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One depressed tear
Slid down my cheek.
Now tu left my world,
So grey, so bleak.

Your eyes look through my soul,
Piercing my heart,
I never knew it was
A LIE from the start.

The promises are now gone,
With the wind, blown away,
tu left deep scars,
Making me not okay.

tu made a storm, raining,
Lightening, leaving fog,
It was never meant to be
But now you're forever gone.

Foods' lost its' taste,
Sunshine lost it's ray
Do tu always do this?
Making me feel this way?

Color lost its' brightness,
So grey, so bleak,
Now tu left my world with
One depressed tear down my cheek.

Now you're forever gone,
música lost its' beat,
I've never had this feeling
Feeling of defeat.

The clock has stopped
and I'm stuck in the past,
I had no clue, only you
Knew how long it would last.

Tears running por now,
I never cried this hard,
Now tu know,
How high I kept my guard.

tu left my world
Leaving your clouds of fog,
You've defeated me,
And now you're forever gone.
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posted by kitsune52
I sit in my room looking at the memorys we had together. The times we kissed the times we dated the times we wathed a movie together the time we laughed all gone. amor is the least of the problem. I Meet up with him to hang with him. we were doing ok till i fell asleep. I awoke woith the sharp pain in my corazón i looked down and saw it gets deeper por the moment. I look at him with one last breath and aske" Why do this to me im scared" and i fell over not to talk o play o even talk agian. I saw a long tube like light and found myself on the floor of a hospital. He stood there looking at me....
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posted by curtains4
Boy problems.

Anyone relate?

So I'll just skip ahead to the break up. He dicho he thought I was a really nice person, but we needed to break up. My mind couldn't focus and I didn't think to ask him why he thought we should. I asked him a few days later and he dicho he wanted to tell me, but he couldn't. Like, what the hell?

My crazy-ass "friend" finally pulled him aside one día to ask him why. She recorded their conversation on her phone. (A little creepy). When he dicho why he wanted to breakup, it sounded like he didn't like that I was too shy. I'm a very quiet person and I'm even quieter around...
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this song is brokenhearted por karmin
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