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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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hace más de un año celiowolfcosta said…
So... here goes nothing... please comment on this zanpakuto.

Shikai name - Shi no ha (death blade)

Realease - korosu (kill)

Description - The Shikai takes on a scythe form with a 60cm handle with a white wrapping like ichigo's shikai, and with a 8cm chain on the tip of the handle and then continuing on with the handle is a black blade that curves out then in twice along the course of the blade making that 60cm of a curved blade then making an angle of 90º to make a scythe shape that points out 40 cm.

Bankai name - Futago no kama (twin scythe)

Description - The scythe's handle reduces to 35cm for it turning into a one handed weapon now with a rounded guard on each end followed by an extension of 45cm on each end. then on each of the ends... a new scythe blade has appeared on each end, both in a clock wards direction. ( '--, ) And each blade has 10 empty holes in them both stylish and useful for battle for when the wielder takes the life of an opponent, his/her reitsu, spiritual pressure and energy can be stored in each hole... for maximum use in battle... the wielder only takes the lives of those with lieutenant or captain level opponents.

Shikai abilities -

1 - Aku-me (evil eye). The wielder activates Aku-me that is an ability to read the wavelength capacity usage of the opponent to read their movements even before they make it. for ex. if an opponent uses a mass amount of reitsu at the tip of the fingers building up could mean a cero (if hollow or arrancer) to an incantation spell.

2 - Chēn no kami (chain god). the chain of the scythe disappears and then at the tip of handle were it ends to become the blade... they separate then connected with a 80cm chain for and ultimate long ranged attack form and defense for the wielder can call back on the previous form at will.

3 - Sutorēto-ryoku (straight force). The 90º angled scythe bends backwards as to form a spear-like form, then on the command of the wielder, the blade stretches out 10m instantaneously and back in the blink of an eye.

Bankai abilities -

1 - Shi no sokudo (death speed). the wielders speed and agility is bursting out! The one handed twin scythe makes the wielder go into a hyper mode that makes him/her go for the speed of the equivalent of 2.5x the speed of sonido or flashstep. This ability consumes 1 spirit hole in the scythe.

2 - Shi no kurēdoru (death cradle). The wielder calls on the aid of any of the fallen victims stored in one of the spirit holes in his scythe to reanimate the spirit in human form to aid him in the battle. If the body is not damaged... it may be restored again for later use.

3 - Shi o kaiten (spinning death). The wielder spins the twin scythe generating a dark circle and all who look are reduced to 20% of their speed and accuracy... leaving them for the kill...

Thanks a lot for reading!!!
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Well, I'll put my hat in that ring. It's taken me a while to come up with a new idea, but I do finally have a new blade worked up. It's probably not the most original idea I've come up with (I'd say that award belongs to my most recent arrancar), though it's pretty unique in its own way. It's a bit long, but I hope you guys like it.

Shikai Name: Iki Teiru Fōji (Living Forge)
Release Command: Kinzoku wo Katadukuru… (Shape the metal…)
Bankai Name: Kajiya no Meiro (Blacksmith’s Labyrinth)
Sealed Appearance: The weapon begins as a thick shortsword made with layers of 4 different metals. It’s sheathed in iron, with a layers of steel, pewter, gold and silver underneath that. It is 2 feet long from the base of the hilt to the tip of the blade, 4 inches wide along the blade, double edged and a full inch thick.

Shikai: The wielder holds their weapon, point down, over their mouth before stating the release phrase. The entire weapon melts to molten metal, pouring down the wielder’s throat and disappearing into their body. His very veins become sheathed in steel and iron, easily visible from an outside perspective. His hair becomes sheathed in tin, and his teeth alternate between silver and gold.

Tessei Youki (Iron Vessel): Blue lines that only the wielder can see extend from his chest to every source of metal in the area, up to a range of 100 meters. The wielder then has free reign to push or pull on those sources of metal. In both cases, the restriction on pushing and pulling is based on the wielder’s weight. For example, if the wielder pushes against something that has more weight than themselves, they will instead push themselves backward because it is easier for the force to distribute itself to them than the metal source. That kind of weight can be applied by force alone, meaning that the wielder could push on the zanpakuto of his opponent, and if they brace themselves against it, that push could force the wielder in the opposite direction. This also applies to metal objects that hit walls or the ground, since the force required pushing them at that point increases well beyond the body’s weight. Since this basically applies the weight of the wielder against the weight of the object, the heavier the object, the slower the movement. Very small objects can be fired like a bullet (he often utilizes coins in this manner), but very heavy ones need to be dragged using this.
This ability is limited by the amount of metal that covers the wielder’s blood vessels. As long as it’s active, those metals will burn up. That occurs slowly if this is being used at its normal level, though the wielder can “flare” this ability to increase the strength he applies to the strength of his body under normal circumstances, essentially increasing the force applied by 10 times. Flaring burns the metals at 10 times the normal rate.

Pyūtā Kyouakuhan (Pewter Thug): This ability enhances the wielder’s body. It does not increase muscle mass and bone, but it makes them more solid, improving the wielder’s strength by 3 times and generally making their body more durable. This also increases running speed as a result, and massively increases endurance as long as it is active. His balance improves tremendously, allowing him to keep his feet in the worst of circumstances. This enhanced strength also him to shrug off wounds that would kill or incapacitate him normally, though it must be constantly active in order for the effect to persist.
This ability is limited by the amount of metal that sheaths the wielder’s hair. As long as it’s active, those metals will burn up. That occurs more quickly than the first ability, at a rate 5 times faster than that. If this was constantly active, it would last a total of 5 minutes. He can also “flare” this ability, improving each of these effects by 3 times above where it would be under normal activation, though this also burns the pewter at 5 times the rate.

Tono Oten (Taint of Wealth): This ability does not burn any metals to use, and is therefore capable of unlimited use. Each hand gains the ability to place a sheen of metal on any non-living object (yes, that includes a zanpakuto). The right hand produces a gold sheen, whereas the left hand produces a silver sheen. Placing the whole hand down on a surface covers a 20 foot radius circle on the object, expanding beyond that another 20 feet every second his hand remains on the area. A single finger placed on the site produces a 2 foot radius circle that continues to expand at a rate of 2 feet a second. Only one of the two metals can cover a substance at any given time, This metal is about a centimeter thick and can be broken relatively easily (though a concerted effort must be applied) and will disappear a short time afterward. Any of this metal very close to or attached to any opponent of vice captain level or higher will remove that metal automatically with the energy radiating off them after 2 minutes. The wielder’s energy will constantly purge the metal from any item touching him as it is applied. This metal does not act as an active source that is usable by the first ability.
Anything the wielder covers in silver will increase the weight of whatever it covers by 50 times. On swords, this has the added effect of blunting the blade to the point at which its cutting power is reduced to 1/10th of the original. Anything the wielder covers in gold will reduce the amount of energy exuded by the object to 1/10th of the original. This reduces the power of any attacks that come directly from the blade by that much, but does not reduce all abilities bestowed by the blade. It also exudes a constant aura from its surface, reducing any external energy sources by half as long as those same energy sources are within 20 feet of the gold sheen. This aura does not affect the wielder.

Bankai: Any metallic appearance on his body disappears. The wielder reaches down their throat and pulls out a series of 18 thick metal cylinders (6 inches long, one inch thick), each connected to the other by a small metal cord half their size and each appearing the same. They can be twisted off the metal cord one or multiple at a time. After each of them is used (unless specified otherwise), the wielder can pick it up and wait 10 seconds before the energy in it is recharged. The wielder does not like using his bankai unless he absolutely has to, he feels that the energy of his bankai is much further outside of his control as a result of being separated from his body, so he tends to run through his metals before he decides to activate it.

Shino Tobira (Death’s Door): The wielder removes 6 cylinders to utilize this ability. On a thought, the cylinders arrange themselves into a doorway, flattening out till each becomes 4 feet long and 1 inch thick. These form a line in the sky in front of him, with 3 bars on top and 3 on the bottom, that burns bright white. These expand out to create a doorframe, 4 feet across and 8 feet tall. The door itself looks like static, though several black cracks span over the majority of it, and those who look closely see a variety of scenes flashing through different portions of it. He then moves the door in a direction of his choosing at kido speed. They can only move linearly, but each and be stopped and, after a half-second delay, have their direction modified. The edges of the door are sharp enough to cut through the toughest defense, though a zanpakuto will be able to clash with it. Anything that disappears through the door goes to an entirely random location, likely to their death. The door lasts a maximum of 1 minute, after which the bars disengage and fall to the ground.

Hi no Hana (Blossoms of Fire): The wielder removes one of the cylinders and throws it. He can “activate” that cylinder at any point after it is released from his hands. When it’s activated, there is a two second delay, during which the bar turns red, extending itself to 10 feet long and thickening to 5 inches wide. It will do no damage to anyone during this short phase, though it does emit a high pitched whining sound. After the two seconds, the bar explodes to 30 feet across in every direction. The effective range is within 250 feet of the blast, though the amount of damage is reduced dramatically the further away the target is from the blast. The maximum number of these that can be used within a 1 minute is 6.

Subeteno Mono no Unmei (The Fate of All Things): The wielder can utilize any number of bars for this technique, up to all 16. The wielder must attach each piece to specific areas on his body for this to work – 3 can be placed on each arm (2 straight on the front of the arm on either side of the joint, the third on the elbow), 2 on the chest (each diagonally positioned on a pectoral so that they point to the neck ), 2 on the back (in the same formation, though on his scapula), and 3 on each leg (2 straight on the front of the leg on either side of the joint, the third behind the calf). Cylinders can be swapped in and out of these positions. Each of these can only be activated at the user’s discretion when in contact with a physical object. A three dimensional translucent projection comes off of the cylinder at three times the size of the cylinder itself, and the cylinder itself glows bright white. Anything beyond a zanpakuto itself that goes through these projections will be disintegrated on the molecular level, essentially turning it to dust, though even a zanpakuto will wear down its defenses after a few contacts. Each activation only lasts 15 seconds, and each cylinder can only be activated in this manner 5 times. This is the only bankai ability he enjoys using, and is therefore the most common one for him to utilize while in bankai.
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hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
With regards to reviews, I'm taking a break today, so I'll get to newly posted blades tomorrow.
hace más de un año JDeezy12 said…
flame how long does it usually take you to create a sword and where do you get some of your ideas from. imgaination other outside sources influences from shows etc.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
It really depends on the blade. If I have a very solid idea of what the overarching idea will be, it tends to take about a week for me to parse through ability ideas. If the idea is eclectic or if it's uncertain, it can take as much as a month, though realize that most of the time I "spend" on this is just mulling it over in my head, many of which get discarded and picked up later. I end up throwing out more ideas than I roll with.

As for where the ideas come from, it can be a variety of sources. Sometimes it's anime (a few of them are things I thought didn't quite go the distance on the show and modified, some very few are from Naruto), some are from various books I've read (this one's a notable example, it pulls from 2 separate series of books), the majority are from historical and mythological sources, and there's a little more that I pull from my scientific interests. It's a diverse lot.
hace más de un año M33B said…
Name : Daku Shisai (Dark preist)
Release command: Shukketsu Suru (bleed)
Bankai: Heruzuenjeru (hell's angels)

ability one (shikai) allows the user to jump into shadow and summon an enormous amount of dopplegangers made of fire. (side affects) if used too often in battle users blood will turn black

abillity two (bankai) sword splits into two parts Heruzu(hell's) which is fire based and allows it's user to willingly used flames much like ryujinjaka how ever the depth of heruzu's power is limited by the amount of blood present. second part Enjeru(angel) which is ice based and allows its user to willingly use Ice and snow much like Hyorinmaru but is limited by the amount of REitsu present.

Secret ability : that's for me to know and for you to find out.

I am and arancar or at least i use to be until one day i happened across a strange looking piece of candy when i ate it i woke three months later in the soul society my bankai remains the same but i remeber nothing of my arancar life back in hueco mundo

hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
so in an attempt to put an origional blade up ill post one ive posted before but i forget what page its on and its easier for me to copy it off of my pc to the fourm again then it is to find it...i may have another entry if thats allowed but itll take a day or two for me to tweak it out a bit...none the less here is the blade. (Side note this blade is attached to a character i made so if i refrence a specific name in the blade its refrencing the character holding it)

Zanpakuto Shikai Name:Harmony
Release command: In the darkness there will be the light to call forward Harmony
Bankai Name: True Harmony

Appearance: Sealed the blade looks like a regular katana only has a pure black sheath with a pure white handle and a circular cross-guard that looks like a yin yang symbol. In shikai his blade splits into two short swords. One is completely black from tip of blade to base of handle and one is Completely white. Both swords have a yin yang symbol on their cross guards. The black blade starts in the Right hand and the white blade starts in the left. In bankai the blades become scimitars and the handles of the blades get a wrapping around the handles of the opposite color and a tassel of the opposite color and the cross guards become gold with a gold circle around the yin yang symbols.

