Camp Camp (Roosterteeth) Abbreviation game ___CAMP CAMP EDITION___

SmolKitten posted on Nov 13, 2019 at 09:51PM
Found this idea in another club but decided to bring it here because I liked it too much!! ^^


Close your eyes and slam the keyboard. After that... Make a sentence using the first letter you've got.
You only need 6 or less letters. We don't want to hear a whole story XD
You can delete all the extra letters if there's too much XD


DFGH---> "Dolph fired grape hats"


1. Don't keep spamming on this forum.. Wait until it's your turn again!

2. Don't cheat!

3. Don't all do the same thing or else it gets boring...

4. Try to make it as related to Camp camp as possible, if you can't think of anything try slamming it again!

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hace 7 meses MortalAnonymous said…
This does sound fun! I will give it a go!


Hmmmm...David kisses juniper leaves~!
MortalAnonymous commented…
We all know he's más than a treeHUGGER. XP hace 7 meses