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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
It was hard to come up with Ablities and a name for this one but here it goes rate and comment :)

shikai name : Ryu karoyaka ( dragon of light )

Shikai Release command : show me your true power

Shikai Ablitie(s) Ablity number one : karuyaka chisoro ( light speed) at the cost of a fraction of my reshi the I can move at the speed of light for 10 seconds this abilty incerease's my seed tenfold

Ablity number 2: Tenshi doki ( Angel's wrath ) this Ablity is a mean one it's undogable ray of light that can completely puirfy a hallow/Arcanar how powerful the ray is dependt on how much Rashi I put into the attack

Ablity number 3 : Tenshi kaigen ( angel's prayer) this is another ability that is dependent on my raishi what this ability does is heal me

Zanpakuto description : in it's sealed form ryu karoyaka looks like a normal katana with one abnormal feature the blade is a bright yellow.

shiki description : in shikai ryu karoyaka's blade turns yellow the helt get's gold wraping around it an angel wing is where the gaurd should be.

Bankai name : Kanji ryu karoyaka oyobi tenma ryu makura ( holy dragon of light & demon dragon of enternal darkness)

Bankai ablities : Ablity number one : Akuma kado ( demons gate ) this ablity makes a gaint gate appear and the souls of hell come out and do a 300 hit combo the soul numbers very from how much reshi I put into this attack

Abilit number 2 : Kanji ryu doki ( holy dragons wrath ) this ablity is a gant wave of holy energey and it purifies ( as in as rukia explained in the 3rd episode sends them to the soul society/ hell if they were bad ) anything it touches except the user ( even can purify soul reapers) the wave is useually about 20 feet wide and covers a good 5 mile raiduis

Ablity number 3 : now because this is a dual element Zanpakuto is has two spcail ablities BUT I can only activate one if I activate tenma ryu makura ( demon dragon of eternal darkness) at the cost of all my reshi I use this ablity Taimu sunpou ( time dimension ) a clock appears over my head and I can only make it move foward rapidly ageing everything ( except my self) until it's time of death I am than powerless and pass out this ablity covers a 20 foot raiduis. If I use the kanji ryu karoyaka ( holy dragon of light). I than actvate this kanji ryu kaigen ( holy dragons prayer) again at the cost of all my raishi I gain perfect state all injuries that I recieve are instantly healed everythng goes up +80 but once i'm out of this form all the injuryies I recieved show up and again I am completly weakend and can no longer fight.

Bankai Description : when ryu karoyaka turns into kanji ryu karoyaka oyobi tenmaryu makura I gain two massive buster swords both about 20-30 feet long and about 5 inches wide the blade in my left and is Kanji Ryu Karoyaka it's apperance is the blade is a bright white with a gold line down the middle and where the gaurd should be there is a bright yellow angel wing and the blade in my right hand is Tenma ryu makura the blade is black with a red stripe down the middle and there is a black demon wing where the gaurd should be. well I hope you understood the Zanpakuto, the Zanpakuto is a Dual spirt if your all wondering just the sceon spirt wakes up in Bankai.

Charcter profile :

kido: 80

shinpo: 100


hand to hand : 25

Name: Nabimaru( made it up )

height : 5'9

weight : 189lbs

gender : male

love interest : none

Family : Deceased

Parents : Jinkostu & mammoru ( adpotive parents)

Race : shinigami

Rank: 3rd seat 6th divsion

Age : 400 years old

Look : Nabimaru has unkempt hair that is down to his shoulders he has hazel eye's, going down his left arm is a tattoo of a dragon on his right shoulder Nabimaru has a demon tattoo. he wears he standard soul reape uniform but over hs kimono he wears a hakama-himo but his is black and doesn't mean anything.

Pernailty: funny, outgoing, battle loveing, sarcastic , serios, senseable, humble, honor able, good sense of right and wrong, love able, careing, sensetive,Rightoues and trustworthy.

likes : Renji, food, 6th divison members,woman, justic, honrable people , love, romance, trust worthy people.

dislikes: 11th divsion members, unhonorble pople, unhumble people, unrghtoues people, unhonest people,
unturst worthy peole, lieing.

backround storey : Nabimaru was always alone his parents died of sickness Nabimru was always picked on and aways had to fend for himself but one day Nabimaru had foun a frog and he loved that frog he took such good care of it than one day some bullies were throwing rocks at Nabimaru, Nabimaru was holding his frog and a really sharp pebbel hit and kiled the frog, when Nabimaru Relizied what happend his spirtual Preasure Killed the two bullies two soul reapers were in the area they brought him to Captain yamma , Captain Yamma didn't want to say no so they put him in the soul acdeamy by time he was 13 he had Garduaited from the Acdeamy captain yamma than put him in the 6th divsion by the time he was 19 he was/ still is in the 3rd seat of the 6th division he get's along with his comrades and is good friends with Renji.Nabimaru take's his role as the 3rd seated offcier vey seriouly. He has aweakend ryu karoyaka fully so he does have bankai but does not wish to leave sixth divsion to be a captain Bakuya keeps offering him to take the test but he keeps refuseing his captain and goes about his normal duties as a 6th divsion member captain yamma is aware that he has bankai but respects his wish to stay as a 6th division member.

