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zanesaaomgfan posted on Jun 25, 2010 at 03:04AM
You can create your own child. You can put

Fave things/food/etc.
Least Fave things/food/etc
and anything you'd like. Have fun!

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hace más de un año lexie2635 said…
Name-Kaylee-lynn lillian
Personality-fun, bright,smart,talented,sweet
Fave things/food/etc.-singing,musicals,fashion,­dou­ghn­uts­,pe­anu­t butter and jelly sandwiches
Least Fave things/food/etc -hot wings,brothers,
Age 9
hace más de un año tatajackson said…
big smile
haha lexie's kid must be cool x) now its my turn.... lemme think...
hace más de un año zanesaaomgfan said…
big smile
Also add hobbies and other things you'd like!
hace más de un año tatajackson said…
name: Amabell Cordelia

Personality: loving, caring, creative and smart.

Fave things:bubbles, colour,play ANYTHING that mimics real life,make macoronie necalaces and sandwich with mommy.make a storie out of all of his favorite things with her in it.

Least Fave things/food/etc: buliding dens or tents indoors with blankets or sheets over table or chairs....then having a snack in there!

Age : 3

since my girl is so lovable,why dont your kiddo just being a friend of her? ;p
hace más de un año zanesaaomgfan said…
Name: Rosie Esme

Personality: Very shy, smart, creative, music lover

things to do: sports and ballet.
food: mac and cheese with chips
books: All and I repeat: all Club Penguin books.

thing to do: flip, sleep, talk, camping
food: apples and bananas
book: Harry Potter and Spongebob
Age: 5

Hobbie: Sports[Races for Kids]

Rosie was 1 month early, she had a brain hemorrage at 3 years of age, she also broke her leg and was still able to run and dance. She had several marks after her birth which affected her hearing and way of thinking. She is an adorable little angel and loves to meet new people.
hace más de un año zanesaaomgfan said…
(My other child)

Name: Michael Jasper Eddie

Personality: bright, loving, caring, active, brilliant, creative, sweet

Likes swimming and reading
food: hamburger
Books: Magic School Bus, How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Least Fave:
to do: sit, sing, dance
food: fruits(except peach)

Age: 7

Hobbie: swimming

Michael was bvorn 5 weeks early due to stress. He had a brain hemorrage at 4, had a seizure at 5 and got the Swine Flu at 6. He is a strong boy who loves meeting new people from different countries and states.
hace más de un año rosaliefan43 said…
Name: Ashley Hale
Personality:Fun, Smart,Athletic,Talkative
Favorite things to do: Dance Swimming
Favorite Food:Chicken nuggets
Favorite Books: Hannah Montana Books

Least Favorite: sleep
Least Favorite Food: Vegetables


hace más de un año tatajackson said…
it should be great if ashley and amabell meet someday x)
hace más de un año zanesaaomgfan said…
Make as many as you please!