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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
ddarksonic, i loved your wood\seed one, only bad thing to say is: Its a bit overpowered. Even shikai has to many abilities and many are very strong. Maybe a bit less overpowered shikai? exp for that every things superb
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
ok here is a new zanpakuto! hope you like it!

Shinigami: Ken Ichirame
A yound boy by the age of 17. Has shoulder length spiky gray hair and gold eyes.
Ken is usually very happy and enjoys battleing alot. He always travles, and hates being in one place for to long.
His favorites food is all kinds of fish, which he prefers raw but eats them cooked when with others.
He is usually seen with a fish sticking out of 0his mouth.
He will never give up on something. He likes ancient stuff, and is seen hanging around old ruins alot, exploring them.

Name: Kinzokusei Hourousha (Metallic Vagabond)

Zanpakutou Spirit: A huge sparrow made of metallic spikes. Has electric blue eyes.
Even though he looks very intimidating at first glance, Kin( Kinzokusei Hourousha ) is actually quite playfull and nice.

Sealed State: A very plain looking katana, normal length. The guard is in the shape of a spiral of small sticks. The handle is silver grayish.

Shikai: Hibana! Kinzokusei Hourousha (Spark! Metallic Vagabond)
In shikai, ken gets a claw like glove on one hand, while retaining the sword on the other.
He hase several abilities:
1) Metallic Fusion: Ken is able to combine metallic substances with other metallic substances (such as his sword).
Combining the metals allows him not only to change the shape of the metal in the proccess,
but to change its chemical and physical attributes, such as heat ressistance or sharpness.
2) Metallic Sparks: When kens sword clashs against another metal, it emits sparks, like any other sword.
The special part is that kens sparks can become metal "seeds", made of the same substance as the metal he clashed against.
These "seeds" then grow quickly into metal spikes and other shapes. this happens 1 second after they appear.

Bankai: Suzume Kinzokusei Hourousha ( Metallic Vagabond Sparrow)
In bankai, Ken gains several new abilities:
1) Shoukansuru (Summon) Kin: Kens sword dissappears and instead Kin, his zanpakuto spirit, appears. Kin can shoot long metal spikes out of his body.
2) KINKEN: This abilities is only avaible after the ShoukansuruKin ability is active. Kin flys toward ken and envelopes him in his wings.
THen Kin starts becoming smaller, until finally Ken is shown to be "wearing" Kin:
The wings become shoulder pads, his hair is covered in metal spikes and his eyes turn electric blue.
This form is very risky: by combining himself with his zanpakuto, he risks losing his tie with Kin, meaning there is a chance of him becoming powerless.
THis form grants him enormus boosts in his physical traits such as speed and strength, and also his abilities improve: Combining metal gives him
better effects, he is able to shapeshift it more and his sparks simply appear at will.
Also, he is able to extract metal from the air, making him twice as deadly.
3) Saigono Tsume (Final Talon): This is his most risky abilitie, and his finishing move. Ken focuses all of kin into the shape of his shikai claw.
This talon holds all of his reitsu, plus the compressed metal from all the area around him. THen, with supersonic speed he moves to punch his enemy.
When the attack hits, all the area explodes into a mass of metal spikes, meaning that even at he occasion of the attack itself not killing with its turmendous force,
the enemy will still most likly be caged in the mass of metal. After 3 minutes have passed, the metal will slowly begin to melt and will
create a compressed metal orb in the center, holding what was hit by the attack.
The reason why this attack is so risky is because when hit, to prevent the loss of his connection to KIN, Ken must draw back some of the reitsu of the attack when it hits.
In other words, he must take in some of the damage the attack does.
This attack is a final stand, because either it leaves him powerless or unconscious
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
ichigosuke ty for the compliment. But the plants grow from the seeds and are part of the first ability so really it only has 3. As far as op goes i made it offensively strong becuase the plants are natrually weak to fire so any fire based attacks can most of the zanpakuto worthless so hinamori's skikai could take out this ones bankai. Once again ty for the complement i love feed back on my zanpakutos
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
Please review this if you can for me :)

Kogamo waivuxa_n ( teal wyvern )

Release command: doroppu aenaisaigo harubaru ( drop tragic death from afar )

When this is released it takes the form of a a staff looks like the pick but the top is teal. This staff has the ability to cast any kido , or reshi based attack, the user can use instantly. This effect however only applies to 1 ability if the user wants to use another one they have to change it witch takes 10 seconds. Using the staff to send out attacks the reshi cost goes up by 5% for everyone cast within 3 seconds of the last this stacks up to 50% extra reshi after 3 seconds have past the cost rests to normal. If any one touches the staff other then the user they lose reshi equal to the reshi amount of reshi for the attack the staff can currently cast every 3 seconds. This reshi is stored if the staff and is used for the attacks until it runs out. The user also has a pair of wings that look like the pics wings but are in portion to the users size. these allow them to fly a 150% of there normal speed but take away the ability to use flash steps. if the user wants they can remove them and they turn into reshi a fade away instantly but they take a level 50 kido amount of reshi to grow back and that take 1 minute.

Reshi Bo_Biki ( reshi cancellation ) This attack shoots out from the staffs tip, moves at half kido speed, is a circle 25 feet in diameter, is 1 foot thick and is a teal. This attack cancels out reshi that touches it but only as much as was put into the attack if it hits someone then they lose as much reshi as put into the attack after this attack cancels an equal amount of reshi out it fades away or if it goes half a mile it fades away.

Anchi reshi Zo_n ( anti reshi zone ) This attack is a teal colored sphere that forms around the staff it is between 10 and 25 feet in diameter, users choice and cost the same amount of reshi each time, and stays at the spot it was made. When a attack or person goes through the sphere it has reshi absorbed out of it equal to the amount of reshi the zone has. If it has less reshi then it is just absorbed completly if it is a person they just run out of reshi. All reshi the zone takes is given to the user after the ability ends, 30 seconds. This only effects attacks and people coming from the outside and only has as much reshi as half of what the user put in.

Ko_daimuhen Tekunikki ( Infinite Technique ) This takes 1 percent of the users reshi , based on the total the user had when this was activated, every 5 seconds. When this is active any projectil attack that hits the staff or the user 3 times is learned by the user allowing them to use it. After a attack is learned the user loses 25% of there current reshi. This ability remains active until the user enters bankai or leaves shikai.

Bankai Tekketsu Waivuxa_n ( blood and iron wyvern ) The staff looks the same but looks red at the top. In bankai all shikai abilities are kept but the user has 2 attacks insted of one at a time to chose from without needing to change.

Chi Morutaru ( blood motar ) This effects any attack the staff shoots. When used the attack stops for 3 seconds then 10 of that attack are shot out of it in the direction the user wants in a shotgun like fasion. This takes 3 times as much reshi as the attack and can only be used every 20 seconds

Kusari Bakuhatsu ( Chain Detonation ) This attack shoots out a chain that is red and made of reshi it moves at 2 time kido speed and is 20 feet long. This attack wraps around the person the user points at when they use it. it is as hard as steel and if it wraps around them it drains reshi out of them equal to the reshi used in the attack at about 10 percent a second. After it takes it's full amount it explodes with about 1 granade worth of force for about a level 20 kido amount of reshi and grows more powerful with more reshi by the same amount, 40 level 20 kidos worth of reshi 40 times as strong,.

Reddo Megashira Kuroi wyvren ( Red eyes black wyvern ) The user summons the zanpakuto spirt that looks like the pic, red eyes black wyvern form Yu-Gi-Oh, this has stats based on the users 100% strength 220% speed and 800% reshi and it's skin is as hard as steel. This wyvern has the ability to cast out the attacks in the staff with the same limitations as the staff , the reshi cost stacking, from it's mouth. Both the wyvern and the user have the ability to use Dando_dan Danmaku ( Missle, ballistic, Barrage ). This attack shoots out balls of reshi 2 inches in diameter from the wings, the user must have wings out, that form into reshi missles about 1 foot long and 3 inches thick that are as fast as kido that explode with the same force as ulquiorra's bala.This shoots out 30 of these and can all be targeted to diffent things or people. These seek the target until they hit something. This can only be used once every 30 seconds,takes 5 seconds to charge and uses a level 20 kido worth of reshi for every missile.

P.S sorry for the pic size :(
 Please review this if tu can for me :) Kogamo waivuxa_n ( verde azulado, trullo, teal wyvern ) Release command: dorop
hace más de un año alakir said…
Here is my zanpakuto i hope you like it because i wrote it in the past 2 hours

Shinigami-Gekido Fuyuhiyari


Release command-Kuroku Narimasu

In its regullar state Ookami resembles a long katana with a black hilt. In the middle of the blade there are numbers, for each soul that has been killed by this blade a number has been put on the sword.

