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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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hace más de un año shanks100 said…
you know you could have added more abilitys to your zampakutou blamargera? but still pretty awesome it reminds me of kurotsuchi vs ishida battle XD Pretty awesome fight !
hace más de un año Ankakalle64 said…
Can a Zanpakuto become a armor in bankai or shikai?
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Ankakalle64, A zanpakuto can become anything you want, as long as its not to overpowered. Post yours and let us enjoy your ideas!
hace más de un año shanks100 said…
I had that doubt too thanks XD
hace más de un año Ankakalle64 said…
big smile
Now i´ve got an idea for another zanpakuto!
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
Hi if anyone wants a review then tell me what page it's on and it's name
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
ddarksonic, please review my Ougonsuu on page 173, its the last one on the page. Thank you.
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
Np ichigosuke yours are always good :)


Well this ability is vary uniuqe but raises a lot of questions.

1) Can the user declare something without the opponent hearing it

2) dose this effect everyone around them, anyone who hears it, a spicific number of people, anyone in a range, and can he chose who it effects.

3) Can he select things only the opponent can do and if so does he have to correctly name it?

4) After he gets to 1 can he say any kind of mental action like thought or what cuase this could be really op? Also after he hit 1 can he just keep saying things or dose it stop.


1) well with this my only question is how do some things get increased like swinging your arm or running? With this i 'm not sure wether this is overpowerd or not i mean if they can pick something only they can do or if they can choose who it effects and they pick themself and a nearby ally then yes it is or if you can have your self and some friends useing this against one opponent. but this if it just works on you and an opponet is a vary cool ability :)

2) With this how long does it take for the l to apper on there head or is it random? also does this appli to things touching them for example if they hit your sword with theres would letters apper on both of you. Also is there a time for this to active after use like he statrs it then it takes affect after 5 seconds or is it instant if it is could he just lift his opponent up then use it or could he take there weapon away then use it so they can't touch it again?

Overall another good zanpakuto from you :)
hace más de un año shanks100 said…
can you review mine please? it´s in this page just alittle upward. THX
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
Np shanks100

Shikai 1. I have smoe qustions with this. How well can the user control the what the person sees can they make it look like anything they can image or are there limits? Also how does it appliy to a person do you need to cut them then control the light, shine it at them have them look at it or just be near it? This matters alot becuse if they just need to be near it then how would there defend themselfs, stop it or even know it's on them? Also does it take reshi to use or have any draw backs other then radiation poisoning? Also is the radiation poisoning just for the user or anyone in it's range

Shikai 2. How fast can these beams go and how far.How much reshi do they use? Also can is there a cooldown on how fast you can just them or any limimt to this?

shikai 3. With this how fast is the healing for examlpe how long to restore a lost limb also how much reshi does this use. with the wing how fast does it grow to cover the wound a how strong is it? for example can an opponent use a sword to break it to stop the healing?


Ability 1 With this how long can they stay like that and how much reshi does it take also do they have to turn there whole body to light or just parts also is there a cooldown or a start up time, meaning it takes time after being avtivated to take effect, or any other type of limits?

ability 2 How long can this last, does it use reshi, does it have a cooldown. Overall with this ability as far as i see the user can move a near the speed of light, turn into light, and mix them self with nearby light hiding themself. all of these by them self are powerful abilities lol :)

ability 3 For this is there any sort of draw back like a reshi cost or time limit or anything. From what i read you can turn any light in a 13 mile radius into any kind of weapon and attack from anywhere. this is quite overpowerd

Overall it is overpowerd but it is a good idea and a nice new set of abilities for a light type zanpakuto :)
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
thanks alot ddarksonic!
Ok, Answers!
1)He must declare it out loud, but this only means he cant only think it. He can whisper the declaration, as long as he says it.
The reason this is not OP is because, after hearing him counting out loud, they can guess if they didn't hear his declaration when he counts, Thus, revealing his declaration. Someone like aizen would probably realize it when he is only at 3.
2) It effects only him and anyone else he wants that is in the surrounding area, not to far from him. He usually applies this just to him and one opponent when he fights a strong enemy.
3) He can select anything as long as its a physical action in shikai. He cant for example say "Breathing", and then each time someone breathes he will count.
He can say something only the opponent can do. If he realizes what it is....
4) Ok! When he reaches 1, he cant say stuff like think or anything.
It remains the same as always. Your right, i had an idea for what he could say but now i realize how op it is, so cancel it.
After he reaches 1, the count stops, and after some one does the specific action and he says 1, the count restarts from 10 like before.
1) Just imagine you kick somebody: The force of the kick is increased, but so is the damadge to your body as a result. Thats why its both beneficial and not: You may do more damage, but you will receive more damage as well. All his bankai techniques apply only to him and his enemy.
2).... L is for 50 in roman. When the L appears means when the count reaches 50 and an L will apear on the forehead of the one which reached 50.
Yes. If you both clash swords it applys, but only if the swords are yor zanpakutos, because zanpakutos are basically part of your soul thus part of your body as well. If i attack someone with my zan and he blocks with a normal katana, only i will have an I written on me.
The I appears about 2 seconds after the one who touched something does so. This means that you must count it all in your hand, cause conting it by your body is not accurate.

Anyways thanxs for reviewing DDarksonic! I hope you understand my answers cause i know it is a bit complicated to understand.
On another note, for all you Action manga lovers, go check out "Blazer Drive" and "Defense Devil". They are both really good manga.
"Blazer Drive" is about Future Tokio, Where people invented a sort of tattoo sticker that you stick on something and it does some effect like freeze it and so on. As you advance through the plot it gets better then that!
"Defense Devil" starts of not so Action based, but it still is a great manga.
I highly recommend them.
hace más de un año Ankakalle64 said…
big smile
Hey ddarksonic675.
Could you review mine also, please?
It´s the third one from the top of this page.
hace más de un año Ankakalle64 said…
big smile
Ive got a bit of an odd idea but im still gonna tell you about it.

Sword name:Seijō-ki yoroi/Purifiers armor

Unreleased appearence: It look like a regular katana when it comes to the blade. The guard is shaped as a hollow circle and the handle is in bright blue.

Shikai command:Seiketsu ni suru/Cleanse

Shikai appearence: The sword becomes a pair of gauntlets and boots for me as well as a few leather straps on my chest and back. The gauntlets and boots are white in color but have engravings that glow in a dark blue color. The engravings looks like whirls of air. The gantlets and boots have claws on them.

Shikai abilities:
Kurenjingu dageki/Cleansing blow: One of my gauntlted fists becomes enveloped in flames and launches a strong bursht of fire when I punch someone.
Taihō o seisei suru/Purifying cannon: I put both of my hands together with their hands open and then shoot a short beam of fire.
Tsuin kōri no ha/Twin ice blades: I form my hands into a blade. The fists then generate ice so that my fists look like two ice spikes.

Bankai name:Seijō seinaru yoroi/Purifiers holy armor
Bankai command:Aku no kono tamashī o jōka suru/Cleanse this soul of evil
Bankai appearence: I become clad in a elegant bodyfitting armor with wings on my back. The gauntlets and boots remain their appearence and the rest of the armor has the same kind of style and color. The armor does have a helmet but the helmet dosn´t protect the eyes.
Bankai abilities:
Hikari no kami no sabaki/Divine judgement of light: My fists start to creates flames again and then I ive down onto my opponent. The resulting explosion is enourmous.
Ōkina kōri no keimusho/Great ice prison: Very similair to the thousand year ice prison exsept for these things. The inside of the pillars are filled with spikes so the opponent becomes impaled on them. And since I don´t have a sword I strech out my arm with a open hand and then close it.
Shinseina seijō saigo no kurenjinguburō/Divine purifiers final cleansing blow: The engraving on my armor starts to glow red on my right side and bright blue on my left side. This attack is truly final. The left side of my armor becomes covered in ice and the right side of the armor becomes covered in flames. The flames then materialise a sword in my right hand and the ice materialise a shield. The sword is a large broadsword with a simple handle and a blade that´s made out of fire. The shield is shaped like a giant snowflake with sharp edges. As I dive down on my opponent tha ice shield freezes his weapon so that he cannot move it and my fire sword turns them to ashes. The cost of this attack is that I can only use it once. Then I am forced to leave the bankai state and return to unreleased. My body becomes so drained that I will need a week of rest at least.

