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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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hace más de un año TheBlackFlash said…
I'll kick your ass ripp off xD. Just kidding TheBlackFlsh - TheBlueFlash is a little close xD but i don't care.

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hace más de un año zangetsu96 said…
how long will i wait to play?

(TheBlueFlash=Aoi senkō)

(TheBlackFlash=Kuro furasshu)

it is very different
hace más de un año TheBlackFlash said…
big smile
LoL do you speak english the only words that are diffrent are the words blue and black.

Aoi Senkou - blue flash
Kuroi Senkou - black flash
flash-senkou, furasshu, hirameki. It all has the same meaning.
hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
this is the only time and page ill condone this sujestion im about to make but were on pg 99, someone quick spam messagges so we can get to triple digits on pages Lol jk
hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
Hi it's Dancing_petal reporting for duty...I'm the best at leaving a lot of messages...that I haven't recieved much feedback on ...tears....I'm interested to see what people think about the abilites I created and added to the original Bleach characters..It all starts on 95...also I have made some of my own blades that I think many of you will the way if any of you needs help coming up with a character or any Zanpakuto abilites just come to me!!!!!!!
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hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
Hey..this character was made after I created a story arc about the past of Yamamoto since so little is known about him...he was once married to Satsuki Yasumoto..The Yasumoto family was once a royal clan that was executed due to them all possessing two Zanpakuto..not dual blades but two Zanpakuto..this worried the soul society from the begining but they didn't act on it until 800 years before the orginal bleach storyline...Mitsuri, Yamamoto's son, is what caused the idea to become a of his Zanpakuto has the ability to create a zanpakuto for anyone regardless of their spirtiual energy..he began acting on this but after it was heard the council feared his leverage and forced Yamamoto to kill his family..his daughter Hana was spared due to her relationship with Nari Tormenta, an Arrancar..but the rest of the family was to be disposed..knowing they would die either way..Yamamoto agreed to this but after Mitsuri got wind of it he and some his relatives along with others who were against it and left the soul society...China is one of his children..though he once loved Retsu...he settled down quickly when he came to the world of the living..his wife was killed by two soul reapers who appear in my Nomura arc.....I know it's strange and also connected to another arc I created in my head about the cursed Hiyama family and the Soul Merchants but I wish I could get permisson to write a novel or see it come to on to China!!!!
Name: China Sawabe
Height: 5’1’’
Weight: 94 pounds
Race: shinigami
Birthday: January 13th
Age: 23
Apperance: China is very slender and pale (her skin has become even more pallid after the powers of her Zanpakuto caused a thin, almost watery layer of porcelain to come over her skin). She has heavily lashed bright lavender eyes that her mother always said reminded of her a porcelain doll, which is how she got her name. China has long, silken black her that runs down to her lower back (though she is seen with Choyo just years before with a jagged, choppy, jaw length bob with deep streaks of blue). China is small breasted and teased for this as well as for her tiny feet; so tiny in fact she has trouble finding shoes for them.
Occupation: art student, assistant of the Matsumura family
Family: Yumiko Sawabe (deceased), Wataru Sawabe (alive), unnamed deceased brother, and the Matsumura family.
Favorite food: Bacon and Pepper steak and mint and chips ice cream
Likes: paper, painting, graphic art, long boarding, her sketch pad, collecting decorative kimonos and sweet Lolita, cherry blossoms, hoarding perfume because she is nervous about body odor and she buys the kind her mother used to use to remember, and porcelain dolls in memory of her mother, parks, festivals (her favorite being the star), parasols, traditional Japanese and Chinese weapons, Alternative music her favorite bands being Minus the Bear and Francis Lorenzo, opera (though only her and Mitsuri understand it), holding grudges, Spending time with Choyo, dancing, singing, graffiti, smiling (though she hasn’t done it much since her mother was killed by Byakuya Kuchiki), and sparrows
Dislikes: sweating, having weak taste buds (a reason while she enjoys very zesty foods), people who have double crossed her, being made fun of for her tiny size three feet, things that are overly complicated, abuse, the recent attacks on the Matsumura family, and her father.
Favorite song/theme music: by Francis Lorenzo, and by Minus the Bear
History: China was born in an abusive home, where she witnessed the breakdown of her mother, Yumiko, who like her father was a soul reaper. Her mother was a friend of Mitsuri Yamamoto when he and the rest of the family were being persecuted for possessing two Zanpakuto. Yumiko possessed a Zanpakuto that was said to possess amazing abilities. She and her mother clung to each other for support during those trying times. Yumiko had another child due to pleasing her horrible husband but after she witnessed Wataru slapping China during the pregnancy she promised herself never to have another child her could hurt, and after her son was born she suffocated him with a pillow to keep true to her vow. She left with China and sought help from Mitsuri who allowed them to say in his home. China always worried her father would find them, but he never did more or less because Mitsuri met lies for them. China became a prodigious student and befriended Choyo, whom she calls her sister. Later Captain Kuchiki, one of the man soul reapers sent to dispatch of any surviving members of the Yamamoto clan. He killed Yumiko who he surprised while she was coming home from shopping and several of the other members. China was infuriated and pledged to kill him herself. After she was confronted by an angry captain Kuchiki and Soi Fon along with her other family members due to his hatred for Choyo she struck his arm turning it to porcelain in order to protect Choyo, who shattered the arm shortly after. Even though they escaped and Orihime healed his arm, she later apologizes at a local carnival Rukia begged him to come to because of all the new Chappy attractions and her newfound love for cotton candy. China bears two Zanpakuto, unlike her mother and father who both had a second one designed by Mitsuri himself: China possessed enough residual spiritual energy to manifest two, but had some help from Mitsuri to improve the seconds weakened state. She has realized her father is really Mitsuri, which made since while he showed interest n her well being, though it makes her sad since she had a crush on him.
Zanpakuto: Momo Yuki Ochimasu (peach snow drop)
Release phrase: make frigid
Spirit manifestation: a pale woman with blue hair and a pagoda like hat with crystals hanging from it. She has many peach shaded gown that looks like it’s speckled in glittering snow and a veil with a similar appearance. Her blue lips and causes the ground to freeze wear ever she walks. She has a sad, demure appearance and usually remains silent.
Inner world: a large mass of ice that is covered in thick fog. It’s always raining, hailing, or snowing depending on her mood.
Appearance: a wakizashi with a light blue hilt wit white fillings. The blade has snowflake designs etched onto it and the guard looks like an icicle.
Shikai: a long katana with a blade shimmering in a layer of glittering snow that leaves permafrost burns when it hits the skin. The guard looks like a shimmering snowflake and the hilt is light blue with white fillings, making it look very similar to its sealed state.
Special abilities: her Shikai is ice based and while the blade can leave permafrost scars it can also dispense into a compressed ice vapor that can shatter walls and deep freeze whatever it touches. She can also solidify this vapor into a blast of razor sharp icicles.
1. Aisusen (Icicle Blast): condenses ice vapor into razor sharp ice blades that she hurl at opponents, cutting or impaling them.
2. Jooki Katsu (vapor cut): her blade compresses into a blast of frozen vapor that can shatter walls and freeze whatever it touches on contact. She is capable of allowing her foes to inhale the vapor and cut their lungs once it solidifies inside of them, but this is very hard to do.
Bankai: Momo Yuki Fubuki (peach snow blizzard): her blade dispenses into a cold mist that flutters with falling snow and chunks of ice. This area of influence is far below negative degrees and she can freely control this mist making a shield referred to as Amatsu Toutoku (Heavenly Frozen Shield) or solidify the vapor into huge icicles that come down piercing her foes. This technique is called Kootta Ooyuki (frozen snowfall). Her strongest technique is the most subtle and begins whenever she chooses, because in this form her Zanpakuto is a veil of freezing vapor that is inhaled by her opponents; when this happens she can manipulate the cold air by compresses it into ice that cuts and freezes their lungs, a technique called Fuyu Koori Yuge (winter ice vapor).
1.Kootta Ooyuki (frozen snowfall): solidifies the mist into a blizzard of icicles that cuts and impales foes.
2.Amatsu Toutoku (Heavenly Frozen Shield): protects her self by condensing the mist into a wall of ice
3.Fuyu Koori Yuge (winter ice vapor): This technique occurs when her foes inhale the mist and it solidifies into ice that can cut and freeze lungs.