Shikai Abilities.

Ability one: This is a passive effect to Tenchi. If he stays in a offensive posture or attacking the opponet then he gets faster. As the fight continues he gets up to double his base speed. This will take about a minute or two of straight attacking for him to get into his max speed boost. Also if he stays in a defensive posture or defends against an opponet his strenght and duriability increase over two minutes. The maximum strengh he will get is 4 times his base and his max durability increase is 3 times. (meaning if he is hit with the same attack at start of fight and again after defending for two minutes the later attack will do 1/3 as much damage as the first)Tenchi must be in the attacking or defending state for at least 20 seconds before his blade acknowledges the change and starts adjusting his speed or strength and durability

Ability two: Tenchi is able to absorb any incoming attack other than a physical swing of a weapon or body part (pretty much any energy attack) into his white blade then fire something of the opposite type out of his black blade. (For example he absorbs a level 22 Hado spell into the white blade. He then can fire or cast a level 22 equivalent barrier or healing spell out of his black blade) He can also change the properties of the energy to the opposite type (Like turns fire to ice). He can absorb up to two attacks at once which is shown by the glowing of the yin yang symbols on the blades. Also he can retain the absorbed attacks for 1 minute before the energy dissipates.

Ability Three: Tenchi enters a completely Defenceive state. He is able to controll anything in the radius of his blades. (he cant lift things with his mind or stop time or any other meaning of word controll) He is able to defend against any incoming physical attack but is unable to do any form of counter attack. ALso he must stay rooted in one place and in a calm state of mind. If he wishes to attack he must drop his defence then shift to an attacking state of mind and attack.

Bankai: His bankai first ability has two sides to it so though its written like two abilities its rly just two halves to the same ability. Also his second and third ability are two different phases of one ability instead of two abilities them selves. These phases are also formatted with two sides to it.

Bankai Ability one:
Yin side: By reading the attack patterns of his opponent and thus getting a feeling for their flow of attacks. This combines with reading the opponents positioning to predict their next attack and thus be able to dodge it easier usually dodging at the last possible moment.

Yang side: Tenchi enters a rage and berserk like state of mind. He starts attacking his opponent with out using any form of attack pattern. Because he doesn't use attack patterns he seems to move faster and hit harder. This is only a perception change and really Tenchi isn't any faster or stronger. While in this state he has an invisible extension on his blades that cut up to 1 foot away from his blade.

Tenchi can change from one to the other stance by stopping his current stance then 10 seconds later he can start the next stance

Ability two Phase one:
Yin: When Tenchi hits with his white blade it does not cut the opponent at all just passes through like it had cut. The enemy takes no damage or pain from these strikes. Instead Tenchi heals for the amount of damage his strike would have done if it cut the opponent (example He hits with white blade and would have made a cut that was 4 inches long 1 inch deep and one inch wide. His opponent doesn't get cut at all and Tenchi Heals 4 cubic inches of cuts across his body.) This healing starts with the most deadly injuries first.

Yang: His black blade does not do damage when it strikes the opponent. Instead it only does damage when they dodge block or parry it. This damage is usually applied to where ever Tenchi was targeting and is only half as bad as a real strike would have been.

Phase Two:
When phase two activates Tenchi gets 1.5x faster 2x as strong and 2x as durable. Also behind him a large Yin yang symbol centered behind Tenchi's head that is about 4 feet in diameter is translucently visible. Arround this large yin yang symbol are 9 smaller 6 inch wide yin yang symbols that are also translucent.

Yin Side: As he attacks with the white blade the opponent still does not take any damage but instead for each hit he lands The white side of one of the smaller yin yang symbols becomes solid. At any point during the fight after activating phase two Tenchi can release the energy stored in the solid yin side of the symbols to heal him self. He will heal just like in phase one which is to say for an amount equivalent to the amount of damage he had done to the opponent with how ever many seals he released. If he gets up to 10 attacks and releases He heals completely. (though he does not regain energy.)

Yang side: Like yin side his black blade does not do damage when it hits and makes the yang side of the symbols solid as he lands hits with his blade. Though when he releases the seals the opponent instantly takes all the injuries that the black blade would have done when it hit. (For example Tenchi charges 3 symbols by cutting his opponet three times on the back. His opponent doesn't take damage when initially hit but then Tenchi releases the seals and his opponent is suddenly sliced three times across the back.) The only way to defend against this is to not get hit by the black blade in the first place. If Tenchi charges up to 10 hits all the cuts the opponent received from blocking to phase one are doubled in depth and length.

Also when Tenchi strikes with one blade he loses a charge from the opposite blade. (example he has 3 yin charges and then hits with his yang or black blade. he will then have 2 yin charges and 1 yang charge)
hace más de un año K0VIP3R said…
I have been mulling over what to do as a character for a while and here's what I got.

Name:Kakura Kiziki
Rank/Position:Squad 7 Forth Seat
Age: 230 but appears 19 years of age in appearance.
Height: 5 foot 10
Weight: 130 pounds
Build: Broad sholdered and muscular however the muscles aren't well defined.

Appearance:Kakura has brown hair with two blond streaks running though it from front to back. It always appears messy and is never tidy as it always has a habit of going back to the way it was before. His hair is long at the back, stopping at the base of his neck while the sides are short stopping around his ears. The front of it is always in a spiky quiff thats falls to the top of his eyebrows. The eyebrowws themselves are brown and thin. His eyes are almond shaped and have blue irises with grey flecks in them. His nose is plain in shape but looks like it has been broken once as it is slightly crooked. His mouth is moderately sized but rarely turned into a grin, giving him a sullen apearance.

Clothes: Kakura wears a sleeveless shinigami uniform but has a habit of wearing a white, long sleeved trench coat over the top. the coat itself has black tribal designs on the sholders and on his upper back and bares the Squad 7 number on centre of his back like the captains. He ties a white obi loosely around his waist with one of his zanpakuto attached to a black belt around his waist and has a black seath belt across his left shoulder to hold his second, longer zanpakuto. He wears normal shingami pants and plain straw sandals with shin length tabi. His only piece of jewelry is a cord braclet with a silver phoenix hanging off of it. This had originaly belonged to his father and was given to him by Captain Komamura.

Personality: Kakura has a relaxed aura about him. He is polite to those he respects and trusts, especially to his Captain and Lieutenant. He usually has a joyful, confident and some may say arrogant attitude which either result in him being liked or hated by those he meets. He does have an uncanny ability of being able to irritate people without actually meaning to because of his arrogance and his tendancey to poke fun at people. Because of this he can not go anywhere near squad 2 anymore as he had accidently insulted Captain Soi Fon. He hates formalilty and will often have anyone of lower rank simply call him by his first name. He does have a habit of calling Lieutenant Iba by his last name quite a lot but gets away with it. When in battle, he will quite commonly insult his opponent to get them to lose focus when fighting. Even though he does act quite stupidly, he still does have a high intellegence level and will quite commonly make thoughtful descisions. He is also a very caring individual, who always looks out for everyone, subordinate and superior alike, though he is not above asking his superiors for help and advice when he needs it. He also though has another side to his personality. He can get extremely uncontrollable if his father is insulted and will often get himself into bad situations because of this. His rage often changes the colour of one of his zanpakuto from red to black.

Background: Kakura was raised in a noble household by his father, Riuga Kiziki, who was the previous forth seat of Squad 7. His mother had died after giving birth to him so Kakura had no memory of her. His father had told she had run off somewhere to try and hide the fact from him. They were often visited by Lieutentant Iba and sometimes even Captain Komamura who Kakura admired. One day when he was on his own, he began to notice that his father hadn't come home yet but just thought he was having a long day at work which wasn't uncommon for him. But it started getting late and he started to wonder where he was. He then heard a knock on the front door and rushed to open it, thinking it was his father. It wasn't. It was Captain Komamura. he gave his his fathers braclet which ad been a present from Kakura and siad "Your father won't be coming back. He's dead." As the years rolled by, Kakura was regularly visited by Lieutenant Iba who would help him to cokk his food and keep him company. After a half a century had passed, Kakura enrolled at the Shinigami General Academy, he worked hard and passed in 4 years. He was one of the few shinigami's to have two zanpakuto but everyone thought he'd be similar to Captain Kyoraku, but he found out after joining Squad 7 he had two different Zanpakuto. this had got him put in front of central 46, who obviously thought it was wrong for a shinigami to have two different zanpakuto. However after a lengthy trial, it was come to the conclusion that his zanpakuto was then separated version of his fathers (Kuro ōkami). He rose up through the ranks to eventually fill the position his father had once held.

Battle Style: Kakura is very well accomplished at Shunpo and Hakuda. As such he will often start of using these two elements to get a feel for his opponent before using his zanpakuto. he will often use Flash step to attack the opponent rapidly from multiple directions at high speed. When he wields his zanpakuto, he will often use duel slashes on his opponent with both zanpakuto and will always follow up one srike with another, even if he does strike the opponent. He rarely uses weapon flourishes as it could leave openings for strikes. He will always go back to the same guard with his zanpakuto, the one in his right hand pointed at his opponent while the left hand is pointing behing him covering his ribs on his left side. He will never however strike downed opponents or attack when the opponent isn't ready or even aware of his presence. He will often not go all out on his opponent, not releasing all of spiritual energy unless needed, this is so he can keep going for a lot longer than others.

He will often use both his zanpakuto in their shikai forms when fighting but will always sheathe his zanpakuto when he uses Bankai.

However he rarely uses kido when he fights for two reasons one his Kido is weak and secondly, he only uses them to give himself time. He actuallt only knows 5 kido spells, 3 of which he can use without the incantation but even then they are still weak.

Spiritual Pressure:90
Physical Strength:90


Expert Swordsman: Has skill that could rival most Lieutenants.

Hakuda Master: Prefers using his fists to his blades. can take down hollows with his bare hands.

Shunpo Expert: Can move great distance using flash step and can even move fast enough to leave an image of himself in his former position.

Kido: Can use 5 kido spells and three of which can be used with out incantations. They however are weak. Mainly used as a distraction.

Intense spiritual pressure: Has a higher intensity than most Lieuntants but chooses to remain at his current rank.

Expert Tactician and can find opponents weaknesses from a very small amount of fighting.

Very Durable: can take a lot of punishment before falling.

Zanpakuto 1: Eien no Honoo (Eternal Flame) When enraged becomes Kuro hōō (Black Phoenix) Sheathe over back.

Zanpacuto 2:Hoetateruookami (Howling Wolf)

See older posts on pages 184 and 185 for description about each zanpakuto.
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hace más de un año celiowolfcosta said…
Hey whiteflame! do you remember me back at page 179-180? man sorry i just bounced out, i had issues to deal with man, but as im back id just like to say im glad to back man :P
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Ichigosuke (Ichirin no Haretsu) –

1) How powerful of an explosion does each of these mines create? How large of an explosion is it? How quickly can he produce mines in this manner?
1a) Give some idea of how many mines are produced through this motion (how many mines placed in the cut over a given space, how many mines produced by the sweep itself).
1b) How much stronger of an explosion does this produce? Does shooting this out produce any ill effect or create a time delay between the next use? Does the mine ball move as fast as a normal mine?

Bankai: Just from a cursory glance, I see at least 5 abilities. Just mentioning that.
1) Give some idea of how much larger of an explosion is produced by a larger mine versus a smaller one.
a. I’m not getting how this works right now. So you touch the hidden mine, which is inside of an object (so I’m confused as to how you would touch it), and the portion of the mine that’s touched provides the direction by which the beam is fired? Or is this supposed to be directed by touching something else? How far does the beam go? How large is the beam? How fast does it move?
b. How small is the range? What’s the increase in damage?
c. How fast do these beams move? How much damage do they inflict? How thin are they?
d. Makes sense.
2) How quickly can he produce these mines? Can he produce them at all different sizes? Is there a benefit to producing from the blade at all?
3) What is the very small interval? How quickly does the explosion expand upon striking? How much damage does this explosion do?
4) Chijouha: How long after he plants his sword in the ground does it take for the 500 meter range to be covered in mines? Is it a 500 meter range in every direction, or just across the ground? How quickly can all those mines be activated? I’m confused as to how the beam explosion works for so many of them at once, since it required some measure of directing. Also, is there any delay between uses on this?
Tengokuno Chijouha: So these bombs are only buried under the ground? Does that apply to the first part? It seems these are all directed upward in this case. How quickly can these mines be activated? Is there any delay between uses of this? How powerful is the damage this causes by comparison to the previous part?
5) How much bigger are the mines? How quickly do these mines rise to the height that they can be used? Is it just 5 mines, or is it 5 separate groups of mines that create the beams of light? How much of an area do these beams each cover? How fast do the beams move? Are these beams more powerful than usual, or just larger?
6) How much of an increase in damage does this produce? Honestly, by comparison to the other abilities on here, it doesn’t seem quite as ultimate, but that’s just me.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Kalysta123 (Safaia San) –

1) So, I don’t think I’m understanding this very well. It blinds the opponent (I’m guessing only if the opponent looks directly at it, though that’s not specified), and reduces their accuracy by 60%, or does the act of blinding cause an associated 60% drop in accuracy?
2) How quickly does the form change occur? How quickly can it be reverted? Can it still use the first ability while in this form? You say this is for about 4 attacks, does that mean 4 waves of shuriken or 4 shuriken? If it’s the former, how many shuriken in each wave? In general, if a poison is immediately deadly, it’s too much. A small cut on the finger shouldn’t be able to kill anyone.

