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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Well just have to see the idea other people think if they want to do the Rp and will just have to decide who idea is the best.
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
we should do what eh orginal RP was about with the whole angels and deadly sins that was sick
hace más de un año Ikusa510 said…
speaking of cans there actually was an energy drink a long time ago call whoop ass. random tidbit of useless info but hey it was pretty cool.
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Hahaha i never knew that seems like the best energy drink ever.
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hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Alright, so a few things. First, I haven't seen anyone on for hte fight, and no one responded to my final message last night, so I'd like to know what's up guys. I want this started and at least pretty deep in by the weekend (I'll be gone again for most of it).

But onto other things. First, the blade. QuickDeath35, I think the blade's fine as is. Honestly, don't see any real problems with it. The holes in the blade are just places where the opponent can do some damage, and that's perfectly fine, those holes should be there. I'd say that the blade's a bit of a one trick pony (considering all the water attacks are concussive and the sharks pretty much do the same thing at all levels), but that's not necessarily bad.

In terms of the whole mass RP aspect, I'm not exactly against the idea, but the big problem with it is that it can get a bit...too large. The reason it ended was that people kept coming in and out of the story (part of the reason I never joined). It's difficult to coordinate so many people and give everyone a chance to add onto the story. We could still do it, but it's going to take a decent amount of effort to organize and we're going to need to only include committed people.

Still working on my latest blade idea, it's definitely going to be different, but I'm still working out a very difficult kink in the setup.
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
One thing i didnt make the blade whiteflame LOBOSdelRAYo did, and i understand the whole to many people joining thing.
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hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Oh, sorry, my bad on that one. Sorry LOBOSdelRAYo, didn't mean to just leave you out or anything...been a looooooong day...
hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
Hello everybody, kinda new here but oh well, I made this blade recently and figure why not see what you all think of it, also i negleted to name one ability because its a passive ability so why would one have a name for it, and finally i didn't translate the names because i just didn't see it necessary, if someone really wishes to have names of the blade and abilities to be translate go for it. Any way heres the blade.

Zanpakuto's name/Shikai name: Storm’s Eye
Release command: Keep Calm
Bankai Name – Fury of the storm
Description :
Unreleased the blade looks like a unimpressive katana, with a basic brown Scabbard, a plain round guard and a blue handle. In Shikai, the blade shortens to a kodachi with a spiral looking guard and brigh blue handle. In bankai the blade looks the same as shikai but part of the cloth that is wrapped around the handle of the blade extends and wraps around the hand wrist and forearm of the wielder.

Shikai Abilities
1. A barrier of wind surrounds the user, that is about 6 inches thick from the surface of the skin out. This barrier will help to either parry weaker attacks from opponents or at verry least slow their attack down to either give the wielder a little more time to parry or dodge or to take away some damage from the attack. This ability isn’t any thing major thus, a person who chucks a rock hard enough will make contact with the user, but it does provide enough of a benefit in fights like in bleach where even a half a second can make or break a fight.

2. Shifting Wind. This ability allows the user to shift his position using wind. To do this wind has to be blowing and cant be caused by the user. The primary application of this is the user uses wind caused by the opponents movements to help himself move either way from or into the attack (into the attack so that it may be countered of parried) the amount he can move is directly related to the wind caused, if it’s a small breeze then the wielder can move maybe 4-6 feet, but if it’s a hurricane then there is no rl limit since the wind is a constant. The wind caused by swinging a sword only allows for a entire body shift of a few inches to a foot. The speed is about 75% as fast as a flash step.

Bankai Abilities

1. Bottling The Wind. This ability is always avtive in bankai. It takes all the wind generated from fighting the opponent (me swinging my blade, or wind caused when our bladed collide, and the wind generated around my blade when im just running around battle field) and focuses it around the blade of my zanpakuto. When bankai is activated the Bottling The Wind is at maximum power, and after its reliesed using the second bankai ability more wind must be gathered. At maximum power the winds have as much energy as a maximum speed tornado (idr what the scale is)

2. Minicyclone blade.. The barrier that once extended around the user now focuses to a 1 inch thick barrier around the blade, Visually the blade has a narrow rapidly spinning tornado around it throughout whole use of Bankai. While the wind is spinning the blade does blunt attacks instead of cutting. But the wielder can choose to reliese the wind in one of 2 ways. 1 say is to launch the wind at the opponent by pointing the tip of the sword at the opponent and mentally relieseing the wind. This causes a cone of wind to fly at the opponent roughly equal in strength and speed to that of a cero. (imagine a tornado turned horzontaly so the narrow end is at opponent and wide end is at user). The other way is to reliese the wind on one side of the blade to launch the blade (and weilder since blade is attached to his arm) at higher speeds making a harder impact with his swing, and if used improperly can dislocate the users shoulder or if missed can leve him wide open for counter attacks.