I know it´s a bit overpowered in bankai but I had the Idea in my head and wanted to get it out. I f anyone wants to review it or ask questions your´e free to do so.
hace más de un año gecho said…
darksonic, i would very much like you to review my zanpakutou, its the very top one on page 174
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…

Ankakalle64, I'm no reviewer but i liked your zanpakuto. The only thing op is bankai, other then that everything's okay.
His final bankai attack reminded me nostalgically of Omnimon from digimon.... Ahhh, sweet childhood. XD.
Anyway, leaving the googling of Omnimons name aside, very nice zanpakuto, if you continue making more youll come up with even better ideas!
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
No problom Ankaklle64

Blade of the mist

Shikai 1: With this is it an attack that insreases the blade's size with an invisable energy or a projectile attack. if a projectile then how fast is it? Also how much reshi does it need, does it have a cool down, and how many can you shoot out at once.

Shikai 2: With this how big are the blades and how fast do they go. Also how many and how much reshi is used in this?

Shikai 3: How much reshi does this use? Also how fast does this regenerate and can you use other abilities while it is regenerating.

Bankai : How much is this speed boost and how much stronger are the shikai abilities

Bankai 1: With this does it take reshi the longer you have it out or a base cost and time limit or what? Also how far can the user see in the mist?

Bankai 2: With these copies how long do they stay out and how much reshi does this use. Lastly how do you control them?

Bankai 3: Ok how far is the distance how many people can it effect an how fast does this effect work? Also can the reshi be used by the user?

Bankai 4: With this one how fast can the blade materialize? also hoe long does this last and how much reshi does it need and how long can it last?

Overall this is vary op for shikai one in my opinion any time you use descriptions like cut anything destroy anything block any attack ect. it is overpowered. This is op due to the fact that no matter how strong the user is they can kill anyone they can hit with this in a vital spot so with this there is no real scaling. With bankai 3 this is more then likely op due to how it works. If your in the range you can't really defend against this unless you stop them from reading but the opponent wouldn't really know what you reading it would do also, from what i understand they could just read it while fighting then it's game over for your opponent. Lastly your last ability isn't op becuase the mist is a physical thing the opponent could blow it away or somthing and see it but if used with ability 1 of bankai then they can't doge it or avoid it in any way and unless they can go hold there breath before they get out of the 3 mile radius then they are killed from the inside out. Also if the user can't use 2 at once then they can just use that stop then while the mist is still there then kill anyone in it's range. Overall it is overpowerd but like you i still like it also i like the zabuza refrence in it :)
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
Np Gecho


Ability 1: no questions about this one but i like effects of it :)

Ability 2: This is cool but how does this work is the ribbon just acting like bandage or is the spiritual energy part of it helping stop bleeding and heal if so how much is needed for lets say a 2 inch cut and how fast does it work?

Ability 3: Ok how strong is the connection, how far and fast dose this go. Lastly how strong is the ribbon, can more then one go out at once and can the user detach them at will?

Bankai : For this by sense you mean emoition and other distractions like that right? also does the cloak defend you and how big is the lance?

Ability 1: For this if the users body was cut in half would they just stay connected until bankais end or it would just not hurt them? Also if there body were to be completly removed like if they were burned away how would it work? Lastly can the user still be effected by effects like for example a binding kido or kira's shikai? I think this is more then likly op due to the fact that they can be stoped, from what i read, before they leave bankai so any opponent would have to just try to suvire indeffenitly unless the is some sort of time for bankai like shikai.

Ability 2: With this how much is it? Is it a base amount or does it work like a percent of the users stats?

This i a cool zanpakuto i really like how shikai works to :)
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
Ok ty ichigosuke for the crarifacations it's alot more clear now :)

Also again if anyone wants a review tell me the page it's one and it's name so i can review it for you :)
hace más de un año Ryuuikari said…
I have had another idea !! :D

Name: Kyōme (Devil Eye)
Sealed appearance: A regular katana with a circular guard, a red hilt and a small ring on the pommel big enough to fit your finger through
Release command: Deny (Hitei suru)

Shikai appearance: Kyōme has a chakram (large enough to fit an arm through) embedded in the middle of the blade. The inside of the ring is the sharpest edge of the blade. There are holes above and below the ring on the length of the blade. The ring that was on the pommel disappears.

Shikai ability: Kyōme has the power to totally negate the shikai and bankai abilities and powers of one zanpakutō. Whatever zanpakutō Kyōme cuts becomes negated. If a zanpakutō is being negated and Kyōme cuts another zanpakutō then the previous zanpakutō regains its powers while the new zanpakutō becomes negated. In addition if a zanpakutō is in shikai or bankai when its abilities are negated it reverts to its sealed form. The negation ends if Kyōme is resealed or the wielder becomes unconscious; however opponents who have more reiatsu than the wielder can overcome Kyōme’s negation ability (albeit with difficulty).

Bankai initiation: The wielder puts their hand through the chakram embedded in the blade, at this Kyōme begins rotating around the wielder's hand (similar to Sakanade). Then you initiate bankai.

Bankai name: Nuru Kyokū Kyōme (Null Void Devil Eye)
Bankai appearance: Nuru Kyokū Kyōme becomes a double headed glaive. Each glaive is double edged and has a chakram embedded in it (the same size as the one in shikai). The glaive is mostly black and its tips are red. Like in shikai, the inside ring of each chakram are the sharpest edges of Nuru Kyokū Kyōme.

Bankai ability: Nuru Kyokū Kyōme has the ability to totally negate the shikai and bankai abilities and powers of a zanpakutō (like in shikai). When Nuru Kyokū Kyōme absorbs some of the wielder’s reiatsu, it releases a crimson mist than when inhaled cuts the link between a Shinigami and their zanpakutō thus negating the zanpakutō’s power. The nullifying effects can be targeted at or neglected from specific opponents. Like in shikai, if a zanpakutō is in shikai or bankai when it is negated, it reverts to its sealed form. Like in shikai, the negation ends if Nuru Kyokū Kyōme is resealed or the wielder becomes unconscious; however opponents who have more reiatsu than the wielder or who have an extremely strong bond and connection with their zanpakutō can overcome this ability (albeit with difficulty).

Please review, do you think it's overpowered or just right :D
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Sorry Ryuukari, but it was OP to begin with. I see you tried making it not so Op by putting those limitations, but it still is. The bankai is very very OP, cutting the ties between a shini and a zan, but hey, whatever you want.
This forum was created for people to create and share their ideas for Zanpakutos and Shinigamis. If your Zan is a little OP,
its Ok, no one will ban you from the forums XXD.
Anyway, I'm always trying to create not Strong Zanpakutos but Original Zanpakutos. Yours 2 was an original idea, and it had one main theme.
I really dont ike it though if somebody makes their zan be like:
Shikai abilitys:
1) getsuga Tenshu but orange
2) Cero but alot of them.
3) Heals me.
I want people to stick to a theme: Every Zan in Bleach has a Theme: The shikai is a weaker version of the bankai.
Look at Renji: His Zabimaru in shikai just lenghtens like a snake to attack the oponent, in bankai it becomes a huge snake dragon bone thingy with more firepower.
Ryuu kari, your Theme was the Negation of other zanpakutos effects, and i liked it. Keep up the good work.
Sorry if i offended somebody with this im just stating my opinions.
hace más de un año Ryuuikari said…
Thanks again Ichigosuke, but i have one final one that i think will be just right maybe borderline OP (and i totally agree, that is quite annoying to see).
Here we go my last zanpakutō:

Name: Oni Tsuinzu (Demon Twins)
Sealed appearance: Looks like a guard-less wakizashi, with an orange hilt and a pointed pommel.
Release command: Hide in the shadows (Kage ni kakusu)

Shikai appearance: The wakizashi shrinks then splits into two identical, daggers. The daggers each have one serrated edge. The have a small guard and are completely black in colour.

