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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Personally I rather not see the bleach story end at all because I rather not see a crappy happy ending with marriges and children and other things like that
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
@Bleachfan12 - This is how I wanted things to play out! Ichigo lost his soul reaper powers after using the final getsuga. With his soul reaper powers gone, his hollow completely took over! Hollow Ichigo returns to fake Karakura and with his new full power he revives the fallen arrancar and because of his immense power the arrancar evolve into stronger beings or true Vasto Lordes! Ichigo and his new group go back to Hueco Mundo and Ichigo quickly kills Yammy and tells Kenpachi and Byakuya to get the hell out of his Kingdom. They refuse, starts another huge war with Hollow Ichigo and the Vasto Lordes vs Soul Society! That would of been great! It better not end with a happy go lucky ending!
hace más de un año bleachfan12 said…
wow, didn't see that one coming.
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Wow DarkSilver! An Overpowered Naruto Blade! Didnt See that ONe Coming!
(Im Being Sarcastic, If you didnt notice..)
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hace más de un año darksilver said…
@bleachfan12 can u people just live with the fact my character is from another deminsion?
@ichigosuke I didnt think of that

by the way these r my Zanpaktos
 @bleachfan12 can u people just live with the fact my character is from another deminsion? @ichigosuk
hace más de un año ky-chan said…
Bleach has a short arc after this hiatus is over (featuring Isshin) after that will be the longest Bleach arc ever. It is far from over!
Okay...yeah, OP Naruto-style Zanpakuto...
And NO Ichigo will NEVER be with Orihime! It`s a one-sided love, just like Renruki. *sigh* I`m not gonna debate this entire thing again like I did with Dancing_Petal.

on another note: HAPPY THANKSGIVING (to all the Canadians)!
hace más de un año darksilver said…
will u people shut up about it being a naruto refrence
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Sorry, its still overpowered. I mean, Decide! You want a zanpakuto that clones you or a elemental knife zanpakuto? 10000000 Copies? Please. Its OverPowered, Not Original and has no Theme.
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Happy Kidush Yeladim Freakim!
XD Just joking it actually means Happy Freak Child Blessings.
hace más de un año BrokenSun35 said…
Name: Reina
Height: 5”6
Weight: 125 lbs
Rank: Espada of Lust

Appearance: Reina wears an arrancar outfit made to look like a dress; she has long black hair that stops a little above the middle of her back, she has dark blue that always have a seductive look on them, she has large breasts and a tan. Her mask fragment is a tiara on top of her head and her hollow hole is unknown
Personality: Reina is very seductive and intelligent, and always finds a way to get what she wants, she is very sure of herself, she seems to take a liking to two other Espada Gluttony and Sloth, Dormirarbol and Boido. She is fascinated in Dormirarbol because she can resist her charms and she is fascinated in Boido because they both have a void they cannot fill

Zanpakuto: Reina’s Zanpakuto is standard katana with a gray hilt and the guard is shaped like a cloud
Cero: Reina has her own type of cero she fires it like a normal cero from the plam of her hand but this cero can bend and twist making it harder to dodge and destroy (The Cero is Gray) she calls this cero, Cero Tormenta (Storm Cero)

Resurrección Name: Reina del Viento Atormentando (Queen of the Tormenting Wind)
Release Command: Devastate...
Resurrección Appearance: Reina’s appearance changes slightly, her eyes are now gray and appear to be the center of a tornado and her outfit changes from a normal dress to longer gray dress that stps a little past her knees, there seems to be a storm inside of her dress (So her Dress looks like its moving) but keeps a physical form also her hollow mask remnant has turned into an elegant crown. Her katana has now changed so it also looks like there is a storm inside of it and it has grown about a foot, there is a constant strong wind blowing in the area.


Azotar Tormenta (Whipping Storm): Two 10 foot long whips (Appearing to be made of wind) appear in Reina’s hands, the whips can cut (They are sharp as razors), grab things and thrown or use as a hammer like object, and each time they hit someone or something they are the equivalent of a 75 mph gust of wind

Tornado Cañón (Tornado Cannon): Reina points her hand at the opponent, then a giant column (The top of the column facing the opponent) of wind launches at the opponent (The column being 10 feet wide and 20 feet long), the wind column has the force of a 150 mph gust of wind and cause extreme damage.

La Tormenta Inquieto Final (The Final Restless Storm): 2 Tornadoes appear on both sides of Reina, she can control these tornadoes moving them at kido spell speed and on impact they explode with the power 2 times the power of an average cero
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hace más de un año darksilver said…
ok I'll pick the cloneing one

last edited hace más de un año
 ok I'll pick the cloneing one AGAIN NOT A naruto REFRENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hace más de un año rantora13 said…
@darksilver Its fine for a cloning based zanpakuto, but where all just saying its way overpowerd. And genaric. If u were to tone it down or incorperate like maybe idk wut someone could come up with. Just spice it up.u know?
hace más de un año Ulquiorra1313 said…
Rukia and ichigo always
hace más de un año ky-chan said…
@darksilver, try to strip it to the basics and work up from there. add something no one else will think of that's genuienely you. And not overpowered as much. Limitations and unquieness is the key to a great Zanpakuto.
hace más de un año ky-chan said…
@Ulquiorra1313, Always.
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Please Every thing but Ichi-Ori. I simply hate her. Shes so useless, always calling for help, and acting nice to every thing and every one.
The only thing i liked about her is her food taste. If anyone remembers, she used to eat freakish food that always made me laugh. Then she got her powers and i decided that she was simply an idiot.
All you Orihime fans out their, Sorry. THis is just my opinion.
Anyway i dont really like rukia too. (Sorry all Rukia Fans, Shes just to damn serious). Anyway, Yoruichi, Unahana and Yachiru take them all out!
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Ky-Chan, I made the Acupuncture Type Zanpakuto you mentioned. Hope you like it:

Shinigami: Takato Nishizawa
He is a very annoying man, able to get on anyones nerves really fast.
He is very calm in nature, but this calmness is only to hide his annoying develish side.
He usually gets telled that he has a very untrusted smile.
The true extent of his abilities is unknown, as he is shown to be a very capable hand to hand fighter.
He usually avoids fighting, but when he does, he uses hand to hand techniques, that are based on his opponent attacking him. Very good at counter attacks.