abnormal Fetures

high incellect

high indurance

high stamana

can eat massive amounts of food

well rate and comment =) if you are confused about the Zanpakuto I COMPLETELY UNDESTAND jut ask me and i'll explain =)

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hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
Name: Shukun Kizuku

[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]kyousei fo-ji(great forge)
[release command]Harden the forge
=armor that goes up to the neck from the hands dark bronze with red outlines on joints

[bankai name] Saikou fo-ji(supream forge)
=description - full body armor that is hidden under robes color unknown guessed as
being dark bronze but never proven

[shikai abilities] -
= if i touch any form of zanpaktou touches me i gain a 1/2 of the spirit energy of the weilder (can only be used once) and is formed into power for me if rietsu is absorbed this way damage from it is reduced half the normal power. energy gained is turned into half the power for me but dose not take any thing away from the owner its just a addition of my own and i cannot copy abilities this way
=can make 1 copy of the owner of the energy i absorbed thats at 1/2 the power of the owner at all times it can do all abilities of the owner that i know of

[bankai abilities] -
= absorbs energy through physical contact and turns it into 3/4th of the owners power on contact (can only be used once) the power you absorb is used as a defense to reduce all damage taken by 3/4, and that the more powerful the attack, the quicker the energy is used still dose not take away just copies and adds to my own
= the damage i receive is reduced by 1/2th the power until the energy is used up but can copy additional energy to keep this in use through physical contact
= i produce copies of the owner from which i have took the energy from has all abilities of the owner in the opponets shikai form (if i know of them or not or not) but its only 1/2th the strength of the owner can make up to 2 copies of each person it acts as a separate person under my control
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hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
aww crap well Ulquiorra1313 looks like we need to compete for 3rd seat of the 6th divison I didn't relize you had claimed it :P
hace más de un año rantora13 said…
To wolfmaster ur first ability in ur shinkai is a little much u should lower the time to at least 30 second cuz 2min is to long not to mention light speed is uber fast to block a decapitation. One more thing is explain ur version of "purify".
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
has anyone claimed 3rd seat for 8th division?
hace más de un año onix11 said…
Name: Daniel Wells
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 6'0
Weight: 195
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Apperance: Daniel has a military styled hair cut and wears a white tshirt with jeans. He wears a fingerless black glove on his right sword hand and a pair of sunglasses that sit atop of his head. He has a lean but muscular body.
Story: Being a kid from a normal school from america he knew nothing about hollows and shinigami. But when he went on a trip to japan, his spritual powers began to mainifest. He ran into a dying person dressed up in some fancy robes. He had a katana in his hand. He went to help him but the warrior said no and gave Daniel his blade that was called a zanpakuto. He took it and was meet by the hollow who killed the man. they battled eachother for a long time but with Daniel not having an experience in fighting them he was quickly over taken. Before the hollow finished him, Daniel was engulfed in a bright light. He stood up feeling new power coursing through his veins. He was able to kill the hollow in one quick strike. From then on he keeped the blade as a momento of that night. Training with the sword every chance he got. He continued fighting hollows. He was discovered by a group that said they were plaining on destroying one of the greateset evils in their world's. Daniel agreed to join them.

Abilites: Daniel, over the time of fighting hollow, learned how to control his spiritual power. Giving him access to all sorts of powers that act like kido.

Spirit cannon: This is his first power. After training with it constantly, he managed to make it a five foot large ball that explodes on impact at it's target. It is very damaging do to it's destructive power. moves at the speed of a fast kido spell.

Fire Bullets: A fire ball about two feet forms in his hands. He clasp them together launching hundreds of tiny fire balls that catches the area that hits on fire. Moves faster than kido.

Spirit sheild: He takes the floating Reiseta in the air and mashes them together. Forming a shield that can block almost any attakes unless the enemy using them has more power than the shield.


Apperance: It is a three foot long blade that has a square white guard and a blue handle.

He does not know the zanpakutos name yet so he can not use the abilites.

Strength: 80
Spell casting: 90
Reaction time(Can't use shunpo): 95
Swordsmanship: 90
hand to hand: 75

So what do you think.
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Onix I like that character he not a shingami just a kid with powers and he also doesn't seem evil he just goign with what he thinks are the good guys
hace más de un año Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
big smile
OMZ onix your character seems similar to the main character of Yu Yu Hakusho XD. Thats mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hace más de un año Ulquiorra1313 said…
Wolfmaster: Hey :) i'll take 4th cuz once again my guy does not really care
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
what you guys think of my zanpakuto?
hace más de un año onix11 said…
I wasn't trying to base it of that show takeshi_tsurugi but i guess it does seem that way.
hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…