Zanpakuto: Jiki Shinfoni (Porcelain symphony, her second modified Zanpakuto, no doubt inspired by her mother)
Release phrase: refine
Spirit: a little girl who resembles a paper doll. She is very sweet and gentle, but has the capacity to scare a grown man when she is angry. She has blonde hair and a ruffled pink dress with a silk bonnet. She is always seen with a parasol, much like the one China carries when Jiki Shinfoni is in its sealed form.
Inner world: a doll hose where mostly everything is plastic, on the outside of the house is an artificial looking suburban community that seemingly spreads forever.
Apperance: in its sealed state her Zanpakuto is a parasol with an ivory handle with a light pink shade decorated with flowers
Shikai: a long katana, about 50 cm with a milky white blade with pale pink fillings, the guard is rectangular and white as well as the blade which appears to look like it has liquid porcelain covering it.
Special abilities: whatever she strikes with her blade is transformed into porcelain that makes them slow and fragile.
Bankai: Poosuren Ningyoo Seiiki, (porcelain doll sanctuary): Her Zanpakuto resembles a giant porcelain doll with the same characteristics of her zanpakuto’s spirit. It is about three stories high and extremely powerful as well as fast. China resides inside of this doll controlling its actions like a marionette. She can perform kido spells and release them, usually through her mouth. The doll is immune to poisons and abilities such as Mitsuri’s Daraku Shita Tenshi. Though the doll is made of porcelain her skin is so thick that it’s almost impossible to break it. While the doll is extremely physical she can blast huge energy beams out of her mouth called Takanami Happa (Explosive Blast Wave).
1.Takanami Happa (Explosive Blast Wave): A powerful, explosive wave of reiatsu that spews from the doll’s mouth in crackling, beam of red energy.
Special skills:
1.sword skills master (she learned from Mitsuri and her mother)
2.Flash step expert
3.Hand to hand combat expert
4.Kido master (a skill she learned from her mother)
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hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Here once again is my Yamamoto Bankai:
Bankai: Meimei Fenikkusu Saigen (Divine Phoenix Revival): Captain Yamamoto’s Bankai takes the form of a large scroll that leviatates in the air; it is lacquered redwood with crinkled, almost ancient looking paper. His reiatsu burns a deep red as the scroll unwinds revealing an aged manuscript. The font glows like cinders as smoke and embers burn as he waits to initiate an attack.
Special powers: Yamamoto’s Bankai is an extraordinary one, not only because he hardly has to reveal anything about it due to the strength of his Shikai, but because when it is called upon he does very little to dispatch his foes. He often releases the sacred phoenix that hovers above him after materializing from his scroll; it is even hotter than the sun and often extinguishing foes just by being exposed to its brilliance. While powerful reiatsu repels this effect, being exposed to the phoenix can cause the very oxygen in the air to be burned away, causing severe suffocation. He can imbue himself with its power and levitate in the air giving him a wide variety of ways to counter and attack his opponent. While releasing these flames gives him some control over destroying subatomic matter it does have weaknesses, such as burning out reiatsu very quickly which is another reason while he doesn’t expose it very long. The primary ability of his Bankai is the ability to manipulate fire on a subatomic level as well as the ability to burn out all of his reiatsu to heal wounds and it has been said on some accounts he has revived life itself. When fighting extremely difficult foes he often doesn’t release his Bankai’s full potential due to burning out too much reiatsu. When his scroll is still materialized he can generate excessive amounts of fire and manipulate it at his will, while he prefers to use projectile attacks when it is in this phase he often generates the flames into swords or weapons that he can use without any difficulty or using very much reiatsu.
1. Denpa Goshujin Tsubasa (Spread Your Wings) Tenrai Tori Kouen (Divine Bird Flame): This is what he says when he releases his Bankai in phoenix form. This ability initiates foes burning away due to its divine presence.
2. Fenikkusu Kouen (Phoenix Flame): This attack is used when he unleashes the phoenix while burning air or imbuing himself.
3. Tenrai Kouen (Divine Flame): When he manipulates his scroll fire he often recites this attack name.
hace más de un año zangetsu96 said…
how long will i wait to play?

