Chihuahuas PLEASE HELP! (I know I should have publicado this in Answers)

NoahRulez posted on Aug 30, 2009 at 04:04AM
Hi I was wondering If anyone could tell how I can prove to my parents that I am responsible enough to get one. i love Chihuahuas so much there my favourite dog breed ever!
I did a project on Chihuahuas once in primary school.
Please help me I think I am responsible but my parents dont think so.

They also wont let me have one because we already have a dog and two cats.
I have been researching Chihuahuas since the start of the year.

Thank you PLEASE HELP!
(Sorry I know I should have posted this in Answers)

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hace más de un año DreamyGal said…
Maybe if you saved up some money from your allowance, and prove to them you could afford a dog. Also by just showing you're doing extra things around the house. Hope this helps and I hope you can get a chihuahua...they are an absolute joy.