1) So…what’s the conversion rate of light to energy? Like, how long does it have to be continuously absorbing light to produce a cero of a certain size?
2) How quickly does the cero move? How large can it be? How small can it be? Can the wielder choose the size based on the amount they have stored in their blade? Will this even disintegrate zanpakuto?
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Zordaik (Akuma Buresu) –

1) Does this inflict the normal damage of the blade, simply enlarged?
2) Makes sense.

1) Are the zombies particularly vulnerable to certain types of attacks? Can they function without a head? How fast can they move?
2) Is this limited to one usage at a time, or can all 10 zombies be turned into the same ability at once?
3) Same as Bankai #2.
hace más de un año Zordaik said…
Replies to Whiteflame's post on Akuma Buresu:

Shikai 1: This ability does inflict damage equal to that of the blade.

Bankai: The zombies are not vulnerable to certain types of attacks. They can function without any body parts at all, and a zombie losing it's head is an insignificant injury compared to it losing a leg, because they will not die, save for if an ability is chanelled through them.

1: All zombies can use this ability at once.

2: Same answer.
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Celiowolfcosta (Shi no ha) – Good to have you back dude.

1) So I’m trying to understand the limitations of this ability. Does it only work on ranged energy abilities like kido spells and ceros, or can it read movements of other attacks as well? Also, define how long ahead of time you’re seeing their abilities before they happen. An ability like this has the propensity for being extremely overpowered, so take care with it.
2) Is this just a form change, or is it an attack utilizing some “ultimate long ranged” method? You’ll have to explain this more.
3) Careful with words like “instantaneously.” Even Gin’s bankai didn’t extend instantaneously, it was just very very fast. An instant expansion is basically undodgeable, which makes it overpowered, at least the way it’s written. I would say even having an extension over such a short range as fast as Gin’s bankai is too much for a shikai ability.

1) Regarding the spirit holes, since they’re required for activation of these abilities, if the opponent doesn’t have any stored up, can they not use them? Also, how long does this speed boost last?
2) This is a bit too much. You’re talking about storing an opponent who is possibly even at captain level with a completely different set of abilities in the blade, and then unleashing them at any point. It basically gives you the ability to have 10 other people fight for you with unique zanpakuto. Even if they’re all weaker than you, few blades can fight 11 opponents at once effectively, and this basically costs you nothing to use, since if they aren’t heavily damaged, you can return them to the scythe. If you put some reduction on them (for example, they can’t have retained zanpakuto, or in the case of arrancar, release forms) or reduce their overall energy, strength and/or speed levels after storage, and then restrict the number that can be used at once, that might make this reasonable.
3) How long does the circle last? How long does the speed reduction last? How large is the dark circle?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
M33B (Daku Shisai) –

Shikai: Um…where to start? What do you mean by “jump into shadow”? Does the disappear into the shadow? Can he move through shadows? Does he just hide in shadows? How many of these fire dopplegangers can he summon? How fast can he summon them? How strong are they? How fast are they? Can they be destroyed? If they’re made of fire, do they even have a physical form? How long does it take before the side “affects” occur? What effect does turning your blood black have on you?

Bankai: By “limited by the amount of blood present” do you mean in their bodies, or externally as a result of what’s happened so far in the fight, or in the opponent’s bodies, or on the battlefield in general, or what? How much fire does one drop of blood equate to? Can he control flames that already exist on the battlefield, or must he create his own? Again, I’m uncertain what you mean by “limited by the amount of REitsu present.” Does this include all reiatsu in the area, or does it include only the wielder’s? Can he control ice and snow on the field, or can he only control what he creates? Give some idea of the conversion rate between a percentage of your reiatsu and how much it creates. Also, wouldn’t both halves of this bankai sort of…cancel each other out? Seems like this is working against itself.

Secret ability: No real point in posting you have it if you’re not going to explain it.

…You can’t really have a blade and be an arrancar. I mean, I get that you have this story worked up, but it just doesn’t make sense in the Bleach universe.
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hace más de un año Ryuuikari said…
Wow so many new zanpakutōs since the last time i was here...
Well i'll add a new one :D

Name: Onpa Myaku (Sonic Pulse)
Sealed appearance: It takes the form of a regular katana with a bronze cross-guard and a magenta hilt. The sheathe is purple.

Shikai release command: Himei (Scream)
Shikai appearance: In shikai Onpa Myaku takes the form of an oversized tuning fork. The two prongs are actually identical blades the same length as the blade in its sealed form. The two blades are around 10cm apart from each other. The two blades have a sharp, razor slanted tip instead of tapering to a point. The razor slants inwards and the inwards facing edges of the two blades are the sharpest parts. The hilt and cross-guard remain the same.

Shikai special abilities: Onpa Myaku has the ability to control vibrations. It automatically releases a slightly damaging sound wave immediately upon release. Onpa Myaku’s blades constantly vibrate at around 50,000 Hz; this increases Onpa Myaku’s cutting power. Also when Onpa Myaku’s blades cut something it automatically emits weak shock waves as a by-product. In addition Onpa Myaku enhances the wielder’s sense of hearing.

Bankai name: Chō Onpa Myaku (Ultrasonic Pulse)
Bankai activation: The wielder holds Onpa Myaku with both hands with the blades facing downwards. Then they initiate bankai.
Bankai appearance: Chō Onpa Myaku retains the basic tuning fork form however there are three prongs instead of two. The inner blade is longer than the outer blades, is straight edged, double edged and tapers to a point, its sharpest part being its tip. The two outer blades are connected to the bottom of the inner blade and are parallel to the inner blade. The outer blades, like in shikai, have a razor slanted tip that faces inwards. The gap between the outer blades and the inner blade is 4cm.

Bankai special abilities: Chō Onpa Myaku’s main ability is manipulating vibrations. Like in shikai, it automatically releases a damaging sound wave immediately upon release. The blades all vibrate at over 100,000 Hz drastically increasing Chō Onpa Myaku’s cutting power. Like in shikai when Chō Onpa Myaku cuts something it automatically emits shock waves as a by-product. The wielder’s hearing is enhanced to the highest level (this can have a negative effect towards the wielder however).

• Onpa Himei (Sonic Scream)
The wielder utilizes Chō Onpa Myaku’s ability, to drastically amplify their voice. This allows the wielder to let off a devastating sound wave capable of disintegrating rock by screaming. This is potentially Chō Onpa Myaku’s most powerful technique as the intensity of the scream varies with the wielder’s emotions.

• Chikyū Shokku (Earth Shock)
The wielder slams the blades of Chō Onpa Myaku into the ground releasing a powerful, omnidirectional shock wave that makes the ground explode within a hundred metre radius.

I still haven't made a balance zanpakutō yet, maybe this is the one ?
Criticism is welcome :D
hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
Another attempt at making an original blade...this one has been on my head for bit but never quite put it out till now but here it goes

Zanpakuto Name: Mirror

Release command: Show the truth

Bankai Name: Great Mirror

Appearence: In sealed form the blade looks like a tanto. The sheath for it is white and the wrapping on the handle is also white. The guard is a diamond shape with a mirror like reflective shine pointing in direction of the blade. When released The blade becomes a double edged 8 inch dagger. The cross guard on it is basic along with the handle which is white. In bankai the blade becomes a double edge longsword that essentially is the shikai only its a long sword not a dagger.

Sikai ability 1: The blade reflects all light making it shine very brightly. This is easily used to reflect light towards an opponents eyes to blind them temporarily but the blinding has no special properties other than if someone were to stare into a bright light. Also when the blade comes clashes with any form of physical attack it reflects 50% of the force back at the opponent.

Shikai ability two: When the user reflects light from its blade to any surface the user can pulse some spiritual energy though the light from its blade to the surface sending an energy blast at kido speed to the location the light is shining on. When the energy reaches its destination which must be some form of solid object it detonates doing around the same amount of damage a level 30 kido spell would do. If the light is passing through a liquid or other material that refracts the light the force is reduced by half. Also a zanpakuto can be used to reflect or refract the light away resulting in a situation where the energy wave collides with the zanpakuto and bounces off fully or partly (depending on if its a full or partial reflection) and thus feeling like the person reflecting the light was just struck with a physical blade attack. The user must also say the word Shine while doing this ability otherwise it is just reflecting light.

Shikai Ability Three: The user can reflect the appearance of one object on to another of equivalent size and similar shape. Meaning the user can make two similar sized buildings look the same or if there is a pile of rubble that looks about like a human shape they can reflect the appearance of a near by human on it. This is done by angling their blade between the two object so the reflection of one bounces to the other. This ability can last as long as the user wishes it to because it takes minimal energy to maintain. The reflection is how ever a reflection so if the object being reflected isn't symmetrical the reflection will have things flipped to opposite side or writing will be backwards.

Bankai Abilities

Bankai Abiliy 1: Like the first shikai ability the blade Reflects all light and Reflects 75% force of any physical attack it clashes with back. Additional the blade can reflect energy based attacks by clashing the blade with the attack. The user must put the same amount of energy in their blade as the incoming energy attack to reflect it fully. IF they cannot meet the same amount of energy then only part of the ability is reflected (if only 50% of the energy is matched then half the attack reflects away from the user and half still hits and does half the damage it would) the user must position their blade in such a way to reflect it to where they want it to hit if they intend to make the attack go back to who ever launched it or some other target.

Bankai Ability Two: Like Shikai Ability Two the user reflects light to a solid surface and infuses energy to cause an explosion. In bankai the ability is twice as strong but moves at kido speed. Also when the light is reflected or refracted the objects reflecting or refracting are hit with a full force explosion and the energy continues to the end of the line. The dust and debris that is knocked up from the explosions does not interfere with the energy because it travels out of the range before the explosion occurs. Also this ability can be used in another way. Instead of a pulse of energy the user can send out a stream of energy through he reflected light making like a laser beam of energy. This laser is as long and wide as the blade the user has and travels as far as the light does getting weaker the farther out it goes. (Unless the two are battling on a completely flat battle field and standing extremely far apart this attack is going to be effective) When used this way the laser can cut trough most all objects easily because of extreme heat. (think of maybe a light saber like cut through objects and people) Zanpakuto can stop the laser and parry it even. Also opponents can focus their own energy into a protective barrier that can reduce or negate the damage. (If reduce it can go from a instantly cauterized cut to a third degree burn to second to first to a sun burn and so on) The energy is connected directly to the users sword thus when an enemy parries or blocks it the effects are like the blade its self is that long and blocked. The user cant force the laser to go any farther unless like in a clash between two physical blades the opponent weakens and allows the laser to continue. This attack drains like using a level 30 kido spell every second its active. Like in shikai the user must say Shine for the burst form of this attack and when using the laser the user must say Shine Brightly. Also if the user is no longer in a position to reflect the light for the laser the laser stops and must be re started. Finally the laser takes 2-3 seconds to charge up before it fires.

Bankai Ability Three: The user has the ability to Refract either all of or part of their own body or other objects that are relatively the same size as the user. The user does this by flipping his blade around to the outer edge. The two edges of the blade them selves have no visible difference (and anybody who were to try studying the blade for such would be blinded probably) but the act of the handle turning around can easily be noticed or at least heard. As the blade turns the user decided how the refraction will change and what it will effect. After the turning of the blade is complete those under the effect of the ability have a different filter on their vision. It looks suddenly like they are always looking through water. Those who are very very weak willed may even believe they are under water for a few moments. This ability makes it look as if the object is in one place when it is really off to the side. The original object must overlap in at least 4 square inches with its refraction. (Essentially translating to the user makes him self look like he is standing to the right and his right foot and his refractions left foot are on the same spot)

A side note. For this blade some source of light is needed. The intensity of the light doesn't effect much just the location. the user must be able to reflect the light in some way to make their abilities work. If the light is very small and dim the attacks will not have as much range but the power can sill be the same because the power is controlled by the users energy not the light source.
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hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Ryuuikari (Onpa Myaku) –

Shikai: What do you mean by “slightly damaging sound wave”? How far away does it affect? How much damage does it inflict? I have some idea utilizing the 50 kHz number, but that doesn’t really fit “slightly.” We’re talking about damage that could kill someone at that sound level. More importantly, we’re talking about tremendous damage on cutting at all. Wounds would pretty much explode if hit by something vibrating at the speed required to reach that. Again, you suggest much less by saying “weak shock waves” are released, but I can’t help but notice that it doesn’t match. How improved is his sense of hearing?