Name: Kyuusaisaku (Remedy) Hari (Acupuncture)

Zanpakutou Spirit: Looks like a girl with long hair wearing chinese clothes. Her sleeves are very long, and when shes angry, she pulls out needles from them.
She is usually very kind and smart, but gets teased alot by Takato, making her angry to the extent she starts attacking him.

Sealed State: A normal length blade with a green handle. The guard is in the shape of six spikes that cross each other in the middle.

Shikai: Iyasu! Kyuusaisaku Hari! (Cure! Acupuncture Remedy!)
In Shikai, The blade and handle enter the spikes of the guard, enlarging them to twice his hand size.
When he sticks these blades into someone and says Iyasu (Cure), The spikes glow, slowly healing what they were stuck in.
When he sticks these blades into someone or something and says Joubuninaru (Grow Strong), the spikes glow, then they strengthen all the stats of the stabbed thing,
such as speed, power, and so on.

Bankai: Kyuusaisaku Hari no Zeijaku (Acupuncture Remedy of Weakness)
When in bankai, Takato is surrounded by a sparkly green aura.
In bankai, He has the ability to shoot little finger length needles out of the big ones, that have all the effects of the big ones, including the big ones
new Bankai effect:
When he sticks the blades into someone or something and says Ketten (Weak Point), the spikes glow, then they start weakening all the stats of the stabbed thing,
until they are torn out.
He also uses his Blades to enter his ultimate battle mode:
Sentou Kyuusaisaku (Battle Remedy ) : When he is forced to fight seriously, he stabbs himself with all six needles, then says Sentou Kyuusaisaku!
The needles get absorbed in him. Then, all HIS Stats rise much higher than his usual. Also, His green aura becomes more intence and sparkly.
As he considers himself a healing/supportive type, he doesnt usually enter bankai at all, yet alone use this technique.
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Yeah, I know that he both heals and fights, but his zanpakutos ability is supportive: Healing And Strenghting in shikai.
He rarely uses bankai, and when he does, his abilities are all acupuncture like based.
hace más de un año bleachfan12 said…
this qustion is for anyone, if ichigo was a captain which division do you think he'd be the best for?
hace más de un año bleach_num4_fan said…
sorry guy ive been way to sick to post anything. im feeling uber better now so maybe i'll start in a few hours :3
hace más de un año bleach_num4_fan said…
* guys * p.s. horrible with spelling errors :P
hace más de un año bleach_num4_fan said…
Zanpakuto Name - Kyofu
( Fear )
Sealed Form - The blade length is as long as Ichigo’s Zangetsu but is thin like a normal katana. The guard is two hollow squares, one smaller than the other, on the outside of each other with prongs that go diagonally from the corners to the center of the tsuba. The hilt and sheath are both black and he has a white string attached to the sheath so he can hang it from his belt or his back.
Release Command - Keshin, Kyofu
( Incarnate, Fear )
Shikai From - The blade stays the same shape and length and has half circles cut off of the end that’s not sharp all the way to the point. The hilt is twice the size it was in it is in its sealed but at the point where the sealed hilt ended, a circle encasing the new half of the hilt is attached to it. The handle in the circle is free moving so he can spin it rapidly if he holds it by that hilt. On the right and left side of the circle, on the outside, two more handles jut out of it so he can grasp one with one hand, hold Kyofu with the other and spin it. There is a small chain on the end, about two feet long . It slowly emits shadows from the crescents on the blade. His blade gives him the ability to hide in the shadows for about a minute at a time.
Shikai 1st Ability - Kyofu O Tsumugu
( Spinning Fear )
Not really a special move but I thought I’d throw that in there. In truth, this is pretty much kinda like Hisagi’s Kazeshime (?) and doesn’t need the command to attack. But if command is used, it increases the power by a fourth.
Spins Kyofu fast then launches it at the target, still spinning rapidly. He can call it off by pulling it back with the chain.
Has a few different forms like just launching it at them, throwing it in the air above them and crashing down on them, wrapping around them and slices them at the same time, and throwing it past them and pulling it back so it stabs them in the back.
Shikai 2nd Ability - Kyofu No Keshin
( Fear’s Incarnation )
He slowly spins the blade at makes it emit shadows faster which form into something that scares the person the most, different for each individual person. Mosly used just as a distraction. If a person is scared of a thing, for example, snakes, it would form a giant snake that could attack the target. However, the attacks are not very strong.