Name: Ai Kazaki
Name Meaning: Love
Height: 4’11 ½’’
Weight: 80 lbs.
Race: Shinigami
Birthday: July 15th (Same as Ichigo)
Age: 16
Apperance: Ai is very slender and petite with wavy dark brown hair to her lower back and chocolate brown eyes, she often wears her hair in different styles so one won’t get jealous of the other, and though she hates to admit it she loves pig tails worn low and pony tails like her mother. She often wears her tresses in curls. She loves to design her own clothing, which is always very cute and modest. She can often be seen in sun dresses, flowy gowns, and skirts and shorts with cute thinks like Kon or smiley pins pinned to them or maybe even stitched if the decoration is fabric. She is very beautiful and cute and almost always smiling, which is why she is so easy to approach and many men like her.
Personality: Ai is certifiably psychotic (often confusing her name for the word “I” or for “Eyes”) and often says funny, weird things that most people see as amusing jokes though she means everything she says, which is somewhat of a scary thought since she is so childlike. Ai is very helpful, sweet, cute, positive, imaginative, crazy, and playful.
Occupation: High school student, employee in her parent’s record store
Favorite food: Tacos, chicken enchiladas with green chili sauce with macaroni, blueberries, Cinnamon buns, black coffee (a trait shared with her mother (because its “manly”) though Ichigo says she shouldn’t drink it and that it probably stunned her growth where she replied I know but its yummy and helps me stay awake when my mind won’t turn off, where he replied that’s probably why) and chocolate. Ai loves most every kind of food and is an exceptional cook, only making cookies or other kinds of foods she really likes once in a while because she claims the others will get jealous or envious and cry or attack her.
Likes: Ponkichi (Kon from Carnivore Carnival, so much to the point that she has purchased tons of merchandise resembling him, she even sewed a large skirt resembling his face with a scalloped mane),Carnivore carnival (her favorite TV show), Sewing (she is exceptionally good at this and so Ishida sees her as a rival when she enters the handicrafts club), cooking (she often cooks delicious meals that satisfy everyone even Ichigo), daydreaming (she does this so regularly that it often shocks those around her, she always says strange things like she’s scared of vampire penguins (Wampires) or she’s being attacked by evil ninjas), fantasizing about fantasy creatures and weird things like if things get lonely when their taken away from their friends (even a plastic bag floating away can be used as an example her eyes will water and she’ll say he’s looking for his friends), Halloween, fulfilling items on her list of life goals (like being a fairy princess and pirate—almost all are not realistic), playing, music (she claims she likes everything even when the band has no talent), going to concerts and her father’s gigs, cars (her favorites are sports cars but when she tells Ichigo this she whispers because she doesn’t want to hurt any other automobiles’ feelings), motorcycles (she got her first one at fourteen), chewing bubblegum, talking to everyone she meets even if they look scary or dangerous, shiny things (she’s easily distracted), Ichigo, fairytales (she has attended Fantasy War, a fight with many people dressed as their favorite characters and medieval heroes in hopes to become that year’s champion. She and Ichigo, tough he doesn’t quite remember it first when he was four and she was three, but unlike her hero, Kurosaki she has been every year since she that time), stories, reading, art, stuffed animals, gumball machines, probability (claims she feels like picking out a certain pair of socks makes her feel like she’s practicing favoritism so she is often seen wearing two different kinds she also owns a probability wheel for several things like what fabrics to use or what to wear or listened to so her things don’t get jealous), playing guitar (she’s very good at it), shopping, martial arts (she’s a black belt, her tutors are Natsuki and Tatsuki),giving gifts and smiles to people her often mean to her, decorating, games (the only trait shared with her mother besides their love for ponytails and unique blood), ponytails, cute things, and stars.
Dislikes: toe socks (because they separate the toes from another and she thinks this makes them cold and lonely, and also because its freaky), mean people, bullies, separation and loneliness, (of anything mind you like ice cream flavors, cookies, DVD box sets, music, couples, and families of puppies), dislikes people disapproving the existence of fantasy or mythological creatures that believes are real, people saying her skin feels like a baby’s butt and that she’s weak because she’s so little and small, and being scared (though Ichigo loves scaring her with weird stories that she somehow believes).
Love interest: Ichigo Kurosaki (though she is till too shy to admit it)and Ishida Uryu (the two have recentley connected)
Family: Daisuke Kazaki (father) Reiko Kazaki A.K.A Reiko Hiyama (mother), Toshiyuki Hiyama (uncle, deceased), Masaru Hiyama (grandfather), Mai Hiyama (grandmother), Baile Pétalo (uncle’s wife), and Sakura Kuchiki (cousin)
Favorite song/theme music: Unison by Bjork and Cartoon Heroes by Aqua. She is said to love an all female Japanese metal band named Forlorn Roses and others like Bad Ass and, of course, Powdered Zombie.
Special powers: She possesses the rare, cursed blood of the Hiyama family. It is the strongest blood known of other than Megumi and Izumi (one of the patron’s of the Hiyama family). Her blood can increase a shinigami, an arrancar, a hollow, or soul merchant abilities’ ten-fold. It has been known to give humans spiritual powers, such as the same abilities and strengths as shinigami. It has also been known to bring the dead or “wholes” back to life. While most in the soul society believe that the power of the Hiyama family decreases with age, Ai’s continues to increase by 10 with each year.
Zanpakuto:kyohaku no hitomukashi (star of ages)
Release phase: climb the skies
