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Rivercat posted on Dec 15, 2013 at 03:44PM
When I watch the musicals I see way too much of the same boring tabbies. There are so many other breeds out there that could have been displayed. Munkustrap could have been the princely Bengal cat with the large fat stripes. Victoria could have been the regal Egyptian Mau showcasing the distinctive silver fur and large spots. The imfamous double trouble known as Mungojerrie and Rumplteazer could have been a pair of Ocicats; a breed well known for having been mixed with wild cat. If you are going to have a name like Rum Tum Tugger, he might as well be a Toyger. Gus could have been an Oriental or Siamese. Bustofer Jones was the only one to showcase bobbed ears but not one showcased the large ears. Or do we have to come up with a second Musical?

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hace más de un año TigerPenguin800 said…
These are supposed to be the local mongrels of London. They're strays, alley cats and domestic pets. Alos, how do you know that Bustopher's ears are cut short????? In that case, Cassandra's and Tantomile's are, too!