3. Piercing Wind. This ability cannot be used at same time as the second bankai ability and infact can only be used when the blade itself and not the wind barrier makes contact with the object its hitting. This ability uses some of my energy and that of the wind generated to increase the speed of the wind generated from my attack to pierce the target deeper. When my blade hits the opponent this ability makes the wound twice as deep and twice as wide, also it’s a jagged cut.

hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Well, sorry for the wait on this review. A lack of sleep last night combined with a hectic day makes this kind of thing more difficult. In all honesty, this is a pretty solid blade. I'd say only two things about it. One, the wind abilities should be stronger the closer your opponent is to you. Wind dissipates at range in nature, so it should be a similar effect with your blade. Two, it's somewhat confusing to have so many sources of a very similar type of wind at play in your bankai. The first bankai ability is a tornado, as is the second, but it's smaller. Might just want to make the first something slightly different, after all, there are other forms of dangerous wind (for all of you who are thinking of fart jokes right now, stop it...stop it). Could be more focused around cyclones, hurricanes, a typhoon, just something to separate it from the other part of your blade. You could even miniaturize these somehow to make them more interesting.
hace más de un año Hadez17 said…
The first bankai ability is simply a means for me to generate the ability to do my second bankai ability, and after rereading what i posted i realize that i forgot to reword things properly, because the second bankai ability was ment to be my first one then i decided to make an ability to generate the wind arround the blade for the second ability. I did this to limit the use and strength of my second bankai ability since ill have to be continualy regenerating the wind for the second ability.

As for the limiting strength over distance. This idea seems logical, and ill work a little on my things, maybe something like the second shikai ability allowing me to move at full flash step speed when we are within meele range of eachother, then 75% at 10 feet, and gradualy slwoing down as distance increases. and for bankai abilities i dont see distance becoming a factor in the third bankai ability sice the extra damage is done only if i make contact with them, but the second abiliti where i shoot the tornado, giving it a maximum effective range of say 20 feet, and then 10 feet beyond that half damage, and 10 feet beyond that it may mess up the opponets hair
hace más de un año jlazlo said…
Hmmm It's been a while since i came on this forum. If you're wandering who the hell i am, well i'am actually one of the few people who took part on the RP with the sins and angels.

If you wanted to do a RP i sugest you move to Shinigami Academy. I know it sounds dumb, but many of the people and brains behind our old RP moved to that one. And on the bright side, we have guidelines that you MUST follow, to prevent the problem with keeping track of everybody. Try it, we're kinda of busy as of now, the angels are back and we're trying to save someone.

oh and can someone be kind enough to tell me whats has been going on since then?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
jlazlo - mainly, this has reverted back to the whole "make a zanpakuto"-type forum. There's been a lot of discussion toward bringing back some fights and one has already occurred relatively recently. The main problem I have with the idea behind the Shinigami Academy is that it seems rather restrictive in terms of what we can do. I'm sure the story's going well and all, but many of the characters I've planned are from outside soul society, and most of what goes on in that forum is sort of a microcosm of the shinigami universe inside of soul society.
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Okay I finally got my internet connection back so whenever you guys are ready we can start the 2vs2 fight!
hace más de un año bleacher1001 said…
Whiteflame- You hit the nail on the head with the Shinigami Academy, but it is a good story. You say that most of the characters that you have planned are from outside the Soul Society, that's fine. It'd be an interesting plot twist to have folks from outside come in. In fact, part of the story has taken place in Hueco Mundo and my character, Ryu Shikiro, is a pure half-hollow half-shinigami (Not like Ichigo. Ryu's father was a Vasto Lorde Hollow and his mother was a shinigami.) So if you want to, then come on in.

Now for my zanpakuto. It's been a while since I submitted one.