Shikai-When in shikai the whole blade turns black and the markings become red and start to glow.

Shooshi Shimasu- When this abbility is activated your spiritual pressure starts to harden around the lenght of the blade after a few seconds the spiritual pressure is shot in a straight line against the enemy.

Dorei Shimasu- If there is some of the enemyes blood on your sword it will instantly sink deep within the katana then if the opponent slashes you you will be safe and the damage will be inflicted upon him.This attack can be used only once in 2 days.

Uragiru- Your zanpakuto clones itself and you recive a second Ookami.Bought off your swords are equally hard and powerfull. When they devide however each drop of blood that is yors and is not in your body will turn into darkness which you can manipulate.Every type of water that this darkness touches will merge in it making it more powerful.Every time that the darkness surrounds your enemy it will turn into hundreds of Ookami.However if the enemy isnt defeated by this attack all Ookami excluding the once that touch your flesh will turn to blood and will no longer be of use to you.

Bankai-Akuma Ookami
When your bankai is activated your zanpakuto will dissapear and all of your skinn will darken when it does red energy will start appearing and this mergere of darkness and red energy will be your skin.You will also receive two black wings wich are made of black steal which is actualy Ookami. Instead of your normall sword you will be able to make black swords out of youre spirit pressure.

Akuma Muritsugo- When you activate this the sun will be eclypsed by a giant cloud of darkness. This cloud will replace the sky as far as the eye can see. From it you can manipulate darkness and create shadow cretures which will fight for you. The more darkness you use to make them the stronger you will make them. The only way to stop Akuma Muritsugo is for you to be defeated or if you simply want it to stop.

Kuzushimasu- When Kuzushimasu is activated you and Akuma Muritsugo will merge and youre power will be increased 10 times. However you wont be able to separate until the battle is over.If Kuzushimasu is broken you wont be able to eclypse the sun anymore.

Saigotsumi-When this is activated you and youre opponent will loose half of youre spiritual pressure.That power will merge and a giant shadow dragon will appear at youre command however if you dont have enough strenght to controll it it will turn on you and possibly kill you.

Thats my perfect shinigami hope you like it.

hace más de un año Silverwolf41 said…
Taiyoo Tora

Zanpakuto/shikai:Taiyoo Tora(Sun Tiger)

release [Takakau(fight to the death)]

shikai descripion:
Taiyoo Tora looks like a huge sword in shikai form with a long chain coming from the hilt.the handle guard looks like a sun.

shikai ailities:Taiyoo Motsu-(sun hold).what it does is hold your opponent in place . How i uses it,is that I'll kill the person in Taiyoo Motsu.
Taiyoo Tora only has one shikai ability.

Banki:Hibana Taiyoo Tora-(Spark Sun Tiger).
what it looks like:keeps the same from of shikai,but grows longer.

Abilities:Niwaka Ame Tora-(shower sun tiger),where you see TaiyooTora glow like a sun and starts to grow hot,until it grows to the color of the sun.Then while my opponent is paying attention to my TaiyooTora,what I'll do,is use the real part of Niwaka Ame Tora.What Niwaka Ame Tora really does is ,when i jab my opponent it makes the opponent glow madly,like the sun and die.

Hibana Tora:if the opponent survives Niwaka Ame Tora,i use this little trick.
i make taiyoo tora turn in to her tiger form.what is a huge white tiger,that use's taiyoo motsu and the opponent with her huge paw.

Koosoku Tora:this ability makes my tiger super fast(faster then ichigo in banki form.)oh did i say i ride Taiyoo Tora?well maybe not.well i do ride this huge tiger.

okay done with my zanpakato,now for imaginary me!

what i look like is-that i have super longer hair that is black and a pretty green eyes.i have a small bone build.i have the cute curves in my hips.a very pretty face.

OK, oh I'm a visard.
my hollow has white dazzling hair with blue eyes.
she will be mean and kural to people no mater how the person she meets is kind or not.i find her OK i guess.

now I'm going to and what my zanpakato looks like for real.
 Taiyoo Tora Zanpakuto/shikai:Taiyoo Tora(Sun Tiger) release [Takakau(fight to the death)] shikai
hace más de un año LinkKinuzuma13 said…
I don't want to sound mean, but it is very overpowered. You can't just say, "oh, i cut you and now your going to die." That is a little to powerful, and unfair if you were going to use it for fallout. Whiteflame, if you could review it further, then that would be appreciated.

BTW, all 'o you people out there, i edited my description of Link, it is on pg 151 on this fourm. I added a vizard mask.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
silverwolf: This blade is just dramatically overpowered. You'll want to change quite a bit here, because a lot of this is just plain unstoppable. I'll explain.

Shikai: It may only be one ability, but since I can't see any restriction on it, it's far too powerful. There's no range, so it can be done from anywhere. There's no requirement, so the opponent, at most, need merely be in your line of sight (if not simply in the vicinity). There's no time limit ascribed, not even a limit to the number of people this can be done to. And the effect literally freezes them in place, so they can't move. What prevents you from simply stabbing them in the heart and calling it a day?

1) I'm really confused by this, mainly because the language is a bit off (you might want to clean this whole thing up a bit verbiage-wise, the sentences don't make a whole lot of sense as is). From what I can tell, there are 2 separate blades (since one is being paid attention to while the other can be used...I guess you're not being paid attention to when you move in to strike, but whatever), though the other one isn't specified in terms of what it looks like or is, and when you stab the opponent with one of them, they die. It's specified how they die, but not how deep the cut needs to be or where the cut needs to land, so even a scratch can kill the opponent as is written. That's overpowered - a cut by itself should never kill the opponent.
2) ...How large is this thing? How fast is it? How strong is it? And this thing has the ability to use the shikai ability...with it's paw? How does that work? More importantly, how is it not extremely overpowered to have, at the same time, a blade that will kill the opponent with a scratch and a huge, presumably extremely powerful, tiger with the ability to freeze them in place? Just a thought.
3) And now it can go "super fast" (you'll have to specify more than that, faster than Ichigo in bankai isn't enough by itself)...and you can ride it. Alright, so now, you have a blade that kills anything it scratches, a tiger that freezes the opponent in place with its paw, and the speed to reach them insanely quickly. That's way too much.
hace más de un año Silverwolf41 said…
sorry i guess i went a little over my head with it.
hace más de un año i_luv_kyon_kyon said…
thoe are awesome zanpakutos,i might make one too!
hace más de un año i_luv_kyon_kyon said…
devilish zanpakutos too!!!!!!!?!
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Silverwolf, don't be discouraged. Take it as an opportunity to understand what goes into the creation of a balanced zanpakuto and, perhaps, what aspects of this can be tweaked in order to make it balanced. The idea itself is not overpowered, there's just a tremendous number of little factors that cause it to be. Hell, you wouldn't even need to change any abilities, you would just have to specify a great deal to get around the problems I'm talking about.
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
The idea for this is from The runelords by david farland, Great book series

Release command Enhance Us

In shikai the zanpakuto forms into three neon blue reshi braclets that can change size to fit on anyones wrist. Durning shikai the user and anyone with a braclet on gains 1% of there total reshi back every 60 seconds. The bracelet can only be put one someone if they want it to be. The bracelets can't be broken because any attack would just go through them.

Endow: The user can give any of these to anyone with a braclet and themself but it comes from one person with a braclet or themself. These can also have part of one given to them but each person can only give 3 things and the user controls what and can change them but it take 30 seconds to change one. Also if someone dies all the endowments they give and have return.

Brawn - increases strength of muscles, but not bone structure

Grace - increases balance, agility, and dexterity

Stamina - essentially increases endurance, the ability to not need rest, to recover and regenerate quickly.

Wit - increases powers of the mind, ability to understand and remember but does not increase wisdom

Metabolism - increases physical speed but also increases how fast you live, therefore seems to slow time to the recipient.

Sight - increases vision (distance/acuity etc.)

Smell - increases sense of smell

Hearing - increases hearing

Voice - increases the range and possible volume of one's voice, and the ability to direct it, allowing one to be more persuasive, be heard across great distances, or speak to a specific person across a loud room

Glamour - increases physical beauty and self-confidence

Touch - increases contact sensations

Will - increases the desire to exist and act. A person who receives such an endowment has all of his other endowments affected too. Someone who receives wit becomes able to remember more, but someone who receives wit and will is able to stay up all night and better use their other endowment. In the same way, someone who receives brawn and will becomes unstoppable, willing to charge and not back down.

Reshi- increases the persons reshi and how fast it recovers.

Powers- things like zanpakuto, Resurrección, hollow mask. This is for things unqiue to someone.