1) 100 kHz is…well, it’s a lot worse. We’re talking about major damage at this point to anyone. You shouldn’t give numbers like this, you should just be describing the level of damage that would be inflicted and the range of effect. And, once again, the cutting power is too intense here. What’s the highest level of hearing that someone can have by comparison to normal? I’ll admit to being sort of confused here, since your blade emits such sounds and yet you increase your hearing. It’s one thing to have a fire blade and be immune to heat, it’s quite another for a blade like this to enhance the very thing it’s damaging on the opponent on yourself and to expect there to be no damage to you in return. You should really consider changing that.
2) What’s the range on this scream? How powerful and how weak can this scream be?
3) Is the explosion immediate, or does it take a couple of seconds for the shock to go through the earth and destroy it?

It’s interesting, because I remember making a blade very much along the same lines quite a while ago (it’s available on page 48 of this forum), so I’ve got a decent idea of what limitations are necessary to make a blade like this reasonable.
hace más de un año Hakui13 said…
Shikai name: Kage no Chi (Shadow of Blood <I know its backwards when used literally, but I like it better than "Chi no Kage">)
Sealed appearance: At one point it was a normal katana with a round guard, but at some point in the events that transpired in its wielder's life it changed. It is usually in one of two forms. The first, and more usual of the two is in separate charms and chains around the wielder's being. Bracelets, a necklace, an anklet, and two rings (on his right thumb and pinky). In this form, Kage no Chi is able to help the wielder supress his energies to the point on nonexistance. It also acts as a kind of preasure valve, meaning that when Hado or Kido are used, they are slightly more powerful. When given a slight nudge of energy, the charms and chains disolve and form a long, straight-blade sword with a razor ending, having no guard. A chain connects it to a small weight. The chain is usually wrapped around and up the right arm (as the sword is held in the right hand) and over the shoulders, allowing the weight to fall from the left shoulder. This form is its true sealed state.
Release Command: Burīdoauto (Bleed out)

When released, the chain breaks and shrinks as the weight transforms into an exact duplicate of the first sword. The only difference that both swords have that arent in the sealed state are that they have small symbols along the cutting edge and are able to collapse, which makes them fragile. Also, the
"energy-blocking" ability disapears, allowing a usually massive outburst of spiritual energy.

1). Musabori yomu (Devour): The user's spiritual energies become concentrated and surround the foe, causing their skin to be ripped appart at thousands of angles. This takes a great amount of focus and usually leaves the wielder unable to move, making it ineffective against large groups. If given the correct amount of concentration and energy, the victim is usually "digested" in a minute or a few seconds, leaving no blood or biomass behind.

Ketsueki doku (Blood Poison): The blades are embued with a special poison that slows healing to an almost halt. The poison is easily counteracted by a burst of spiritual energy.

Bankai: Shinigami no chi no kage (Reaper Blood Shadow)

As stated before, the blades of the Shikai are very fragile and can be shattered with a right amount of energy or hit (not to say that they are like glass, but a direct attack from a captain level shinigami would have very detrimental effects against them). When/if the blades break, the Bankai is created almost instantaneously if the weilder is able to handle it. If the blades do not break, "Mura o miorosu ame to iseki o kisai dorinku" is the release statement. (Rain down on the villages and drink the remains) The pieces of the blades, or just the blades themselves fly to the wielder's hands and change to metal gauntlets that have claws. The spiritual presure of the wielder explodes again, causing a weather controling capability. It is worth stating now that, if it isnt noticed in the Shikai form, the more the user activates the powers the the blade, the more savage and blood-thirsty he becomes. At one point, turning almost hollow in the Bankai.

Chi no ame (Blood Rain): Sheets upon sheets (gallons upon gallons) of liquid fall from the sky. It has no difference than rain, but is actually the poison from the Shikai ability, only stronger. The beauty of it is in that the Bankai, being physical, can only scratch. The scratches allow a small amount of blood, but with the poison, the wounds become constant and bleed out the foe.
Kage Ori (Shadow Weave): The user is able to control his shadow throughout this.
Transformation: As the battle wears on, depending on the strength of his opponent, the wielder becomes more and more blood thirsty. His face, in this form, is covered by a mask, but it becomes more and more detailed as the battles goes on. (His voice also becomes more and more Hollow-like).
hace más de un año Zordaik said…
Zanpakuto name: Uhyomaru (Silver storm)
Sealed appearance: The hilt wrap is bright yellow. The hilt guard is a square with slightly curved vertices, and engraved with carvings of lightning. The blade is fifty percent longer than a normal katana (Meaning if you straightened it out, it would be), and is in the form of a circle attached to the hilt. It is sharp on both sides.
Release command: Mushibamu, Uhyomaru! (Erode, Silver storm!)

Shikai descritpion: The handle lengthens one and a half meters, giving is the appearance of a staff. All clouds darken within a 150 meter diameter around the wielder. The wielder now has the ability to control the elements of a storm (Lightning, hail, and wind), within the 250 meters around him. originally, all these aspects begin at a set level. The wind is a sixty mile an hour gust. The lightning strikes are as powerful as natural, human lightning strikes, and the hail falls a little more sparse than natural hail. The wielder can increase the power of these elements by sacrificing the power of another. For instance, by decreasing the speed of the wind, he can increase the amount of hail falling. Or, he can decrease the amount of hail to increase the power of the lightning. He also gains some new abilities:

Ryoba Nari (Edged Lightning): The wielder slams the base of the staff into the ground. A bolt of lightning then strikes the blade, generating electrical energy inside the circle. The wielder then aims the hollow side of the blade at his target and three balls of bright blue energy, about the size of the circle that launched them, are shot out simultaneously at the opponent. These balls move at fifty miles an hour, and explode upon impact with anything. They explode with the power of hado sixty three, and cannot, like all of this blade's techniques, leave the 250 meter diameter around the wielder.

Buredo no Ara Re (Bladed Hail): The wielder holds the staff bottom end up towards the sky, and a large, sharp spike of ice smashes into it, causing frost energy, in the form of a dark blue ball, to form in the center of the circle. The wielder then aims the circle at the target and unleashes a large blast of ice the size of hado eighty eight, hiryo... Whatever it's called. This blast consists of light blue mist that will create a layer of ice one centimeter thick on the exact spot it touches, mixed with razor sharp shards of ice, the size of bread knives, that can sever with a surprising lethality. This blast travels seventy miles an hour and, again, cannot leave the 250 diameter.

Kaze Rippingu (Ripping Wind): The wielder slowly swings the staff, the sharp part facing the sky, to gather the energy from the wind. When stored inside the circle, it looks just like the wind from the anime. The wielder then tilts the staff ninety degrees, pointing the eye of the blade at the sky. The wind shoots out and expands rather quickly into a tornado. It then proceeds to chase the opponent at twenty miles an hour, despite the 120 mile per hour winds inside. It, again, cannot leave the 250 diameter.

Bankai: Kazeondo Uhyomaru (Divine Tempest, Silver Wind)
Bankai description: The handle disappears, leaving only the circle, which splits itself into five. These circles can each use a shikai ability at once, and can float out to and slash anything withing ten meters of the wielder. Two can use Ryuba Nari, two can use Buredo no Ara Re, and one can use Kaze Rippingu. While controlled by the wielder, they are not directly so. These blades have wills of their own, and so activating this bankai is like fighting alongside one's own zanpakuto. In addition, he gains new abilities.

Hino Ame (Rain of Fire): The clouds turn a bloody red colour. Fireballs as big as an average person's head begin to fall down at the opponent. They can sear through flesh like hot metal, and feel likewise. The wielder cannot use any other bankai abilities while this one is active, but can still attack the opponent with his blades while using this technique. The blades can also gather the fire's energy by simply letting it fall through their middles, adn unleash it as a fire blast the size of hado thirty one.

Sansei (Acidic Rain): The clouds turn a sickening green colour. Green tinted rain drops begin falling, each one acidic. They can burn through skin slowly, and bring intense pain onto whoever touches them. The circles can gather the energy from the droplets by having them fall through the middles. Once the circles have stored a total of fifty drops worth, they float up fifty meters above the opponent and unleash a desintegrating blast downwards toward the opponent. The blast has the circumference of the circle and travels at 80 miles an hour. The blast lasts for three seconds. The rain, though potent, is sparse, meaning no one on the battlefield runs the risk of being hit eight times a second by this rain, unless they deliberately run into a drop.

Criticism is appreciated. Yeah, I know, it's not my best. But it's been a shrouded image in my head for a while, so I figured I'd get it out now.
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
hi guys! sorry im responding so late, ive been on a short vacation that lasted a bit longer than i thought... Anyway, i just came back, and ater a full day of travel, im done for hte night. Ill respond to everyone tommorow.
hace más de un año bankai5591 said…
Zanpakuto-Zantetsuken(Iron-Cutting Sword)
Release Command-fukiareru bishibishi(Devastate Relentlessly)
Bankai Name-sokushi (Instant Death)

Zanpakuto/Shikai Ability 1-Unbreakable Blade
Zanpakuto/Shikai Ability 2-Can Transform into an Axe, Spear, or Sword at will
Zanpakuto/Shikai Ability 3-A Holy Attribute that can overpower any other element
Zanpakuto/Shikai Appereance- When in axe form it has a curved bend that wraps around almost to the hilt. when in Spear Form it looks like a javelin with a jagged arrowhead lookin blade. When in Sword form it looks like a Straightsword. Its White with a hilt like byakyua's and the blade edge is black.

Bankai Ability 1-Constant flash Step whenever I move anywhere
Bankai Ability 2-If sliced by the blade, it cuts straight through wherever it sliced
Bankai Ability 3- Dopplegangers can be created at will and are equally strong as myself.
Bankai Appearance- Picture ichigo's Bankai, but White and a viking helm over my face.
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hace más de un año Ryuuikari said…
Now that you put it, it does seem waaaaay overpowered. The sound wave has a close range (several metres maybe)

Bankai: Hmmm.. 100 KHz.. very very high frequency.. extremely overpowered...
1) Highest level of hearing is being able to use echolocation (you can hear ultrasonic waves) and human echolocation is possible (although only one person is recorded to be able to to it). And the wielder is immune to the sounds and shock waves of Onpa Myaku (anything else would hurt)
2) Range is anyone in earshot (obviously its stronger the closer the opponent is). Power can vary from a normal scream to being able to easily shatter rock with a scream.
3) The explosion takes a few seconds

Thanks for the review whiteflame55 :D
hace más de un año celiowolfcosta said…
Response to Whiteflame55..... (shi no ha)

1 - The power reads the path of use on any part of the body, even if the enemy would be adding some spirit energy to their blade.

2 - This ability is a type of form that can be used for many different styles of combat. for example, the wielder can change into close ranged to long ranged attacks quite quickly, making the movements harder to predict.

3 - Yeah i guess you're right man, i did go a bit overboard, just when i saw the fight between gin and ichigo in the massive espada fight, i just loved the way he released his sword, just i considered that instantaneous.

- Bankai -

1 - The spirit holes can become empty unless the wielder stores a fallen foe into one of them but the limitation is that the speed boost costs one of the spirit holes to vanish, and giving the wielder about 30 seconds of this speed boost.

2 - I see that you think that i can summon all of them but no, i could only summon one of them, and i would now correct myself by saying that once i release the spirit into a physical form, they could not retain back into the hole. Plus the victims that are summoned are no longer to their senses, they are more aggressive and all they do is fight with their shikai and bankai if they have that skill level but they can easily be defeated for their lack in combat strategy and knowledge.

3 - The circle doesn't really appear, i was just informing the circle motion that the dual scythe was going in that the markings makes the one who looks into it go in a speed and accuracy reducing phase, though this ability requires 5 filled holes, that if the wielder doesn't have, cannot be used in combat.

Thanks for the reply - Peace
hace más de un año Yamato-san said…
zanpakuto's name:Rūretto (roulette)
release command:Sentaku (choose)

description :When released it doesn't change it's shape (katana) but on the blade a small roulette appears with six positionsand 5 of them symbolizes a power :speed,strenght,kido,healing,luck,nothing.

