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DarkSarcasm posted on Nov 24, 2010 at 11:49PM
Below are a list of links to the screencaps that are already in this spot. If I've missed some, more are added, or if you're planning to cap something soon and want to let everyone else know so that we don't end up with multiple copies, please comment here so I can add it to the list!

Note: If you do comment about a movie you're planning to cap, please have it added within a few days so we're not waiting on you for ages. Also, wait until the person ahead of you has finished with their caps so you're not adding at the same time - it looks sloppy and unorganized and may result in pain or public humiliation. =P

Christmas Movies:
link (1965)
link (1945)
link (1938)
link (1989)
link (2003)
link (2008)
link (animated, 1966)
link (remake, 1994)
link (claymation, 1964)
link (1994)
link (1954)

Coming Soon:
Are you capping something soon?
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hace más de un año Sunshine47 said…
Update: link
hace más de un año Sunshine47 said…
Update: link