Bankai: Parasite
In bankai there are is one bracelet but the user can make more out of it up to 50. The user keeps all of the shikai abilities.

Eternal Dedicate: if in bankai the user kills someone then they can gain half an endowment, if Powers then they gain the whole ability, from them but they have to go through all them before they can pick the same one again.

To clarifiy the endowment is that persons attribute for example kenpachi's brawn whould be more then Sui-Feng's, Also the user has to pick how much when the use endow all, half, 1/4 how ever if all is given the the person has non for example if all of one persons brawn was givin then they wouldn't have strength to inhale and wouldn't be able to breath and would die. Also the bracelet has to be put on willingly so no you can't slip it on an oppnent in battle or while there asleep and kill then with it but after it's on the person can't take it off, Also the person can set limits when putting it on by telling it to the user For Example
"You can't take all of anything from me"
"you can't take my zanpakuto"
" at five PM i want the braclet to come off"
For things like zanpakuto's you still can't use two of them at one time.
Review this if you want
hace más de un año BLAMargera123 said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai Name: Sutikku o Aruku(Walking Stick)
Release Command: "Unique"
Description: The Zanpakuto is in the shape and form of a Brown Staff with black bandages around it.
Bankai Name: Eliminate All, Suttikku o Aruku
Description: The Staff Grows Larger in size, it starts to sprout legs, and the staff begins to resemble a Walking Stick Bug that has Blades coming out of its mouth.
Shikai Abilities:

Hidden Blade - the staff slides out a hidden blade for devastating blows.

Double Blade - The staff slides out two blades from each tip.

Bankai Abilities:

Strike - the bug charges the enemy.

Block - The bug deflects the enemy's attack.

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: The Spirit is a 7 foot tall Walking Stick Bug, wearing brown robes.

NOTE: this is my cousins zanpakuto!!!
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hace más de un año BLAMargera123 said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai Name: Hebimetaru no Kuchiku-Kan(Heavy Metal Destroyer)
Release: "Bash"
Description: The Zanpakutos Hilt is Green, The guards shape is in a square, the blade is 10 feet.
Bankai Name: Disintegrate a Crater, Hebimetaru no Kuchiki-Kan
Description: The zanpakuto melts away and covers the users hands, the zanpakuto reanimates as boxing gloves in the shapes of lion heads.
Shikai Abilities:

Doom Slash - The Blade can slash threw any solid.

Bankai Abilities:

Death Smash - The users right glove bursts into flames, if anything gets in the way of the attack it will make a large crater.

Air Smash - the user throws punches into the air, then the air starts to crack showing a dark void.

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: The Spirit is 10 foot tall Statue of an Elephant wearing robes and standing on all twos.

NOTE: this my "friends" zanpakuto!!!!
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hace más de un año Silverwolf41 said…
big smile
This my new version Taiyoo Tora

Taiyoo Tora

Zanpakuto/shikai:Taiyoo Tora(Sun Tiger)

release [Takakau(fight to the death)]

oh there is two swords.

shikai descripion:
Taiyoo Tora looks like a huge sword in shikai form with a long chian coming from the hilt.the handle guard looks like a sun.

Koosoku Taiyoo:makes me super fast when I'm holding my sword.

Banki:Hibana Taiyoo Tora-(Spark Sun Tiger).
what it looks like:keeps the same from of shikai,but grows longer.

Abilities:Niwaka Ame Taiyoo-(shower sun),where you see TaiyooTora glow like a sun and starts to grow hot,until it grows to the color of the sun.Then while my opponent is paying attention to my TaiyooTora,what I'll do is use Niwaka Ame Taiyoo you see the glow is a power up.i yell my swords name and fire comes out of my blade.

Hibana Tora:
i make taiyoo tora turn in to her tiger form.what is a huge white tiger,that use's taiyoo motsu and the opponent hits with her huge paw.

Koosoku Tora:this ability makes my tiger super fast(faster then ichigo in banki form.)oh did i say i ride Taiyoo Tora?well maybe not.well i do ride this huge tiger.

okay done with my zanpakato,now for imaginary me!

what i look like is-that i have super longer hair that is black and a pretty green eyes.i have a small bone build.i have the cute curves in my hips.a very pretty face.

OK, oh I'm a visard.
my hollow has white dazzling hair with blue eyes.
she will be mean and kural to people no mater how the person she meets is kind or not.i find her OK i guess.

now I'm going to and what my zanpakato looks like for real.
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 This my new version Taiyoo Tora Taiyoo Tora Zanpakuto/shikai:Taiyoo Tora(Sun Tiger) release [Takak
hace más de un año LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Well, thats a lot better. Its not overpowered anymore.

FYI; I'm going to re-post my first zanpakuto, Kinuzuma, in maybe a day or so. So that those of you who hacent read or seen it, can see it's abilities, and it's discription. I also have two others, and they are Hagano Tsubasa on pg 156, and Kuraiho Kiba on pg 154. Check 'em out, and I'll repost Kinuzuma tommorow. Later.
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hace más de un año Silverwolf41 said…
big smile
thanks!i have question.Can i write anthor zanpakuto?
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hace más de un año LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Yes. There is no limit to the amount of zanpakuto's a person can have on here. What element were you gona make it?
hace más de un año bleachaholic said…
Zanpakuto: Ryū ōkami(Dragon wolf)
Release command: Pawā tōboe (Howl with power)

Description: Becomes twin black katanas each on looking similar to zangetsu but slimer curviers and londer resembling fangs. At the hilt appears a dragon head rising up to engulf the swordand thekey chain is a smaller version the larger blades about 6 inches long that can extend 5 inches.


Ookami no guntai (Wolf's army):

By stabbing the longer blade into the ground the user is able to create wolves from the solid materials neabry and reiatsu. They are manipulated by the wielder but the blade must remain in the ground and the wielder must concentrate to control them in vast numbers. They are able to fire cero-like blasts from their mouths by eating the wielder's reiatsu using the keychain blades as transmitters

Ryū-en okotta (Dragon raging flames):

From the mouth of the hilt the blade becomess engulfed with blue and black flames that burn reiatsu and lasts as long as there is reiatsu to burn

Bankai: Kami no Hikari Ryū ōkami (Light dragon wolf god)

It becomes twin giant cosplay swords more than 2 the size of Zabuza's Executioner's blade.

Abilities: All the abilitie from sikai from are more than 10 fold in strength increase

Ikari no bāsuto (Burst of rage)

Te wielder enters a state in which their abilities are doubled and the grow blue angelic wings. The swords become bright blue with black static running of it. The user's speed is 5x the speed of light.

Saishū-tekina ikari bakuhatsu (final enraged blast)

The user puts all his reiatsuinto the form of a half wolf, half dragon best that stretches over 15 yardsthat has more destructive force than all his moves put together and doubled.It has the speed of the can launch its own attacks without help from the user. after thi move is performed Kami no Hikari Ryū ōkami is sealed and the user goes unconcious for the amount of time he/she was using that move10xand they are not able to unsel it or use bankai for 10 days after they achieve conciousness

hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
my thirteenth zanpakuto hope bad luck dosen't make it suck :)

Shiaki: nirokujichu ( night and day )

Release:If it is night Sheido ( shade ) If it is day Haeru ( shine )

Description: If it is night when Shikai is used then the user gets a pair of black guantlets thats fingers are 3 inches longer then the users fingers and are as sharp as a normal zanpakuto. The user also gains a pair of wings (see pic) they allow the user to levitate at 220% of there normal runing speed. If it is day time then the Zanpakuto looks like a normal katana but it has a gold blade and handle the guard is silver the user also gets wings (see pic) These work just like the first wings.

Demi/Smite : If the zanpakuto is in night form then this is demi this uses a level 35 kido worth of reshi. This attack sends out a 3 inch in diameter black ball, that feels like pudding if you touched it but it dosen't kling to you it stays in it's ball, that moves at kido speed to a spot within 100 meters that the user wants.After it gets there then it becomes a 2 meter in diameter black ball that causes gravity ,in a 20 meter sphere around, it to increase to 250% this lasts for 1 minute after it forms it dosen't move. If the zanpakuto is in day form then this is smite. This attack sends out a ball just like demi but it is white. Up to three times this ball shoots down a beam of reshi that moves as fast as a bala and is shaped like a 1 meter in diameter cylnder. This goes stright down and can only be up to 100 feet long.