Shikai ability: Its main ability is the power to perfectly mask the wielder's reiatsu. However this ability is linked closely to how bright the wielder's surroundings are. If it is bright the wielder's reiatsu is barely masked. If it is dark the wielder's reiatsu is near undetectable. Oni Tsuinzu also gives the wielder a speed boost when it's dark.

Shikai special ability: Oni Kisu (Demon Kiss)
Can only be performed in darkness. The wielder stabs the opponent's Saketsu and Hakusui in one fluid motion. The effects are temporary. It can be used in shikai and bankai.

Bankai name: Oni Hada (Demon Skin)
Bankai appearance: Generally the appearance of Oni Hada is of some type of clothing/armor. What it looks like is linked to how bright the wielder's surroundings are. When it is bright Oni Hada takes the form of gloves with three knuckle spikes covering each hand AND a mask that covers the top half of the wielder's face revealing only the eyes. When it is dark Oni Hada still takes the form of gloves and a mask; however the mask now covers the whole face and gains two small horns at the top. Also an iron-hard, black substance covers the arm and torso. The wielder now also has a long, cord-like tail that ends in a dagger.

Bankai ability: The bankai ability is the same as in shikai except that in darkness the wielder's reiatsu IS undetectable by all means. Because Oni Hada becomes clothing/armor in bankai the wielder's speed, strength and agility are boosted; when it is dark these boosts are enhanced.

Bankai special ability 1: Futago Akuma no Yari (Twin Devil Spears)
The wielder can creates two spears of black energy that each glow red; the spears end in sharp points. They can be used as a sword or a projectile. If thrown it explodes on contact.

Bankai special ability 2: Oni-me (Demon Eyes)
The wielder’s eyes glow red, and then the wielder makes eye contact with an opponent, trapping their mind in a black void where all they can see is the thing they fear most; this completely paralyzes their body. The paralytic effect lasts as long as their mind is in the void; their mind can ‘escape’ from the void when the target is physically touched by external stimuli (e.g. being cut by a sword or burned by fire). It fails if the opponent fears nothing or if they can avoid eye contact.

This is the last one i'll post (can't think of any more) so review away !! :D
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
O come on. I wrote a whole review on your zan ryuukari and my internet crashed and it didnt save. So lazy as i am ill write it shortly:
Great!! Loved it! The whole idea of brightness dependent is cool.
I did something similar with time of day dependent, ill search it up and post the page for you to check out.
Again, your bankai final ability is kinda op but not so much, but it derives of the main idea by adding fear attack.
Great zanpakuto, hope you have more ideas.
hace más de un año Ryuuikari said…
I wait to see your time of day dependent zanpakutou :D
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
my time of day one is page 137, check it out
hace más de un año Ryuuikari said…
Wow there loads to it. Kyokkou is really good. A lil bit OP in bankai but i can't really say much mine have been quite OP
The ability to make people fall asleep was so funny i would love to see that happen to someone :D
I also noticed that there was something about masking reiatsu in there. Reminds me of one of mine.. great minds think alike i guess

Overall if Kyokkou was real i would rather be on your side (falling asleep, losing sense of touch or getting burnt wouldnt be good)

Great job !!
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Thanks! I liked your zanpakutos till now, keep up the good work.
hace más de un año Ankakalle64 said…
Ok Darksonic675!
Here are your answers.

Shikai answer 1: It´s nót a projectile´s an enlargement of the blade. I can launch several of them at the same time but then it will double the reshi required. The reshi required depends on how large I want it to be. But it still uses up a lot of reshi

Shikai answer 2: Let´s see. The blades are nor so big. Kinda like the size of a A3 paper. I can only launch three of them with one slash but that´s my limit. The reshi required is the least of my attacks.

Shikai answer 3: This is ability is not super fast so let´s say that the entire blade got missing then it would be completely regenerated in about 1 minute. And NO I can´t use any other abilities when its regenerating.

Bankai answer: My speed is increased by a third and also my shikai abilities.

Bankai answer 1: Well it drains me of a constantly of a small amount of reshi so i can hold it up for about an hour if im not fighting. And the user can se about 500 meters in the mist.

Bankai answer 2: This is my most reshi draining ability. The clones stay out for about eight minutes each. And I control them In this way. When I attack they protect me and the other way around. I sort of control them with my mind so it takes a lot of effort to control all of them. If the clones are killed then i can recreate them again!

Bankai answer 3: This effect start to spread from the center of the hidden mists and then spreads until it in all of the hidden mists. The effect is ment to be used in combination with my mist clones. It can effect up to seven people. So it drains the strongest and works it´s way down the ladder of power. And yes the reshi can used by the user. SO if im very tired then is can use this ability to "refuel" my reshi. The effect is a slow one so an normal shinigami would be almost completely dranied after probably ten minutes.

Bankai answers 4: I know this ability is a op op one but still I love it! Now, the whole blade takes about three seconds to materialise. But it must do so from the guard on the handle. So it must be close to my opponent or it wont work. And yes this uses up a lot of reshi but it´s overpowered so it´s kinda fair.

And yes I know it´s overpowered at some points but I like it still. Yes I got some inspiration from Zabusa in naruto. And The wielder can use two abilities at once but onlt in bankai and then it costs a lot more reshi to use it.

Also, I know this might be a lot to ask but could you review my Seijō-ki yoroi/Purifiers armor on the top of page 175?
hace más de un año gecho said…
Ok answering questions of Darksonic

For shikai ability 2

the ribbon does not heal at all, it just stops bleeding from a wound like zangetsu does for ichigo in his first fight with kenpachi(meaning gapping holes cease to bleed for no apparent reason)

Abilty 3: the ribbon is very strong like a rope, meaning it wont snap from being pulled but it can be cut. The user can detach the atached ribbon at will and only one can be used at a time. this would probly only be able to extend about 10 feet. this isnt particularyly fast as if it was a rope and you threw it.

i do mean emotions and distractions. The cloak has no extra defense, its just cloth. the lance is about 7 feet long 2 of that being the blade on the end.

if the user were to be cut in half he would split in half but ribbon like tendons would jump out from both halfs and reatach him. after leaving bankai he would fall in half.

binding affects would work on him and kiras affect would work, he would just fight against it until his task was complete. i guess there could be a time limit to it an hour or something.

30% increase in all stats i guess

hace más de un año Nevets said…
i would like it if somebody could give me some feedback on my first zanpakuto on the top of page 172
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
Ok ty everyone for answering my questions it's nice to know you think about my questions and really respond to them not just read them and be done with it

Ok Now for Ankakalle64's Seijo-ki yoroi

Shikai 1: With this is it a explosion of flames or just i fire punch? If it is a explosion how strong is it and for both how hot is the fire?

Shikai 2: With this beam how hot is it, how fast is it, how far can it go, does it use any reshi, and does it lose power as it travels?

Shikai 3: no real questions about this other then how fast does this take effect?

Bankai With the armor how strong is it and if it's broken can it recover? Also how big are the wings and how strong and flexable are they?

Bankai 1: With this how strong is the explosion exactly an estimate of size would be cool also is it a fire based explosion? Also the diving part seems more like a technique then an ability or does he have to dive at them? Also is there any cool down or reshi cost for this?