Shikai ability : The roulette rotates 2 min and 42 sec . When the time is up the roullete will stop and unlock one of the positions.
If the "speed" position is picked and unlocked,i'll move so fast that it looks like teleportation.
If the "strenght" position is choosen it offers me overwhelming physical power.
If the "kido" position is unlocked i have the ability to use kido(both hado and bakudo) up to 99.
If the roullete picks "healing" i am imortal,able to regenerate no matter how severe is the injury.If one cell remains "i'll be back" :)
When "luck"is choosed i'm very lucky;I can hit my enemy with ease, I can evade any atack and "slip through your fingers" just when you are about to hit/catch me.In addition i can choose the next ability that will be unlocked.

The drawback is that the sixth position can be unlocked too.As the name suggests,"nothing",i don't get any ability and i have to wait 2'42''for the next choice.

Note:My Zampaktou doesn't have a patern so a can get an ability twice or sometimes i don't receive a certain ability for hours.I can ask Rūretto to give me a certain;if she's in a good mood i'll have it if not is the oposite.
Rūretto is very proud and if i offend her i'll have "nothing" all the day.If my enemy is stupid and say somethinf mean about her he's a dead man:i'll have any ability i want 'til i kill him.

Bankai:Futōna purē (play unfair)
Up to a point it works like the first release.The diiference is that the spinning time is shorter,1min.When a position is unlocked i am able to cheat and unlock a second ability,actualy the next after the one Rūretto unlocked.That means if strenght is picked i can use kido and so on.

Note:because i'm able to cheat if "luck"is unlocked i can choose the second ability and this way i won't have "nothing"
hace más de un año gracen_silence said…
Caution: Lengthy. This is my newest creation, and definitely one of my favorites. Inspired by my friend and her religion, so it's one of my most original ideas for a Zanpakutō. I hope you guys like it! ^.^

Inotsumi, Kyriene ~


Shinigami -

Name - Kyriene Inotsumi
- She prefers to be called just by "Kyri"

Rank/Position - Lieutenant of Squad Four

Gender - Female

Age - She is around one hundred and fifty years old, but she appears to be around eighteen or nineteen years of age.

Height - Kyri is 5'7"

Weight - She weighs 121 lbs.

Body Type - She isn't very muscular, but her body is thin and curvy. Despite this, she has quite a bit of power behind her attacks, even though she doesn't have much muscle.

Appearance - Appearance wise, Kyri is stunningly beautiful. Her face is slightly paled with a perfect complexion. Her eyes are a beautiful deep ocean blue color and above them are almost pencil thin blonde eyebrows. She has a petite feminine nose with a cute mouth, which is almost always held up in a grin or a crooked smile. Framing her stunning angelic face is long, beautiful golden blonde hair that reaches all the way down to the small of her back. Her bangs are short and just reach just a little past her eyes when straight, but she swoops it neatly over her right eye. She almost always has her hair pulled up, similar to how Orihime had her hair tied back when she first went to Soul Society and dressed like a Shinigami.

Clothing - For clothing, she wears the normal Shinigami shihakusho uniform. The sleeves to her top come to just a little above her elbows and she keeps the shirt slightly loose, only exposing a slight bit of her cleavage. Around her neck, she wears a white scarf that hangs down to her lower back, which she sometimes pulls up over her mouth like a mask. She wears white fingerless gloves on her wrists that stretch up to below her elbow and match the color of her socks. Below that, she wears a white obi tied in a feminine looking bow with the tails of the ribbon stretching down a few inches past her mid-thigh. Instead of the normal Shinigami hakama, she wears a short, black skirt, similar to what Lisa-chan wore back when she was Kyoraku-taicho's lieutenant. She wears knee high white tabi socks with the normal Shinigami straw sandals, although sometimes she perfers to be barefoot. Underneath her scarf, she wears a black chain necklace with a crest like pendant depicting an elegantly stylized pentagram around her neck with a sapphire cut in the shape of an upside pentagon in the middle. The pendant hangs below the scarf so you can see the pentagram even though she's wearing the scarf. She also wears similar earrings, but these are almost never seen whatsoever. She wears her Zanpakutō tucked into the left side of her obi. Kyri wears her Lieutenants badge the same way most all of the lieutenants do, on her left arm a little below her shoulder. Also, she carries around an old book of medicines, herbs, remedies, and alchemical sciences that she had from her past.

Personality - Kyri has a very calm, easy going personality and is very down to earth. She is nice and caring, and doesn't like people getting hurt or herself having to hurt other people. Because of this, she tries to avoid fighting altogether unless she really has to. She is very honest, to the point where it would be considered brutal, and tells things how she sees it, even if it would be considered mean. She knows her place very well and respects those higher up than her. Kyri has a high sense of honor as well, and goes out of her way not to jeopardize anybody elses. She doesn't like to talk much and is usually silent, but she tends to keep her sentences shirt and brief when she does talk, if they can be, but she speaks freely at meetings or whenever else she may need to. She enjoys nature a lot and loves wandering around aimlessly through the forests in Soul Society whenever she has the chance. She also loves waterfalls and finds them extremely beautiful and serene and enjoys relaxing near them. She also likes to swim in the water at the bottom of the waterfalls, although if people are with her, they may get awkward feeling because she only swims naked. One of her few hobbies is cooking. She cooks somewhat strange things sometimes, making irregular choices in ingredients, but she always pulls off a dish that is very delicious and good. However, she despises meat, and refuses to eat or cook anything with meat in it. She is strictly vegetarian, but she has a soft spot for pastries and cakes. Because she hates seeing people get hurt and because she is a member of Squad Four, she is quite the expert, if not a master, in herbal remedies and medicines. Back in her room in her squads barracks, she has quite a few different alchemical bottles and flasks on a desk that she uses to make all kinds of remedies for injured and sick people, as well as a private garden of herbs and weeds for healing purposes. Kyri is also quite proficient with healing Kidō. She is quite ambitious and dreams of one day becoming the Captain of Squad Four, firmly believing that one day she will become her squad's new captain.

Background - She doesn't remember much from when she was little. She was raised with her elderly grandmother out in seclusion in the forests around one of the poorer districts in Soul Society, along with her older and littler brothers. Both of her brother's were dreaming of becoming amazing Shinigami, although Kyri did not. Her grandmother taught her a large amount of what she knows about herbs and remedies, which Kyri wrote down in her book she keeps with her at all times, but wasn't much of a tutor in fighting because of her old age and weakened body. When she was fifteen, her older brother left for the Academy. During his time there, he was sent to the World of the Living for field training. She was later informed that her brother had died from a surprise hollow attack, and from then on she vowed to become a strong Shinigami. She immersed herself in researches on healing people and medicines, and soon entered the Academy herself. While there, she trained vigorously in the ways of the sword, becoming over average in swordplay an considerably stronger and more powerful than when she arrived. She also discovered that she had a great talent for Kidō, particular Bakudō and healing Kidōs. Soon, she passed through the Academy and was appointed to fifth seat of squad eight. Sometime after that, her grandmother passed on along with her younger brother, who fell to a horrible illness. She was very depressed that her younger brother had past away, feeling that she could have helped him if she knew more about healing people. After that part of her past, she was appointed to third seat of Squad Four and quickly rose to it's Lieutenant, where she currently is now.

Style of Combat - Kyri prefers not to use her Zanpakutō most of the time. Instead, she uses her Shunpō, Kidō, and knowledge and strength in Hakudō. When fighting hand-to-hand, she uses strong, fast strikes that are very precise. She is quite agile and flexible, being able to pull off feats others can not, like doing splits and moving or twisting her body slightly to avoid an attack. She is quite analytical in combat and uses her intelligence to get the better of her opponent. She prefers arial combat more than fighting on the ground, seeing as her speeds and mobility give her a little more of an advantage in the air. When she uses her Zanpakutō, she keeps her agile way of fighting and uses strong, fast strikes of her Zanpakutō to attack. Her sword style involves using elegant flourishes of her Zanpakutō with precise strikes and even strong, balanced strikes for even more power. She utilizes her surrounding to help herself in battle if she needs to, like hiding behind trees, in buildings, etc.

Stats -
Offense, 90
Defense, 95
Mobility, 90
Kido/Reiatsu, 100
Intelligence, 95
Physical Strength, 90

Kyri is skilled and proficient enough to be called and have -

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist

Kidō Master
- She is capable of using Kidō of high levels without any incantations, and is proficient in using Kidō rapidly, combining Bakudō and Hadō for devastating effects, and she is even capable of using Kōjutsu Eishō, saying the Kidō's incantation after it has been fired to increase it's power.
- In Bakudō she is capable of performing everything up to a level 81 Dankū and is currently training on being able to perform Bakudō 99, Kin and Bakudō 99, Bankin.
- She isn't as versed in performing Hadō and Bakudō, but Kyri is capable of performing every Hadō spell up to level 73 Sōren Sōkatsui. On the rare occasion, she may even use a level Hiryugekizokushintenraiho, although it takes a lot out of her to perform this particular Kidō spell.

Shunpō Expert

Master Healer

Hakudō Combatant

Keen Intellect

Immense Spiritual Pressure

Expert Tactician and

Enhanced Durability

Zanpakutō - 

Zanpakutō's Name - 
"Book Of Shadows"
 Appearance -
Kagemoto takes the form of a normal sized katana. The blade itself is about twenty seven inches long with slightly less curvature than a usual katana, which is a shiny silver color. The tsuba, or handguard, is in the shape of a normal sized circle, for a tsuba, with an X shape on it. Ghe tsuba together is a silver color, but darker than Kagemoto's blade. The lines of the X extend two inches out of the circle itself. The guard also has a few decorative marking and slights in the muddles of the Z's lines. The hilt is ten inches long, perfect for Kyri to use her Zanapkutō with both of her hands, and has a green colored wrap on it and a silver underlying color. And the end of the hilt is the pommel, which sports similar decorative markings like the tsuba, and is colored the same silvery color. Kagemoto's sheath is a light blue color, similar to Kyri's eyes, but lighter, with a silver ring near the top and silver plating at the bottom of the sheath, as well as a white ribbon on it just below the silver circle at the top, tied in the same fashion as her obi.

Zanpakuto Spirit - 
In Kyri's inner world, which is a lush forest area with a plain, an ocean and a stunning waterfall on a mountain, Kagemoto takes the form of a pretty little girl, about thirteen years of age and about five feet tall, with flowing black hair that reaches down to the small of her back and crimson red eyes and a pale complexion. Kagemoto wears a simple black, black kimono. She also has a hood on her kimono, which she wears on her head at most times. Along her neck, she wears a necklace similar to Kyri's, except with a ruby in the middle instead of a sapphire. She holds Kagemoto's Shikai blade in her right hand and positions it in a way that conceals it behind her.

Release Command -
Kyasuto! Kagemoto!
"Cast! Kagemoto"
キャスト! 影の本!
To release her Zanpakutō, Kyri unsheathes it and holds it horizontally out in front of her. She then calls out the command "Kyasuto! Kagemoto!" and lets go of the Zanpakutō. Kagemoto is then left hovering in the air, still horizontal. Kyri then takes her hand and spins it clockwise. While her Zanpakutō is spinning, a purplish pink reiatsu envelops up and Kagemoto starts to change into it's Shikai. As it whirls in a circle, it starts to slow down and the reiatsu starts to fade and suck into the Zanpakutō. When it stops, it is hovering vertically with the blade pointing down and Kagemoto is in her Shikai.

Shikai -

Shikai Appearance -
In her Shikai, Kagemoto changes into a somewhat thin (about half an inch thick) leather bound book that she carries in her right hand. This book has a metal pentagram placed into the center of the book and elegant decorative markings around the edges and corners of the book, as well as runes carved into it's front and back. These runes are constantly glowing an eerie blue color and the entire book is surrounded in an arcane looking purple aura. Each page in this book is blank, save for the first few pages, which are the pages she uses for her Shikai's abilities. Kagemoto can't simply be cut through like any normal book can and it is as strong as a Zanpakutō's blade, and Kyri can use it as a shield of sorts. It isn't really an ability, but Kyri can flip to page one of her book and place her hand one the page. She then seems to reach into the page and withdraw a katana that looks exactly like her sealed form Zanpakutō. She can only pull out one blade from the page and she can sheath is back by stabbing the sword back through into the page. Kyri's Kagemoto also amplifies her Kidō, making it possible to use slightly higher level spells and she can use spells that are stronger and faster than before she unsealed her Zanpakutō.