hace más de un año TheBlackFlash said…
Dancing_petal. Did you read my post? Remember only 1 zapaktou and or character per day. We would all apreciate it if you wouldnt flood the pages with those zanpaktous. Anyone who wants to see them will go back a few pages and look.
Zangetsu96 why are you shuch a pest? xD. Realy stop asking.
PPL where are you, Whiteflame55 and others the show must go on.
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hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
What does everybody think?
hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
Sorry... I was just playing along with don't have to be so rude about it.
hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
I must have missed it...but a lot of what I've been posting are just suggestions...I haven't recieved much feedback and I've been wondering if my Zanpakuto are just too horrible to even comment on or that no one cares. I'm not trying to start any wars..I like you a lot...but I obviosuly didn't understand the post.
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hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
well Dancing_Petal.its not that ur zanpakuto r bad as as much as theres been alot of posting of blades recently and none of us can keep up
hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
sorry...I was just trying to catch up with everybody else..and I realize that now...I'm sorry...I just am to sensitive...It didn't mean too upset anyone...I just thought it would be fun to share ideas..I just have too many of mind never stops..sorry...
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
TheBlackFlash sorry I was so rude!!!!
hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Sorry I got it now...I didn't go up that far...please forgive me

hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
dancing i just look over your seahorse blade and again you make me stun how indept you create your characters i would have a extreme difficulty fighting that one because the thing i did reveal about my character is that he one weakness is water if he is wet or even moist in anyway his electric powers are negated
hace más de un año TheBlackFlash said…
Sorry for being rude or anything. Your zanpaktous are good but i was just trying to say that they would get more feedback if you posted them appart, not like on page 97 where you posted so many and it was hard to evon read them all. You can post 1 and wait till its commented and then post another. that is why i said that you should only post 1 a day.
hace más de un año TheBlackFlash said…
Hey LOBOS, since you are the only one here i'll ask you. Who's turn is it to post?
hace más de un año bleachfan12 said…
thanks TheBlackFlash i don't even know if the dalls name is even a word i was just trying to think of a cool name for it.

whiteflame55 thats cool, everyone has a right to their own opinion, personally i think that the t.v series should be more like the magna, you know more blood. for example, the characters take a beating and only alittle blood comes out, in the magna they had arms riped off, etc.

also whiteflame55 i saw something on kenpachi's zanpakuto, did you make one for him that i missed? if you did could you give me a breif decription of it? thanks.

and lastly TheBlackFlash what is this RPG that you mentioned?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
I would give that to you, but instead I'll just say where it is. It's on page 94, at the very top.
hace más de un año devilstare said…
Well i just got finish with mine here it goes name:mayame riku age:15 hgt:5,10 wgt:? Hair color is blue and long eyes are crimson he is very nice and is a joker and is always pulling pranks on everyone his skills are very but has some trouble controlling his kido. this is the name of his sword shikai:gula los raika it looks like a staff with a crimson claymore on top it has red fire like fur at the end of it. shikai abilities:saika azul or blue fire allows him to shoot blue fire out the tip of his blade. the second one is pyra agulara or sphere of the great fire which allows him to shoot a ball of fire at the sky and it absorb reiastu to increase the amount of fire meteors it can fire down it can fire down up to 1200.his third ability is raika nu gation or lance of dark fire it allow him to throw a firery spear at his enemy and can tranform into a firery sphere and it can enclose the enemy in a ball of fire and then it explodes.
hace más de un año devilstare said…
Well i just got finish with mine here it goes name:mayame riku age:15 hgt:5,10 wgt:? Hair color is blue and long eyes are crimson he is very nice and is a joker and is always pulling pranks on everyone his skills are very but has some trouble controlling his kido. this is the name of his sword shikai:gula los raika it looks like a staff with a crimson claymore on top it has red fire like fur at the end of it. shikai abilities:saika azul or blue fire allows him to shoot blue fire out the tip of his blade. the second one is pyra agulara or sphere of the great fire which allows him to shoot a ball of fire at the sky and it absorb reiastu to increase the amount of fire meteors it can fire down it can fire down up to 1200.his third ability is raika nu gation or lance of dark fire it allow him to throw a firery spear at his enemy and can tranform into a firery sphere and it can enclose the enemy in a ball of fire and then it explodes.
hace más de un año devilstare said…
Well i just got finish with mine here it goes name:mayame riku age:15 hgt:5,10 wgt:? Hair color is blue and long eyes are crimson he is very nice and is a joker and is always pulling pranks on everyone his skills are very but has some trouble controlling his kido. this is the name of his sword shikai:gula los raika it looks like a staff with a crimson claymore on top it has red fire like fur at the end of it. shikai abilities:saika azul or blue fire allows him to shoot blue fire out the tip of his blade. the second one is pyra agulara or sphere of the great fire which allows him to shoot a ball of fire at the sky and it absorb reiastu to increase the amount of fire meteors it can fire down it can fire down up to 1200.his third ability is raika nu gation or lance of dark fire it allow him to throw a firery spear at his enemy and can tranform into a firery sphere and it can enclose the enemy in a ball of fire and then it explodes.
hace más de un año TheBlackFlash said…
Yay we got to page 100. And bleachfan12 I'm not realy the right one to talk about this since i'm not participating, i guess you should ask the others.
hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
bleachfan12-just go to the forum Bleach:The Fallout and you'll know the instructions in how to participate in the RPG
hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
zanpakto: kumoriodoriko(shadow dancer)

the blade looks like a katana but longer it has a black and white hilt, the guard is shaped like a diamond

shikai appearance: it becomes a black colored version of the original blade

kumoriodori(shadow dance): if i touch a shadow i can travel between my shadow and their shadow, recharges very 5 mins, can only be used on one opponent until i disable the move, if the opponent is out of range i cant travel back and forth, the range is 50 feet radius

kumoritanken(shadow dagger)- a dagger emerges from my shadow and i can control it, it can help me parry attacks with a stronger strength and attack faster, the blade travels with my shadow

kumoriomori(shadow weight)- if i touch the enemies shadow and activate this move it becomes harder for the opponent to move, the opponent can still move at full speed, it disables after 3 mins, it takes 5 mins to recharge, it is hard for the opponent to reach full speed(3x as hard)

akumakumoriodoriko(demons shadow dancer)

bankai appearance: it becomes longer

kumorisubeta(shadow sword) a sword appears out of my shadow and lets me parry with twice my regular strength and lets me attack faster,the sword travel with my shadow

kumorikuro-n(shadow clone)- i can make clones of myself that can take more than one hit, have emotions, bleed, and think, the move disables for one of them if that same one is hit in a vital point, the move lasts 30 mins for each clone,i can make 5 clones at one time,i need to recharge every 30 mins, i take 1/5 of the damage they take while this move is activated , they can only use the sealed zanpakto and the first shikai move

i can use my first shikai ability to a greater ability,i can travel through two shadows instead of one and 1.5x faster
hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
Zanpakto:chishionaiya(blood diamond)

it looks like a katana but is longer and is double sided,and has a gem filled with blood

chishiohari(blood needle)- only my blood will float in mid air and take a needle shape, the needle shoots straight, they travel at semi-shunpo speed,the number of needles depends on amount of blood, one drop can make a needle

