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hola guys. Just wanted to know we're still active and floating around. I'm keeping an eye on things while Rachel and I cook something up for the club to follow and maybe add their own ideas to build on! Kinda like a group project.

I appreciate the character bios and the art submitted. Keep up the good work! If tu have characters and wanting to mostrar them off, post it! We're currently in the mood for lectura character information and offering critique for those who want it.

Remember: fan characters, Original Characters, AU designs- we're open to a lot of characters from all walks of life. Feel free to share any character with us!
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Character Chart
Character's full name: Felix Kale Deckerson
Reason o meaning of name: None
Character's nickname: Saturn
Reason for nickname: Unsure
Birth date: 1/1/2001
Sex: Male
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Aromantic Asexual
Star sign: Capricorn
Powers: Interdimentional travel
Theme: N/A

Physical appearance
Age: 16
How old does he/she appear: 18
Weight: 60ft
Height: 4ft 10in
Body build: Slim
Shape of face: N/A
Eye color: Silver
Glasses o contacts: None
Skin tone: IDK
Predominant features: IDK
Type of hair: Thin
Hairstyle: IDK
Voice: Deep
Overall attractiveness: Handsome
Physical disabilities: None
Usual fashion...
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Source: Rachel-Savaya drew this pic of Raxed. I just took her masterpiece and fucking slandered it. Whoops.
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Honestly, there's no real reason for me to put this here except for others to witness this fine piece of material. Such character interaction. Such vivid attention to color and set.... Legit though, don't look the full porno up. It's fucking jank
character interaction
its a fucking meme
gay memes
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SaberSpark talks about the underdog company that rose to challenge nintendo in the console wars, only to fall.
sonic el erizo
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A video I think anyone who likes caricaturas o owns characters can enjoy. SaberSpark is a hilarious Youtuber and artist. Give him a try sometime and check out his channel!
bad cine
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Source: Rachel-Savaya owns Ferron Sycor. Erona belongs to YeanMcQuean
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hola everyone! Its been a good few years, but two members of the old 'Sonic fan Characters' club are back and decided to make a new Club to hopefully revive the interactive and artistic community we once had. Both me, YeanMcQuean, and club owner Rachel-Savaya began our passion for character diseño and art when we joined one of these clubes as kids. We wish to provide what we had back then for others and are here to personally make sure this Club provides activity and a drama-free environment for new and old users alike.
There are only two members with any sort of authority here. If tu have...
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