Spirit manifestation: a pale maiden with silvery gown with long leaves with glimmering inseams, and glitter on her eyes. Her hair is like spun silver and her lips are white. She wears star jewelry on her ankles, neck, and wrist. She is very strange like Ai and loves cooking.
Inner world: the land of stars (a place that Ai dreams about)
Apperance: A long katana with a white glittery hilt and silver speckled star shaped guard with a chain with six stars dangling from the hilt.
Shikai: long silver sword that has large, glittery silver stars protruding from the blade; these can tear through opponents’ flesh leaving a bloody star-shaped hole. The handle is glittery and silver with a chain that has six stars dangling from it. It is considered so beautiful that it may rival Rukia’s Zanpakuto.
Special powers: with each swing if her blade ten blazing projectiles of cosmic fire burst forth from her blade. They explode of contact and have devestaing effects.
Bankai: shainingu kyohaku no hitomukashi (shining star of ages)
special abilites: Cosmic Pyrokinesis is the ability to create, control, and manipulate cosmic flames, flames which are not dependent on oxygen. The source of cosmic flames derives from her ability to manipulate matter at the atomic level, which allows her to generate intense heat, combustion and concussive blasts by stimulating heat molecules, or simply from her access to cosmic energy, or by combining both powers at once to create more powerful cosmic fire. When using these flames offensively, she burns her victims at the molecular and sub-molecular levels; thus no ashes or other combustive by-products are produced.
Special skills:
Blocks spiritual pressure
hand to hand combat master
Sword skills expert
shunpo expert
Reiatsu increasing blood (x10)
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hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Name: Megami Orikasa
Height: 4’1’’
Weight: 78 pounds (due to her extremely hefty head, which has garnered her nickname that she despises boulder head)
Race: shinigami
Birthday: November 12th
Age: 12 (though she looks much younger)
Apperance: Megami is very short and has a rotundas head which lilac purple hair that is jaw length and huge doe eyes that are also a deep shade of purple, she usually wears very tomboyish clothes but always wears sandals accented with bells, a sure sign to leave if anywhere near this foul mouthed girl. Her soul reaper outfit is accented with a mauve sash and occasionally a cute little hairclip of something cute like flowers, ice cream cones, and cupcakes, one of the only signs of her femininity.
Personality: Megami is very rude and sarcastic, and often curses and insults even those she hardly knows. She always seeks attention even if it puts her in bad situations; this is partially because of her neurotic parent’s behavior which causes her to lash out in bad ways. She often steals and sells illegal paraphernalia, though mostly to get attention.
Occupation: drug dealer, seat on squad nine
Family: She lives with her mother and father and her youngest sister, Mayu, in the 2nd district of the Rukon. Her family is bankrupt because of their humanitarianism and inability to sale their own products. Her mother, Natsumi Orikasa owns a flower shop while her father Nobutoshi Orikasa is a carpenter; her older sister, Setsuna whom she loves deeply works for the secret council who designs Zanpakuto and her older brother Kino, aka Dumpling, a nickname he received because of his foodholic ways and heaviness owns sells food from a small shop he bought near his home; which is made out of flour and resembles an enormous funnel cake.
Favorite food: ice cream
Likes: cussing, swearing, chastising people she finds stupid, selling illegal paraphernalia to get attention and as an act of rebellion against her neurotic, overly protective parents, sewing, playing, make-up, and other girly things though she won’t admit it, who often seem more concerned with Mayu’s education, bells, sweets, outsmarting, studying, easting, stealing, hairclips, attractive boys, and dolls though she’ll never admit it.
Dislikes: stupidity, not getting enough attention, not getting her way, her parent’s over protective attitudes, being made fun of for her large head or being called younger than she is.
Favorite song/theme music: Platypus (I Hate You) by Green Day
Zanpakuto: Chaimu Kane (chime bell)
Release phrase: toll
Spirit manifestation: a female spirit with a blue priestess outfit on with a tall pagoda like hat lined with tiny bells, and a log rod with two large bells fastened to the end. The priestess is small with blonde hair and a rather sweet and demure attitude which is a tangent off of her owner’s disposition. Megami often yells at her for being two soft.
Inner world: a sanctuary with thousands of bell shaped towers and where bells often resound.
Appearance: a wakizashi with a blue tassel and a large silver bell at the end of the silver hilt, which is studded in sapphires. The blade is thick and durable, despite being slightly shorter than most swords. She can release high pitch frequencies by shaking the hilt and often causes injuries and explosions through the sound waves. Her Zanpakuto is one of the few Zanpakuto that has abilities in its sealed state.
Shikai: Her Shikai takes the form of a surprisingly small silver bell that is pinned on her clothes.
Special abilities: Her Shikai allows her to move at high speeds and create sonic vibrations that can breach walls and deafen foes. When attacked a superimposed image of the bell protects her as a barrier.
Bankai: Narasu Kane Chaimu (ring bell chime): it takes the form of a long blue staff about 3 in a half centimeters around with a bell on the end and a long yellow tassel. She can causes powerful vibrations and send them flying at foes to injure them or shatter obstacles. She can generate reiatsu into giant bells that can land over foes and ring causing deafness and sever injuries. Her speed is enhanced in this form because she can travel on sound waves.
Special skills:
Genius level intellect
Hand to hand combat skills expert (learnt from her older sister, Setsuna)
Shunpo expert
Kido practitioner (she has no interest in kido)

hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Name: Tamika Nabatame
Height: 5’8’’ in half
Weight: 132
Race: shinigami
Birthday: November 4th
Age: 114
Apperance: Tamika appears to be of African descent with dark toned skin and tight cornrows that frame her face, which is oval and accented by high cheek bones. Her strangest feature is her lime green eyes that stand out apart from anything else. She has a voluptuous build and a large backside that people constantly poke fun at.
Occupation: a new member of squad 4 after Mitsuri murdered almost all of them; she used to do a number of odd jobs to help her mother, grandmother, and younger sisters
Family: Juju (Grandmother), Hitomi (mother), Lu Lu (adopted sister), Jasmine (little sister), and Kana (little sister)
Favorite food: banana peppers and fried chicken
Likes: making sculptures out of food, cooking, healing kido, shopping, games, dancing, singing, arguing, flirting, her friends and family, walking in the rain, clocks, reading, Kitty land (manga), zippers and assisting those who are hurt
Dislikes: rudeness, stuck up, cruel people, bigots, water chestnuts, being called stupid, and people pointing out her large butt.
Favorite song/ theme music: Ordinary Love by Sade
History: She grew up in the Rukon with her mother, grandmother, and younger siblings. Life could be very hard but she wanted to help her family and learn as much about medicine as she could. Her father was a local physician who died of a illness. She was very sad until Lu Lu arrived. Lu Lu was an orphan wandering the Rukon and they became very close through their loss and similar interest. She has recently joined the fourth squad while her sister joined the fifth.
Zanpakuto: Iyashimasu Chuusha (healing needle)
Apperance: a wakizashi with a claret hilt
Shikai: a large tube resembling a giant shot with a large needle that can inoculate and heal those she injects. She can release a blast of needles to heal multiple allies as well. While most of her shikai’s abilities are healing she can pressurize her spiritual pressure into a liquid form that she can inject into needles that are red tubes rather than the clear for healing. When an opponent is stung by these needles their reiatsu is absorbed to the point where they are incapacitated she can use this energy as healing for herself or a comrade. This needle can cause a hemorrhage cessation allowing blood to stay dry so the patient stays save until further treatment.
Bankai: Shiboo Shoonin (death dealer)
Apperance: two long katana connected by a long chain. One sword is black with a cross shaped tsuba and a white one also with the cross shaped tsuba, a halo like symbols appears over head and she wears one black and one white fingerless gloves with a cross shaped top that exposes her sides but covers the most part of her breast and neck, this top is both white and black as well as the pair of wings on her back. She wears a black belt with white crosses on it and a black and white robe skirt that cuts of on both sides exposing her legs and pair of leather black and white boots.
Special ability: she can neutralize any poison and curb addictions with her white blade and heal serious injuries. With the black sword she can alter all the healing she does to the foe with the white blade into physical damage on their body. She can cause whatever she pierces with her sword to decay, but can counteract this ability with her white blade. There are two halo- like chakram dangling from each of the hilts, she can detach them and throw them to attack distant foes, containing the same power as their mother blade if she release the seal. She can utilize both powers and fuse the swords into one. A double aged blade with a black and white blade and a pair of bladed wings in the center. The halos glow and become like the reiatsu halo over her head, her appearance remains the same but markings cover her body, which she later states are archaic symbols that reference the archangels. This allows her to transition more easily between using both effects of the Bankai and releases another; she is capable of creating a forecfield through her halos. The wings enable flight and can reflect attacks when she flaps them hard enough.
1. Zooge Sukui (ivory salvation): healing techniques with the white blade or chakram
2. Ebonii Otoroe (Ebony decay): offensive techniques with the black blade or chakram
Healing kido master
Hand to hand combat expert
Flash step expert
Sword skills master
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Alright, so people might have noticed that there's been a lot of blades posted by the group in Bleach: The Fallout recently. The reason for that is that we're starting a new arc to our story soon (first one down, and I think it was a great success!). If anyone wants to edge your way into the story, now's as a good a time as any, mainly because this group is brand new. Just follow the same format we used in the creation of our characters. If you'll look at our forum, you'll see just how the group is going to work out, and there will be a ranking system. The system is purely based on how well the blade is designed and how well the group likes it. There are other roles to be had, just not within this group.
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
I have a question whiteflame when are we going to vote on the ranks of the group