chishiotoku(blood shield)-it takes a deep cut to make the shield, the shield can block weak-meduim(0-50 on scale)attacks, it can block up to level 20 kido for hado and bakudo, this cut has to be like when grimmjow got hit by ichigo with getsuga tensho on their first fight but with 1.25 more blood

chishiokansei(blood trap)- a disk of blood appears in front of me and behind me(this one can be moved around), if i stick my zanpakto it comes out of the second disk, i cant attack if the second disk is out of range, range is 30 feet radius, the disk cant do damaged, the disk are created by a cut that is 2 inches deep and 1 inch wide with blood that fills a volume of 4 inches

bankai:akumachishionaiya(demons blood diamond)

the gem filled of blood cracks and spreads around in a 50 feet radius, the blood that is used is blood that is created each time i bleed, the blood from the crystal is stronger than my blood

chishioshiro(blood castle)- a big shield 5 inches thick appears from the pool of blood or if im 3 ft away from the pool of blood,anywhere else it takes 2 deep cuts,like when grimmjow got hit by ichigos getsuga tensho with 1.25x + 2x more, can stop medium-strong attacks(0-80 on the scale), it can stop kido levels up to 70 for hado and bakudo

chishiodansu(blood dance)- i can travel anywhere on the pool of blood at 2x the speed of shunpo

i can use shikai ability number one but i can also make swords but the swords travel at 1/2 the speed of the needles
hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
you guys can check these zanpakto out these are revised versions so they don't need feedback but you can give me some if you want
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
gokuluigifan333 - blades look fine, I remember these two, and the changes are alright.

Forgethend - There are some issues here. The first ability employs something I've always had a problem with, and that's having a dramatic effect on the opponent's blade. Kira's ability in the show only does what it does by clashing directly with the opponent's blade, and all that does is make their blade heavier. This seems a lot stronger, since all you have to do is touch their blade once to make it basically ineffective. The second ability seems overly powerful too. Thousands of blades that can apparently burn anyone from the inside out just seems like a lot to stomach.
The first bankai seems fine, if a little unexplained. Ribbons can form a lot of shapes, but they're not exactly endless. For the second ability, how close does the enemy have to be to entrap him? I'm sort of confused by this ability in general. So the pendulum creates cracks in the air...which cause the blade of the pendulum to break up into smaller blades...which swing back and forth creating more cracks...which you can travel between? Seems like this ability eventually allows you to become impossibly fast no matter where you want to go, and creates infinite blades that apparently can only strike the opponent. That's a bit overpowered. The final ability is just way overpowered, no matter how I look at it. First off, it appears you're giving yourself a shield that you haven't specified about under your skin. How much damage can that shield take? How much of your skin has this underneath it? The scythe itself is just insane. It sounds like it's unblockable, which is one of those things that I really feel is overpowered in almost every instance. But not only is it unblockable, it's a one hit kill. Seems a bit obscene to me. Going to have to tone this one down a lot.

I'll get to other blades probably tomorrow guys, I know I haven't kept up with these very well so I'll see what I can do.
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hace más de un año Forgethend said…
Whiteflame55: sorry about the overly powerful zanpakto i sort of felt that its abilities were rathe... eh... cheap so i deleted and revised it making it a little better and hopefully acceptable lol... so here goes...

Name: Yugami no Seiiki (sanctuary of distortion)

Shikkai: Genjitsu o yugameru (distort reality)
Form of weapon: sword looks exactly the same except for a light pink luster the sword emanates in the light. Also a wing made of jet-black blades woven together protrudes from the right shoulder

Bankai: Sonzai Hatei Yugami no Seiiki (existence judging sanctuary of distortion)
Form of Weapon: the one wing becomes two wings and two large metal cuffs appear on the wrists and forearms. Coming from the back of the cuffs are twenty ten foot long pink ribbons that are sharp enough to slice through anything as if it were butter, however, the ribbons are extremely easy to break.

Shikkai Abilities:
1. Kōzō-teki chishiki (structural knowledge)- This ability allows the user to manipulate all physical and chemical properties of his sword. This could be from turning ones own sword into liquid and using it as a whip or changing the material alltogether. There are very many other possibilities of attacks. (always active)

2. Hane no Ame (rain of feathers)- During this ability the user jumps into the air using his wing and launches hundreds of feather sized blades at the enemy. The blades move at half shunpo speed.
Bankai Abilities:
1. Seikei shiruku no hana (molding silk blossoms)- ribbons are able to mold into any shape thus making any weapon imaginable though they are not able to copy specific abilities.

2. Jigen Funsai Gensō (illusionary dimensional shattering)- a 100 meter in diameter dome of blades comes from the ground and traps the enemy and yourself inside. From the walls blades are able to attack from all direction at the same speed as Hane no Ame. All the while, in the dome the enemie’s vision is like a broken mirror and it seems as if the user of this ability is able to jump from crack to crack, and also as if one attack is 10 (illusion). Finally, the cracks are always changing.

3. Sonzai Hitei (existene denial)- this ability can only be used after jigen bunretsu has been released. The blades of the dome impale the user of the bankai and sink within his body, creating a shield throughout the entire body less than a centimeter beneath the skin. This shield is unbreakable if all the reiatsu is focused on the shield and gets weaker as reiatsu is focused on things like speed and attack power, so the shield is almost never at full strength. The ribbons from the arm cuffs are forced to turn into a ten foot log jagged scythe with razor sharp ribbons from the back of the blade. These ribbons are no longer fragile but as strong as the shield within the body. Finally, if you get cut by the blade your reiatsu begins to pour out of the wound at an extremely fast rate and once all your reiatsu is gone you cease to exist so unless you heal your wounds or defeat the user you will die. Time limit of 10 minutes.