Split/needle storm : If the zanpakuto is in night form then this is split. When this attack is used the user splits there body up into 100 bats that fly at 200% of the users runing speed the user controls the bats and each of them has 1% of the users reshi, when they use it, the user can reform from even 1 bat but they would only have 1% of there reshi left. If the zanpakuto is in day form this is needle storm . This uses as much reshi as a level 20 kido every 1.5 Seconds. Every second this sends 5 reshi needles out of the users hand at kido speed. These needles are 2 milameters wide and 1 inch long.

Darkness/Awe : Both of these cost a level 20 kido amount of reshi. If the zanpakuto is in night form then this is darkness. This attack turns the users wings into a black gas , enough to make a cube the same hight as the user, as long as the user is within 5 meters of this smoke the can still levitate. This gas blocks out light, half a foot of it stops all light from going through. This moves at the users will at 220% of the users runing speed and can go 100 meters away but the user needs to see it to direct it. If the zanpakuto is in light form then this is Awe. This attack lasts 1 minute and has a 20 second cooldown. Anyone looking at the user has there vision altered and anything 1 meter away from the user is out of focus to about as much as your peripheral vision.

Bankai: Meian (light and darkness) If bankai is activated during the day then it looks just like shikai but the user lets off light from there skin about a led flashlight worth from every 3 sqaure inches of skin. If the user is not moving then there is a invisable barrier around them with about a level 50 kido strength but this barrier spins at the users runing speed if the user wants it to, The point of the spining is that insted of just trying to stop something this knocks it away making it harder to break the barrier. If it is night when shikai is acivated then the users body it covered black goo that forms into a 5 meter in diameter ball, like the one from Demi, then the user decends from it and looks like the pic ( same one for night shikai's wings). This ball has everything inside it pulled to the center with 10 times normal gravity. If someone is in this ball then they don't have to breath and this dosn't effect the user. This ball is never more then 20 meters from the user if the user moves away then it moves with them at the same speed as them and if something blocks it then it will pass through it,while passing through somthing it dosen't have it's normal effect.

Divine flame/ Gravity well: Both of these use a level 40 kido worth of reshi. If in light form this is Divine flame . This attack creates a 2 meter in diameter white fire ball that follows it's target at half kido speed. Over 1 minute it grows to 3 times it's size, this stops if it hits something, after it hits max size it shrinks over 3 seconds to 1 inch in diameter and turns blue after it is blue it no longer moves only 3 of these can be out at once and if one becomes blue something most touch it , it has no heat at this point, for it to go away. If in darkness form then this is Gravity well. This attack looks like a person sized Black and blue getsuga tensho it moves at about half the speed of getsuga tensho but if the target gets within 5 meters of it then they are pulled to it at about 5 times normal gravity.

Rain of Arrows/Horde : Both of these use a level 10 kido worth of reshi every 10 seconds. If in light form then this is Rain of Arrows. White arrows made of reshi fall at about kido speed from the sky, 300 meters above the user and 30 meters around them, at about 15 in 2 seconds these don't go through or damage solid matter exept the users opponents. If in night from this attack is Horde. This attack forms 100 black metal bats that move as fast as the user and can form into any weapon the user wants while the user is touching them, each bat turns into a single weapon, these bats are as hard as iron.

Divine wings/Dark messenger Both of these use no reshi : If in light form then this is Divine wings. This attack looks like the Sokyoku's (the Halberd rukia was going to be killed by) Kikoo ( the Phoenix that comes out of it) but it is white and half the size but moves at the users runnig speed this attacks any one near it but can be made to focus on someone if the user consentrates. After this attack is used then the user go into night Shikai and if they release shikai or go into bankai then the phoenix fades away. If in darkness form then this attack is dark messanger. The use puts there hand into the ball , that is made during bankai, and they throw it to the ground. It foats 10 meters off the ground and flatens out to about 10 meters around. The gravity under this is increased by 12 times and the area within 20 meters of this is increased by 5 this gravity dosn't effect the user. After this attack is used then the user goes into day shikai. If the user leaves shikai or activates bankai then the ball fades away.

Sorry about the pic again :( and during bankai the user keeps the flying speed
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 my thirteenth zanpakuto hope bad luck dosen't make it suck :) Shiaki: nirokujichu ( night and día
hace más de un año Silverwolf41 said…
i don't know yet.
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
Could someone give me feed back on Kogamo waivuxa_n ( teal wyvern page 164) Symbiote ( this page ) and nirokujichu ( Night and day this page ) i made them based on stuff, Yu-Gi-Oh's dark magician, endowments from the rune lords and ffxII' diablos and digimons lucemon, and would like to hear what you think :)

P.S Lucemon has 12 wings i feel like an idiot for not realizing this sooner he was my best digimon on Digimon world dust not to mention he's my favorite digimon. i guess countings not for me /cry
Omg i spelled his name wrong in the pick to lol lol lol
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hace más de un año Silverwolf41 said…
i think there ok.
hace más de un año Elementalist said…
Ok this is my second Zanpakuto. this time i'm trying a mytholgy basedweapon. some things will be somewhat altered but i really like the name of this god so here it goes lol.

zanpakuto name: Tsukuyomi (god of moon.)

release command: corrupt them

Tsukuyomi looks like a scythe it has two abilities. 1. when it strikes someone it causes them to becmoe more evil. number 2. once
ability one has completely taken over abilty takes affect and completely controls the target(s). the only way to cancel this effect is if the user dies or the target having a connection with someone strong enought to pull the target away from his/her corrupted state.

Bankai: Kage Tsukuyomi

in this state the scythe has a blade at the end of each side of the staff. 1st ability can be stabbed into the ground to create a sea of darkness that absorbs anything that falls into it. ability 2. the shadow itself can be manipulated and can be used as weapons. and ability 3 the user can merge with the sea of drakness and anything that is consumed while this is in effect the user can use that as a part of himself or as another weapon.

lol and that's it for now sorry if it don't make sense i wrote this in a hurry lol

here's what Tsukuyomi's corruption effect looks like
 Ok this is my segundo Zanpakuto. this time i'm trying a mytholgy basedweapon. some things will be some
hace más de un año john17 said…
name:u-otaril(water lilly)
bankai:sodaina u-otarirl(grand water lilly)
realease command:buruma(bloom)

discription:it is a normal katana with vines engraved in to the blade and the hand guard is a white bankai it ooks the same except the lilly turns gold and so do the vines.

shaki abbilaties:the sword has know abillites except for a poision that covers the blade.its sideaffectsare dizzyness numbness that spreads through out the body and takes 5 seconds to take affect and it dosenot where of even if the weaider is killed antidot must be made to counter act it.

bankai abillites are the same exept the poison gets stronger affects are stiffnes in joints (like a mild form of rigamortis takes ten seconds to kick in)then comes blurry vision,blood loses the abillity to clot,and organs slowly and painfuly start to die victim will cough up blood (this starts as soon as they are cut the area around that cut starts dieing then it spreads from there.this takes about 3 hours to kill victim)does not where off unless antidot is given.even if they kill the user.

name:hana akuma

discription:about 5ft 5 has red hair and keeps it in a pony tail about 3inches below her upper back. she has a slender frame and hereyes are light hazle color.the clothers are all black ecept for a green trench coat.the shirt has know sleaves and a crisscross patturn of thread from upper chest to neck.the pants are normal shinigami pants.

personality.caring and protective but when shes up set she can make even the stronges figher squrm in there skin.

background: only person from village 3 not to have any abbilities ecept poision so she cositrated in her sword fighting and speed she traiend by wearing 700lds everyday as aresalt when she moves she is only a blur and its like fighting 40 of her at once. she is all so a master of every sword fightins skill known.
hace más de un año Ellejane said…
Name/Shikai: Mizu (water)
Release command: Kozui (flood)
Bankai name (bankai command [like Hitsugaya's]): Anata no mugen no mizu to, sorera o afure saseru, Mizu (flood them with your endless waters, Mizu)

description: It's usually just the hilt, but when released, the water/vapor around will come and form the blade. In this sense, even if it is broken, it will still be able to regenerate using the water/vapor.
Its color is dark blue, light blue, white, and blue. It also has a ribbon (like Rukia's) that circle around my arm when released.
It has power over water and ice, ice being a solid form of water.
In bankai, the abilities to gather water/vapor and freeze it becomes much faster.

Shikai abilities:
Toketsu (freeze)-uses the water/vapor around to freeze the enemy, but since this takes a lot of time because it still needs to collect the water/vapor to the enemy, this ability can be used to freeze droplets of water/vapor around/in the air to freeze and control them to attack the enemy.
Sanpu-zu to kōzui (scatter and flood)-the blade scatters around the enemy, clings to the enemy's body, and it turns into immense flowing waters that drowns the enemy.