Bankai Release Command - Shin No Kyofu No Kenshin
( The Incarnation Of True Fear )
Bankai Form - Not much changes except the crescents on the blade disappear and the blade becomes made out of pure shadows. The circle on the second half of the hilt also becomes shadowy, as well as the chain, which all leak out shadows slowly. Uses all shikai abilities and bankai -
Bankai 1st Ability - Kyofu No Tanjo
( Birth Of True Fear )
Spins the blade slowing except the blade, chain, and the circle on the hilt shoot out and expend to create s large sphere of darkness around him and the target. It displays the targets fears on a massive scale and can cause psychiatric problems with their mind depending on their strength of mind. This is his bankai’s true from and he can reform his blade from the surrounding shadows to fight in there.
Bankai 2nd Ability - Kyofu Kokun
( Cocoon Of Fear )
( Only usable in Kyofu No Tanjo )
The sphere shrinks down just to envelop him and he temporarily becomes what the person fears. Last for three minutes then reverts back to his shikai.

Shinigami - Riaru Kyofu
Hair - It goes to the base of his neck in the back, covers up his ears, and his bangs end just past his eyebrows. His hair is very straight and neat.
Hair Color - Black.
Eye Color - Deep Purple. His eyes usually appear tired or bored, but bright when he’s in a good mood or being funny.
Age - He is around 515 but appears mid-twenties.
Skin - Pale, like Uryu’s.
Clothes - Where traditional shinigami robes with a tight black shirt under it, his captain’s haori on top tied with a purple sash.
Height - 5’10.
Weight - 120 lbs.
Body Type - Slim and slender, but slightly muscular
Personality - He is usually frowning unless happy or laughing. He acts cold and bored to people he doesn’t know but he is calm and relaxed with people he know or likes. He generally is kind and nice but not when he is provoked or openly insulted. He strives to protect the few people he loves.
Zanpakuto Spirit - He is normally in the form of a man with a black, shadow-like cloak and a hood over his face with his chin and lips showing out from underneath the hood, with the chain from the zanpakuto shikai hanging out of his right sleeve. He changes into a dead looking version of the girl Riaru likes to provoke him while they train in his inner world. He has the power to conjure up a representation of himself in the outside of Riaru’s mind out of shadows, which can change forms to match people’s fears.
History - Lived alone in Rukongai District ever since he was little with no friends or anyone to watch out for him. He was about twelve when he met a girl named Shinten who was only a little younger than him and took him to live with her. Since then, they had been best friends. He often called her Ritoru ( Little ) to mock her. Ever since then, he had found himslef falling in love with her. One day she left to join the shinigami academy and left him there alone. He realized he wanted to protect her and only her in the world and left a few days after she did to join. Since then, he had achieved the rank of captain of the 3rd squad with her as his lieutenant.

Hope its a little better than before :3
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
umm... you already posted that...
Anyway, please comment on mine, iim running out of ideas...
Oops, Got 2 more ideas! No! 3 More! Damn, im just blasting with ideas!
Ok, My ideas are: A graveyard based Zanpakuto and a Animal One.
Please do not copy these ideas until i post them completly! Thank you.
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
O, forgot to say! An Area one to. These are just general themes for my zanpakuto.
hace más de un año VordofOedel said…
Kurokami (black wolf)
sealed form: a black pendant with a wolf fang attached to it.

Shikai release: Kiba (fang)
=A regular black katana, with no special features, except that it is completely black.

Bankai: Mangetsu no Shuryo Okami (hunting wolves of the full moon)

-Shiroi Kaze (white wind)
=Kurokami absorbs the spiritual pressure around it and releases it at the tip of it's blade, so when the wielder slashes, the released spiritual pressure takes the shape of a white wave of raw power.

-Yuro no Toboe (night howl)
=The zanpakuto howls like a wolf, loudly enough to be heard up to 16 km away, in favourable conditions. Any who hears that sound looses all of their senses, with the exception of hearing the howl. Those who touches the zanpakuto are immune to this.

Bankai: Mangetsu no Shuryo Okami (hunting wolves of the full moon)
=Both the wielder and Kurokami transform into a pack of ghost-like wolves, nine of them. The wolves can be intangible or tangible, and that can be changed at will, without delay. They can also materialize themselves within other objects or people, causing great damage.

=Haven't completed yet, though comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I was also thinking of making my own shinigami to go with Kurokami, Subete Shinji (the truth of everything).
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Advice for Vordofordeal

1)well seeing as for the second shikai abilty you loose all your sense's you should ethier put a fraction of time of how long some one's sense's can be gone if you don't wanna do that than lesson the distance of how far the howl goes

2 ) your first shikai abilty needs to be more detailed for instance how much retsu can be absorbed give us a fraction 1/4 of a persons retsu 3/4 of a person's retsu also how powerful is the beam of energey is it equal to a level 1 hado or is it equal to the power of a level 50 hado, and how big is the slash of energey is it 40 feet wide is it 3 feet wide how fast can it travel ? does it travel at kido speed ? or is it slow and easy to dodge.

3) your firt bankai abilty i'm also haveing a bit of troubel with you need a fraction of time of witch you can switch from being intangible or tangible is it 1 minute or 45 seconds something along those line's . the other thing is what objects can the nine wolves materialize with how much retsu does that cost , if I inflict pain on my self does it damage the bankai ?, Also how long can your wolves stay in a object can more than one wolf be in the sam object or person what happens to the object or person that has been taken over ?

but you have a really great Idea on what you want :) , also i'm not trying to sound mean or dickish
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Okay I got a few blades that I'm gonna post soon. Just want to see what some of you think.
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
This blade is based off of the old native american folktale about why crows are black. If you are curious, the legend is called "Rainbow Crow"

Shikai Name: Niji Uyoku (Rainbow Wings)
Shikai Phrase: Show Them Your Sacrifice, Niji Uyoku
Bankai Name: Nenshou Umou (Burning Feathers)

Shikai Appearance: In its sealed form, Aisu resembles a regular katana with a rainbow colored handle. Niji Uyotu is a very bright and colorful dual-bladed zanpaktou. When Niji Uyoku is released it splits into two regular katanas that begin to glow in a rainbow of colors and bright feathers, that glow the same as the blade, continuously fall from the blades.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Wing Shot - This ability can be used at will. The wielder swings her blade with tremendous force in the direction of the opponent and hundreds of feathers shoot out of the blade at kido spell speed. The feathers spread out as they continue to move farther away from the launch point. (in a 75 degree angle) The feathers are as sharp as the blade and will cause severe cuts on whatever it hits.