Notes: Yugami no Seiiki likes it when his owner looks cool so he is very reluctant when releasing his powers. He also hates it when he has to strain himself in battle so he releases only the weakest abilities first; after he has warmed up. He never releases bankai until the owner has used used both of his shikkai abilities and has fought his enemy for at least 20 minutes. Once in bankai the user slowly releases more and more reiatsu until he is able to open the dome and after in the dome for 10 minutes he is able to use Sonzai Hitei.
hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
Thanks LOBOSdelRAYo I put a lot of thought into that blade...oh really...I liked your electric was very good I suppose it would have some trouble agaisnt my water based blade...but the character who comes along with it is slightly air headed...and probably much slower than yours so you could possibly find ways around Now on to's okay..I was also being a little rude...and overly defensive...I just really like feedback...and I should of posted them farther apart...I'm really sorry not only to you but to everyone else who was troubled by it..but if there are any problems or things you would like me to change about any of my creations just reply or send me a message...compliments work too!!!!!
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hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
gokuluigifan333 I really like chishionaiya(blood diamond) sort of reminds me of Kisuke's blade...
hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
dancing petal- thanks in my opinion i think its my best and most powerful zanpakto i have made
hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
I agree I like it very much
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hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Well anyone who has read My China Sawabe profile and about her Zanpakuto or my Yamamoto and Yasumoto backstories this character is the entire reason the arc was and a wonderful person come up with here goes my Choyo profile:
Name: Choyo Matsumura A.K.A Choyo Tormenta
Height: 5’7’’, 152.4 cm
Weight: 130 pounds, 58.96 kg
Race: Shinigami, Arrancar
Birthday: was given one by her uncle, Mitsuri, May 11th which he chose because her mother loved spring
Age: unknown (she dwelled in Hueco Mundo for ages before she came to the world of the living, which she has lived for presumably seventeen years)
Appearance: Choyo has thick, curly light blonde hair that runs down to her lower back. Her eyes are deep violet and she has a very lovely profile. She has a voluptuous body with large breast and wide hips. She often wears Ichigo’s clothing or dresses reminiscent of Gothic Lolita. She often wears heavy make-up consisting of black lipstick and eye shadow put on to look like butterflies.
Personality: Choyo is very sexual, witty, humorous, determined, and awkward, strong minded, confident, but deep down is shattered from her past and her inability to make connections with those she loves.
Occupation: none
Family: Nari Tormenta (Arrancar, father), Hana Yamamoto (Shinigami, mother), Mitsuri (Shinigami, adopted father), and the other relatives of the Matsumura family.
Favorite food: strawberry short cake, chocolate, and candy
Likes: listening to music especially heavy metal and rock, “borrowing” Ichigo’s clothing and never returning them (along with several other items of his like snacks, music, and books), butterfly themed items, seeing others’ Zanpakuto as well as their Shikai and Bankai, fusing her swords with the Zanpakuto of others and getting to use the swords of those who will allow her for fun, spending time with friends and especially Ichigo’s sisters (which he isn’t all that crazy about because of her vulgar attitude), cooking (but not often because she doesn’t want to have to do it) eating snacks, singing, going through others’ belongings, wearing make up, especially black lipstick and eye shadow that she tries to blend in butterfly shapes on her eyes, fighting and bickering, and making dirty references and jokes.
Dislikes: conformity, anti-feminine sentiment; cruel, arrogant people, people poking fun at her dry itchy skin or her long, awkward toes, math, calculating, being alone due to the tortures of living in Hueco Mundo, perverts which contradicts her lewd behavior, Aizen (whom she revealed in having accosted her when she dwelled in Hueco Mundo) and Byakuya Kuchiki due to the fact that he has constantly pursued her because of his orders to exterminate any living members of the 5th royal family, even though she has always succeeded in defeating him.
Love interest: Ichigo Kurosaki
Favorite song/theme music: Shut It Up by Mindless Self Indulgence, I Don’t Want to Be Saved by Lacuna Coil (Shallow life), and Butterfly’s Sleep by Laruku (Choyo is a huge fan of many heavy metal bands and loves Bad Ass and Powdered Zombie)
History: Choyo was born from Captain Yamamoto’s daughter Hana, a previous squad captain and the Arrancar, Nari Tormenta, whose union was brought together when Yamamoto sent his children Mitsuri and Hana to dispatch a group of Arrancar who attempted to attack the Seritei. When Hana was injured by Nari she demanded her brother leave because a large group of hollows were closing in on them. Nari took her prisoner in hopes of using her as a bargaining chip later. The two often found themselves at odds, and Hana often insulted him despite being his prisoner. The two began opening up to each other. Even though their chemistry was mostly based on insults and Hana making fun of the dullness of his skull helmet which he prides on being white and his smell, which are two areas he is overly sensitive about. The two had what seemed like a four month long love affair which ended up being just one day in the soul society. An extraction team was soon issued to save Hana, who was seemingly depressed but relived Mitsuri spared her secret lover’s life. She soon realized she was pregnant and was determined to be reunited with Nari, but had to wait till the opportune time to leave, which she did once her mother discovered what had occurred and told her she had to because she would be killed if any one noticed her pregnancy. She gave birth to Choyo in Hueco Mundo and stayed with Nari for a short time before a group of hollows and arrancar attacked Nari who supposedly died and then attempted to kill Choyo for begin part shinigami, but were struck down by Hana’s Zanpakuto. Before Choyo and Hana could escape to the soul society Hana was cut and collapsed into a dimensional void she created to the soul society. During the ruckus an emotional Choyo managed to escape but was pursued only to completely embrace her arrancar side and kill her attackers with ease. Choyo wandered around aimlessly for years, killing to survive. She was often struck and accosted by other Arrancar, and turned to stealing food. She had a chance meeting with Aizen, but little is known the extent of their relationship other than that Choyo despises him because of it. She unearthed her twin Zanpakuto (a strange trait of the fifth family that would lead to their doom was the possession of two Zanpakuto which began with Mitsuri. She eventually achieved Bankai with both her blades and used her power to disrupt dimensional spaces in order to leave Hueco Mundo. She discovered the world of the living and was found by Mitsuri who had fled there with a band of others after the destruction of his family. She grew and met Ichigo who she has been friends and possibly even more with recently. Choyo has been put at odds with members of the Matsumura family just as much as Byakuya Kuchiki because a group of her family plans on invading the soul society for the revenge of their family’s death and in hopes to change the Rukon district. Choyo has unearthed that Mitsuri, her adopted father and uncle once was engaged to Retsu, the captain of squad 4. While she still cares for her grandfather she is confused while he killed the entire squad four save four members and abducted Isane and Retsu so they wouldn’t be casualties in the war he is planning. She isn’t aware he has connections to Aizen though. She has also had trouble in controlling her Arrancar side which is a feeling Ichigo understands, and this has brought them closer together. When her arrancar totally possessed her Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Rangiku, Izuru, Hinamori, Hitsugaya, and Byakuya attempted to convert her back to her previous state. She ended up seriously injuring all of them but was almost defeated by Rukia due to Renji’s resulting death from her blood Zanpakuto, Sangre Luna. Before the battle could be determined she fled to Hueco Mundo but was followed by Ichigo and brought out of it after a battle that Ichigo nearly lost his life in. Orihime was able to help Renji and Rukia after the fact, while Kuchiki, Hinamori, Hitsugaya, Kira, and Matsumoto retuned to the soul society for special treatment. Recently she was reunited with her father, Nari, who survived and now hopes to find her mother who was rescued by her brother when squad two was planning her execution. Kukaku plans on helping them find her, who is the only person who knows of her whereabouts.
Zanpakuto: Setsudan no Kochou (cutting butterfly)
Release phrase: flutter
Spirit manifestation: a tall, pale woman with a deep violet kimono embroidered with butterfly designs. The kimono has great length as well as extremely long sleeves. She has a deep black sash with butterflies stenciled on it. Her hair is deep vermillion and her lips full. She is very voluptuous and often cools herself off with a butterfly shaped fan. She has the same holographic designs overlapping her face as Choyo does in her Bankai form. Setsudan no Kochou is very aggressive and like her owner she has a habit of saying of whatever comes to mind.
Inner world: a shrine in a sacred cave where wind blows, incense burns, and glass butterflies dangle from miniature pagodas.
Shikai: a long katana with an electric purple hilt with etchings of butterfly symbols along the blade, with charms strung from the butterfly shaped guard that she uses in battle.
1. Soyogimasu choochoo (fluttering butterfly): this causes whatever Choyo’s sword pierces to turn to butterflies. A powerful ability that disperses matter into hell butterflies. This process takes longer on larger or my complicated organisms.
2. Mawasu choochoo (spinning butterfly): on the hilt of her blade are three serrated charms that she can telekinetically control the movement of through her reiatsu. The charms spin cutting whatever they tough and are usually attracted to the spiritual pressure Choyo has them lock on to.
3. Maiagaru choochoo (fly up butterfly): allows Choyo’s to turn into butterflies whether it’s to fly, escape from a large falling object, or to spy (which she loves to do.)
Bankai: Agehachou (swallowtail butterfly): a long, think katana with a violet blade and a warped guard resembling the wings of a swallowtail butterfly with eyes that seemingly moves. The hilt is blade but is etched with colorful images of butterfly.
Clothing appearance: a short silk kimono that is a deep purple color which is brought out by a thousand images of colorful butterflies designed to look as if they are almost fluttering off the fabric. A black sash is fastened around her waist and has pastel designs of butterflies against its dark template. The kimono cuts off in the back to appear like butterfly wings when she moves or it flaps in the breeze. What makes it less conventional is the open back exposing her large butterfly tattoo on her back. On her eyes are holographic butterfly wings that can expand and shield her face from attacks as well as the tattoo on her back which can spread into holographic images that protect her spinal cord. She has designs all over her body that looks like the markings on a swallowtail butterfly. The eyes can open so she can see in all directions.
Special abilities: Choyo gains a number of abilities in her Bankai, most notably her influence of time and space and her amazing speed. Her swiftness is equal to Ichigo’s hyper speed when he uses Tensa Zangetsu if not faster, seeing as how her after images can physically harm opponents. Choyo’s speed is incorporated in many of her attacks.

