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Renesmee's POV.

5 months later

The days leading up to Carlisle and I's wedding were busy and hectic.
Alice and Rosealie threw themself's into decor and outfits.
Jacob sulked around the house,my mom kept to herself,and my dad just looked tired.
Emmett and Jasper threw themself's into helping Rose and Alice with the planning.
I told Alice I wanted to wear my mom's wedding dress,but she dicho no.
The dress she picked out was navey blue and like my moms honey moon dress,so it was not really considered the big white pooffy wedding dress I wanted.
The día of our wedding was busy.
When at last it was my turn to walk down the isle,when I rounded the corner I saw..........
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Carlisle's POV.

I knew that the night we tried it would be very hard to stop.
Renesmme took on the looks of a 27 año old girl,I looked 35,so why not try.
Renesmee was so hard to stay away from,her curly red hair,her chocolate brown eyes,her pale skin,and bright red lips,made her very beautiful.
Every night we tried when her parents left.
I knew I had to stop,I mean I was her godforsaken grandfather.
One night it all changed,her parents came inicial early and caught us,so did Jacob.
The last thing I remember was Bella,Edward and Jacob all lunging at me,and then everything went black.
When I awoke,I was in Renesmee's lap.Renesmee was crying,her maskara smeared from crying so much,and on her cheek was a red mark,that looked like someone had smacked her really hard.
Who had the nerve to tortazo a beautiful young woman?
When Renesmee noticed I was awake she bent down and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

The end,for now anyway.

I hope tu like it,I might make another one to go with this.
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it was early morning when i woke up to a familer smell. eggs and bacon...Hmmmmm i was hungry and carlisle was the BEST cook for a guy who didnt even eat (well human comida anyway) i slid on my black tank and black shorts and headed down the stairs. i looked into the cocina but didnt see anyone. "huh?" i muttered under my breath. i walked further into the cocina and looked around again, making sure i was quiet in case he made any noise. "i know your in here" i smiled. but no one popped out to try and "scare" me. i squiented and stood straight up. "well.....i think im going back to my room now"...
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carlisle growled at abby and she took a step forward. her dark black eyes made her innocent face look frighting. her little black camisa, camiseta and falda made her too easy to blend in with any other human girl. she layed her eyes on me. "your making codi very upset boo..." she dicho softly. "why would tu do that to him? he loves know" she nodded as she spoke. "he doesnt amor her" carlsile hissed. abby looked at carlisle. "oh? and tu know this how?" she looked at carlisle for a while before looking back to me. "if he wants me..why did he send tu to get me? is he too scared to face me and...
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