Bankai abilities:
Kōri no keimusho (prison of ice)-traps the enemy in a box-like prison that is made out of ice. By will, I can shrink the box or inlarge it. Of course, if I shrink it too much, it can kill the enemy.
Sokonashi no mizuumi (bottomless lake)-causes a bottomless lake to appear beneath the enemy. By will, I can command it to let the enemy in/out, drown the enemy, or allow the enemy to survive. I can also use this attack to command the waters of the lake to rise up and attack a large area.
Kōtsū kikan (transport)-works only if enemy is in the ice prison or bottomless lake. It can transport the enemy to any place where there is water/vapor.
hace más de un año denden135 said…
Name: Sora no Kagi(Sky's Key)
Release: Kisai kibō jisan,Michi-kō (Bring forth hope, Light the way)
Bankai: Sora no seiiki (Sky's Sanctum)

Shikai Appearance: The katana turns into two white gloves with blue markings and symbols of keys and locks.

Shikai Abilities:

Gate of Gale. Shinigami spawns portals around enemy that links into the dimensions of storms. Wind gushes through portals to inflict moderate damage. This abilities also boosts wind type kido. This attack can also deflect weak to mild kidos.

Mark 5 Swallow Technique. Boosts speed and attack power of shinigami while moving in and attacking. Then throws a flurry of punches and strikes before ending the move with GoG.

Bankai Appearance: The gloves turn long white sleeves. The blue markings morphs in to more intricate patterns and extends up the entire arm. Mist starts to develop around the foot up to the knee of the shinigami.

Bankai abilities:

Tower of Heaven. Open massively big portal by gesturing with zanbaktou. A giant white tower will come descending from within the portal until it reaches the ground. The tower is armed with automated guns and blasters to clean out huge masses of hollows. Can serve as a recovery center for injured shinigamis.

Eye of Tempest. Summon a great tornado able to destroy anything in its path. Able to perform other skills while tornado is still on the field.

Plasma storm. Compresses air to high temperatures until forming plasma or aurora. Plasma randomly strikes multiple opponents rapidly by firing strings of plasma that are able to penetrate multiple enemies at once.
hace más de un año cluckboy1 said…
new zanpakuto

Shizen burēdo (nature blade)
take in, grow, and bloom
Kyodaina seichō-sei burēdo Immense growth nature blade
a nodachi with a maple leaf guard and green handle

Blade becomes long and straight, more blades grow out of original. it is like a tree trunk with branches in the form of a blade.
Abilities: 1.can absorb reishi and creat a green(nature) energy around blade. can fire this at opponents.
2. can control all plants surrounding it. using them for attack defense. he uses vines, grass, leafs etc.
3. can control growth of plants and mend them
Bankai: two enormus trees appear ( one large elm and one evergreen)
they serve as giant "blades" for mainly attacking.
1. creat plants where there arent any and use them is the same way the shikai does to a much larger and more powerful scale.(ex. vines are larger and faster)
2. uses leaves and needles on both tree blades as wepons. the elm leaves in a way similar to senbonzakura and the pine needles in a way like..flying needles.
3. can use "wood style" similar to Yamato in Naruto Shippuden

the character for this zanpakuto: Tsurī Kyōryokuna
He is a large african man with buzzed black hair who wears sunglasses
6ft 5 190 lbs
captain of the 3rd division
wears sleevless soul reaper clothes and sleevless captain haori
also wears fingerless black gloves
carrys sword at waist

hace más de un año cluckboy1 said…
big smile
@elementalist, i really like your tsukuyomi zanpakuto!
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said… I'll tackle all these blades hopefully today (thankfully, I have a great deal of free time), but we'll see, there's a lot to get through.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
So I've deftly considered my options and decided on an entirely arbitrary point to start reviewing from. Since he asked, ddarksonic, you get the first.

ddarksonic - Kogamo waivuxa_n:

1) So what happens if this hits more than 1 person at the same time? Will it distribute that canceled energy, or will it only affect one of them?
2) This brings up an important question: is the sphere opaque? A 25-foot wide sphere that hides the wielder is more dangerous than one that slightly obscures them. Is there a harm to increasing the size from 10 feet to 25 feet? I don't see it as of yet. Also, beyond waiting it out for 30 seconds, is there a way to deal with this? I mean, it's basically a perfect defense unless someone is inordinately more powerful than you, but it's even amazing against them because you can literally just put all of your energy into it when a huge attack is coming your way, absorb the majority of energy from that attack, and then remake it with double the energy and absorb the rest. The lack of a lag time between activations is a problem, but what's more of a problem is that it basically has no fault. It's a static "I take your energy" type of ability that can constantly surround you. I don't even see a risk that the energy used to activate it may go away if the ability isn't used.
3) Do these learned abilities continue to be learned even after the fight is over? You say "any projectile attack that hits the staff or the user," but there's 2 things this leaves uncertain. First, by "projectile attack," it's important to specify, because that could encompass a lot. Does this include all energy attacks, all physical attacks, and even attacks that don't technically "hit" something? There are attacks that pass through opponents and cause damage in some other way, are they able to be learned by this? Second, does this include abilities that hit your second ability? Since those don't technically hit the staff nor your body, would those be included?

1) So I'm concerned here about specifics. Again, not all projectiles are alike. If you're firing out knives, 10 times that is easy. If you're firing out fire, 10 times that is slightly more difficult, but still simple. If you're firing out something insubstantial, that's different. Also, I get that this requires the third shikai ability to have done something, but does this also give you the ability to fire off multiples of the second bankai ability?
2) The automatic wrap around is something I don't quite get, since what that requires is for this to change direction. Can you change the direction of the chain at any point after it leaves the staff, or can it only change within a certain radius of the opponent?
3) As with any summon, this needs more details. Can the wyvern be destroyed? If so, how easily? Is it vulnerable to everything the wielder is vulnerable to? Can it use shunpo? Does it have access to either of the other 2 abilities? Do you have access to either of those? How large is the cost for summoning it? Can you summon multiples? If it dies, can you resummon it?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
alakir, you're next.

1) How wide is the shot? What kind of damage does this inflict? What can stop this shot? What can't? What happens if the process of wrapping spiritual pressure around it is interrupted?
2) So the ability to deal damage dealt to you over to your opponent only works once, or this is only active once? How long do you have before this wears off? If the opponent hits you with something that isn't his blade, will it still harm him? How much blood is required to be on the blade for this to work?
3) From what I can see, this can become infinitely powerful. You're basically saying that any water will contribute to it. Well, water isn't exactly a finite resource in a lot of locations. If you're near a lake, for example, you suddenly gain a mass of darkness (which isn't well explained - is it water, gas, solid, what does it look like, how fast does it move) equal to the size of that lake. There's no limitation here, so if you're near the ocean, you can make an ocean of darkness. How much darkness is equivalent to one Ookami being created? How powerful are the Ookami?

1) So what prevents you from using all the darkness in the sky to create an infinitely powerful creature? You said this darkness blots out the entire sky, doesn't that mean that it's infinite? Hell, what prevents you from just creating an infinite number of powerful guys and then throwing them at your opponent? Is there a lag time between usages? Is it a longer/harder process to make bigger guys?
2) This one just seems inordinately weaker than the previous one, though there's no time limit given on how long he's at this 10x increase (so why bother not having it activated at all times?). A 10x increase should come with a caveat, otherwise it might as well be a passive ability.
3) What do you mean by not having enough strength to control it? What percentage of its strength should you have in order to control it? And if it's above 50%, why make it at all? You're stronger than the dragon in that case, so if you just keep the energy, you save everyone a lot of time and keep yourself safe. But as with all summons, you have to specify a lot here. Is it killable? If so, how?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
More from ddarksonic!

1) There's a lot here, but I'll be general in my response. Almost all of these require a lot more specification. "Increases strength of muscles" doesn't tell me much, neither does "increases balance, agility, and dexterity." I don't even know exactly what an increase to balance is. Suffice it to say that those aren't the only examples. You have to be very specific here, especially since this ability is giving powers to others as well as yourself. I think you need to make every single one of these clearer, and perhaps cut a few of them away (this is an awful lot of abilities to select from).

Bankai: So he can make 50 of these rings. Does that mean he can distribute 50 rings, and give one power per ring? Does that tax hi more, or is it as simple as it was before? Can more than one be worn by a single person?
1) I'm absolutely confused here. I really don't understand this endowment thing at all. I know you've tried to explain it, and I've read over it several times trying to understand it, and I still don't get it. I don't get how it works, I don't understand this process by which the someone takes a ring and makes a demand (why not just say "You can't take anything from me"?), and in general, it's just confusing. You need to clean it up and make it more sensible. I don't get why the Powers ability takes something different from everything else, but you have to explain that better (what do you mean by "they gain the whole ability"?).
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
BLAMargera123 (Sutikku o Aruku)
Shikai: So it looks like a walking stick bug, with teeth? What size are these teeth? Does the stick move like the bug, or just it just look that way?
1) Where does this hidden blade extend from? How long is it? How does it inflict "devastating blows"?
2) ...Why do "hidden blade" at all if there's this? It sounds like this is an all-around better version of shikai #1. What's more, I'm wondering why either of these are shikai abilities. Why not just make them inherent to blade? They're not abilities, they're parts of the blade.