1.Agehachou Hane Dansu (swallowtail wing dance): Choyo’s speed exponentially increases in her Bankai; with this technique she moves with such extreme speed she creates blurred images that can injure opponents if they make contact with them.
2.Suchiiru Choochoo Arawaremasu (steel butterfly manifest): Agehachou dissipates into thousands of butterflies and she swallows them as they flutter down her throat, during this time she’s completely vulnerable but most who witness this technique are so shocked by it they hardly ever until it’s too late. After she has consumed them she can use the spiritual energy to alter areas of her body, such as her arms and legs into weapons like scythes, blades, and spears. All of these physical appendages of her spirit energy resemble the purple blade of Agehachou. This is a very powerful and wilily unpredictable technique that she can add to her tremendous speed or her martial arts skills to quickly dispatch foes. She can have her sword return to her by opening her mouth and letting the butterflies swarm back up or letting them come out of her skin, first appearing flesh colored and then just materializing back into their true form. She is susceptible either way but no harm comes from her sword regenerating.
3.jikoku bun'ya (time field): this powerful ability allows Choyo to manipulate time and space in a radius of about thirty meters. She can cause her foes to move very slowly so she increases her already god-like speed in order to dispatch them. She can also almost completely freeze the particles around her enemies or projectiles in order to protect herself from injuries.
5.Jikanwosei Choochoo (Warping time butterfly): With her time displacement powers she can disrupt the space time continuum, allowing her to send foes or herself into other time periods by cutting space time with her blade.