Shikai Abilities -

First Shikai Ability -
Mie no Hōritsu
"Threefold Law"
Like the Wiccan law, this ability shares the same principle. To activate this ability, Kyri opens Kagemoto to page two and announces the name of the ability. She then rips the page out and it bursts into flames and it's ashes spread in the winds. This ability remains active until she reseals her Zanpakutō. When this happens, everyone in her field of Spiritual Pressure is forced to abide the Threefold Law. The Threefold Law basically says that anything evil or violent you send out, comes back at you threefold. This goes for every form of offensive ability and Kidō, although has no affect on normal Zanpakutō slashes. If something violent is launched at Kyri, a sphere of slightly clear blue energy appears around her and absorbs the energy. The sphere then takes on the color and somewhat the form of the ability and magnifies it times three. Kyri can then release this energy back at the opponent, with enhanced speed, power, and mass. For instance, if Ichigo Kurosaki launched a Getsuga Tenshō at Kyri with this ability active, the sphere would appear around her and absorb the Getsuga Tenshō take on the color and shape, and then Kyri could fire her own Getsuga Tenshō back at him. This doesn't work both ways, however, and Kyri can still use offensive abilities and Kidō without the affect of this ability absorbing it. Kyri can stop this ability without resealing her Zanpakutō by holding out her hand and causing the ashes of the page to form back together. She then places the reformed page back in the book, where it reconnects to the binding just like it was before it was activated. 

Second Shikai Ability -
To activate this ability, Kyri flips Kagemoto to page three, which depicts a series of runes and a pentagram. Kyri then traces the pentagram with her finger, and calls out the name of the ability. Then, a circle of blue reiatsu starts to form in any desired location that Kyri wants within five hundred feet, and a star starts to form in between the circle, forming a pentagram. She can then release it and cause a blast of purple energy to erupt from the circle. This blast can go as far as five hundred feet away from Kyri, but it starts to dissipate when it passes beyond the five hundred mark. This ability does damage rivaling that of one of Ulquiorra Schiffer's unreleased Cero and goes about sixty miles per hour. This ability can be formed close to the target for a better chance of hitting, but this doesn't guarantee a hit as it takes a second to form the circle and fire the blast. She can also form this circle close to her without firing it, and it will act as a sort of shield to physical sword attacks, although it shatters after about five or so hits. Kyri can form up to five of these circles in rapid succession or all at once, attacking from multiple directions at once.

Bankai -

Bankai Name -
Kagemoto Hikari
"Book of Shadows and Light"
When Kyri goes to activate her Bankai, she opens Kagemoto to page four, holding it in front of her with both hands, and calls out "Bankai.". She then let's go of Kagemoto, which hovers in the air, and runs her finger down the middle of the two pages. Kagemoto is then engulfed in flames that erupt from the crease in between the pages and Kyri states the name of her Bankai. The fire then rages more violently, engulfing the area around Kyri. The fire then starts to die out and disappear in the winds, and Kagemoto is in her Bankai form. In this form, Kyri's Mie no Hōritsu is always in affect and she can still use her Sākuru ability, but it's speed is almost doubled as well as it's size, and she can produce ten of these in rapid succession. She can also still summon her Zanapkutō's sealed form to fight with, but she still prefers to use Hakudō and Kidō. Her Kidō powers also increase more than when they were in her Shikai.

Bankai Appearance - When Kagemoto is in her Bankai, Kagemoto Hikari, the book has completely disappeared. Kyri now has her gloves and sleeves to her shikakusho burned away and on her arms is various runes and glyphs that glow the same eerie blue color as her book, and she had pentagrams outlines in the blue reiatsu on the backs of her hands. Her skin gives off a purple arcanic aura at all times and her eyes turn a similar shade of purple, which seems to flicker like flames, and her irises have faint blue lines in the shape of a star, making her eyes have a pentagram look in them. Air constantly seems to rage around her, causing her hair to blow around and her clothes to flap.

Bankai Abilities -

First Bankai Ability -
Genso no Eikyō
"Elemental Influence"
This is her newest ability that she gains when she enters her Bankai. This ability allows her to have control of the four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. She can spawn these elements by utilizing her surroundings. She can manipulate earth and cause spikes to appear made of said earth and even control boulders telepathically and throw them at enemies. She can only control five boulders at once, and she can use them to shield herself as well.
With air, she can cause clearly visible blades of it to form in her hand and slash it throw the air. The blade then leaves her hand and flies toward her target. This attack has the same basic shape as a Getsuga Tenshō. She can use the heat from the dun to cause flames to appear around her. She can use these flames and have them flow towards her opponent and scorch them, although this is easily dodged. She can also convert this to lightning, which she rarely does, and she can fire it from her index finger. Lastly, she can manipulate the water in the air to attack her opponents with bight concentrated blasts of liquid. Aldo, she can change the structure of it's atoms to use steam to create a fog and even make it solid ice to pierce her target as well. If she is up against an opponent who's Zanpakutō is classified as elemental, she can influence these attacks, although she can not control the attacks if the opponent is on par with Kyri's power or higher than hers, but she can influence it.

Well, there's my latest creation. I hope you guys like it! ^.^ I do think her Bankai ability is kinda over powered though.. But, oh well. It was fun making it. :D Comments? (:
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Hakui13 (Kage no Chi) -

1) The way this is written, I'm unsure whether it's overpowered or not, but it certainly seems that way. That's not to say that this can't be reasonable, but you have to do a lot more specification for it. What's the range on this? How fast does it reach the target? How quickly after it reaches the target does it take to start doing damage? How quickly does it kill them (you say a minute to a few seconds, but which is it)? Is it blockable? Is it dodgeable? Does it require complete concentration, meaning that the slightest injury will disrupt it? In general, an ability that will kill the target if it works without doubt is something that needs to be tapered back a bit.
2) So tissue is just healed much much more slowly as a result of this poison? How much energy is required to remove it by comparison to the wielder's own?

1) So over what area does this poison rain down? How long does the rain persist? I just want to make sure: does this basically prevent blood from clotting and continuously bleed the opponent? Can it be purged in the same way as the shikai poison?
2) What does it mean to control his shadow? Does that mean the wielder controls the opponent's shadow, or that he controls his own? How can he use the shadow? Can it attack someone physically?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Zordaik (Uhyomaru) -

Shikai: This complete elemental control is definitely an ability. I mean, you create a storm around the entire area basically, and then gain the ability to direct lightning, hail and wind from it, as well as enhance them.
1) Makes sense.
2) Can this be stored and fired with ability one, or must they be stored separately?
3) Same as #2.

Bankai: Do these circles have a limited number of uses? Can they be knocked down, and if so, can they be regenerated? Can blasts coming out of these cause harm to the wielder?

1) How large is the area covered in these clouds? How fast do the fireballs fall from teh sky? Does the fire blast that you can release move at kido speed?
2) How large is the area covered by these clouds? Does the blast created by appear as a ball or as a cero-like beam?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
bankai5591 (Zantetsuken) -

1) Generally, this is assumed to be a trait of most zanpakuto, at least when you're of similar level to the opponent. In the cases where it can be broken, the opponent's probably strong enough to defeat you anyway, so I'm uncertain where the power is in this.
2) How long does it take to transform like this between forms?
3) I don't get this one. What's a "Holy Attribute"? What does it look like? Is it an attack or defense? What if the blast it's going up against is normal energy and not an element? What kind of physical damage does it cause?

1) This seems like it could be as much a problem as a benefit, though I can see how it benefits.
2) So basically, unblockable. Got it.
3) Depending on the limitations, this can be too powerful. Just creating one makes you doubly strong, but if you can create an infinite number of these at once, you're basically infinitely strong. Also, do all your dopplegangers have all of the abilities you do in bankai?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Yamato-san (Rūretto) -

1) So for 2 minutes and 42 seconds, you have access to no abilities? That seems like it would make you tremendously vulnerable. How long do each of these abilities last? Is there any way you can shift between them?
a) give some idea of how fast this is compared to the wielder's normal speed
b) again,, some idea of how powerful this makes you by comparison to normal
c) makes sense, though it seems rather weak (just seems like only having access to the kido abilities, something that several Soul Reapers have shown they have without their blade, isn't much of a power)
d) normally, immortality would be a problem, but since this comes with absolutely 0 other abilities if it's active, I think it's fine
e) "luck" is a highly uncertain term. I mean, I get the general meaning that you're providing for it, but it's in the specifics that things start to get hairy. Being able to move around the enemy's blade can't apply to every situation, nor should evasion be complete. That would assume perfect offense and defense, so you should be careful with the levels of each

Bankai: it's the same set of questions, there's nothing terribly wrong with activating 2 abilities instead of one. Just one clarification, does this mean that if "nothing" is what it lands on, you will activate "speed"?
hace más de un año Yamato-san said…

My character is above Lieutenant level but beneath captain level(without Rūretto released).
He doesn't have noble blood,but in the academy he was called a genius,the best of the last few decades. his motto is :"leave me alone or you'll have your ass kicked" He is not searching for battles but when he's forced to fight he is ready to put everything on the edge,he's not afraid to die.

1) My mistake : when released Rūretto will activate automatically one ability (exception "nothing")After that the spinning starts and will stop only after 2'42''.There is no way i can shift between them.
Right now my character and his zampakuto are too young to use their full power but with time they'll get stronger by unlocking the other six positions.I forgot o mention that between each position is a dormant ability and for the moment Ruretto will choose the ones available.
a)he can go toe to toe with yoruichi.
b)he's as strong as yamamoto
c)you are weak if you can use any hado or bakudo (1....99) without incantation?Ofcourse there are soul reapers talented in using kido but i can't remember to many able to do it at this level
*without Ruretto he can use kido up to 81 (hado 80 bakudo 81)
d)You think he will wait until the next ability is unlocked and he won't fight? He will combine immortality with his kido of the 80's level,his native talent in fighting with swords.
e)Sorry for not providing more details.This ability is increasing my chances to 90% in everything i do( 100% = flawless)
*If my enemy has a very powerfull atack i can't stop it but i have 90% chances to evade it
I i'm planning to find the weak spot in my enemy's technique i have 90% success chances
EX: With "luck"i'm able to choose my next ability.if I was successful in discovering my enemy's flaw i'll choose the proper ability to exploit it :speed,strenght,kido

Bankai:yes,i'll have ONLY "speed"

Each ability involves a different fighting style so variety is not a problem.
I can use the unlocked ability for 2'42'',exactly the moment when the next is activated.
While in bankai the time is shorter.

There are weak points in his technique but he's still at the beginning so he can't have everything :)
In time,he will become stronger,the time between unlocks will DECREASE to the point when hes able to activate abilities in matter of seconds,unleashing a great combo variety,but until that time comes he has to wait and train.
hace más de un año Zordaik said…
@Whiteflame about Uhyomaru:

Shikai: I know that it has one too many abilities, but it just wouldn't feel as complete if there wasn't a special ability associated with each aspect of the storm.

2) These abilities cannot be used in synch with other abilities.

Bankai: These circles do not have a limited amount of uses. If they are knocked down, they will simply float back up. The only way to truly dispose of them is to shatter them.

1) The fire falls at the speed of normal rain. The area they can fall in is the same 250 meter radius. The blast does move at kido speed.