Bankai 2: With this how fast is the ice how much reshi does this use and how large are the spikes also how fast do the pilars form.

Bankai 3: With this how does this work can he just use it then he does the dive or can he just sit there with the shield and sword or does he have to start the attack then? Also how long does this attack last if he misses then does he have time to try again or is it a 1 trie type of thing? Also with the fire it is burning them with flames so hot they turn to ash or is this some sort of effect?

Ok overall with this i like this but i have a few probloms with it. Mainly ability 2 of shikai. I understand liking an attack and wanting it in your zan i've done that just cause someone else used the same thing you had an idea for doesn't mean you have to scrap yours ether but with this you took an attack thats cool and strong then made it stronger witch is what i don't really like.

Lastly With the last attack for bankai for one i think it doesn't really need that negitive effect due to the fact that it's not that op i mean you just need to not hit the sheild and dogde there attacks and fight them. Unless you meant that it can't be dogded or something and if it was then you can't really put anything on it to make an attack like that non overpowerd even if you fall into a coma for a year it doesn"t make an attack that instantly kills someone ok cause it's still overpowerd. BUT this doesn't seem like that and it is still a nice zanpakuto thats from what i see looks epic and inspirieing in bankai so goodjob :)
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hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
This is Nevets Ketsueki Ryu-Ken

Shikai Ability 1: With this what do you mean by realeaseing energy? does it pulse out does it give you reshi does it make explosions or What? Also how much is released for the amount of blood? From what is ee when blood touches it reshi comes off of it but i have no idea what it is for.

Shikai Ability 2: How big is the head and how fast does it go and what does it do when it hits someone is it just a force type of attack if so how strong is it? Also does it use any reshi and how is there a cooldown, and how many can go out at once?

Shikai Ability 3: With these how big are they and how fast and high do they come out? also how strong are they and with shooting them How fast do they go and how big are these?

Bankai In bankai how strong is the armor and with the wings hoe do they stop reshi do they absorb it or just cancele it out? With the shield how big is the chain and can it change size? With the tail how big is it?

Bankai ability 1: No Questions

Bankai ability 2: With these how long and fast can they get also how strong can they hit someone and how strong of a hit can they take?

Bankai ability 3: With this how fast dose the dome form and how strong is the dome? Also how hard does it crush someone?

Last Resort Attack: With this How fast does the cloud form and how fast does it start raining? Also how high is the cloud and how big is the area? Also does it effect you and do the spikes fall like real rain or what?

This Zanpakuto is cool and other then the last attack it isn't to overpowerd :) Also i like the look of the inner world :)
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
Just as an fyi if you can't tell if an ability or zanpakuto is overpowerd then one thing i do is think of someone from the show. If the person using your zanpakuto has the same amount of skill, reshi, and strength as the person from the show could they win? If you can't really think of anyone or can only think of a few people that could win against you then it's more then likely fawed or op in some way. For examle if you have an attack that can instantly kill someone but you have some draw back you could still kill anyone. Also this works the other way to if you can't think of anyone that you beat beat on equal terms then it might need some more tweeks.

Also once again if you want a review tell me the NAME and PAGE its on and i'll get to it.
hace más de un año Ankakalle64 said…
Ok ddarksonic675.

Here are my answers for your good review:

Shikai answer 1: It´s a short ranged fire blast. If the opponent dodges then a burst of fire will shoot from the gauntlet for a very short distance.

Shikai answer 2: I can´t estimate the heat but it loses power as it travels but it travels fast so it will have to travel for quite a bit. the beam is a sort of cylinder filled and made of fire. So its easy to dodge.
Shikai answer 3: It takes about 20 seconds before its complete.

Bankai answer: The armor is strong enough to block the zanpakutos of shinigamis twice my strength but then it will crack. It can regenerate but its a very slow process and uses up a lot of reshi. The wings are the quickest things to heal. One wing, ten minutes, one arm, half an hour. The wings are as strong as the rest of the armor, they are quite flexible and alows me to fly at the cost of a constant drain of reshi that is quite small.

Bankai answer 1: The explosion is about 800 meter across. Yes it´s a fire based explosion. There is a cool down time of fifteen minutes before I can use it again.

Bankai answer 2: The spikes are about ten centimeters and placed on a random pattern on the insides of the pillars. This drains a lot of reshi. The pillars form in about three seconds and closes in two seconds. Since it´s so fast it oses an enourmous amount of reshi.

Bankai answer 3: This ability can be maintained for ten minutes maximum. And it´s a two tries attack. If I fail the first time then i have one more chance. And yes the flames turn them to ashes. My idea with this attack was to face someone like Nnoitra and since hes the kinda guy who charges head on then I would use it to kill him quickly. So the attack can be dodged but I only use it as a last resort when me and my opponent have desided to settle it with a single attack.

I thought the idea with a rmor instead of a sword would be cool so then the Purifiers armor was born. I thought of a strong angel like armor and then some abilities.
hace más de un año Ankakalle64 said…
This is a kinda cool zanpakuto from my brother.

Name: Yagi-za/Capricorn

Unreleased appearence: A thick katana and kinda edgy katana. The guard looks like a rectangle filled with strange symbols.

Shikai appearence: A large fantasy scimitar with engravings that look like the patterns on a ibex horns.

Shikai ability 1: my swords spiritm comes out and fights with me. The spirit has a usual ibex head, the hands are hooves that have splited into fingers. The legs are like a very bendable fish tail, but the finn in the end can strech out itself so it looks like a semicircle and betwen the bones its sharp. The zanpakuto is also female.

Shikai ability 2: The distance of my flash steps are increased.

Bankai appearence: two short, thick scimitars with the same engravings.

Bankai ability 1: I create a huge ibex made of rshi and it attacks my opponent.

Bankai abilty 2: My speed is increased by 200%.

Bankai ability 3: I gain control of nearby sand.

Thats it.

Ddarksonic675, could you review this sword?
hace más de un año Ankakalle64 said…
Ive had a new idea to so here it is. I anybody wants to review it then your´e welcome.

Name: Kami no karyūdo/Divine hunter
Unreleased appearence: A short katana. The guard is shaped like a crosshair and the handle is bright brown.

Shikai command:Ejiki/Prey

Shikai appearence: A massive double bladed war axe. On the non axe end of it is a handle large enough for two hands. The lower part ow the handle can be pulled out to reveal a link of chain. The chain can exstend for twent petetr maximum.
Shikai abilities
Hantā otakebi/Hunters war cry: The axe lets out a tremendous roar. The roar creates a soundwave that blows up dust between me and my opponent.

Dōbutsu no kaunta/Animal counter: If my opponent is attacking me then I create an illusion of my self so it looks like there is two of us.

Yasei no sutoraiki/Feral strike: This is an attack that increases the hitting power of my weapon. It doesn´t launch anything.

Bankai name: Kami no kita no karyūdo/Divine northen hunter
Bankai command:Subete o karu!/Hunt all!
Bankai appearence: A large longbow but with a few differences. The tow edges of the bow are katanas. I can in other words split the bow and suddenly have two katanas. The blades are edged like saw blades near the middle of the blade. The bow itself shots arrows of highly focused spirit energy.

Bankai abilities, My bankai doubles my speed and my two last shikai abilities power to.
Teichiami shotto/Trap net shot: I shoot a bit larger arrow than usual. The arrow then changes shape in mid air to a net ment to catch my opponent to the ground.
Kita no suterusu/Northern stealth: I become invisible for a while. This ability does however drain me of much reshi.
Saishū-tekina satsugai no yajirushi/Final slaying arrow: I charge up a enourmous arrow. It looks like a my normal arrows but at the edge where the feathers should be it looks like a rocket exhaust. This arrow is almost as powerful as Ulquiorras Lansa de relampago But is a lot faster. This is my most draining ability.

