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Ok,so Brick is jelous that his gf(girlfriend)Blossom has left him for a science genius called dexter and is determened to get her back!

Brick:Oh common Dex. I know tu dont amor her and want to leave her.
Dexter:Dude its not what tu think!! I do amor her,and she loves me as well!!
Brick:Oh really?!
Brick:Babe,please come back to me. Im lonly without you.
(Brick starts blushing to try to get Blossom to say,"Oh youre right i should come back to you!"then he kissed her)
Blossom:Oooooohhhhhhh!!! Youre my real love!!! Lets go to the cine together Babe!!!
But that isnt the end,so to be continued...
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Baley-Noooooo Dee don't touch that!
Dee-wait auntie deede taught me this its called the dance
Baley-The fanciful unicorn I know I know.
Dee-fine im going.
Baley-Oh whats the point every día tu come in and wreck my laboratory.(covers mouth)gggggggrrrrr
Dee-Baley your
Baley-Don't say it.
Dee-Your accent.
Baley-I told tu not to say it.
Down stairs......
Dexter-Blossom I finished are time tweaker!
Blossom-great now we can be in any time but who will test it.
Baley-Dad Dee wont stay out of my work space!
Blossom-work space?
Dexter-um yeah her um room.
Dexter-Why not Baley?
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(Bell rings)

Mrs.Kean:Okay class now make sure to turn your assignment in por siguiente week have a good day!

Bella:OMG Blossom I cant believe the school dance is in 1 día but the only problem is I need a date!
who are tu taking?


Bella:Bubbles who are tu taking?



Buttercup:NOT TELLING YOU!!!

Bella:Uggg!(her sisters leave the class room and she begins to pick up her books)

Douglas:Hi Bella!


Douglas:So What are tu doing?

Bella:Trying to think.

Douglas:Well can I ask tu something?

Bella:Douglas im busy!!!!

Douglas:But Bella- (Bella is already gone)

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*Gems burning, I and Masondark fought Kenia with our magic*
Kenia: How are tu two so powerful?!
Mason: We have a bond, tu don't.
Me: What the....? *notices a ball of light, then everything goes white*
Mason: Kania? What's wrong?
Kenia: You'll pay for taking Kania away! *fires stone and I get hit, maybe getting injured in many places, and then being knocked out*
*I land unconscious on the leaves and Mason comes to me*
Mason: BABE!!!!! NOT tu AGAIN!!!!! (it wasnt the first time it had happened to me)
Kenia: *fires stone and sends darkness with it*
Mason: *blocks darkness but dodges magic, picks me...
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Mason:Kania,please stay with me!!! Adinn claims that he knows tu amor him más than me!!! tu amor ME más right?!*KISS*
*All of a sudden,a big ball of energy forms around me and Mason and zaps Adinn with death beams,eye beams from my opened eyes,amd Mason shoots my Lightsaber beam*
*I stand up,my eyes charge up quick,Mason charges my weapon quick,and I start to form a ball made of pure energy*
Adinn(who is on the floor weak)
Me:You want to know what Im doing? Im killing you!!!*I zap the energy bomb...
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Mason is flying away with me unconscious in his arms who-knows-where.

Mason:Kania,please wake up! Please wake up!!
*Sees the blood poring down my face and knows I'm dying from blood loss*
Mason:Oh crap!!!*Flies non-stop trying to find a Hospital before I died in his arms and finilly puts me down in a field of césped, hierba trying to wake me up*
Mason:Kania,just wake up for me!!! Please don't die in front of me!!! If tu die,I will defend tu and keep tu from Adinn!!!
Mason:Kania?! Please stay with me please!!!
Adinn:Just let Kania go Mason. She is better off with me and without you....
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