2) Dancing Feathers - This ability can be used at will. The wielder swings both blades up and feathers fly up out of the blade and spread around the wielder. The feathers float in the air around the wielder to create a shield that is able to deflect kido spells up to level 60. The feathers will fall to the ground after deflecting an attack.

3) Bird's Song - When the wielder rubs the blades together, it creates the sound of a bird singing. When a person hears this song, the sound will throw off their equilibrium and make them see double of everything making it hard to see where they are going or where to attack. The affects of this last as long as the song is playing. The wielder is immune to the song and can not use her other ability while using this one.

Bankai Appearance: When in bankai, her swords don't change. The only difference in appearance is a long sleeve robe that the wielder is now wearing. The robe appears to be made from bird feathers and all the feathers shine in a rainbow of colors. The tips of the feathers also appear to be burning as smoke is coming from the tips of the feathers. The robe will be completely burned after 5 minutes.

Bankai Ablilties:

1) Burnt Wings - As time goes by, the feathers on the robe will continue to burn until the robe turns completely black. As the robe burns, the area will fill with smoke making it harder to see and breath for the opponent(s). The wielder is not affected by the smoke. The closer you get to her, the harder it is to breath. The smoke increases as the robe burns.

2) Crow's Caw - When the wielder strikes her blades together, it releases a loud sound similar to a crow's caw as well as a large shockwave of energy that has the destructive force of a 10 ton TNT bomb. The shockwave travels at kido spell speed. This ability needs 20 seconds to recharge before being used again.

3) The Gift of Fire - As the robe burns, the area around the wielder continues to rise in temperature and the blades begin to turn black. Once the robe is completely burned, after 5 minutes of activating bankai, 10 large balls of black fire fly out from her robe and take the shape of 10 large crows. These crows will fly around the battlefield and periodically attack the opponent. The crows can be countered by kido spells and zanpaktou abilities but since they are made by fire, the fire will reform into the shape of a crow and try to attack again. Therefore the opponent must find a way to extinguish the flames completely or be prepared to dodge the crows for the rest of the fight. The crows cause 3rd degree burns if touched. Due to the heavy smoke in the area from the first ability, the bird can be very hard to see so the opponent must be aware of everything around him/her in order to avoid the attacks.
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
This is an electric blade, if you read One Piece then you will see where I got the idea from.

Zanpaktou Element: Lightning
Shikai Name: Raikou Higi (Lightning Ritual)
Shikai Phrase: Darken The Sky, Raikou Higi!
Bankai Name: Rairin Sora Heki (Summoned Sky Ruler)

Shikai Appearance: In its sealed form, it exist as a regular katana that is strapped on his back. Once Raikou Higi is released, the sheath turns into a black snare drum that has an gold colored batter head attached to a black strap that goes around the wielder's back. The batter head has a black Tomoe symbol on it. The katana separates into two black drum sticks. The durm sticks are made of a dense metal and have electricity surging through them. As the wielder beats on the drum, the sky will fill with dark thunder clouds.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Dageki Shochi (Shock Therapy) - As the wielder beats the drum, it sends small doses of electricity through his body causes his muscles to slightly tense up making his body move at twice its normal speed for a brief moment allowing him to dodge attacks easily or move in on his opponent quickly.

2) Raikou Ko-Ru (Lightning Call) - As the drum sticks continue to beat the drum, more and more storm clouds form and lightning surges in the clouds. Lightning will also began to surge even stronger through the drum sticks until they glow neon blue, and when the wielder points at anything with the drum stick, a laser light will shine on the object or person and a bolt of lightning will shot down on it. The lightning moves a little faster than a kido spell. And if the wielder beats on the drum for a full minute without firing a lightning bolt, instead of a small bolt of lightning, a large beam of electric energy will crash down on the object or person.

3) Hekireki Bakuha (Thunder Explosion) - This ability needs 15 seconds to recharge after using it. the wielder can slam his hand down on the drum and this causes a wave of electric energy to explode out from the drum. The explosion has the force of a TNT explosion. The explosion doesn't hurt the wielder and this ability is normally used when an opponent gets to close. The explosion has a blast radius of 30 feet.

Bankai Appearance: The wielder slams down on the drum making the batter head break. When this happens, a large beam of lightning rains down on the wielder causing a large explosion. When the dust settles, the wielder has electricity running around his body. There are four large Tomoe drums attached via a large black ring to his back. The storm clouds have gotten darker and lightning is raging in the clouds.

Bankai Abilities:

1) Sora Ken (Sky Blade) - The wielder lifts his hand into the air and a lightning bolt strikes his hand. The lightning stays in his hand and takes a physical form of a weapon of his choosing. The lightning can take the shape of a sword, shield, or whip. This lightning bolt is physical and can block physical attacks. If it comes into contact with a person's body, it will electrocute them. The lightning bolt can also be thrown at an opponent. This ability can also use the conductivity of metal. The wielder can strike any metal in the area and send powerful electrical currents through it. If anyone would touch the metal, they would be electrocuted.