2) The area covered is the same 250 meter radius. The blast is a continuous beam, but does not increase in circumference as it travels.
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
got a sweet idea for a new zanpakuto hopefully it will turn out the way i want it with no problems wish me luck
hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
u gotta be careful there shukun_kizuku...u know how many blades ive had sweet ideas for and decided to run with it hoping for no problems and found out that the idea lead me directly into a wall of pain and agony and well problems...sofar the count is at one billion give or take about a billion
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] Black Rain
[release command] Make them feel Black Rain
[bankai name] Black abyss
Sealed)- it is a normal Katana with a black sheath with nothing on it the handle is black and grey and the hand guard is red the blade when pulled out looks like a swirling vortex of black and grey particles
Shikai)- the blade disappears and becomes the 1st shikai ability but leaves the handle
Bankai)- same as shikai
[shikai abilities] -
1) Kayaku no arashi (Gunpowder storm)- the sword dissipates leaving the handle and a storm forms that rains gunpowder there is no wind (even if wind was present before) dark clouds cover an area of 2 miles that rain gunpowder that falls at the rate of light snow any fire based attacks will cause the gunpowder to ignite doing damage as strong as a Hadō #31. Shakkahō covering a 10ft area in all directions and the handle can be filled with gunpowder to reshape the blade takes 5 seconds to reform (this ability is always active either in shikai or bankai)
2) Kayaku no ringu (Gunpowder Ring)- the wielder makes the gunpowder into rings size and amount depends on the wielder they travel at kido speed and can be placed anywhere on the opponent(ex: wrist, head, leg, neck, or arm ect....) the rings can be cut before reaching there target completely destroying the ring if one attaches and explodes its the equivalent of Hadō #31. Shakkahō covering a 10ft area in all directions
3) Kayaku no furasshu (Gunpowder flash)- the wielder forms a small ball of gunpowder size of a golf-ball explodes the gunpowder in-front of the foe making a bright light that blinds and dissorents the foe, for the duration of this effect depends on the distance of the blast 5 feet 20 seconds, 10 feet 10 seconds, 15 feet 5 seconds anything beyond 20 feet has no effect this ability dosnt work if there is something blocking the light or if the foe moves out of the range of the blast

[bankai abilities] -
1) Kayaku-bako (Gunpowder Box)- the gunpowder takes form of a box 10ft by 10 ft around the opponent the foe can quickly get out of the box or can break the box with kido only spells #30 or higher the box itself can explode blasting an area of 30 feet and has the power of Hadō #96. Ittō Kasō its takes 15 seconds to form the box if the user loses any concentration on the box its disappears
2) Kayaku no bōru (Gunpowder ball)- the user stands still for 5 seconds and makes a ball of gunpowder the size of a basketball and attaches it to a chain of gunpowder when thrown it travels as fast as a kido spell when the ball hits the target it explodes. the explosion is as powerful as hadō #54 haien covering a 10ft area in all directions
3) Kayaku no bakuhatsu no kōdo (Gunpowder detonation cord)- the wielder creates a wip like cord made from the gunpowder the length varies from how long the wielder takes to make it at a rate of for every 2 seconds is 5 feet. when the cord hits the target it wraps around and sticks to the target and continues to wined around the target until there is no more the foe can dodge or cut the cord to render it useless then when the wielder snaps their fingers the cord explodes and it's as powerful as Hadō #91. Senjū Kōten Taihō

last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Hi guys! Been so busy this week, i didnt have any time to cathc up on the forum. Anyways, just wanted to say, im working on a Shinigami team that specializes in Tracking and capturing the enemy, rather than fighting. They can fight thou.
Also, im gonna upload some really old ideas that i had when i just started reading bleach. I just found the file where i wrote them. Its not alot, so enjoy.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Whatever happened to that thing Ichigosuke was talking about?
hace más de un año ichigo131 said…
hey mine would be this

Zanpakuto's name/ shikai form - Kuro no Inazuma (Black Lightning)

Release command - Hakai suru Kuro no Inazuma (Destroy Black Lightning)

Bankai Name - Burakkumūn kaminari (Black Moon Lightning)

Shikai Abilities
Ability 1 - allows me the weilder to move at lightning speed meaning all my enemies will see before death is a black flash.
Ability 2 - creates lightning at the tip of the blade which can be shot once the blade is swung.

Shikai Form
My shikai's form is a long black kantana that has no gaurd (similar to Tensa Zangetsu)

Bankai Abilities
Ability 1 - allows me the weilder to eclipse to sun with an artifical moon blocking all light to enemies allowing myself to move without being seen (hence the name Black Moon).
Ability 2 - the lightning that my blade produces turns white so that it is the only thing the enemy can see before death.

Bankai Form
the form of my bankai has not changed the only thing to change is the colour, instead of being pitch black it is now bright white so that it is the only thing visible once i have created the eclipse.

best friends with Ichigo and Kenpachi
Pitch Black Hair with red eyes
wears a suit similar to ichigo's bankai suit.
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Im sorry white flame, but im a bit loaded with activity right now, so i dont have much time to view this forum. I even promised more zanpakutos and yet i only have a few shikais and thats all...
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
Hello this is the only zanpakuto that i can think of a bankai for right now and it's more then likely overpowerd and i would really like a review for this. P.S i'm going to try to make a Person for my next one :)

Name: Lagoena -Bottle-

Release Command: Effluo -Pour Out-

During Shikai the sword forms into a round clear glass bottle. The spout is 6 inches high. The glass is 2 inches thick and the bottle is large enough to hold 1 gallon of fluid. This flask constantly fills it self with a glowing blue liquid. It fills itself fully in 5 minutes. Once full it no longer fills up intill some is removed.

Ability 1: Accumulo -Augment- When someone drink a mouth full of the fluid they gain a effect to the kido. This is chosen by the user and stays until they drink some again or shikai is left. The reshi cost is for every kido cast. The effects are as follows:

_Concentration: The effects of kido can be made to last 2 times as long for 200% times the reshi cost.

_Enlarge: The size of kido can be altered From 25% normal size to 400% normal size for 220% reshi cost. This does not change the power of the kido at all

_Hold: The user can preform a spell and not cast it for as long as they want for 110% reshi. When they release it there is no differnce from normal.

_Invisible: Kidos can be made invisable until it is 1 meter from its target, for barriar kido they become visable once something, that was not already there when cast, come within 1 meter of it, for 400% reshi.

_Chain: After the user casts a kido they can begin casting another kido of a lower level that will be 10% faster and 20% more powerful then normal for 220% reshi this can be used repeately and each spell in the chain will gain another 10% for speed and power the reshi cost does not increase.

Ability 2: Creo -Create- The user pours fluid out of the bottle that forms into any creature the user wants, excluding person, the amount needed is about a full bottle for somthing the size of an elephant. The user can make them any size they want and they can be smaller if the user wishes, the smallest anthing can be is the size of a mouse. After something is formed more fluid can be poured onto it to make it grow further up to 5 bottles worth of fluid. These are commanded by voice and are as smart as a 10 year old child. There can be up to 10 of these at once and the user can make them disapper at will. These creatures are exatly the same as a normal one would be for it's size, a wolf thats the size of an elephant would be stronger then normal.

Ability 3: Ditata -Endow- The user places a hand on one of the creatures created and casts a kido into it. Up to 5 can be in one creature. These are effected by any effects from the first ability the the user is using when cast into the creature. The creatures will use these in combat at will unless told not to and they cost no reshi to the creature only the user when casting them.

Banki Name: Caliga Lagoena -Darkness Bottle- Once in bankai the bottle transforms into a five foot long staff that has a glass globe on top of it the same size as the shikai's bottle. The staff is made of metal but looks like gray wood. The users skin loses color and looks gray but there eyes become a solid color, color of there iris. Lastly a metal ring appers on there left thumb and one on there right.

Ability 1: Ciminatio -Charge- The user has the ability to store kido in the glass top of the staff. They can say the kido chant in there head if they want and the kido appear as small floating light in the top on the staff. These can be cast out when ever the user want and it can hold up to 25 kido.

Ability 2: Magia Malefica -Black Magic- The user gain the ability to cast several spells these can't be used with the staff.

_Swarm: This has a 3 minute cooldown. The user opens there mouth and a swarm of hornets fly out of there mouth at a speed of 8 a second and costs a level 50 kido worth of reshi for 30 of them. The user controls them by pointing ,they don't have to see the pointing, they fly in the direction the user points and attack anything that gets in the way. They function like normal hornets.

_Desacrate: This uses as much reshi as a level 60 kido. The user taps there staff on the ground and from that spot spreds a yellow flame thats 5 inches high and 1 foot wide. This spreds out in a circle at a speed of 1 foot every 3 seconds while the staff is on the ground. This fire does not burn but the ground it moves of turns black and things like grass die. While standing on this ground people feel uneasy and animals will not walk on it if they are on it they try as hard as they can to get off it. The user however gains reshi about 1 reshi every 5 seconds and there casting speed is increased by 25%. The user can stop growing the circle then start again by tapping the staff on the ground that is effected but they have to pay the resi cost again. If the user starts to create another one the any old ones decrease in size at the same speed the new one grows.

_Scrying: The user touches a body of water with there staff and it becomes a reflective surface like a mirror they then drop something in it that belong to someone else. That surface then shows a arial view of then from above about 1 mile up that then begins to move directly to the person, the one who owned what was droped in, at a speed of 4 miles an hour once it get to them it zooms in at a speed of 1 mile a minute ,the user can control the level of zoom. After it is above someone it follow them, at a max speed of 40 miles an hour, as long as the user wants however the person it is watching gets the feeling somthing is watching them and the more zoomed in it is the stronger the feeling. If the user leaves the pool of water, 5 feet away the ability is stoped and the same object can't be used again until bankai is stoped.

_Raise Dead: This needs 50% of the users reshi and can only be used once per bankai. The user taps there staff into a dead body. They then pour reshi, the 50%, into it at a speed of 1 percent every 10 seconds. After that time the reshi rises out of the body in the shape of that body. This body looks just like the body but the whites of the eyes look grayish. This body has the same strength and speed as the body did ,when alive, but they have none of the abilities. These are not vary smart and do not uderstand what words or numbers are. They also have truble telling people apart but can tell colors and sizes apart. The user can also ask these questions but only ones they knew the answers to in life. It takes a lot of time to get answers however taking about 1 minute to answer there name for somthing like the password to a computer it could take a day. There answers are also vary simple but they will always remember anything they knew in life. Once bankai is left these disapear but can be brought back once bankai is returned to if the user keeps part of it's body with them, cutting it off or something, this can't be smaller then a finger. Once bankai is resumed the body parts reform the bodies, with everything they had on them at a speed of 2 minutes for a human body. These can't be kill unless you remove there head.

Ability 3: Immortalis -Immortal- This takes no reshi and has no cooldown. If the user dies in bankai then there soul is sent into one of the rings, the rest of there bankai returns to it's unreleased state. As long as the ring there in is not destroyed, if it is destroyed they will die and the ring with dissapear, they will reform from the ring after a week, after the time is up there body reforms from reshi. After they reform they only have 1% of there normal reshi. After they recover there zanpakuto the ring is absorbed back into it after it has this ability won't work again for 1 month. This can also be used on someone else if they are willing, if they would want to live, and the ring is put on them within 6 hours after there death. When the user puts the ring on them it fits to there finger and the user puts in a percent of there reshi. After 24 hours they regain consciousness with 80% of there reshi and the percent of reshi the user put into them, this reshi is not regained by the user so if they used 20% of there reshi then they will only have 80% of there reshi until the ability is over. The person who is brought back retains there wounds and will not recover them naturaly, you can heal them, but all other wound recover at a normal rate as dose there reshi. This person no longer needs food water or air, they need air to talk though, they also are immune to cold poision and diseases but they always smell like rotting people. These are killed if they are decapitated. Also if the ring is removed from them they grow weaker and after 2 hours without it they can no longer move and 2 at a half hours they passout and at 4 hours they died permenatly. They and the user can always sense where the ring is. After one year they can remove the ring and they are full alive again and the user gets there reshi back. The user can use this on two people, one for each ring, but then can't use it on themself also if the ring is destroyed they need the other ring from the user within the time or they will die and the ring that was destroyed will reform with bankai on the user after 6 hours.
hace más de un año killerbee21 said…
Doragon no O or "Dragon kings"
its call is Anata no kiba o hadaka or "Bare your fangs"

I have 2 swords when unreleased. Both Katana of 63cm one is white with black and the other is
black with white. The hilt is shaped like a yin-yang symbol but both ar imcomplete depending on
there colour.

When Released they become twin Dao much like there unreleased form.
Tengoku or "Heaven"- at this command Yin shines and a dragon is heard roaring. Makes all who hear this
deaf (doesnt include user) until it is unreleased
Tengoke no kasai or "Heaven's Fire" - in is engulfed in white flames, can be launched or held on blade
(this fire doesnt cause injury but eats away at your Zanpakuto and
spirtual pressure)
Jigoku or "Hell" - Any enemy who is looking at this sword is made blind until it reverts to its
unreleased form
Jigoku no Honoo or "Hell's flame" - Yang is engulfed in black flames (this flame eats through phyiscal objects
user contols speed a witch it burns)

Bankai: Raise o Seigyo Suru or "Control the otherworld"

The sword disapear but the left hand is covered in Yins white flame while the right is covered in Yang's
Black flames. Both sleeves are lost and flames ride up the users arms. The user now has a Large tatoo over
his back of a Yin yang symbol.

Bankai's power: greatly increasing physical attacks. Yin eats spitual pressure at alarming rate(no limit to
rate) when contact is made and Yang eats through anything phyiscal it touches. User controls damage done.