Zanpakuto: Primavera flora (spring flower)
Sprit manifestation: a pale, small Asian woman who is dressed in a long, flowing yellow kimono embellished with floral print. She has long sleeves that completely hide her hands which she keeps meekly together tucked in front of her lavender sash which is stenciled with images of spring flowers. She has violet eyes much like her owner. Her hair is long and shimmering like black silk. She has a very gentle and shy personality, though she subtly attempts to make romantic references towards Ichigo’s Zangetsu in whom she has a crush on.
Inner world: a garden with large flowers almost the size of tall buildings that can be reached by weeds that bend like a staircase. Long stalks can be ascended to reach an abandoned region of watering holes, gardens, and Edo era styled temples.
Shikai: a katana with a canary yellow hilt with floral designs along the hilt and blade, the guard is flower shaped with charms that resembles bright flowers, but they don’t function like the serrated charms on Choko.
Special ability: Choyo’s second Zanpakuto is rather unusual. I can become entirely invisible by transforming into pure spiritual energy that she can use to inflict serious damage on foes, usually by using it in a combination of martial arts. She can levitate the blade through her spiritual pressure and since it’s made from energy it can bend in any direction, widen to any width, and extend to great lengths. While all of the attributes make it unpredictable and powerful the secret to mastering its true potential is the speed of its discharge.
Bankai: Sazanami Primavera Flora (rippling spring flower): a long, thin katana with a bright, yellow blade with a hilt shaded in tints of rainbow and etched with floral symbols. Attached to the flower shaped hilt are two large flower shaped charms.
Special power: This Zanpakuto can cut through matter and dimensional spaces. She can cut voids into other dimensions like into Hueco Mundo or the soul society. These space scars stay open unless she wills them close. With this ability offensively she can create rifts in matter that cause the body to split apart. The scars are a bright yellow color but like her Shikai they fade so they can’t be detected. She can make several thousand of these appear with her Zanpakuto. The reason why spring flower is in the name is because when fresh cuts are made they look like falling yellow flowers. See is capable of using this ability without her blade at full potential.
Arrancar form:
Apperance: Choyo’s skin becomes as pallid as that of a corpse with her signature violet eyes that appear to have butterflies fluttering in them at all times. The remainder of her hollow mask looks like a helmet that comes down on both sides to her about her jaw; skeletal looking butterflies seem to be welded on to the mask giving her a unique appearance among most arrancar. Her hair is still pale blonde but appears more sallow than when she is in her hybrid form. Choyo dawns skeletal armor that is very risqué and removable. The only skeletal fragment that isn’t is her reinforced spine. Her hollow hole is over her heart.
Cero: Choyo’s cero is extremely destructive and explosive, when released the energy flutters like a butterfly and then blast out a huge beam
Zanpakuto: Sangre Luna (blood moon)
Release phrase: kill, matar (kill)
Spirit: a pale, busty woman with blood stained lips and deep scarlet hair with green eyes. She has a skull piece resembling a wide headband. She has skeletal armor dyed with dried blood. She is sadistic and very violent.
Inner world: a lair with skeleton bones and scented candles burning in topless skulls.
Apperance: a long thin sword, almost resembling a fencing foil. The entire is blade is blood red including the hilt.
Resurrección: Sangre Luna has the ability to absorb blood out of the opponent’s body and gravitate towards the user so it can be used in the manipulation process. This sword can manipulate the blood into armor, weapons (swords, spears, bullets, and even a cannon), and in techniques. With stronger foes she may have to cut them before she can use her red moon technique. She can stab herself with her sword to temporarily become blood. This sword can also kill with a couple of strikes by diminishing red blood cell count.
1. Technique: Rojo Luna (blood moon, this power causes the blood to move into a moon like sphere, so she can manipulate it)
2. Technique: Sangre Armadura (blood armor, creates armor out of blood)
3. Technique: Sangre Bala Muerte (Blood bullet death, creates hardened bullets of blood that travel at high speeds)
4. Technique: Penetrante Sangre forrar (Penetrating blood line, compresses all the blood she gathers into a power streaming whip that is strong enough to shatter rock and pierce foes because she can manipulate its sharpness)
5. Technique: sangre espuma inundación (blood frothing flood, creates a tidal wave of blood)
6. Technique: espiral sangre misil (spiraling blood missile, she solidifies a great amount of blood and to a cannon and pressurizes blood she loads into it into large balls that she fire at top speeds that breach walls and rip through foes)
Resurrección: Segunda Etapa: Oxidarse Viento Cadáver Ropa (rust wind corpse linen)
Apperance: In this form her mask becomes much thinner and resembles a headband, much like the spirit of her Zanpakuto. She can pull it down like a visor to protect her face. When she does this the mask looks like that of a mummies face. Her skeletal armor is replaced with yard upon yard of wrapped linen that she can use in battle. It comes down like a one piece over her torso and stops at her thighs. Her arms and legs are wrapped as well. She often uses the cloth to spin her blade about like Ichigo does with Zangetsu.
Apperance: The entire sword gains a decayed appearance. The blade rusts profusely, gaining nicks in the edge and sometimes even small holes in the side. Shards of rust constantly fall from the blade. The sword is about ten feet long and two feet wide; it’s wrapped in profuse amounts of cloth so that the blade looks like a mummy.
1.Posesión (possession): she severs the linen on her body or the sword and it wraps around her opponent (s) and causes them to cede control of their minds and actions over to her until she uses her reiatsu to unwind it or she’s incapacitated or dead.
2.Vendava Oxidarse (Gale rust): causes the fragments of rust on the blade to be condensed into a powerful gale when she swings her sword. This causes obstacles or foes to be cut with wounds that can rot bone.
3.Tumba Putrefacción (tomb decay): Causes whatever she strikes with the blade to begin corroding.

Special skills:
Master Swordsmanship Specialist
Sonido, flash step master
High-speed regeneration
Hand-to-Hand Combatant expert
Enhanced Pequisa
Knows a couple of low level kido spells
Enhanced hierro

 Well anyone who has read My China Sawabe perfil and about her Zanpakuto o my Yamamoto and Yasumoto
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
okay I am gonna post my character first then the zanpakuto for the character because the last time i tried putting them both on the same post i went over the limit.

Name: Saito Redgrave "Sai"
Age: 22
Weight: 210
Height: 6'1''
Rank: 2nd in Command of Ace of X
Appearance: Saito has a muscled body, he has medium long hair that goes to the bottom of the neck in the back and just covers his eyes a little in the front, no he does not have a mullet. He has color is very red with some orange tint in it, he also has reddish orange eyes to be more excat his eyes are the color of fire. He rarely if ever smiles he is usually wearing a frown or scrowling look on his face, infact the only time he is seen similing is when his is serious injury his enemies. He wears a dark blue almost indigo jacket with reddish flames on the cuffs and bottom, he does not wear a undershirt but has wrapping around his waist and up his hands and forearms. He also wears dark blue jeans and sneakers. He usually has a stick of some sort in his mouth and the tip is usually aflame. He like all the members of Ace of X has the ace with a x tattoo on th eback of his right hand.
Personality: Saito is particually the exact opposite of Crow. Wheresas Crow is more relax and calm, Saito is relentless and hot-headed he beileves Ace of X should be doing more dangerous and sometimes cruel mission, even his fighting style differs from Crow, who thinks things though and try to keep a cool head during a fight Saito never thinks any battle plan of any kind he often causes massive damage and attacks with pure rage and anger. Saito actually hates Crow, no not he just doesn't like him, he hates everything Crow often arguing with him over his chooses, espceially when it comes to Ace of X. Saito hates how Crow is so lay-back often telling him a real leader doesn't lay around all day sleeping, Crow comically ignores the fact Saito hates him so much and merely says Saito is trying to hide his true emotions behind anger. Whenever Crow leaves, or not able to lead the team for a whatever reason Saito is always the first to take command and orders the team around. Also where Crow only eats sweet or fried foods Saito eats only spicy or sour foods.
Sterngth: 100
Speed: 70
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 70
Swordmanship: 80
Kido: 40
hace más de un año grif16 said…
Heres a new version of an old one that a lot of people didnt like.

Zanpakuto's Name: Kukanto (Dimensional Blade)
Release command: Slice through reason

Shikia Appearence: The blade stays the same but a light blue aura envelopes that blade.

Shikia Abilities:
1. Hakuran (White Sky): with a swing of Kukanto i can unleash a barage of needles made of kidothat travel at semi shunpo speed.
2. Ittoso (Single Blade Spear): I hold my blade at my side with the tip of my blade pointed at my enemy and fire a kido spear at them.