2) Riajin (God of Thunder) - This ability needs one minute to recharge after use. The Tomoe symbols glow neon blue and the wielder's body turns into a lightning form that adds an electric shock to the opponent when he hits them. Only kido spells or zanpaktou energy abilities can be used on him in this form because all physical attacks will pass through him in this lightning form. And if someone physically touches him, then they will be electrocuted. This ability also allows him to throw lightning at the opponent as well. The wielder can also phase into metals and move through them like an electrical current. He can also charge metal objects turning them into powerful magnets. The metal will stay magnetized for one minute and if a metal zanpaktou touches it, then it will stick to it for that time period. In order to demagnetize the metal, the opponent can heat up the metal, introduce it to a magnetic field or hit it with enough force to stress out the magnet. This form last for 3 minutes.

3) Riakou Bomu (Lightning Bomber) - This can only be used once per release. The epicenter of the storm clouds begin to separate and a large orb of electric energy (100 feet in radius) begins to fall from the vortex. The wielder then lifts his hand into the air and swings it down in the direction of the target. As the orb falls down towards the target, everything within 20 feet of it will begin to crumble except the wielder. Once the orb hits, it causes an explosion the size of a 100 ton TNT bomb. This orb moves at Kido spell speed. The orb can be countered by kido spells above level 80 or by the opponent creating a large insulator.
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
This is a blade that I made before but I never made a bankai for it but now I made it so I'm posting it.

Zanpaktou Element: Light
Shikai Name: Sunappu Tama (Snap Shot)
Shikai Phrase: View The Scenery, Sunappu Tama
Bankai Name: Riariti Edita (Reality Editor)

Shikai Appearance: In its sealed form, Sunappu Tama exists as a regular meter long katana that has a gold handle. When it is released, the blade is now black in color and there appears to be a camera lens on both sides of the blade at the bottom of it near the handle. The lens that is facing Yari continuously takes pictures of her but the lens on the opposite side of her will only take pictures when she wants it to. The handle of the blade is still gold with black diamond patterns on it.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Senkou (Flash) - This ability is very simple and is normally done before Yari activates her other abilities. Yari faces one of the lens in her opponent's direction and a blinding light that fills the entire area shines out of the lens. If the opponent was looking directly in it, then they will be blinded for 5 seconds. If not then they will not be able to see as long as the light is on. The light stays on for 2 seconds and the other abilities CAN be activated we the light is on.

2) Keikan (Scenery) - When Senkou is activated, the blade takes a picture of the entire area. (This ability can also be used without the flash for stealth purposes) The blade will now make the illusion of the surrounding area without Yari in it, making it impossible to see her until she ends the ability. The opponent will not be able to see her, but can hear her and feel her. Therefore, Yari must remain completely silent or the enemy will find her. Also, this ability can be canceled if the opponent is able to touch his blade to hers, it will not cancel when she cuts the opponent, they need to tap their blade onto her's.

3) Foto Tenpo (Photo Shop) - The blade will release the many pictures that it was constantly taking of Yari like a flip book, making it look like there are multiple versions of her moving around the battlefield. Since she is so fast and great at hiding her spiritual pressure, this ability can be devastating for inexperienced fighters.

Bankai Appearance: When Bankai is activated, the blade shines in a bright light and disappears. When the light is gone, the handle has thickened, resembles a light saber from Star Wars, and has VCR buttons going down the side of the handle. List of buttons: Play, Stop, Rewind, Flash Forward, Eject, Pause and a red Record button. Instead of a blade being at the end of the handle, there is a video camera lens that records the surrounding area. There is still a blade in this bankai form. In order to use it, Yari must hit the Pause button to cancel an ability making a blade of light form out of the camera lens. The blade is 3 feet long.

Bankai Abilities:

1) Kiroku (Record) - This ability has two uses, the first is always activated and the second can only be used by hitting the Record button!

Use 1 - While the light blade is not being used, the camera lens will record everything in the surrounding area. That includes Yari, the opponent, the scenery, the sounds in the area and anyone else that is around at the time the bankai is activated.

Use 2 - This is activated by hitting the record button. When an opponent launches a kido attack or a zanpaktou energy projectile attack, the light blade will expand to resemble a vortex and absorb the energy from the attack. Once the attack is completely absorbed, Yari can hit the Eject button and instead of the light blade, the attack she just absorbed will be launched at the opponent. This ability can only absorb one attack at a time and can only use the attack once. Yari must be completely still in order to absorb the attack leaving her defenseless, therefore this is not a good ability to use if she is fighting multiple opponents.

2) Bideoreko-Da (VCR Buttons) - These abilities are activated by Yari hitting the buttons on the handle! Each ability can only be used once per release.

Pause - This button cancels the other abilities and forces the light blade to come out of the handle.

Rewind - This is a defensive ability. Rewind allows Yari to literally rewind everything that has happened as far back as up to 30 seconds of past events. This allows her to reverse damage she has received or avoid an attack that she didn't avoid before.

Flash Forward - This ability is for offense. This ability doubles Yari's speed for one minute. She can also transfer her speed to objects she hits towards the opponent as well as kido spells she uses. This ability drains half of her spirit energy.

Stop - This ability is mostly used for escapes as it causes the bankai to deactivate after the button is pressed. Once the Stop button is pressed, everything within a 200 foot radius of Yari will completely stop for 1 hour and the blade will seal itself up for a day. Yari is the only one capable of moving in the area after hitting the button and she can allow others to move by touching them. She is not able to use kido spells in this area so the opponent can't be hurt with out being allowed to move by Yari.