Bankai: What's it look like?
1) So now it moves? How big is it? How fast is it? How strong is it? Do you even wield it anymore?
2) How does it deflect the attack, with its stick-ness? What kinds of attacks does it deflect? How powerful are the attacks it can deflect?

Overall, this blade is just lacking a lot of explanation. I can't really address all the concerns that could be here because there's just not enough specificity.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
BLAMargera123 (Hebimetaru no Kuchiku-Kan)

1) Since it can slash through any solid, what this says to me is that it can go through other peoples' zanpakuto, and that's too powerful. The opponent should always be able to block, and you've taken that away with this. The ability to go through any other solid objects is fine, but make a note that that doesn't include zanpakuto.

1) What size crater? Can it make a crater if a pebble hits it? Can it make a crater if a person hits it? Sure, if it hits the ground, I can see a crater forming, but from the sound of it, a crater forms no matter what is hit. That's just confusing to me. How much power does this add to your strike? Does the fire cause harm?
2) Don't get this one at all. Does the crack cause harm, or does the dark void cause harm? If either of those is true, how does it happen, and how much damage is caused? What happens if this hit simply hits someone instead of the air? Where do you hit the air (it's everywhere!)?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
silverwolf41 (Taiyoo Tora)
First off, overall, it does look better, but there are still problems here.

1) Again, you have to define the speed here. How much of a speed boost are you getting?

1) I still don't fully get this, and I think you have to explain that you now have 2 blades, because I don't see any explanation of that. How much fire comes out of the blade? How hot does it burn? What's the range on it?
2) This is leftover from your last draft. Taiyoo motsu is no longer an ability you are using. How large is this lion? How fast is it? How strong is it? Is it possible to kill the lion? If so, can it be resummoned?
3) Again, how fast is "faster than Ichigo in bankai"? That's not very specific, and it's important to know.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
bleachaholic (Ryū ōkami)

1) What "solid materials nearby" can be used to make wolves? Are they made out of that solid material when they come into being? What suffices as "vast numbers" (i.e., how many are required before concentration is necessary)? How many can be created before he reaches his limit? How powerful are these ceros? How fast do they move? How much energy from the wielder does it take to create them? How do they eat energy from you (I'm really confused by this one, the using keychain blades as transmitters thing makes no sense to me)? Can these wolves be killed? Can they be resummoned instantly? How fast are they? How strong are they?
2) So...where do these flames cover? Just the hilt? And, I'm guessing, they don't take from your reiatsu with this ability? do you fight with this exactly? It's on your hilt and only your hilt. I guess if you grab hold of them with the blade in hand and force them to carry it, it might do some harm, but I don't get why that's a huge benefit. At that point, you might as well chop their head off.

Bankai: Just a general thing: throwing in shikai abilities means you're adding bankai abilities, especially when you increase their strength. 10x increase is a lot (especially when we're talking about an endless army of wolves!), and we're talking about 2 separate abilities, so these are basically abilities 3 and 4, which is over the limit.
1) So wait, the 2 shikai abilities get a 10x increase, and this ability gives them another 2x on top, making it 20x. What is the user's incentive to stay in shikai? They get a 20x boost on everything they'd use there in bankai, seems almost ridiculous to stay in shikai for more than 2 seconds with a blade like this. 5x the speed of light is UTTERLY ABSURD. The speed of light itself is just plain insane, 5x it is like taking out a fly with a jet engine. The only other downside is that he has to reconstruct causality with his BARE HANDS after basically tearing the fabric of time and space by moving so fast. If he hits a patch of dust, he wont exist anymore because the dust will have turned him into red mist. If he decides to pick up a pebble, and moves forward 1 inch, throwing it as he does, the pebble would go through his opponent, and the 20 buildings standing in domino order behind him.
2) A half wolf...half dragon beast? What does this thing look like? My mind is reeling here, I can't even imagine something like that. And it has more destructive force than all his moves put together...and doubled. Realize what that means. That means it has more strength than the 20x infinite wolves, 20x blue and black flames that eat reiatsu (which, by the way, you never said whether they can even be removed or doused), AND the insane 5x speed of light speed. Times 2. Wow. Did I say a fly in a jet engine? This one's like throwing a sun at a fly. And it can attack on its own, separate from the user (who, I guess, can fight pretty normally), and has no time limit. We also don't know if it's even killable. So just too recap: you've got a giant, insanely powerful, possibly immortal beast that is more powerful than any character could ever be moving around at 5x the speed of light fighting alongside a character who can also move at that speed, and the only harm that comes from all this is that when the character is done destroying everything that might have been a problem, he has to take a long nap and a 10 day break. Sorry, I just don't see how that makes it reasonable.
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hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
ty white flame for the in depth reveiws it helps to refine the ideas and they come out sharp and shiny.

Kogamo waivuxa_n

1) Yes it will be distributed evenly if they are hit at the same time

2) lol sorry it is not opaque i guess it is like a dirty window clouded but not opaque.No it doesn't matter the size. Should have crarifiyed you can only have 1 out at a time so for a large attack you could take some of it but not redo it to take the rest, you can't stop it you have to wait for the time to be up. Also it only works as half the reshi you put in it so to make one double the strength you would need to take in 4 times the amount of the zones reshi. I guess the best way would be to go in the thing and tear there butt up. Also you have to wait 30 seconds to use it again and you only get the reshi after it's over but i guess it is kinda op.

3) One yes but you can only have one at a time if you take another one then to saves over the other one. Sorry for not being clear but only energy based attack work and it has to physcaliy hit them to work and no the abillities don't count.


1) i guess for somethings it would be hard to send them out i'll have to think for a while it fix that and no the zanpakuto's abilities like 1 on shikai and 2 on bankai don't work.

2) it will wrap if it gets close to the person i guess about 5 feet

3) Yes i can be destroyed and it is made of metal i guess the strength of steal. It works like metal so not really, poison for example wouldn't work. No shunpo for the wvvern. No it can not. Yes user keeps there abilities. It take 35% of current reshi no multiples and no resummons.


Ok this was based on the book and for the endowment descriptions i just copy and pasted so i'll describe them my self to try and clarify

Brawn - This make you stronger you can hit harder and things like that but it only make your muscles stronger so your bones would still break like normal

Grace - This would make it easier to balance and would make you more flexable , for example you could stand on a balance beam with no problom and touch your toes for example,

Stamina - This mainly gives your more energy. with enough you could run a marathon and not be tired and this also makes you heal faster.

Wit - This helps your memory had helps you think faster

Metabolism - This make you move faster and everything seems to move slower to you like it's in slow-mo

Sight - This helps you see better so you could see farther or read something vary small for example

Smell - increases sense of smell, you can track someone like a dog for example

Hearing - increases hearing. You hear better

Voice - This make it so you can talk louder and direct your voice.

Glamour - This make you more attractive to who ever looks at you and you feel better about your looks and are more confident

Touch - This lets you feel things easier, for example you could feel the vibrations of someone walking around.

Will - This increases your will power. For example you could quit smoking cold turkey or force your self to do something you don't want to.

Reshi- Gives you more reshi and it recovers faster

Powers- things like zanpakuto, Resurrección, hollow mask. This is for things unqiue to someone. You choose what and how many of these powers.

For bankai the ring work just like shikai but there can be up to 50

To Explain how it works look at it like this. You are the user and you give the 3 rings to 3 guys. One is a body builder one runs cross county and the other one can talk to animals. If you wanted you could take the body builders powers the runners brawn and the stamina of the last guy But you are taking that persons atributes so that would be a waste you should take the body builders brawn, because he works on muscle mass and would be stronger then the runner, the runners stamina, because he runs for long periods of time so he would have more stamina then the last guy, and the powers of the last guy, because he has powers and the bodybuilder dosen't.

To explain why this is useful: This zanpakuto works by pulling a group of peoples, the people wareing the rings, strengths together by taking everyones strength or speed for example and giving it to one person.I'll try to make it describe it like a video game. say you have 2 people guy 1 has 100 hp and dose 5 damage a hit and guy 2 has 20 hp and dose 25 damage a hit and you need to fight a guy with 100 hp and and he does 20 damage a hit. If you fight as a team he could just kill guy 2 with one hit because he has low hp then kill guy one because he only dose 5 damage a hit. If you used the zanpakuto then you could give guy 1 guy 2's damage so he now has 100 hp, his hp , and 30 damage,his 5 plus the guy 2's 25, so now he could win.