Bankai Name: Gaki Kukanto (Raging Dimensional Blade)

Bankai Appearence: The blue aura surrounding my shikia seeps into the blade making it 4 inches longer and the blade turns a metalic blueish purple and is covered by a scabard. Also all the clothing a fabric on my right arm is destroyed revealing glowing light blue tattoos that snake all the way up to my shoulder.

Bankai Abilities:
1.When the blade is removed from the scabard the swings made by the blade are too fast for the eye to see or follow. When the blade is swung the only way to see where its going or where its been is to follow the sun reflecting off the tip of the blade which creates a trail of light which a powerful opponent (im talking captain level or above) could follow and possiblely dodge or block. (Once the blade is removed from the scabard i can only swing it 12 times before it looses its speed and power and must be returned to the scabard for a split second charge before it can be removed again).The tattoos on my arm that are powered by my spiritual pressure are what allow me to use the blades full speed.
2. Kukansen (Dimensional Flash): A swift motion of the blade that cuts through dimensional barriers and unleashes a slicing vortex from the blade that envelopes my enemy unleashing a barrage of slashes causeing near fatal wounds.( If my opponent is anything less than captain level then this move is fatal) The attack can only be performed once a week due to the toll it takes on the users body.
3. Kukanganta (Dimensional Cavity): The blade allows me to cut a dimensional gate in thin air that i can enter and in an instant can transport me anywhere within a 1 mile diameter.

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hace más de un año grif16 said…
is there a limit to how many swords we can post a day or week?
hace más de un año grif16 said…
how do i put a pic on my profile so when i post something ull see the pic next to my name?
hace más de un año daisuke_shiba said…
zanpakutou/shikai: hinomiko (scarlet swallow)
release command: sugu ni kakikomu (burn quckly)
bankai name: tensoku hinomiko (heavenly fast scarlet swallow)

on shikai form: hinomiko became 2form, first form is shaped like a normal sword that can generate fire when attacking enemy.
the 2nd form, wallet-shaped birds that blanketed the flames, this bird can attack enemy with extremely fast.
the 1st and 2nd can be combined to become a sword-shaped sword classics such as the burning bird(true shikai).

Bankai form: on bankai form, hinomiko shaped like a true form on shikai mode, but the colour change from red(shikai) into blue, with blue flames around it. in this mode I would have a wing-shaped wallet with blue flames.
and in accordance with hinomiko's bankai name, i will become 3 time more faster than normal/shikai form.
and the fire that produced by hinomiko will be 10 times larger and stronger than the shikai form.

hahaha, this is really my zanpakutou which can show myself's character and reiatsu!!
hace más de un año grif16 said…
daisuke_shiba i think on the second form of ur shikia u meant to put wallet sized, not wallet shaped
hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
grif16..i orginally had trouble with that too but gokuluigifan333 helped me what you do is go to upload image...go to your documents and find a saved pic if you don't have one go online and find one by choosing save pic once you click on it..than push browse and find the name of the saved image push upload and waloah your good to go...I loved your Kyoto (Mirror Sword..the restrictions are nice becuase it makes your blade balanced but if your fighting an arrancar would you not be able to copy their Resurrección? daisuke_shiba how powerful is this firebird your Zanpakuto generates..just curious...good Zanpakuto though!!!!!
On another note
hace más de un año grif16 said…
yea i always hate when i read other peoples swords and they just make their swords for like god or something. ex oh if i hit u one all ur energy is drained and u cant move, i hate that. every sword needs to have restrictions
hace más de un año grif16 said…
yay i finally got a profile pic
hace más de un año Takeshi_Tsurugi said…

Name: Shūtingusutā (Shooting Star)
Release command: Āku Amama (Arc across the Heavens)
Bankai name: Wana ni ochi ta Tenshi (Fallen Angel)

Appearance: Before it is released Shūtingusutā is a simple Katana. The hilt is shaped like a star, and the wrapping round the handle is light blue with silver insets. In Shikai Shūtingusutā forms into two leather gauntlets, each of these is covered in silver stars. They are studded across the knuckles, and extend to just before the elbow.

Shikai abilities:
Ability 1: Gōrudensutāshīrudo (Golden Star Shield). The stars on the left hand gauntlet glow gold and form a protective shield, it is only a simple buckler shape. Each time it is struck it releases sparks of gold, after each strike it becomes more and more see through. After a certain amount of damage has been sustained it dissipates.
Ability 2: Shirubāsutāransu (Silver Star Lance). The stars on the right hand gauntlet glow silver and form a spear, a simple warrior’s spear. As it strikes an opponent it releases silver shards. As the shards collect they begin to form other spears. When the one I’m wielding breaks all the other spears shoot towards my opponent, either wounding or trapping my opponent.

Bankai Appearance: In Bankai the gauntlets extend to reach my shoulders and become a silver metal. Angel wings appear at the shoulders and Golden stars embossed in the metal just below the wings.
Bankai Abilities:
Ability 1: Uchi naru hikari (Inner Light). I become engulfed in a golden light that lasts for 2-3 minutes depending on the amount of damage being dealt. It cuts most types of attacks power in half. Certain Zanpakuto are unaffected by this.
Ability 2: Zetsubō no tsuinransu (Twin Lances of Despair). Two silver spears appear in my hands. Each one has a wing shaped spear head. The appearance of these spears increases me speed and endurance. These spears will last as long as I have reiatsu left. As they consume it. Each blow that connects with my enemy sucks out a small portion of their reiatsu.

Note: The standard strength, speed, endurance and power buffs of going into Bankai are included. The speed increase of the Twin Lances is on top of that. Thus making me one of the fastest Shinigamis in the Seireitai.
hace más de un año Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
I love the pic griff16..hope my instructions helped..I love your now on to Takeshi_Tsurugi
Zanpakuto, Shūtingusutā (Shooting Star)
I love it..the idea is so orginal Zetsubō no tsuinransu (Twin Lances of Despair)....personally i feel that is the best ability
hace más de un año grif16 said…
Takeshi_Tsurugi i really like your zanpakuto. i felt the balance u gave it on both shikai and bankai make it a worthy zanpakuto. and i also like the way u describe it so one could get an image of wat the weapon looks like. question though, on the first ability of ur bankai wat zanpakutos would be unaffected?
hace más de un año grif16 said…
dancing petal, yes they were very helpful. do u have any other comments on my kyoto? which of my three blades did u like the best?
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hace más de un año Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
Was kinda thinking along the lines of the seriously OPed ones, eg Yamamotos and Ichigos. I made that Zanpakuto in about 10 minutes. lol