3) Shuji Kirinuki (Director's Cut) - This ability is activated by Yari hitting the Play button. When she does this, she is able to control the opponent's sense of sight and hearing, making them see different illusions of the surrounding area and hear the different sounds that the zanpaktou has recorded. This ability can be stopped by touching Yari's zanpaktou handle but it is much more difficult since the blade is not activated and the sounds from the illusion make it hard to hear her.

hace más de un año jstar18 said…
And here is the last one I made. It's based off of the Japanese god Izanagi.

Shikai Name: San Kiyoi Jisou (Three Noble Children)
Shikai Phrase: Alter Reality, San Kiyoi Jisou
Bankai Name: Sugoi Daifu - Izanagi (The Great Father - Izanagi)

Shikai Appearance: In shikai form, it resembles a regular meter long katana. The groove of the blade is wider than normal as it holds a strong neurotoxin in it. There are very tiny holes in the sword going from the edge of the blade to the groove so that the toxin can be injected itno the opponent when they are cut. There is a jewel embedded at the bottom of the blade near the handle, and the handle is white in color.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Tsukuyomi (Moon God) - This ability can only be activated once the opponent has been cut by the blade sending the neurotoxin into there blood stream. The jewel on the blade will begin to glow a dark gray color. This signal from the blade will tell the toxin to affect the opponent's visual system. This will cause the opponent to see illusions created by the weilder. This only affects the eyesight of the person but their other senses are not affected in any way. This ability only last for 30 seconds and can not be reactivated until 30 more seconds pass.

2) Amaterasu (Sun God) - This ability can only be activated once the opponent has been cut by the blade sending the neurotoxin into there blood stream. The jewel on the blade will begin to glow a bright orange color. This signal from the blade will tell the toxin to affect the opponent's pain receptors in their body. Whenever the opponent gets hit the pain will feel like an intense burning sensation. The burning will feel different depending on the hit they take; punchs, kicks, taps and even when the opponent falls and hits the ground, it will feel like they are being burned with a hot iron. When the opponent is cut by the blade then that area will feel like a fire is sitting on their wound. The pain will remand there until the ability deactivates. This ability will only last for 30 seconds and can not be reactivated until 30 more seconds pass.

3) Susanoo (Storm God) - This ability can only be activated once the opponent has been cut by the blade sending the neurotoxin into there blood stream. The jewel on the blade will begin to glow a neon blue color. This signal from the blade will tell the toxin to affect the opponent's muscle tissue. The muscle will only be affected when the opponent comes within 5 feet of the wielder, the toxin will cause the opponent's muscles to relax making his sword swings and blocks 50% weaker than normal making it seem like the wielder is getting stronger. But as long as the opponent stays more than 5 feet away from the opponent, then they will not be affected. This ability will only last for 30 seconds and can not be reactivated until 30 more seconds pass.

Bankai Appearance: A bright light emits form the blade and begins to surround the wielder. The light takes the shape of the wielder holding a naginata. The light disperses and the wielder is now wearing bluish gray samurai armor. There are neon blue lightning bolt patterns on the armor. The wielder is also wearing a black chain that has three shperical jewels on it that all look like the moon. The naginata has a yellowish orange blade with a black handle that has a red fire pattern on it. The blade is two feet long while the handle is four and a half feet long.

Bankai Abilities:

1) Tsukuyomi (Moon God) - The black chain with the moon jewels is Tsukuyomi's spirit taking a physical form. When this ability is activated, one of the moon jewels will glow black and a black aura will expand at a rather slow speed (half kido spell speed) as it covers an area of 100 square feet. If the opponent is in the area, then they are trapped until the aura disappears, which is after three minutes. The aura is the moon spirit and it will begin to search the opponent's mind for their worst fear, it will only take a few seconds and once it is done it will take the form of their fear. Izanagi represents creation, therefore everything the opponent is seeing in the aura has a physical form. They can be cut and they can be hurt yet they can attack whatever they are seeing as well. If their fear is someone else getting hurt, then a physical replica of the person will form in the aura and somehow get hurt in the worst way possible. It is pretty much complete torture. Even though the things in this aura are real, the wielder can not attack the opponent in anyway while the ability is activated, making it the opponent vs his worst fear. The opponent can break out of the aura by raising their spiritual pressure higher then the wielder's current level at the time of activation. This ability can only last one minute per moon jewel left so the wielder can activate one and hold it for a minute and cancel it, or make one and hold it for three minutes by using the power of all the jewels. If using one jewel at a time, this ability can be used three times.

2) Amaterasu (Sun God) - The naginata is Amaterasu's spirit taking a physical form. While the naginata is in motion, it will convert its kenetic energy into heat energy and store it in the blade. When the blade touches or cuts something, it will transfer its heat energy into that area. The object can be the ground, a person or anything else it touches. The heat will not spread but instead stay directly in the area that was touched or cut. If a person is cut, then they are stuck with that pain for the rest of the battle unless they cut off the part that is burning. One the heat energy is transfered, the wielder can slam the blade down causing a light heat wave to expand out, when the wave makes contact with the different heat transfer areas, it will make that area explode with the force of a hand grenade. This heat energy can also be transfered into the air as well, but this acts differently from a transfer into an object. Instead of staying in a set location, the energy will take the form of a thin wave of intense heat that is capable of cuting objects. This wave travels in a straight line and moves at kido spell speed. (It is faint orange in color.)