Release Command: Rise in the Night Sky

Shikai Name: Mangetsu Oogama (Full Moon Scythe)


Shikai Appearance: It is as the name suggests, a scythe. The rod that the blade is on is 5 and 1/2 feet long. The blade end actually has two blades at the end of it that are on opposite sides of the end. The blades are shaped like long curling sickles. At the bottom of the rod is a stabbing blade in the shape of a canine tooth. The color of the blades and rod is white.

Shikai Special Ability: (Shio no Seigyo: Tide Control) This ability allows the user of Mangetsu Oogama to completely control any source of water within a 100 foot radius of his body.

Shikai Attack 1: (Gekkoo Tsutsuku: Moonlight Strike) The blades glow a very light blue in order to charge for the attack. As the user bring the blade down for the strike, the blue light flashes at the opponent. This will temporarily blind the opponent so that the user can strike the opponent.

Shikai Attack 2: (Sokubaku suru Tsuki: Constricting Moon) The user lodges a blade into the body of the opponent. They say the name of the attack and both blades begin to turn inward and they impale the opponent.

Bankai Name: Mangestu Shiteiru Ookami (Full Moon, Shining Wolf)


Bankai: Appearance: This bankai has two forms. The first form is that of a large white wolf. The wolf takes the shape and bodily characteristics of its user. So if the user is a large person, then the wolf will be equally large. The second form is an armor worn by the user. To reach this form, the user simply shapeshifts from one form to another. The top of the armor is simple chain-mail covered in a shining, white fur tunic with the symbol of the moon in the center of the chest. The tunic does not form sleeves, is lined with the color navy, and the chain-mail can be seen because it is short sleeved. On the wrists, are navy colored gauntlets with four white bones on the tops of both of them. The pants that the user wears are unchanged in style, but the color changes to white with navy lining. The shoes are unchanged in both style and color. There is a white hood attached to the tunic that can be pulled over the head or left back. Finally, instead of a scythe, the user is given a simple double-edged sword that is sheathed behind the back. The sword is silver in color, has no crossguard, and the hilt is wrapped in a navy colored cloth.

Bankai Ability: (Gōkei Mizu Sōsa: Total Water Manipulation) This ability is much like the Tide Contol ability in the shikai state, except that the user can create water by converting the spirit particles in the air into water. The user is also able to control any source of water within a 500 foot radius.

Wolf Form Bankai Attack: (Shiteiru Ookami Gekijoo: Shining Wolf's Fury) In this attack, the wolf begins to shine brightly and charges at the opponent. While it is charging, the wolf begins to shunpo eradically so as to confuse the opponent. Once the wolf is within 10 feet of the opponent, a great amount of reiatsu explodes around the wolf as it scratches and bites at the opponent. The wolf is able to scratch the opponent 10 times or bite the opponent 5 times before the reiatsu dissipates and the attack ends. The wolf MUST chose between the scratching or biting, no mixture of the two is possible.

Armor Bankai Attack 1: (Shiteiru Ookami Tsume: Shining Wolf Claws) The bones on the gauntlets extend out into claws and become infused with reiatsu. The user then charges at the opponent and attempts to slash him with the claws. If a claw connects with the opponent, a giant force of reiatsu will fly at the opponent from the claws and will create a four pronged slash across the point of impact.

Armor Bankai Attack 2: (Kiba Mangetsu Tataku: Fang of the Full Moon Strike) With this attack, the user draws the sword and draws a circle in the air. The circle will be visible as white colored reiatsu will take the form of the circle. The circle with then fly at the opponent and attempt to hit them. If contact is made then the user will be paralyzed for 10 seconds (please note that the opponent does not have to be paralyzed to make this attack work, it just makes it easier). After this is done, the sword begins to glow white and the user charges at the opponent. Once the user reaches the opponent, the user impales the opponent straight through the chest and the reiatsu that is stored within the sword explodes. If this attack is successful then the opponent is ensured death. However, if the user is not able to paralyze the opponent, then the attack becomes a reiatsu charged slash that can be fatal but not guaranteed.
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
ok time to reply:
@whiteflame: first the whole mistake thing its cool no big deal and im glad you like the blade yea i know its a one trick pony but i wanted to take a different appoarch to a water base blade. Second i get your concern of doing a rp but there are ways to deal with it. Like i said before the main reason i want to do one is because it gives me the chance to introduce my blades and characters, i all ready introduce 3 i want to have some surprise for people. And also I think this RP would be better becuase all of our swords have been edited and review so that they are not overpowered. I beileve this was a majr problem in the orginal some people ,especially craizeone, had characters who were just completely over the top to powerful using shadows to break people down on the molecular level is just unnessacary!!!