I thought it was a cool idea with a zanpakuto like this so i posted it. As I said in the beginning then your´e welcome to review it ddarksonic675.
hace más de un año Nevets said…
to answer darksonics questions:
question 1: what i mean by realesing energy is that the sword become stronger because the blood causes the sword to double its reshi output. this is just to make the sword and the weilder to become stronger over time

question 2: it is the same size as toshiros ice dragon in size but it can only go for 1 km before stopping. when it hits an opponent it just bites down on them, and if they block it just pushes them back. it moves about as fast as toshiros dragon. it only uses a small amount of reshi, just enough to form it(same as low level kido)and has about a 5 second cooldown, only one at a time can be shot out.

question 3:
the spikes are about 2 feet in diameter and go about 7 feet in the air. they shoot out almost instantanously. the individual spikes are about the same power as having a small knife thrown at you, and the travel at the same speed as a getsugatensho, they are the same size as a throwing knife.

question 4: the armor is very strong it can block most attacks except from people with much higher spirtual pressure. the wings just cancel out reshi based attacks such as kido. the tale is a decent size, it drags on the ground behind him about 2 meters. the chain on the sheild is quite long about 2km but is rarely used at max range. the shield cannot change its size.

question 5: the tendrils are about 14 feet long and grow over a short period of time, continuosly growing until they reach 14 feet. they are strong enogh to knock a person back but not strong enough to cause any real damage to the opponent. the tendrils can take enough damage to actually be useful as a defense but against a strong opponent they will be wiped out pretty fast. high level kido will destroy them instantly.

question 6: the dome forms very slowly but the person fighting usually incases him self within the dome while fighting the opponent(this means that the dome is forming around both of them) then at the last second jumps out so he is not caught in it as well. the dome crushes inward with about 1000 psi, the strength of the crushing depends on the amount of power he has left. the dome is very resistent to attack but a direct hit on the same spot from the inside and outside of the dome will destroy it very quickly.

last question: the cloud fully forms in about 2 min and starts raining almost imediatly afterwards. the cloud is rather low only a few hundred feet up the cloud covers about 1 mile of the surrounding area. the needles to hurt the user as well just not as much as they would to the opponent. the needles only do 50% damage to the user. the spikes do fall like real rain if there is wind then they fall on a slant if not then they fall straight. the rain also falls very fast. imagine the hardest rain fall you have ever encountered, so much that the water hurt when it hit and you could barely see 20 feet ahead of you, this is how hard it falls at the climax of the attack, because the rain increases in speed over time.

i hope this answers your questions and if not fully then ask somemore i dont mind. and thank you for the complement on the sword and the inner world it took me awhile to create it and get rid of all the flaws :).
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
Np Ankakalle64 Yagi-za

Shikai ability 1: Ok for this i had no idea what the heck you where talking about until i looked up capricorn on google and saw a goat fish thing i think thats what you mean. Ether way about how strong is this? With my zanpakutos that summon things i normaly base there strength on the users like 100% of there strength 60% of there speed and 50% of there reshi and so forth so that as the user gets stronger so will they. Or you could make a base power level for it but ether way you should say how strong this is. Also how can it be killed if it can, if it is can you call it back, and how do you control it.

Shikai ability 2: Nice ability but how far are they increased about like 30% 50% 200% you should say.

Bankai ability 1: With this is it like the last one from shikai's first ability and how big is it and like before how strong is it and how can it be killed if it can be but also how long does it last and how much reshi does it take?

Bankai ability 2: No Questions about this one :)

Bankai ability 3: How well can you control the sand how fast can you move it how much can you move at once how far can it be for you to control it and does this take any reshi?

Ankaklle64 Kami no Karyudo

Shikai With this chain part retract it's self or do you have to pull it and if it can then how fast?

Shikai ability 1: With this roar does the roar do anything other then the dust? Also about how strong is the roar and does this use reshi? Lastly does it have any sort of cool down?

Shikai ability 2: With this illusion how does it work does it copy all of your moves does it do what you tell it does it just stand there or what? Also if someone hits it do they just go through it or destroy it? Also does it have any sort of cool down

Shikai ability 3: Nice simple ability here but does it use any reshi and how much does it increase the hitting power. Also is it a toggle like ability or an attack? If it is a toggle does it keep useing reshi as ou have it on and if it's an attack does it have a cool down?

Bankai With bankai i like really like it but how fast can you shoot arrows and how strong are they? Also does it work like uryuu's first bow?

Bankai ability 1: Cool ability but how big is the ability and does it pin it's self to the ground with the opponent under it and if so how hard? How hard is it to cut and how much reshi does this use lastly does it have a cooldwon or max number of arrows?

Bankai ability 2: With this how much reshi for example how long could ichigo stay invisable?

Bankai ability 3: Well with this attack how much reshi does it use? Also if you had enough reshi could you keep shooting them out back to back or is there a limiting factor like a cooldown or something?

Both of these are cool so keep up the good work :)
hace más de un año Ankakalle64 said…
Yagi-za anaswers
Answer 1: It has a free will and doesn´t need me controlling it since were friends. Me and the spirit are equal in strength. You can´t really kill it but if you give it a fatal wound then it will dissapear. It can come back when it feels like it.

Answer 2: The distance increases by two thirds.

Answer 3: The reshi required dependes on how powerful you want it to be. And no it´s not like the first shikai ability, I create a ibex made out of reshi when in shikai it materialises. And no it can´t be killed since it´s not a living thing.

Answer 4: It takes reshi proportional to the amount of sand. I can crontrol sand that is up to 500 meters so I prefer hanging out in a desert. I can control it very well but is cant move it very fast unless i use a lot of reshi.

Kami no Karyudo answers

Shikai: I have to pull the chain but it can retract itself and it retracts itself very fast.
Shikai 1: Yes it has a cooldown of about 2 minutes. And you obviously hurt your ears besides the dust. It uses a little reshi and its about two thirds of grimmjowws scream when he fights ichigo.
Sikai 2: To the opponent it will look like there is suddenly two of me who dodges him and then one of us attack him while the other runs away for example. The point of this ability is to lure the opponent into a trap.
Shikai 3: Its an attack that i can use three times in quick succesion the I have to wait for half a minute. This attack doubles my hitting power which is already quite large, after all, a massive double bladed war axe comming at you very fast can pack quite the punch.

Bankai: No it doesn´t look like uryuu´s first bow but the arrows are twice as strong. It looks like two katanas put together at the hilt. I can shoot a arrow at any speed I want, all I have to do is to pull my arm back and I create a arrow. So the speed depends on how much stamina i have.
Bankai 1: Its a net ment to pin my opponent to the gruond but it can be cut but not by just a blade unless a captain is the wielder. It pins my opponent to the ground for about ten minutes, then the reshi gets dense and becomes like an getsuga tenshou explosion.
Bankai 2: Ichigo could stay invisible for perhaps anhour max.
Bankai 3: It uses up a fifth of my reshi supply, and yes I can fire them again because there isn´t any cooldown. The thing is that I don´t like to much collateral damage so I prefer not to use it.
hace más de un año yohyohzilla said…
my zanpaktou

name:Akuma no tenshi (demonic angel)

release command:Akuma gētoōpun (Demon gate open)

bankai Doraiba ga mezame korosu (kill driver awaken)

zanpaktou ability: user sprouts demon angel wings and the sword can now send energy blast through the tip of the can also move at incredible speeds and cut through anything.

my apperance:well i would look the same as i do in reality just as a shinigami with an afro.I would be able to hollowfy.
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
So, after a long time i came with an idea. I really wanted to do something related to snowflakes and ice, and also wanted to make a long range zan, so this is the outcome. I know its not the most original but i completely ran out of original ideas.

