not a child) and Claire was last seen in Resident Evil Degeneration. I don't count the remakes or live-action movies. I heard there'd be a Resident Evil 7, so there's a possibility Claire could be in that.