and Dancing your lastest 3 characters were fricken awesome my favorite is Ai
hace más de un año onix11 said…
Yeah same question here.
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
is there room for me in there :D
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
Name: Shukun Kizuku
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6'7
Weight: 215
Eyes: unknown
Hair: unknown
Appearance: has a helmet on 24/7 he was a soldier from an ancient city state from the histories he is big and since his arrival at soal society he has had a obsession with solitaire.

Story: when he was human he was known for fighting demons in his city state gaining his powers from fighting hollows he was born a natural killer and instantly began training with his new found powers during a great was between his city state and a neighboring city state. after battles he whent to battle killing hollows that were feeding on soals of the dead that wondered around. A shinigami noticed this and the Shinigami recognized his existence as being beneficial to Soul Society and he got a seal of approval making him a official shinigami.

Abilities: After combating hollows while in the real world and developed powers from them he when to soal society and began to learn from there quickly mastering any and all kido moves they would allow him.

Spirit Shield: After training with it constantly, he managed to make it an unbreakable line of defense that he can activate at anytime.


Appearance: It is a gladius but a little longer its dark copper with red outlines on the sides of the blade.

He does know the name of his zanpakuto so he can use the abilities.

Strength: 100+
Spell casting:95
Reaction time(Can use shunpo): 100
hand to hand:100+
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hace más de un año onix11 said…
Nice character, Can't wait to fight him.
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
thank you
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
lol Onix before you fight shunkun's charcter you should really be worried about my guy handing your tail to you ;), Ulquiorra1313 : awws your so nice :P :) in our backround storyies we should make it so tha Nabimaru and you guy grew up together :O :P.
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
shukun_kizuku -I like your Zanpakuto
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
big smile
thanks :D
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
lol :P man I'm trying to think of a melee Type Zanpakuto but I can't think of anythng:(
hace más de un año Ulquiorra1313 said…
Wolfmaster i do agree! That'd be amazing :)
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
thats what mine is i take energy from my opponent and it makes me stronger and i just beat them with my fists
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
got the Charc down but it's the freaking name and what it' ablities would be :P proabily along the line of Ikkaku it just gives power
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
have my charcters so far suited my Zanpkuto's as well as the divsions I put them in ?
hace más de un año onix11 said…
Shukun, that's why your character is so proficent with his hand to hand combat.
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
yup :D
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
it my favorite type of combat because its the most challenging kind
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
okay here it goes after makeing my firs two Zanpakuto this is MY ACTUAL IDEAL Zanpakuto

shikai name : tatsujin tenma gekio ( master demons rage )

shikai Release command : Awaken

shikai ablities now because tatsjin tenm gekido is a melee type it's primary abilty incerease the users pyshcail atributes althouhg it has no ablities except that it can cut throug anythng .here are some moves I came up with.

move number one : Demons dance : the user moves at high speeds cutting and slashing the enemey note the enemey is unaware that he/ she is being cut until the use stops and sais let's make it rai blood than the enemey useually explodes.

move number two : single slash this is a straigh ford move that is hard to dodge because the user is moveing fast it's a single slash from Tatsujin tenma gekido that can cut a line of 100 people in half.

move number 3: demons sorrow this ablity is a 3 hit kill combo the user slashes off the oppents leg's at the knee than cut's off the oppenet's arm at the elbow the final stike is at the head taking it right off.

Zanpakuto : in it's sealed form Tatsujin looks lik Normal sword.

shikai Description : in shikai Tatsujin's blade turns blood red the helt is midnight black

Bankai nanme : Tatsuji Tenma kami kuragari kagirina ( master demon god of eternal darkness)

Bankai Description : in bankai tatsuji tenma becomes a buster sword that is the size of a zewihander blade. the blade is mid night black with a red dragon desgin wraping around the blade the end of the hilt is shaped like a quartar moon.

Bankai ablities : much like in shikai it's only abilty is increaseing the offensive power of the user as all as the endurance and the resliance of the blade however in Bankai the user can steal 3 cups worth of the oppents Reshi and turn it into his own.

Charcter profile :

Name : Naien

Height : 5'8

Weight : 200LBS

Age: 1800

Race : Shnigmi

Current rank : 7th seat 11th company

Family: desceased ( by Naiens own hands )

Persnailty : Easy going, rude at times,brutely honest, funny, loveing, battle loveing, love able, sarcastic, mean at times, achoolic, blood thirsty, understanding, honorable, humble, get's plesure from battle (much like kenpachi), always calm ( unless adjtated or in combat), short tempered.

likes: achool, fighting strong people, killing, like's oppent's 3x his size, Kenpachi.

Dislikes: Ikkaku ( Naien wants the 3rd seat), 7th divsion members,un honorable people.

Backround storey : Naien grew up in the same disterict as kenpachi when he was 7 he killed his parents stateing they were weaklings 1 year after kenpachi joined the 11th divsion Naien went to the soul acdeamy and failed his Kido Classes but passed everything else with flying colors he was first in the 6th divsion but he was thrown because he killed 3 soul reapers on mission stateing they were weaklings who didn't understand what it meant to fight than he was put into 7th seat of the 11th divsion and is waiting to kill kenpachi and take his place as 11th divsion captai. Naien bloodthirsty and battle loveing Nature make kenpachi wonder if Naien will be the one to kill him.