Special move: Ta No Sekai Doragondansu or "Other world dragon dance"
user places hands at togerther says its name the white and
black flames shaped like Chinese dragons shoot out of his
hands and spin together till they hit enemy

Doragon No Sekai or "Dragon World"
Creates black hole between swords. Anyone who attacks is transported to
his inner world without his or her Zanpakuto. There he encounter Ryuu and
Raise o Seigyo Suru and they can finish you because only your soul is there
it rips you soul from your body. There both the dragons eat you.
Name: Ryuu Kazuko
Captain of squad 5
6'0 189 pounds
Long brown hair with dark eyes
Wears sleeveless Captain cloak
HATES kenpachi and planes to have his Zanpakuto eat his soul and his body
likes people who protect what they love (not kenpachi)
Best friend is Byakuya
Calm and strong personality, enjoys letting his Zanpakuto eat his evil
Winning ;)
hace más de un año ichigo131 said…
here is my girlfriends Zanpakuto

Zanpakuto Name/shikai - Seishitsu wa haaku (Nature's Grasp)

Zanpakuto release - Supureddo no seishitsu no haaku (Spread Nature's Grasp)

Bankai Name - Shizen no ikari - (Nature's Fury)

Shikai Abilities
Ability 1 - I stab my sword into the ground which causes vines to grow out, these vines are under my control, firstly i can use them as blades shooting out of the ground where i wish them to.
Ability 2 - secondly with these vines i can wrap them round myself and solidify them creating a protective cacoon.

Shikai Form
my zanpakuto does not change form it will always resemble a katana but as long as it is stabbed into the ground the abilities will be active.

Bankai Abilities
Ability 1 - this ability is the two shikai abilites that my zanpakuto has so i can use the vines for offence and defence.
Ability 2 - this ability is called natures knifes (it is similar to senbonsakura) the sword that was stabbed into the ground turns into tones of leaves that also act like blades and can be controled with my hands.

Best friends with Gin, Inoue and Kon
long flowing green hair with bright yellow eyes
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hace más de un año Des-Sed said…
Zanpakuto Name - Kami no me (Eye of God)

Appearance - The guard is white with a gold cloth wrap. The pommel has the appearance of a small eye without a pupil and is pure gold. The guard is gold and is oval shaped with 3 inner rings that frame the blade. The blade is pure white and is hallowed out along its blunt end.

Shikai release command - sorewo mina , mite kudasai (see it all)

Shikai appearance - The appearance of the sword itself doesn't change, however the user gains an eye piece over the right eye. The eye piece is oval in shape and has a white lens with a golden frame and hugs the area around the right eye. Three white "spikes" face away from the users face, 2 on the top and 1 on the bottom of the frame.

Shikai Abilities

Ability 1 - The user can observe anything directly in the field of the view of the eyepiece with perfect clarity, though anything solid still breaks the line of sight. This makes him immune to abilities that effect vision, yet it's main function is allowing the user to see an opponents muscle movements via the body's electrical current "allowing him to know how the opponent will move". It also allows the user to accurately gauge anyone's "power level"

Ability 2 - The user also has the ability to enhance his reaction speed in order to keep up with the "eye's" speed of viewing events. This can only be done 3 times however and each enhancement only lasts 10 seconds. Each time this is done a spike dissolves "acting as a timer".

Bankai Name - Kami no domein (Domain of God)

Bankai release command - nani nimo shikaku kara nige sasenaidekudasai (Let nothing escape your sight)

Bankai Appearance - The katana is now a 2 bladed sword with a longer handle with the blades having a slight golden glow, the guards are shortened to around a third of their length. The eye piece now grows to cover both eyes, with the appearance of a visor. The spikes are now on both sides of the visor, 3 on each side and are slightly longer with curved tips framing the side of the head.

Bankai abilities

Ability 1 - The effects of shikai are now spread to a "sphere", 100 meters in diameter, with the user being the center. While using bankai the user doesn't see with his eyes but rather the entire "sphere" is his field of view, meaning that the weakness of not being able to see through solid objects is negated. Inanimate objects are now effected as well. Also, the users reaction speed is boosted so long as bankai is active "though this kind of vision, reaction combo is very straining and the bankai can only remain active for 6 minutes". For every minute that passes a spike dissolves

Ability 2 - "sokuji no undou" (Instant Travel) Kami no domein's most powerful ability. It allows the user to travel instantly to any part of his "field of view". This technique can only be used once as it uses up the remainder of the time limit.

Once the time limit is used up the visor reverts back to it's shikai state and no longer has any spikes, the blade still retains it shape and the power boost of the bankai is still active.

And there you have it, this is my dream zanpakuto and I have put a lot of thought into it. Any feedback would be appreciated, positive or negative. Also I would be glad to answer any questions regarding it's abilities.
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hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
These are 2 new zan's a redid today. They are remakes of old ideas i had.

Shinigami: Sora MinaYume, The Sky's Swallow

Name: Tsubasa (Wings)

Shikai: Noboru Ijou no Oozora, Tsubasa! (Soar Above the Heavens, Wings!)
In shikai, his sword dissapears. Instead, he gets Rollerblades on his feet. Each Roller has 2 tiny wing shaped ornaments at the back from each side.
In shikai, he gains th ability to soar through the air with his rollers. He moves much faster through it than anybody else.
On the ground, he is still fast, although he usually uses rollerblade skills to manipulate his wawy to be in the air again.
He can only fly in the air if he got some speed from the fround as take off. This means, he cant just jump and start flying.
(Although if he does jump, he can still cross huge distances with one jump.)
He only has 1 technique in shikai: He starts running forward as fast as he can, then he jumps and propells him self through the air.
THis splits the air infront of him, and gives him another huge speed boost, so he punchs his oponent in full speed, enough power to crash him completly.
This techique has 1 major weakness: Becuase of the speed, it moves only forward, and thus it is easy to dodge.

Bankai: Tsubame no Tsubasa (Swallows wings)
In bankai, he gets 2 wing like blades that come out between his fist and elbow. They are made out of condensed light, and can cut like anything else.
Forgot what thats called... To much time without anybody to talk to in english....
Anyway, In bankai, he can perform his previous tech without stops in between, meaning hell be like a pinbal that can probably kill you if your hit.
Also, he gains new techniques like:
1) Rasenno Tsubasa (Spiral Wings): He slashs his blades, sending a wave of air that can slash the oponent. THe wave is just like his blades in terms of
length and shape. It can only go about 1.5 meters far before it dissappears.
Its a short ranged but very powerfull and fast attack.
Umm. Thats all. He relys on his speed to beat the enemy.


Shinigami: Ren, The Sky's Rhino
He looks like the pic below.

Name: Ikkakusai (Rhinoceros)

Shikai: Tsuchi Karera! Ikkakusai (Hammer Them! Rhinoceros)
In shikai, the blade dissapears into the handle. THen, the handle grows longer, becoming 1.2 meters long.
On its edge is now a hammer head, with a spike afterwards.
Like the pic.
His ability is called TsuchiJikan (Hammer Time):
He smashs his hammer downwards, in a verical slash, and a burst of very strong wind is released in that direction.
When he does so on the ground, the ground is pushed backward, leaving a sort of half circle trail in the ground.
If it would have a shape, it would be a slightly rectangular circle of air thats pushed.
Its almost 2 meters wide, and 3.5 meters tall.

Bankai: Hikou Ikkakusai (Flying Rhinoceros)
In bankai, he gets a steel chain that is 3 meters long, attached to the bottom of his handle.
He can now shoot out his Hammer Time attack slashing horizanaly as well.

Also, he gets some new techniques using Hammer Time:
1) TsuchiJikan, Uzumakisen! (Hammer Time, Spiral!): This time, he holds his hammer in 2 hands, pointing forward along side his body.
THen, he makes a stabbing motion while spinning his hammer. This creates a smaller version of the original TsuchiJikan.
Its like 2 strings of air twirling and spinning around each other, always flying straight. Its destructive force is greater than the original,
becuase its more concentrated, but its smaller range is its drawback. Its only 0.5 meters wide.
2) TsuchiJikan, Senpuu! (Hammer Time, Whirlwind!): He smashs his hammer into the ground, creating a burst of air all around him, like a whirlwind.
Used for fast defense all around.
3) TsuchiJikan, Kuubaku! (Hammer Time, Aerial Bombing!): His ultimate Attack, he swings his hammer vertically, then horizantally, then stabs the
center of the cross crated in a spinning motion. Now, the air is wrapped around his hammer, and he rushs to bash his opponent with it.
Upon contact with ANYTHING, the whole area will explode in a blast of air resembling his Whirlwind attack. Ofcourse, he is hit as well, and usually
reverts to shikai if he isnt hurt badly, or if he is, he faints.

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 These are 2 new zan's a redid today. They are remakes of old ideas i had. Shinigami: Sora MinaYume,
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Damn, it's like everyone saved their posts for the last 6 hours or so. I'll have to get to reviews at some point later today or tomorrow, but I'll make sure to go through these. It's OK btw, Ichigosuke, was just wondering if it was still going (I'd made that blade before you posted about it).
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
I've been taking my time on this one, so I'll post it now before I become busy.

gracen_silence (Kagemoto) -

Shikai: The kido boost is sort of undefined, so I'm uncertain whether it would suffice as a full ability, but I think it could. You might want to make this into a full ability, expand on it a bit and utilize it (to give you some perspective on that, take a look at the character I had posted for 4th squad captain before she died, I think she's on page 2 of the character forums, name's Yasashiku).
1) I understand this one, but it's overpowered as written. Basically, beyond the normal zanpakuto strike, your opponent has two choices if he/she knows this is active: play it defensively, or hurt themselves. I full well understand the direction you're taking, and I think you should keep it, but provide a limit to this. That could mean leaving certain types of abilities out, providing some method to get around it, or limiting the amount of energy that can be returned with this method to something comparable to the wielder's. In general, there just has to be something to hold this back from being absolute.
2) I'm not sure whether to call this overpowered or not, but it depends on the answer to a few questions. First, what's the delay time between formation of the circle and firing? How large is the blast? How large is the circle? Can it be formed under items on the battlefield? Can it be formed on opponents? Can it only be formed in the air? Can the blasts only go laterally, or can they fire straight up and down? Can the circles be formed a distance up in the air and fire downward? Is there any particular harm to utilizing more than one of these at once? Can the wielder be harmed by these blasts?

Bankai: Since you only have one bankai ability, the inclusion and enhancement of your shikai abilities in bankai isn't a huge problem, it just needs to be made more specific in terms of the kido power boost.
1) In general, an ability that controls all 5 elements has to be pretty heavily restricted in terms of usage, and I think you've done that well. As long as she doesn't have the ability to manipulate the elements beyond the points that you've described, it should be fine.
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Whiteflame, im sorry, misunderstood. Anyway, What Blade? Im a little off today, i barely slept for the past 2 days so im a bit high. Butterflies....
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
It's a blade I made about a week and half back. It's on page 186, about halfway down. Don't worry yourself over it, sounds like you've had a rough couple of week or so.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Ichigo131 (Kuro no Inazuma)

1) How does “lightning speed” compare to normal speed? Does this speed up your shunpo as well, or just your running speed?
2) How is lightning shot out from the blade? How fast does it move? How strong is it?

1) Does this just do nothing at night? Where does the artificial moon appear? Can other people interact with it?
2) How is this lightning shot out from the blade? How fast does it move? How strong is it? Does it cause death from any given hit?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Ddarksonic675 (Lagoena) –

Shikai: Is the glass bottle brittle like normal glass, or can it take a sword swing?
1) Anyone can drink from the bottle? Is only one of these active for each gulp that a person takes? Do these last infinitely long as long as the shikai is active?
2) Can these animals be defeated or destroyed? Does their body act as a solid, or a liquid? Can the wielder revert them back into fluid, or does any fluid used in this lose its ability to revert? How fast do these animals move?
3) Can any kido spell be used in these animal forms? Are larger ones required to hold higher level kido spells?

1) Is there any way for the opponent to tell the difference between different kido that are stored? Can the wielder launch them all at once? Is there any limitation to what can and cannot be stored? Do more powerful kido take up more space?
a. 8 what a second? How many hornets are spawned with each use?
b. Can the wielder increase the size of the original circle area he creates no matter where he places his staff within the circle, or is he required to place the staff at the middle? Also, does this only affect him while he’s standing on the ground in the area, or does it work if he’s in the air above it? Can the opponent destroy the earth that’s created in this way?
c. I’m sort of confused as to how this works and looks. I’m not sure if I’m getting it right. Does the water move into place almost as a mirror a mile above the opponent? And does the reflection appear to zoom in on them over time? Also, is the only effect that this has to cause the opponent to feel paranoid? Also, how does the water recognize who it an item belongs to (since it could have been something they stole or were leant)?
d. So since these corpses can’t distinguish between most people, is it likely for these forms to attack the wielder? Can only one corpse be active at once, or does entering bankai automatically bring back all the corpses he kept pieces of?
3) How difficult is the ring to destroy? Does this ability to place reishi into these rings to help other people survive take away a permanent bit of their reishi until it’s returned, or is it regenerated over time, and if so, why would they ever need that reishi returned?