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ali11102 posted on Aug 22, 2008 at 05:30PM
Who would you put as the cast of the Next Generation show? Here are my choices:

WES RAMSEY as Wyatt Matthew Halliwell
DREW FULLER as Christopher "Chris" Halliwell
SHIRI APPLEBY as Melinda Halliwell

RACHEL MCADAMS as Pamela Halliwell
MANDY MOORE as Patricia "Patty" Halliwell
SOPHIA BUSH as Penelope "Penny" Halliwell

JESSE METCALFE as Henry Mitchell Jr.
AUTUMN REESER as Hayley Mitchell
AUTUMN REESER as Helen Mitchell

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hace más de un año GA-19 said…
Which bunch belongs to which couple?
hace más de un año ali11102 said…
Wyatt, Chris and Melinda to Piper and Leo.
Pamela, Patty and Penny to Phoebe and Coop
Henry, Hayley and Helen to Paige and Henry
hace más de un año SpikesGirl said…
It doesn't matter, a charmed spin off would be awsome any way you slice it.
hace más de un año Lie_to_Me_123 said…
Are we allowed to make up names for the children.
If so, I think:

Wes Ramsey - Wyatt
Drew Fuller - Chris
Shiri Appleby - Melinda

Lacey Chabert - Prudence
Willa Holland - Hope
Alexis Biedel - Polly

Jesse McCartney - Henry Jr
Autumn Reeser - Pandora and Phoenix

Just incase anyone was wondering;

Wyatt, Chris and Melinda - Piper & Leo
Prudence, Hope and Polly - Phoebe and Coop
Henry, Pandora and Phoenix - Paige and Henry
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hace más de un año HaleyDewit said…
You also have a script?
hace más de un año charmedgirl97 said…
nope but if you go on
then go on home go across to tv show click and then go downto charmed and then you can read what other people that like charmed have ritten
hace más de un año LovingLucy said…
WES RAMSEY as Wyatt Matthew Halliwell
DREW FULLER as Christopher "Chris" Halliwell
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Melinda Halliwell

Dichen Lachman as Pamela Halliwell
Emma Caulfield as Patricia "Patty" Halliwell
Michelle Trachtenberg as Penelope "Penny" Halliwell

Enver Gjokaj as Henry Mitchell Jr.
Kim Kardashian as Hayley Mitchell
Khloe Kardashian as Helen Mitchell
hace más de un año casandanna said…
Piper and leo's children
Wes Ramsey - Wyatt
Drew Fuller - Chris
Alexis Biedel - Melinda

Phobe and coop's
Jennifer Morrison - Prudence
Adrianne Palicki - Pandora
Katie Cassidy - Patty

Paige and Henry's
Chad Michael Murray- Henry Jr
Alona Tal- Penny and Phoenix