Kido: 0

swordsmanship : 100+

hand to hand : 99

shinpo: 100+

Intellect : 90

Endurance : 100+

Stamina : 100

odd features :

Armord skin

Exterme percsion

strong even for a soul reaper

hightend reflexes

superhuman everything ( at least captain level )

Naiens quot: "I don't care how many hollows there are i'll kill em all"

Look : Naien wears a head band that keeps his spirtural pressure in check ( like Kenpachi's eye patch ) his Kimino is a little shorter than the rest. his hair is down to his shoulders but is kept in a pony tail all the time.

eye color: Brown

Hair color : mid night black

skin color : light brown

rate comment and enjoy =)

hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
id like to join the rp my character is on page 115
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
Name:Yari Tenshu
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Hieght: 6'3
Weight: 184
Eyes: complete black
Hair: black with white lines running down the middle of the strands of hair
Family: abbandond him
Personality: depressed, enjoys the small things in life, laid back, gets mad easy, normaly quiet when not mad, loves to drink sake ALOT!!!!, and very humble
Likes:sake and sleeping if he isnt drinking you can normaly find him sleeping in an ally and if he isnt sleeping he is drinking sake and/or fighting drunk
Unlikes: his ex wife and running out of sake

Apperance: wears a weird robe that is close to a shinigamis robe but its torn at the sleeves and its a black oragne color
Story: was a wealthy man with lots of houses and cars and planes trained with the best weapon specialist he could pay then a tradgic accident happend and he lost everything he owned the only thing he was able to keep was a old family spear blelonging to his granfathers grandfather one day while walking through a town he saw a hallow and it attacked him but he was lucky enought to be able to kill it from it charging into his spear he guessed he gained the powers from his familys spear
Abilites: after gaining the spears power he was dumbfounded by being able to see hollows and quickly learned that they were going to kill him he learned how to fight with is spear quickly being able to kill hollows


Apperance: its a 7ft long spear thats staff is a black color with orange stripes spinning down from the blade to the end of the spear and the blade is the reverse a orange blade with a single black stripe going up the center

He dosnt know the zanpakutos name so he cant use its abilites

Spell casting:0
Reaction time:90
Hand to hand 95

heres another one please tell me what ya think
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
Name: Shukun Kizuku

[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]kyousei fo-ji(great forge)
[release command]Harden the forge
=armor that goes up to the neck from the hands dark bronze with red outlines on joints

[bankai name] Saikou fo-ji(supream forge)
=description - full body armor that is hidden under robes color unknown guessed as
being dark bronze but never proven

[shikai abilities] -
= if i touch any form of zanpaktou touches me i gain a 1/2 of the spirit energy of the weilder (can only be used once) and is formed into power for me if rietsu is absorbed this way damage from it is reduced half the normal power. energy gained is turned into half the power for me but dose not take any thing away from the owner its just a addition of my own and i cannot copy abilities this way
=can make 1 copy of the owner of the energy i absorbed thats at 1/2 the power of the owner at all times it can do all abilities of the owner that i know of

[bankai abilities] -
= absorbs energy through physical contact and turns it into 3/4th of the owners power on contact (can only be used once) the power you absorb is used as a defense to reduce all damage taken by 3/4, and that the more powerful the attack, the quicker the energy is used still dose not take away just copies and adds to my own
= the damage i receive is reduced by 1/2th the power until the energy is used up but can copy additional energy to keep this in use through physical contact
= i produce copies of the owner from which i have took the energy from has all abilities of the owner in the opponets shikai form (if i know of them or not or not) but its only 1/2th the strength of the owner can make up to 2 copies of each person it acts as a separate person under my control
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
didn't you already post the forge shunkun :P XD
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Honestly if I was in bleach I'd be in the 11th Divsion work on my skills make Kenpachi Notice me keep getting stronger Make him Fight me Kill him than take my place as 11th Divsions captain XD :P
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
im tryin to get that spot and the name hope i can get it plus workin on a new zanpakuto gonna think about it and work on it while at work tonight
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
well i'm trying to Think of a Zanpakuto that would suit me I know it's a melee / fire / death type and one of a kind
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
well my ideal zanpakuto is a melee and i have the name of the shikai and bankai of the new one im making i just have to think of abilities and id really love to see the zanpakuto of yours there
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
well i got bored enough and decided to work on it now and im finished so ill post it tell me what ya think
hace más de un año shukun_kizuku said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] Spear of Prophets
[release command] give blessings to the gods
=its a jet black spear with a gold spear tip it is 7 feet long and has texts of the gods on it the wielders cloths are changed into a priests robe

[bankai name] Spear of gods
=is a white spear with a gold spear tip it still is 7 feet long and the texts are imprinted on the users body giving him/her the power of the gods the wielders cloths area halo around the head a old cloths wrapped around the waist and tests that were on the spear is now imprinted on the torso witch is visible

[shikai abilities] -
=shoots a beam of light from the spear that is able to paralyze the opponent if caught in the light
=heals the user of the spear if damage is received but heals at a medium slow rate
=when stabbed into the foe it places a small orb of light that absorbs all damage if the foe damages a person he receives the damage instead (can only happen once per shikai release)

