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maddy13 posted on Oct 19, 2009 at 09:53PM
i havent had my heart broken but i have wasted my time on someone who dosnt love me,boy does it hurt to try so hard and want someone so bad. i have however realized he is not the only guy on the earth.i need advice from anyone how do i keep the guy i like who dosnt like out of my mind?

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hace más de un año CleoSertori1234 said…
Spend more time with friends or family.If you had a heartbreak as painful as I have before thats what I did.And don't blame yourself blame that selfish jerk!And don't date the guy over and over again like I did.Tell him "Goodbye and good luck in the future".AND LEAVE!BUT DON'T TURN BACK!Because it will make him feel guilty.And don't kill yourself over him hes just a selfish jerk who doesn't like you!And NEVER EVER change your self for a guy!Remember this saying:"They're are more fish in the sea".

Hope this helps
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hace más de un año teamsalvatore98 said…
i couldn't have said it better