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It took me a long time to get this all put together. While I was make this lista my corazón just completely broke. It was really hard deciding what scenes would be included and which wouldn't. There's a lot of sad moments that unfortunately didn't make the cut. I had to watch many sad clips and it killed me to have to watch them, they broke my heart! I cried so many times and I'm a guy who hardly ever cries! Anyway please leave a comentario telling me what tu think, enjoy.

20.Ariel's Left Brokenhearted

I hate when people say this isn't sad and that Ariel doesn't work hard o deserve a happy...
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I thought with the many claims of lack of representation in children's films as a PoC I should take it upon myself to bring some underrated cine of different cultures to light. Granted not all of these are necessarily children's films, but they are all animated and I personally think every kid should see them.

I have each ethnicity I could think of and animated cine where that ethnicity is well-represented. I want to build on this so if tu don't see your ethnicity here please tell me, I want as many cine as I can get with as many different walks-of-life! These depictions are supposed...
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Much like my old articulo where I compared Ariel and Merida, I decided to continue it after quite a few years. But this time it's me comparing cine that are similar, though not something I'm planning on making a habit of. So far, I'm just going to be doing Pocahontas vs anastasia and Sleeping Beauty vs The cisne Princess. We'll see where it goes from there. We'll be starting with, por popular demand, Pocahontas vs Anastasia. First of all, I'm not going to bring up the historical inaccuracy of the two films because that's just really pointless. They're not meant to be educational, they're meant...
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Urduja (2008)
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I've seen a lot of people hate on this movie and I find it weird that they complain about it in this movie but don't mind it in other movies. In this review I will be going through the movie and will every now and again make an argument and talk about complaints that people have made about the movie. Enjoy!

First we open up with the ocean, which is for some reason green. I guess they didn't hear about pollution back in medieval times, that's probably part of why it's the dark ages because of the morons destroying our earth. Now with that hippy moment out of the way, we meet our protagonist Kayley...
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