Shinigami: Ice Mizukami

Name: MannnennYuki (Eternal Snow)

Shikai: Kooru! MannnennYuki !(Freeze! Eternal Snow!)
In shikai, his sword shatters and dissapears, making a bow made out of ice. He can shoot unlimmited arrows of ice from the air arround him.

He has a few techniques:
1) Yuki no Kesshou (Snow Crystal): When he activates this, he shoots a snowball at the enemy.
Where the snow ball hits a sort of ice crystal is created, trapping the enemy in it (If he was hit).
2) Botann Yuki (Large Snow Flake): His bow grows huge, and turns into the shape of a snowflake
THe area in the shape of the snowflake is pure white ice, and between the lines of that shape fills a circle made of see through ice.
Just uses it to defend himself.

Bankai: MannnennYuki, wa Hime no Yakan (Eternal Snow, Princess of the Night):
When he enters bankai, his robes turn pure white and become shorter. Also, It immidiatly starts snowing, and the sky is full of clouds.
In bankai, He is immune to any sort of water attack.
Also, The snowflakes that snow down from the sky descrease the speed of anyone touching them. The more snow the enemy touchs, the slower he is.
In bankai, his bow also turns into the shape of a snowflake bow. He can shoot much faster, and can shoot up to 8 arrows at once.

He has a few techniques:
1) Shimobashira (Ice Needles): When activated, the arrows he shoots break midflight to create a barrage of small ice needles.
2) Koori no Kenshin (Ice Incarnation): When activated, ice gathers around him, and sticks to him, creating a sort of ice armor, with spikes all around.
This form enables him to fight close range and unpredictabley, becuase mid attack he can form the ice armor into another shape to attack.
3) Koori Yumi no Hachi Tetsuya (Ice Bow of the 8 Sleepless Nights): This is his final attack, aviable only when using his ice armor form.
When he uses it, all the ice in the area forms a sort of snowflake with a circle shaped bow. Then, he releases one mighty ice arrow.
That arrow moves ultra fast, and when it peirces something, it freezes it completely in unmeltable unbreakable ice.
Even if the arrow just passes by the enemy in a 1 meter distance it will freeze him with weak, meltable breakable ice.
After he shoots, he faints, and ice coveres him completley till he wakes up.
4) Koori Heiya no Huu (Ice Plain Storm): This special technique allows him to fight very unexpextabley: He shoots an ice arrow.
When it hits, the area is frozen, like his other arrows. The special thing is, if an arrow hits ice, it dissapears into it, and reappears from ice somewhere else.
Thus, if there are for example 2 circles of ice, not touching each other, if he shoots an arrow into the first it will fly out of the second.
He choses from where it reappears. It can also reappear from the same ice it entered only from a different direction and place on the ice.
hace más de un año denden135 said…
Release and Name:群れ。オオカバマダラ (Mure. Ookabamadara Which means Flock, Monarch Butterfly)

Appearance: A shorter version of a katana similar to Gin's zanbaktou. Earth brown hilt with a dark brown sheath. After release, the katana vaporizes into 6 monarch butterflies that flutter around the user.

Shikai abilities:
Split Number. Each butterfly can independently attack opponents with light wind attacks that won't do much harm. Mostly used as distractions for escapes and etc. While doing so, the shinigami can cast kido and hado freely.

Butterfly Cluster. Concentrated blast of pressurized air gathering the energies of more than one butterfly into an attack.

Bankai name:蝶の悩みの種 Chō no nayami no tane (bane of the butterfly)

Appearance: Butterfly take on six different colors. Black, white, blue, green, red and yellow. The butterflies grow bigger, their wings become un-proportionately bigger than the body and they become more detailed. Shinigami gains two silver bangles with elaborate designs of six butterflies on each one.

Bankai abilities:

Each butterfly gain abilities and elements of its own. Black for death, White for light, Blue for aqua, Green for gaia, Red for ember and Yellow for spark. Each of them now have the killing force of 6 butterfly cluster in every attack.

Force Channeling. Shinigami can channel spiritual energy through the bangles and into the butterflies. As a result, the shinigami can cast kiddo through the butterflies.

Messiah Six. Butterflies revolve in circles around the shinigami quickly until they become pure energy. The energy than gets absorb into the bangles. The energy stored can be released in one breath into a beam which is thirty six times stronger than a cero from a normal arrancar.

Zanbaktou sprits: Six women who dance in different styles. Kuro dances Jazz, Shiro dances Ballet, Ao dances contemporary, Midori dances Senju, Aka dances Ballroom and Kiiro dances Break.

My zanbaktou risks the shinigami's life as he is not well protected by the low defense. The shinigami have to use mind over muscle in order to overcome strong foes. The clever use of channeling kido through mobile points through out the battle field gives the shinigami an advantage over the opponent.
hace más de un año narutofreak2011 said…
Bleach character: Kurosaki Nobutada (Older brother of Isshin, Uncle of Ichigo). He has two zanpakuto’s that combine to form his Banki Both of these zanpakuto’s are the strongest lightning/thunder based zanpakuto’s. Kurosaki Nobutada was one of the very first visards and has a dragon-like hollow mask.

1st zanpakuto's name/shikai name= Ryugetsu or “Dragon’s Moon”
Release command= “Illuminate the weeping sky…Ryugetsu!”
Description – This weapon is like a standard katana, however the hilt of the weapon is the head of the dragon with the blade coming from the mouth. The blade itself has two engraved dragons spiraling around each other to the tip of the blade.
Shikai abilities – Ryu no Shisen (Dragon’s Gaze). This move emits a bright, blinding light from the blade, obviously blinding the enemy, while projecting electric currents through the sword to pierce the enemy. Also Getsuga Tensho

2nd zanpakuto’s name/shikai name= Kaminarigetsu or “Thunder Moon”
Release command: *before release* “You have forced me to use an ability that sheds dishonor on Bushido…but it must be done.” *release command* “With thy brother, strike the pain…Kaminarigetsu”
Description: This awakening transforms both swords into arm-length metal claws and tale, making Nobutada’s appearance more dragon-like. The claws and tail produce lightning, so when hit in close combat, the enemy will get shocked. Also, in this form, a purple dragon tattoo will be shown on Kurosaki’s left eye.
Shikai abilities= Ryu no Todoroki or “Dragon’s Roar”. This move is a long range attack that combines a thunder shockwave with lighting projectiles (think of Sasuke’s chidori meeting 4-tailed naruto’s roar). Also Getsuga Tensho

Bankai name= Ryugetsu Kama or “Dragon’s Moon Scythe”
*After releasing Bankai* “Devour the darkness of souls….Ryugetsu Kama!”
Description: This weapon is a double-edged scythe. Both ends have dragon heads with a blade protruding out of its mouth. There is a cross-type handle in the middle, making the weapon easier for turning. The physical characteristics of Nobutada also change. While keeping his dragon-like armor, he now has fangs, two dragon tattoo’s over his eyes, and red eyes.
Bankai Abilities=Tsuki no Kaminari ryū no odori or “Thunder Dragon’s Moon Dance”. This move uses the scythe to stab the ground and act as a “satellite” in a sense, to help generate and call forth lightning. Meanwhile, Nobutada produce a sword of thunder and points it at the enemy. He says, “Gochisō” or “Feast” and gigantic thunder dragon begins to descend from the sky. Nobutada then charges the enemy with the dragon at his side and as he comes in contact with his enemy, the reiatsu from the dragon disintegrates the enemy.

last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Ok, I came up with this while hearing Joe Inoue's song "Closer",
A big shout out to him by the way, great artist, one man band.
Here it is:

Shinigami: Gottsu Inoue (Inoue-Kun)

Name: "The Closer"

Shikai: "The Closer you get to something":
In shikai, the sword's gets a bit longer and striaghter. The guard dissappears, so it looks like a much thinner version of ichigos shikai.
Its ability is: The closer the enemy is to him, the stronger and faster he is, adn the sharper his blade is.
Thats why, for example, if he fights a long range enemy he is very weak against him, becuase he is weaker the further away his enemy is.
His Zero point, that is the point of his original powers is 30 meters away from him. If the enemy is 35 meters away, he is weaker than normal,
and if the enemy is 10 meters away from him, he is much stronger than original.
He Ultimate attack in shikai is: "Zero, Bringer of the End": THis only activates if he is practically touching his enemy.
If so, he gets a power boost for the next 5 seconds, his speed is incredible and he doesnt loose power from distance.