3) Susanoo (Storm God) - The samurai armor is Susanoo's spirit taking a physical form. The samurai armor surges with electrical energy. Whenever the opponent attacks, or defends, the armor will send out a pulse of electric energy that takes the shape of the body part the wielder is using to attack or defend, thus making a "phantom body part", the electric pulse can also take the shape of the naginata if it is being used. For example, should the wielder swing the naginata, a gigantic disembodied arm wielding a naginata pulses out from the wielder's body and does the same thing. The electric pulse has twice the physical power of the wielder but can be block by normal means like parrying it with your own blade. If the pulse physically touchs the opponent's body, if will cause them to be temporarily paralyzed for 5 seconds. (This allows the wielder to slow down the opponent and activate the first ability making the slow speed of the black aura not matter.) The electrical pulse can be used for defense as stated, but can omly block kido spells up to level 80. The electric pulses can not stop sword swings.
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
all I have to say is Jstar amazeing blade's , well Ordeal that's how your Zanpakuto's should look ....
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Jstar! Amazing Blades! Very Original. Ill give them 8, 8, 9, 9.
I kinda think that the flame cloak of the feather one was kinda unrelated, but i guess its from the legend you mentioned.
Anyway, way to go! People, Blades should be more like this.
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Thanks and yeah the third bankai ability is from the legend! The rainbow crow's feathers were burnt and turned black because it had to bring fire to the earth. Hence the ability name "gift of fire".
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hace más de un año bleach_num4_fan said…
i had an idea about a zanpakuto that could like change the atoms of objects around to change the objects state of matter like turn liquids into solids and stuff. sucky or horrible? :P
hace más de un año VordofOedel said…
Great welcome, thanks guys(sarcasm)... and it's Oedel, not Ordeal.
Vordof Oedel

That was actually the first time I ever wrote something about bleach, and I have no idea was is a Kido, Retsu or Hado. I've only seen the episodes 1-9 and 280-292, and never read the mangas.

And why should I lessen the power of my Zanpakuto? Aizen's seems pretty invincible, were it not of him being very cocky.

@wolfmaster3000 : I know you aren't trying to be mean, though it did felt like what I did was just wrong.

Can anyone give me a quick tutorial by pm? Would be greatly appreciated.
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hace más de un año lightning84265 said…
hey ok i got an idea. my friend asked me the other day when i mentioned my dragon zanpakuto i recently posted "if you could have a zanpakuto without limitiations what would it be?" so i thought maybe everyone should make there own overkill zanpakuto as i call it. i going to post mine :)
hace más de un año lightning84265 said…
i just somehow forgot wat mine was!!!!!!!!!!! this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (grrr im mad)
hace más de un año lightning84265 said…
big smile
i totally forgot the overkill one but saw thought of somthing else(i think i may be dicted to dark and light themed zanpakuto so im trying to do somthing similar but different at the same time to get out of it if u knoww wat i mean) lol

sealed:is an ordinary katana with a white hilt.

Shikai:Tsuki o giragira(glistening moon) blade and guard become silver, hilt remains white and diamonds become silver too.Is more powerful depending on how much of the moon is showing. on a scale from 1-10 (1 being like a weak luitenits, 2 an everage luitenits, 3 a strong luitenits, 4 a weak captens, 5 an average captens, 6 a strong capten, 7 like the head captains, 8 like a weak bonkai, 9 like an everage bankai, 10 like a powerful bankai)(remember they are shiai comparasens not going into bankai untill 8; i just would expect a captains shikai to be tougher than a luitenents)on the new moon(were there isnt one showing)it at 1; cresent moon is 2-4 depending on how big; half moon is 5; more is 6-8; full moon is 9; and 10 only happens on the famouse but rare red or "blood moon".

ability 1:Tsuki o suraisu(slicing moon) basicaly a silver getsuga

ability 2:Gekkō(moonlight)basically a silver cero

ability 3:Hoshi akari(starlight)many spikes resembling arrow heads of silvery light apear around me, i point at my oponent and they fly at them;this can be combined with Gekko to form a powerful combo.

Note:during blood moon all sword atribuites such as color and abilities, all gain a red tinge to them.

bankai:Akaruku, Tsuki o giragira(brightly, glistening moon) sword remains same but gains a silvery glow (unless during blood moon in wich its redish too) also whatever rating it should have on the chart goes up by one. bankai can only be used when shikai has at least a rating of 7.

all abilities are same but are now equal to new rating.

new ability 1:Mangetsu no ikari(full moons fury) can only be used on full moon regardless of rating. user points sword at moon and he and his sword are illumenated by light, he then uses the light to unleash a very powerfull version of ordinary abilites.

new ability-2:Chi tsuki no ikari(blood moon's rage)can only be used on blood moon regardless of rating. same as Mangetsu no ikari but is a blood moon version and is practiclly unbeetable.

so tell me what u think; keep in mind its not overkill cause sometimes i'm beyond wimpy and a lutenent could do better(though sometimes nobody can beat me too) now the chances are fairly even because a lunar cycle takes one month so every month there is one new moon and one full moon in each month so its totally 50 50 what i get also a red moon only occurs once a year(though were i live its usually cloudy so i've never seen one) so i only have a 1 in 365(366 on leap year) chance to get it. so what do u think different? (personally i believe it to be pretty original even though its moon based but your opinion would be nice to hear.
hace más de un año Ichigosuke said…
Bleachnum4fan, i already posted an idea like that, which by heating and freezing changes the atoms into other states. look a few pages back
hace más de un año lightning84265 said…
big smile
o yea i totally forgot to metion a VERY important part. how many of u were wondering what i would do if it was day time?(i'm asuming a lot!) well i'll tell u; no moon, no shikai! luckily my shinigami is a master of kido although hates using much of it at night. which reminds me, i never talked about my soul reaper!

