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 7x11 - Showtime
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20.Spike & Harmony. Please don't kill me...but I hated Harmony in that relationship. It wasn't until the episode, "Disharmony" in ángel that I found out how funny she was. But while she was dating Spike...I was just as annoyed por her as Spike was. And I was pretty annoyed at Spike for going for a chick like that. I mean, sure. They were funny at some points, but the two characters are WAY funnier standing on their own. I just hated this couple. Ugh.

19.Wesley & Cordelia. Haha, I don't really hate this couple. It's just...they weren't magical. They were hilarious, yes, but definitly not...
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 Katrina, enthralled por the dampener
Katrina, enthralled by the dampener
In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Dead Things”, the Trio goes out on the town with the magical equivalent of a fecha rape drug, what they call the cerebral dampener. According to Warren, the dampener has the power to make any woman their “willing” sex slave. However, either he misunderstood the definition of “willing” o he was flat out lying, because the dampener’s function clearly is to remove all free will. Warren’s always been portrayed as a creep, so this makes sense for him, but it’s strange that Andrew and Jonathan fail to recognize the act as rape until their...
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Rape plays a large and controversial part in the Whedonverse. When most people think of rape in the ‘verse they will most always think of the scene in Seeing Red, whether tu be a Spuffy o Bangel o even Tillow.
I will try to keep my own thoughts and feelings about that scene from this. I have a personal bias for the character Spike and the ship of Buffy & Spike and I’m sure that shows.
If tu were just looking for the obvious attempt of physical rape, then yes, Seeing Red would enter your mind. It is most interesting to me that one that is only attempted, never followed through...
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