To explain the dangers of it think about it like this If you took all of your friends wit they would be basicaly brain dead or if you took all of there brawn they would have no strength to inhale and they would die, and you would lose there brawn... and your friend.

For the demand part the main reson for this is that it would make people more willing to use the rings, they have to put it on willingly, because they would have some control over what you do to them. But if you said they couldn't take anything from you they could only give you stuff and if they didn't want to do thet they don't have to give you a ring to you in the first place and this works like the old saying "The sum of us is greater then all our parts" so you would look for people that would be willing to work with , or for, you.

For the powers it is a whole because for example how do you take half of the ability to use a cero or a half a zanpakuto? That wouldn't work out right so i just put that you have to take all.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
ddarksonic675 - Thanks for the response, it looks like you covered most everything, but I'm still concerned that all those individual abilities in Symbiote aren't well defined. Increased strength can be a lot or a little, and it matters greatly which it is. Defining the range in which it functions is important.

But I'll get into the next blade of yours I see here, nirokujichu.

Shikai: Technically, this ability to levitate and move 220% faster is an ability. It does provide a significant benefit.
1a) For Demi, how many of these can be made in quick succession? Where is the gravitational pull coming from (i.e. is this pull coming from the ground around it and pushing you to the earth, or is it pushing you towards the ball)? What happens if the ball is sent to a location, but the opponent or another object gets in its way?
1b) For Smite, I'm not getting it. So you can fire 3 of once, or period? What is the beam of reiatsu created from? What happens when that beam or one of these balls hits the opponent, or, for that matter, anything? Can the beam be interrupted? Why is this cylinder going down (do you mean it extends straight in a single direction, because right now it sounds like you're just creating a path that slams it into the ground)?
2a) For Split, I'm guessing the bats can't really do harm on their own, but I'm seeing a major harm with using this ability. If each of them only have 1% of your power, couldn't they easily be annihilated? Like, I understand that this allows you to appear pretty much wherever you want, but if the opponent annihilates half the bats, half your power is gone. Unless I'm misunderstanding here.
2b) For Needle Storm, I'm guessing the hand needs to be posed a certain way and that this needs to be actively activated. What kind of damage are we talking about with these needles (let's face it, pinpricks really aren't a form of damage in the Bleach universe, so there's got to be something more to this)?
3a) For Darkness, I'm trying to get a good picture of this. Is the cube square, or rectangular (i.e. is it taller than it is wide)? In general, it's difficult for me to see this cube in my mind's eye because it's made of gas, so I'm trying to picture it. You say the wielder needs to be within 5 meters of the gas to levitate, but doesn't that mean he could just keep a very small amount right next to him and send the rest to do what he wants? And wasn't he already moving at 220% speed by levitation? I don't get where this speed increase applies. If it applies to abilities, this can be a little overpowered, since that basically means these moves will be intensely faster than anyone could be. It seems to me that the main usage of this would be to surround the opponent's head with it, basically making it impossible for him to see, though that's not what I'm getting from reading it.
3b) For Awe, does this affect people who are looking at any part of the user only, or does it affect people who have looked at the user and continues to affect them afterward?

1a) For Divine Flame, how hot does this burn? What kinds of injuries can we expect from it hitting an opponent? Is the fire put out just like normal fire? If the fire is spreading across a surface (which I'm not certain it can do, but it is fire), does it still count as one of the three until it's put out?
1b) For Gravity Well, I got it. Pretty interesting idea.
2a) For Rain of Arrows, since this only affects opponents, does it require that you acknowledge who your opponent is before it can affect them? That's important, because if someone surprises you while this is active and you've never seen them or known them to be an opponent yet, would it not go through them? Also, since it only affects them, does that mean it goes through armor and clothing? And when they strike, do they cause any damage beyond a normal arrow?
2b) For Horde, do these bats have any ability to attack on their own? I'm guessing the only limit here is in how many weapons the wielder can control at once, but can the opponent destroy these bats? And do the weapons they create have the same strength and ability to take damage as his zanpakuto?
3a) For Divine Wings, what kind of damage can the pheonix inflict? How strong is it? Can it shoot energy? Can it be killed? How long is this active? Also, when they shift over to dark, can this still be active?
3b) For Dark Messenger, when he throws down the orb, how fast does it move? How fast does it expand? It can't apply the force infinitely beneath it, so I'm wondering how deeply underground someone would feel this. Can this be destroyed? Also, when they shift over to light, can this still be active?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Whew, this is a lot. Anyway, onto yours Elementalist.

1) This isn't very well specified. Becoming more evil really doesn't tell me what's going on here. What, after one slice, are they more likely to drown a puppy in a nearby river? You've got to explain what this means. One cut will do how much, 2 cuts will do how much, etc. And that's if you can, because let's not forget, you'd likely be fighting people who are already evil. How do you increase their evilness? How about the people who are in between good and evil? It's difficult to quantify evil.
2) When does ability 1 fully take over? How many cuts are required before this can become active? That's rather important, because complete control over your opponent's body is pretty much a game ender, and from what I can see, in a 1v1 fight, there's no way out. This should be very hard to activate, otherwise it's overpowered.

1) How much darkness are we talking about? "A sea of darkness" isn't very specific. If it's endless, it's overpowered, especially since it absorbs anything that goes into it (suggesting instant death, though you don't mention what absorption means). Even if it's restricted, instant death is never good. You might want to work on that.
2) Which shadows can be used as weapons? Yours? The ones you touch? Your allies? You've got to be specific here as well. If you can just control any shadow within a certain vicinity, that can be obscene since, let's face it, there's no way anyone's going to be able to win a fight against all shadows. But there's also no specification about how strong these shadows are, or how fast they are, or how they can be defeated, all of which are necessary.
3) ...Does this make the user invincible? I think a sea of darkness is relatively untouchable, especially given that that sea of darkness absorbs whatever it touches. If the wielder becomes a part of it, they can't be touched, and now they can use that giant mass of absorbing darkness in any way they please. This is definitely overpowered.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
4 more to go!

john17 (u-otaril)

1) Alright, this is really hard to read and understand, gotta clean up your language here quite a bit man. I am getting it though. How is the poison spread? Is it through cuts only? If you cut multiple times, does it make the effect stronger or faster? How about if you cut deeper? What do you mean by "dizziness, numbness, and confusion"? What does each of those translate into in an actual fight where stuff is going on? How much effect would that have on the opponent? And would this kill the opponent eventually? You say there needs to be an antidote made, but if these are all the effects, unless they last forever, I don't see why an antidote would be needed.

1) Since this kills the opponent unless an antidote is made, it's overpowered. A blade's abilities should never last beyond the fight itself if they can kill the opponent, unless they have those abilities continuously active. If you're dead, they should no longer be active. How long does it take for these effects to go into effect? That really matters, because from the sound of it, a tiny scratch with this blade can be deadly.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Ellejane (Mizu)

Shikai: Overall, I'm just a bit confused by what this blade is. Does it not have a blade in the physical sense? I mean, you say it's just a hilt, but if that's the case, then I wonder how the blade can scatter. Aren't you just scattering the ice? And if so, how can ice release torrents of water?
1) This one seems fine. As long as the blade doesn't produce the water, it works.
2) So wait...the blade scatters? Did you mean the blade shatters? Does it break and then do this? How does this work? How fast do these pieces move? Can they cling to any part of them and still cause this harm? You say the pieces can turn into "immense flowing waters," but I don't know what that means. How much water can each piece of this turn into? Does the water come out in a pressurized way? Does the water only affect them somehow? What happens if a piece of the blade never reaches them, or if none of them do? Can the opponent destroy the pieces of the blade when they're let loose like this?