Bankai: "The Closer You are To Something, The harder it is to see it":
When he activates bankai, there is a shimmer in the air, and his robe becomaes a short fighting robe, with tones of bandages on his hands and legs and such.
In bankai, his shikai ability is kept, and imporved: Now the distance of him loosing power is bigger, 42 meters.
Also, his main ability is: The closer the enemy is to him, the harder it is to feel him: Its harder to smell. see, hear him.
When the enemy is 5 meters away from him, he becomes completley invisible, unsmellable, unhearable.

hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
Since i have not posted a blade in forever and i am bored waiting for various games to update and videos to buffer i guess ill toss a blade up here. Before i get into it I am going to throw out there that this is a rough draft and i have yet to decided on any specific names for any of the abilities or blades so having said that if anybody happens to have epic names for these abilities feel free to toss them out there.

Appearence: Before released the blade looks like an average katana with a black scabbard and a grey cloth wrapped on the handle. In shikai the tip of the blade to the base of the handle is a ashen grey like color. The blade does not reflect or shine like metal and the cross guard is a cloud like shape. In bankai the blade looks the same only the back of the blade cross guard and handle seem to be smokey as it is emitting a small amount of smoke constantly.

Shikai Name: Smokey

Release command: Poof

Shikai ability: Whenever the blade cuts any object it constantly releases a thick smoke that is unaffected by wind or other such methods to move it. The smoke appears to always be rising up from the cut the blade makes. The smoke is thick enough to make vision through it impossible. If surrounded by smoke the range of vision is limited to 1 foot from ones eyes. The smoke also is composed of the users spiritual energy making it so when sensing spiritual energy its impossible to tell the difference from the smoke and the user. The smoke lasts as long as the blade is released. If used in an open space it raises up 100 feet then disperses like normal smoke. If in a confined space with a upper limit lower than 100 feet the smoke stops at the barrier and disperses evenly in all directions until it fills the entire enclosed area. The cut produces 20 cubic feet of smoke every second.

Bankai: Super Smoke (Or some other better name that idc about)

Bankai ability one: This ability works the same as the shikai ability only with the added effect of constantly releasing smoke from the users body and blade at a half the rate of the speed of the smoke being released from the cuts. Finally the user has the ability to sense any object or person who is in contact with the smoke but only the produces smoke not the cut producing it. (meaning if someone is cut on the shoulder and they cannot be sensed by the user of the smoke blade but if they are to place their hand over the cut into the path of the smoke they will be able to be sensed. Also due to some cut locations it is unavoidable to be in contact with the smoke)

Bankai ability two: The user has the ability to teleport them selves through smoke instantly. Also they can teleport someone else in the same fashion. There are some conditions that must be met before teleporting though. First the area where the person is being teleported to must be filled with roughly the same amount of smoke as the person teleporting two it. so if the person 5 feet tall 2 feet wide then the smoke area that he is jumping to must be roughly the same size a few inch variance inst a big deal but it cant be as big of a difference as having a 300lb 6foot 2 guy jump to a small stream of smoke like one coming from a cigarette. The next condition is there must be a trail of smoke between the two points. The trail can be any size or thickness as long as it connects point A and point B. The final condition is The user must be in contact with the Smoke Trail. In the case of teleporting an opponent through the smoke The user must either make contact with the opponent and meet the other conditions as well (so there is a trail of smoke and the end destination fits the opponent and while making contact he user is also touching the trail of smoke to the destination) or the user can project a smoke trail up to 10 feet to the opponent and meet the conditions necessary to teleport their opponent. Anybody who teleports leaves a cloud of smoke behind that is unaffected by any dispersion methods when they teleport. The cloud left behind is roughly the size of what is teleported. The wielder of the blade cannot have any part of him or his blade within 1 foot of any opponent after teleporting. Also Momentum is not carried through the teleporting.

Bankai ability 3: The user can change the density of any smoke he is in contact with between that of any average smoke and to that of concrete. The change is as fast as the smoke is produced (20 cubic feet every second) It can change any smoke in contact with the user.The change in density doesn't effect the weight of the smoke. Also the user can project blasts of smoke up to 100 feet at a speed of 20 feet a second. The smoke clouds projected are 1 foot in diameter. The smoke projected can be any density the moment they are made. Also the projections of smoke are unaffected by dispersion methods such as wind which after repeated use can cause lots of random tubes of smoke all over the battle field. If the blast of smoke strikes anything solid it disperses to cover 5 foot diameter sphere area of smoke. The change in density effects the wielder of the blade as well.
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hace más de un año Ryuuikari said…
I made another one, woop woop ! It's quite similar to Ruri'iro Kujaku and Sōgyo no Kotowari.

Sealed appearance: Looks like a katana, with its tip ending in a slanted razor-like edge instead of being tapered to a point; it has a cross-guard, a sky blue hilt and a blue sheathe.

Shikai name: Bekuta (Vector), it is released by the command "Alter" (Henkō).
Shikai appearance: It has no proper hilt, just a tang covered by a soft, black substance. The guard changes to a ‘V’ shape, the point facing forwards. It has three-inch long, pick-like protrusions along the back and front of the blade; two on each side. The tip of the blade changes to become a cross between the blade of a pickaxe and the blade of a battle-axe, the front coming to a tip and the back end curving outwards. The top is blade-edged. Along the length of the blade is a gauge.

Shikai ability: Bekuta has the ability to absorb energy attacks and redirect the energy to augment the wielder’s physiology (speed, strength etc.) or the zanpakutō’s techniques. When Bekuta absorbs energy the gauge fills up with a blue light. Stronger energy attacks fill up the gauge faster. When Bekuta’s gauge is full, the light turns red and it cannot absorb any more energy attacks (otherwise it would explode). The gauge empties when the absorbed energy is used (in a technique or to augment the wielder’s physiology).

Shikai special attack: Bekuta Nami (Vector Wave)
It can be used in both shikai and bankai but only when the gauge is completely full. It is an energy attack that can be performed in two different ways. The first way is Bekuta Nami: Enko (Vector Wave Arc); it releases all of Bekuta’s absorbed energy in slashing motion, creating a crescent-shaped energy wave. The second way is Bekuta Nami: Sōfū (Vector Wave Blast); releases all of Bekuta’s absorbed energy in a more concentrated blast. After using any variation of this technique the gauge empties fully.

Bankai name: Dōtekusari Bekuta (Kinetic Chain Vector)
Bankai appearance: The blade retains its shikai form but the wielder now wears a sleeveless Shihakushō, and a metal band around each wrist. There are four metal chains that are connected to the wrist bands; each of these chains end in a fanged, mouth-like appendage. These fanged chains are called 'Hirusari' (Leech Chains) and are surprisingly strong; if severed they regenerate quickly.

Bankai ability: Dōtekusari Bekuta has the same ability as in shikai, but it can now drain spiritual energy from beings as well. The Hirusari can be used offensively like a whip or can be used to bind, strangle or wrap an opponent. When energy attacks are absorbed and contained they automatically augment the wielder’s physiology making them physically stronger and faster the more the gauge fills; however the gauge will not empty unless Bekuta Nami is used.