my shinigami is a little short for his age of 14 years old short spiky white hair, has white skin, blue eyes, and is the 1st seat of squad 10.He is kind of happy go lucky and tries to look on the bright side of life.he is not very interested in sports and likes to read however he is very practiced and can be quite athletic when he wants to be. He is kind to others but can be lazy at times. his name is Issu(one of a kind)

and yes i know its just like my other one but i like to keep them close to me in real life(in fact that describes me perfectly except i have short brown hair and my eyes change from green to blue occasionally though usually blue;odd i know.)
hace más de un año lightning84265 said…
o cool i didnt know that :)
hace más de un año lightning84265 said…
so what do u think of my zanpakuto???
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
@VordofOedel - didn't mean for it to sound lke what you did was wrong , trust me when I make blade's I get reviews like that all the time it's just good nature and it make's you think. Kido is magic pretty much but it's broken up into 4 catigories Binding , Bakudo-deffensive spells , Hado-offensive spells and forbdien. retsu is spirt energey.....and I agree with you Azien's blade is OP but even it has it's weakness's :P , why should you lesson the power of you Zanpakuto so it's not OP and so people don't dispise you on this form just be glad I spotted out your mistake's and not whiteflame55 XD :P XD , but mostly to keep it fair and well rounded.
hace más de un año VordofOedel said…
Ok thanks to have explained a little bit, it does makes thing easier the way you now explain them.

Now working on Kurokami 1.1
hace más de un año ky-chan said…
@Everyone, I'm so sorry! I was super busy with my immense Gaelic studies and beastly amount of homework in Bio.
@Ichigosuke, I love your Acupunture Zanpakuto <3
@Everyone else, keep up the good work! Woot!!!!!!
hace más de un año VordofOedel said…
This is my latest version of my first zanpakuto, I hope it is better, and comments and suggestions are welcome, once again. I'll try to not see them as bad things this time...

Kurokami (black wolf)
sealed form: a black pendant with a wolf fang attached to it.

Shikai release: Hitokuchi (bite)
=Kurokami's release form is that of a standard katana, though it differs from a normal one by it's colour: The Zanpakuto is completely black , and so in a very monochrome way. The blade, the hilt and everything else is of the same pitch black colour.

Bankai: Mangetsu no Shuryo Okami (hunting wolves of the full moon)
=Both the wielder and Kurokami transform into a pack of ghost-like wolves, nine of them. They are all about the size of a big horse, their fur colour varying from pure white to pitch black, all having a colourless halo surrounding them. One can always see through them, for they are semi-transparent. Each is connected to all others, so all see through all eyes, all hear through all ears, ect., though pain is also shared, but not wounds.

Shikai abilities:
-Shiroi Kaze (white wind)
=Kurokami absorbs some of the spiritual pressure from it's wielder and releases it at a highly concentrated rate at the tip of it's blade, so when the wielder slashes, the released spiritual pressure takes the shape of a white wave of raw power. It can be released as an 90 degrees arc, or as an omnidirectional wave when stroke to the ground. The destructive power of the wave depends on how much spiritual pressure is absorbed, though it can greatly vary, from the power of a fresh breeze to a direct hit from Kokujo Tengen Myo'o.

-Yuro no Toboe (night howl)
=The Zanpakuto howls like a wolf, loudly enough to be heard up to 16 km away, in favourable conditions. Any who hears that sound looses all of their senses, with the exception of hearing the howl. The howl can last up to two minutes, at the end of which the ability cannot be used again for about an hour. Those who touches the Zanpakuto and those who are deafened are immune to this ability, and it can only be used at night.

Bankai abilities:

-Sairento Jumon (silent spell)
=Passive ability. The wolves do not need to spell incantations to cast kidos nor do they need to say an ability's name to use it without reducing the ability's or the kido's power. Though, no kido may be used by any method while any wolf is intangible.

-Tamashi to Seishin no Tabi (the soul and spirit journey)
=The wolves can be intangible or tangible, and that can be changed at will, without delay. They can't materialize themselves within other objects or people. If the wolves try to, they just don't succeed.

V1.0 Haven't completed yet, though comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I was also thinking of making my own shinigami to go with Kurokami, Subete Shinji (the truth of everything).

V1.1 Greatly reduced the Bankai's ghost-like power, to avoid overpowering this Zanpakuto, though added an other ability. Added details to all descriptions. Was pissed when OpenOffice crashed. Added a time limit to Yuro no Toboe, to make it more like a real wolf's howl, and made it possible only during night time. Changed shikai release word for an action, rather than a name.
hace más de un año ky-chan said…
I like it! I love wolves too, unforunately so do a lot of other people: I even made my Zanpakuto's Bankai that of a blood wolf...(page...umm....something or other, revised edition shortly after it)
I'm trying to encourage a lot of uniqueness, and I like the ghost wolf idea! Why not make elemental creatures with your own twist to make it even more original, or throw in a little of your personality with your Shinigami when/if you make him/her.

"if knowledge is light, then there is none in a packed box. you can either imagine what is outside or you can break free and truely be outside of that stagnant air. if i can succumb others to that knowledge, that light, then i have done my hearts intent for an open world within the mind."
hace más de un año VordofOedel said…
See? THAT's a proper way to criticize my work. An original and happy way to say I lack originality, underlined by a philosophic quoting.

I like you all, nevertheless. ;)
hace más de un año ky-chan said…
heehee, philosophic quoting...i made it up.
i love philosophy...i took a course in it with logic and we were told to create some quotes. that one was made by me in response to Plato's Allegory of the Cave
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