[bankai abilities] -
=shows a bright light around the wielder any damage automatically begins to heal at a medium rate
=calls forth a bright light from the sky to smite a foe causing high damage(like a cero but heavenly)
=calls forth 2 angels one offense and one defense to fight for the wielder they has 10 minutes after calling before they dissapear
hace más de un año john17 said…
shikai name: matomari no nai(shapless)
release command: furo(flow)

shikai discription: looks like a normal katana with a gold blade 4ft in length.the hand guard is an oval with saphires around the rim.the grip is also gold with a small coin attached to the end with a cain link( the coin gives the abillity for the weilder to move as fast as the sword can extend)

bankai: kakusa reta matomari no nai (hidden shapeless)

discription: the blade turns invisable and the hand gurad turns white,only the weilder can see the blade(appers visabe for a split second befor it hits).

shikai abilities:
KAKUCHO SHITE BUNKI(extend and branch):the blade extends in lenght up to 600 yards and can branch off infinitly and bend anb flex to fallow and attack the target(s) from all sides. the blade can extend and retract at 60 yards a second.

DOKU BABU(poison barbs)the blade grows red barbs that if the touch any liveing matter(weilder excuded)its causes hilusinations and cuts the speed and spirit pressur in half also stops the use of all the vicitms kido(kido based swords as well).poison only lasts 10 min.

bankai abilities:
KAKUCHO SHITE BUNKI: the blade can now extend to 40,000 yards(4000 football feilds). extend and retract speed 700 yards a second.(dodge that lol)can still branch to.

DOKU HARI NO ARASHI(POISON NEEDLE STORM): thousonds or poison neddles made of kido and reshi head for the target watever they hit disintigrates slowly and extremy painfuly. the more spiritul pressur the target has the faster they disintigrate.(hint only cure is to drink a small amount of the weilders blood has)

KAKUSA REKA SUTO(HIDDEN STRIKE)the blade returns to normals size(4ft) and turns the weilder invisable compltly hideing any trace of me so i can sneak up and kill u with out being seen(remember the coin on the end that gives the ability for me to move as fast as the blat can extend and retract well this is where it comes in handy in bankai state i can move at 700 yards a second seeing how the invisablity only lasts 7 seconds and the blade cant extend in this attack.)
so ya that is my dream zanpakuto :)
hace más de un año john17 said…
ya but if u get cut once bye my DOKU BABU us zanpakuto is useless seeing how it is kido based so it would be nothing more then a spear shukun_kizuku
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Wow, seems like you just took Gin's blade and made it utterly ridiculous. Both of the shikai abilities are massively overpowered. It can move at 60 yards a second in shikai, and it can go in any direction you choose, and branch off for 600 yards. That's a tremendous area, you'd be untouchable with this blade. The second ability just makes it more obscene by ensuring that your opponent can't even attack you outside that range if you cut them even once. 10 minutes is an eternity in the bleach universe.
The bankai is far worse, especially the first one. 40,000 yards is almost 23 miles, and you can extend across that at more than 2 times the speed of sound!? Seriously ridiculous, I don't see how anyone could get near you with this blade, let alone get away if they are near you. And then you can send out thousands of opponent-seeking needles, just one of which is apparently enough to melt a person's heart in their chest? The third ability is perhaps the most obscene, I really don't see how anyone could get away from you even if they knew where you were when you're moving at that rate. 7 seconds is more than enough time to kill someone when they cannot see or sense you at all.
It's just...I mean, I know it's your dream blade and all, but it's obscenely overpowered. You can make any blade you want on here, but considering this makes almost every blade in the show look like a tinker toy, it seems a little much.
hace más de un año john17 said…
i got tired of swords that can only attack in one direction so i made this and i wanted to make sure their was no way that any one could say gin was still better lol and i ment only 4000 yards i left out the part about u read the part that says i must apper b4 i attack right so if u have good reflexs u can counter and the needles only go in straight lines
hace más de un año john17 said…
i was also tired of kido based zanpakuto like aizn and soi fon
hace más de un año john17 said…
i do admit i when over the top tho lol
hace más de un año john17 said…

Charcter profile:


hight: 6ft2



Race : Shnigmi

rank 2 division 3th chair (only becuse cant flash step with out retracting zanpakto)


backround:born in a war destriod country was captured and torchered for years as a resalt can not remember anything scince b4 he joined the 13 cort guard squads.only friends are the gate guards.

Persnailty: quite and selfcentered iritable becuse he bose not sleep cuz of nightmeres of his pastlazy and hates fighing main goal to end fighting by any means nessasary.

likes:stairing at the sea and reading

dislikes: nosie people and all of squad 6 beleave their way to airgent and cocky.

Kido: 60

swordsmanship : 96

hand to hand : 20(cant fight close range thats y his zanpakuto is an extention type)

shinpo: 50(becuse cant always control the landing and can only go in strait lines do to his speed)

Intellect : 90

Endurance : 60( flash step drains him quickly can only do it 5 times a day)

Stamina : 60 (same reson as above)

odd features : scars all over back and arms all ways wears long sleaves to hide them. buzzcut hair never smiles. he can only use his shikai for 10 min and bankai for five. also never kills(except hallows)vegitarian. poor senceing alility and can only see outlines of people thats y he fights alone to make sure he dose not kill an allie.highted sense of smell if he must fight with allies so he can know were they are(only works if theres wind