Bankai special ability: Hirusari Dorein (Leech Chain Drain)
Some or all of the Hirusari move to grapple and ensnare an opponent. Once the opponent is sufficiently subdued the Hirusari bite and then drain the opponent’s reiatsu. The drained reiatsu both revitalizes the wielder and helps to fill the gauge.
An extension to this technique is 'Shi no Doren' (Death Drain); when this is used all the Hirusari ensnare the opponent and drain the opponent's reiatsu until either the gauge fills completely OR the opponent's reiatsu is drained completely.
This technique can be deadly but it leaves the wielder immobilized when using it.
hace más de un año alex_10rox said…
Hmm I was reading some of these and I was like 'you know what, I'm gonna make a zanpakuto' so here's mine. (Enjoy. I'm thinking of using this in a story....)

Name-shizuka na goumon (silent torture)
The base colour of the hilt is black but there is a design on it in blood red making it look like blood. The sheath is white but gives off a feeling that can make the people around it feel depressed, but the wielder can control it if they concentrate.

Release- Rip Shizuka na Goumon
The users hands extend becoming long claws made for tearing things apart. (If you know what Left 4 Dead is then sorta picture a witches hands) The katana disappears.

Bankai Name- kutsuu na goumon (painful torture)
The claws grow, and the weilder takes on a demonic look; the eyes turn a shining red, the teenth beccome sharp fangs, the tongue becomes long and the weilder (no matter how calm and mellow beforehand) seems to become filled with bloddlust. (Take Unohana and Zaraki. You have Unohana's NICE AND SWEET side, activate bankai, you become like Zaraki.)

Ability 1: doku sareta goumon- the claws fill with poison hence the name poisoned torture, it isnt a fatal poison but instead fills the perso with intense pain. Even a small scratch can inject it but the bigger the wound the more poison is introduced. As long as the bankai is active and the weilder wants it to, the posion will remain in the body.
Ability 2)chiryou no goumon(healing torture) For this move the claws disappear being relplaced by the katana, the hilt is the same but the blade is red and black, when the red parts are touched, it turns to blood on whatever touched it. This move is rather... uhh bloodlusty. The user can LICK the enemy's blood off the blade and it gives the wielder power, partially heals wounds things like that.
Ability 3)saishuuteki na goumon(final torture)- This ability is made to kill the enemy in one hit, it can only be used once in each bankai activation and is a last resort. Depending on how weak the weilder is, this attack may deactivate the bankai.
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Im thinking of creating a new series of connected zanpakutos, that will belong to an Enemy group. The special thing about this group is that they understand the true connection of shinigami and zanpakuto, and as such they all have a special mode activated in bankai where they stab themselves with their swords, combining and becoming one, kinda like ichigos final getsuga tensho only stronger and not one time only.
If anybody wants, pleaze post your idea for one of the group, hell if the suggestions are good and people would want it, they would be great enemys in a rp bleach forum.
I will post the first one soon.
Also, any suggestions for names for the group would be nice.
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hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
So yeah, Heres the first. Ive got no understanding in chemistry so i didnt really give examples to his powers, but i hope that you guys can understand pretty much what i wanted to create.

Shinigami: Bunseki Youso

Name: Kagakushiki ( Chemical Formula )

Sealed State: A long blade, A guard shaped like 2 big circles colliding with a small circle in the center. Black Handle.

Shikai: Houshasuru! Kagakushiki! (Radiate! Chemical Formula! )
When he enters shikai, the sword stays the same, instead of one small thing: On the blade, there are written all the matalic elements from the
Table of Elements.
His Shikai Ability is simple: He can change the blade's chemical structure to be made of one of those elements, just by saying its name.
This may seem harmless at first, but with proper use, he can make good use of the different metals and their reactions to other chemical substances.
For example, with good use, he can make his blade made out of fire just by using the right metal with the right surroundings.

Bankai: Hukugouno Kagakushiki ( Complex Chemical Formula ):
In bankai, his whole robe is covered in symbols each representing a different element of the periodic table of elements.
When in bankai, he gains the ability not only to use all the elements of the table of elements, but to use them in new ways:
He can now make it so that not only his blade, but his robes also can become different elements. THis doesnt mean he must have them both the same element:
He can make his blade an iron blade while his robes are made of silver. Also, as he controls the chemical structure of his robes,
turning them into iron doesnt slow down his movments, and the robes move the same, but are made of a different material.
Also, to top it all, he can turn the air near his palm into a specified element, thus helping him have better adn quicker chemical reactions with his blade/robes.
He knows his stuff well. He has a few favorited modes:
1) Oranium Blade: He turns his blade into Oranium. It emits a killing aura that weakens anybodys spirit that is close enough to it.
If he cuts someone with this blade, they are drained of alot of power and thier reitsu weakens.
2) Hydrogen Blast: With this, he makes his blade out of Oxygen, then, creates Hydrogen with his hand, and combines them, to create a blast of water.
He has infinite possibilitys of attacks and combinations, and thats what makes him such a frightfull opponent.

His Special Mode: He makes his blade into Iron, And stabs himself. The blade dissapears. Now, in this mode, The letters that were on his robes and blade
are now in the air around him, floating made out of purple-cyan lights. In this mode, he can create and combine basic elements from the periodic table
to create almost everything. He can instantly cover himself in plutonium reinforced steel, making an hard to penerate armor.
hace más de un año phantom987 said…

[ pa-puru harpie (purple harpie)shikai name]
[shotou pa-puru harpie] - early winter purple harpie
16 inch purple blade 4 inch purple and light blue handle guard is a aset of wings that for aa ying yang shape

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

yokan hitofuki :lingering winter gust a large gust of wind stars from guard and blasts off it freezes any thing it touch

rittou mure:beginning of winter flock clone of blade made of ice appear from sourcewhen ice blade touches item (mostly enemy)it ice spreads across body freezes them

[bankai abilities]

tou rittou mure:be frozen over beginning of winter flock: clone of me made of ice appear from sourcewhen ice blade cuts iteam (mostly enemy)it ice spreads across body freezes them

kontou senkyoku: last winter chosen song:last resort blade shatters and reles a sonic wave anything anything that comes in with the pulse that's not holding the handle freezes

okan hitofuki :lingering winter gust a large gust of wind stars from guard and blasts off it freezes any thing it touch

when in bankia a scarf mad of puple feathers i around my neck i wear a long black tight shirt and black med baggy long pants i wear purpie harpie claw gloves

thnxx for reading this ummm im a dude and my soul reaper name will be nikorasu fantomu nicholas phantom i will post pic latter when drw it

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)
hace más de un año Legend_legacy54 said…
i can't think for a name of my zanpaktou but i'll think of one mine is an ordinary zanpacktou but in it's shikai it's shape looks like it's not release. The blade also looks like it's been painted by an expert artist because there's a dragon in the middle the body it orange the eyes is yellow and the inside of its mouth is black in its release i say "bring forth the wrath of the gods!________" because it's power is beyond a god! also its shikai powers is to summon all the power of the future and past heroes and villians it cannot active if it's the hand of evil and or wicked purposes also the 2 power of the shikai state is to summon an energy so enormous that a god even inf. miles would die even if my charecter din't summon that and din't use its power not even a tiny bit 1 step a god dies the energy it gets is like a spirit bomb but it's different itabsorbs the energy and kills the enemy with one attack but what if it dosen't then it dosen't only 2 powers of my shikai. the bankai transformation just only transforms the sword into a dragon sword shape not like hihiho zabimaru when you see it it's size is an ordinary sword but it has a body of a dragon and it has 4 stges but i only thought of 1 it's liek scatter senbonzakura but it's the walls of heaven it scatters and its image is like light itself but it wont blind you like the sun it just looks like a literally a picture of light but i can control it with my bare hands 3 stages remaining to think of thats it