1) How strong is this cage of ice? Like, is it impossible to break out with physical strength? Does it just form around the opponent, no matter the range, or do you create the cage and have to get them inside of it somehow? What prevents you from just creating a gigantic cage that encompasses miles around, stepping out of it, and immediately shrinking it down to an inch?
2) This has the same basic problem. If you can create a lake and set it below the enemy, no matter where they are, and drown them on command, it's too strong. That's basically an instant kill. I mean, sure, if the enemy can somehow blast away an entire lake of water, then they should survive, except that you control the water as well, which means that as soon as they do so, you can just wrap them right back inside of it. They can blast it away all the want, but it would always come back, and they would always drown. It's too powerful as written.
3) Um...alright, I'm confused. In both of the above cases, when they're in a cage or in the lake, you've basically got yourself a surefire kill, and I mean entirely sure. But what you're saying here is that you can teleport them to a location where there is water or vapor. OK, that might be good if that place was, say, Venus. There's vapor there, but no oxygen, they'll die shortly. So I guess this becomes its own instant kill as well. If you just decided to send them to a random place with vapor, it would be extremely confusing, especially since you don't have access to your shikai abilities anymore (at least, not from what I'm reading).
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
denden135 (Sora no Kagi)

1) So...portals to dimensions filled with storms? Why not just kick your opponent into one of them, seal it, and let them die in a torrent of storms? From what it sounds like, you're just thinking of introducing wind to the area. If that's the case, why not have an ability that simply introduces wind to the area? It's a lot less complex, and it would have exactly the same effect that you're talking about here, only without the obvious opportunity for instant win.
2) Boosts speed and attack power by how much? You've got to be specific here. This only occurs while he's attacking? Does the ability only work by throwing a flurry of punches and strikes? And what's a GoG? I've seriously got no clue. Anyone know what it means?

1) Um...I have no clue what I should be thinking this looks like. Alright, so you open a giant portal, and I guess that portal's in the sky, because that's the only way that, as it moves out, it would reach the ground. So is the tower coming in upside down? Is it seeming to fall from the sky through the portal, crushing anything it falls upon? If it has all these guns and room for shinigami, this thing must be insanely large. How big is it? How heavy is it? What kind of firepower are we talking (can this harm a captain? An arrancar?)?
2) How large is the tornado? How powerful is it? How fast is it? How much control do you have over its movements? Can you get picked up by it?
3) How do you compress the air? Can you only do that with your hands, or can you look at a location and have that air compress? How do you launch this plasma (the description you've given just basically says "it launches," but gives no details of the control you exert on it)? How much plasma can you have? How quickly does it cool and expand back to normal?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Last One!!!

cluckboy1 (Shizen burēdo)

1) How much reishi can it absorb? Does this just dissipate attacks completely, or does it take a little from each? How much damage can the energy around the blade do? What kind of damage does it do?
2) Seems fine, though you might want to specify a range in which this works.
3) To what extent? Can he make a dandelion into a giant snarling carnivorous plant? And how much mending can you do, exactly? Is this instantaneous?

1) There's got to be a limitation to this. Endless plant creation plus endless plant regeneration plus endless plant growth basically means you have infinite supplies on your hands.
2) There's got to be a limit on this too. How many leaves can be active at once? How many needles can be active at once?
3) Again, limitations are important here. The ability to control all wood is well and good if you don't have an infinite supply of wood.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Alright, now time to take a long break from looking at zanpakuto (falls into a coma).
hace más de un año ddarksonic675 said…
Ty for the reviews again i like how in deapth you are with them

For sybiote sorry but i don't really know how to describe them any other way :( for the amount you chose how much 10% 30% 100%, 100% would more then likly kill them.

For nirokujichu

Shiaki: I guess your right this is a really good effect and should be a ability

1a) For this you can have 3 out at once but there effects don't stack if you have 3 in close range the gravity dose increase anymore then one, They themselfs have no gravity they increase the planets gravity if somthing is in the way it will try to move around them but if it can't get to the spot it will just activate where it is.

1b) Ok this is confusing. You fire out the ball and it shoots out 3 beams, at seprate times, The beams are like a white cero if the ball hits something nothing neat happens it is made of the same stuff as the demi ball, a thick liquid reshi,. You can stop the beam by getting in it's way if you want :) other then that no. Yes it goes straight to the ground you would put it above them and it will come down onto them.

2a) Yes you are right. This is an escape tactic if you have them all fly in opposite directions then it would be hard to kill the user. or you could use it to avoid a attack by turning into bats and letting the attack go in between them.

2b) For this the needles would probobly go half an inch into someone and would hurt pretty bad and you should go for soft and important spots like the eyes.

3a) It is a square but this is the amount not the shape it can go into any shape but has to stay in on peace. So no you can't keep a small amount near you and the gas is made from the wings thats why they need to be near it to levitate and the 220% speed levitating is what this reffers to. And the main porpose of this is to blind opponents so yes they can.

3b) with this it effects anyone looking at the user any part of them but only while they are looking so it won't work after they look away.

1a) Sense it is white it burns around 2,370 F, acording to wikipedia, So 3rd degree burn or ash i guess for damage, i don't really know how hot fire needs to be to do damage. Yes it can be put out like normal fire and it can't spread it stays in it's ball.

2a) Yes you need to acknowledge them as opponents if you don't know them they would be safe or if you don't know that they are there they are safe. Yes they go through armor and clothing and work like normal arrows.

2b) The bats can attack sort of they are made of metal and if they fly at high speeds at you and clip you with a wing it could cut you other then that no. The user could if they wanted have a bat , or group of bats, touch them and make a sword for a split second, the weapon would fall, not be touching them, and turn back to a bat, and use that as a shield spike and yes they can be shattered like metal. No they are only as strong as iron but the user can focus reshi in to help them take a hit.

3a) The pheonix is as hot as the divine flame so it could burn you. No it shoots no energy and it can be put out. To clarify when they use this they go to dark shikai and this stays out until they stop shikai or go to bankai again. For strength if you mean physical strength i don't know how to explaind that due to it being fire but it if mean combat effectivness it could spread it's self over flamable stuff to grow in size and it could change it's shape.

3b) It moves at 2 times the normal kido speed and it Flatens in 3 seconds. It's area is 20 meters from it and the area would be in the same shape as the ball, during this it is flatened so it would be more of a coin. It can like demi be destroyed but it is a thick liquid so phsical attacks wouldn't work. And like Divine Wings you go into the opposite shikai , for this light shikai, and if you exit shikai or enter bankai the attack goes away but not before that.
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hace más de un año Silverwolf41 said…
well you know what i think i'll just create a new zanpakotuo
hace más de un año Silverwolf41 said…
big smile
here i created i'm new zanpakotuo Koori Neko.

Well, i created a new Zanpakotuo because no one liked i'm old one.That is Taiyoo Tora.

Koori Neko(Ice Cat)

Realse (Koorimasu)witch means freeze.

ok it looks like a huge broad sword with ice that is all a round it and a chain with a smaller sword at the end in Shikai form.And it's all ways in shikai form.

ok it's abilities are:Koori Kabe(ice wall)what it does is make a huge wall around your opponent and the ice wall slowly moves in.

Koori Hashira(ice pillar)is what it means.Ok what it does is make a pillar just tall enough to cover the person the wielder is fighting in thick ice that is very hard to break.

Bankai:Yuki Neko(Snow Cat)looks like shikai form but has really hard ice for a blade.

Abilities:Koori Nawa(Ice Rope)is what it means.What it does that the wielder's sword turns into a rope that is made of ice.

now your thinking why did i name it ice cat?Right?well here's why.

Kaze Neko(what it mean's Wind Cat)it does is that the wielder gets to ride a huge ice cat that can be broken with a tiny sword like ichigo's looks like but pure white.

here's what it looks like not in sword form.
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 here i created i'm new zanpakotuo Koori Neko. Well, i created a new Zanpakotuo because no one liked
hace más de un año Ellejane said…
it HAS a blade, but only when released. that's because the blade is water/vapor turned ice. for the ice releasing torrents of water, let's just say it's because within it is a large force of water that is pressurized because of reiatsu.
2.)yes, it shatters. the pieces travel fast enough for an enemy with the speed of an airplane to not be able to counter. if a piece is not able to reach the enemy, it will just return to its previous state before my zanpakuto was released or still release large amounts of pressurized water by my command.

1.)the cage of ice is strong, but Zaraki can easily destroy it with brute force. unless you are as strong as Zaraki (physically), then you will not be able to destroy it with brute forms around the opponent within sight. this takes a lot of energy. the farther and bigger the box, the more energy it takes, so i can't just create a big box.
2.)it can't be an instant kill,well,unless i want it to be. like you said, i can control the water so i can prevent the water from drowning the person inside it. if i don't want that person to die, i will just surround that person with the water inside the lake, allowing the person to fall forever. in this sense, the lake can also be a way of protection,as well as the box. it can also serve as a passage way or a way to teleport somewhere instantly.
3.)by this power, i can teleport them anywhere like a place with lots of shinigami or captains. or maybe above a prison or a building. so, yeah, anywhere, but how is this an instant kill?? once teleported, it would be out of sight so that means that the cage and/or lake will be gone.well, that's if i teleport them somewhere out of sight.

thank you for reading and i hope this helps you understand. if you have anymore questions, please ask. but, remember, i have my limitations since i am just 13 years old. once again, thank you. :)