@jlazlo: jlazlo im sure the "shinigami academy" is a cool RP with a awesome story BUT i said i don't want to do a high school universe RP i hate those kind, my characters are not becoming little high schoolers i just finish high school NO THANK YOU. Second none of the characters in the orginal fit in that scenario, yea cool the angels are back, BUT the angels were quite evil and powerful their motives were blacker than the ace of spades.
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
I think an rp would be great plus it would allow more random battles to happen, but I do agree with LOBOSdelRAYo, I don't want to do some start out in high school stuff! I think we should all come up with characters and good back ground stories to explain motives. Choose if your character is human, soul reaper, hollow, or vizard and choose a place or side they are on; Soul Society or some other organization that you come up with. Lets just say that it is 100 years or something like that after the whole Aizen thing so we can make up our own characters and stories without worrying about Bleach's story line.
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hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
i agree jstar lets not worry involve inchigo or nyone from the actual bleach story line. And you make the same point i thought of with the whole random battles, why have 1 battle every 20 pages plus 15 pages of figuring out when to start the fight and who going to be in it
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Exactly! So that makes two people (LOBOS and me) who want an rp style of doing things. What about everyone else? Are you all cool with this?
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Sounds good to me, count me in.
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hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
yes 3 down 100 more to go i like those odds btw im not saying completely do away with the zanpakuto creation
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
hahaha i agree with you and i think more people are gonna like the idea
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
yea well we thought 2vs2vs2 was a good idea as well and look at what happen to that
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Yea your right but i think this idea will catch on more, but we can't have random people joining and messing up the story like what happnened to the first RP.
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
yeah good point becuase then they show up for one page and becuase they wanted their character to have a "important part" we can't do anything because they are brain dead idiots and forgot how to turn on a computer
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
I'm sure everything will be okay, once we get everybody into this we can set up some rules on posting for the rp and then see who wants to fill the captain and lieutenant seats. That means that we will need at least 26 people for those seats. I know I don't want any of those seats so we will see what we can do.
hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
i like the idea about the Rp im actually in the shinigami academy too but i suck at posts(they are usually very short) so im hanging around here for a while
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hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
oh and i need an idea for bankai of a zanpakto that uses light just tell me a name and i can come up with almost everything else
it has to be about an axe
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Alright, so what I'm getting the feeling of is that we're sort of scrapping the 2v2, which is fine, but then we should set this RP up. Couple of things from the outset:
1) We should be very careful about groups. Yes, a lot of groups exist right now, but to be frank, there are some that just shouldn't have any of us. Give you an example, the Vaizards. All of them were created (I know, this is a spoiler) as a result of the Hougyoku's will. Given that we know everyone who has become a vaizard came from soul society (or is Ichigo), I think we can leave that group out. Beyond that, I think we should not include characters from the show, it just muddies the entire thing. An example of that is that I think we also have to leave out the Espada, though not arrancar in general. The arrancar could even be as powerful as the Espada, just unwilling to take one of those seats. We should also leave out current captains and vice captains.
2) I like the idea about not getting involved in the current story, which is why I have a bit of an interesting idea on this one. Why not have this take place outside of the "important" places? Like, it wouldn't be bad to be in Hueco Mundo, but not under the dome. It would be fine to be in Soul Society, just not in the central location, more in Rukongai. I think that leaves a lot of opportunities, and would give us leeway to create some interesting groups.
3) We could have 3 factions: Soul Society, Arrancar, and Outsiders. "Soul Society" would include anyone up to the rank of captain (though we'd have to decide who's taking the empty positions of Aizen, Gin, and Tousen) and basically be the group that was left behind during the battle with Aizen. "Arrancar" would be any hollow character that sides with the Espada and that group in general, don't have to like Aizen (since you're not directly under his feet). "Outsiders" would be a separate group altogether. Could be human (though, honestly, that'd be weird, Ichigo's an extremely special case), a soul reaper who abandoned Soul Society, an arrancar who abandoned Hueco Mundo, or anything else you could think of. Obviously, this group isn't necessarily allied.
4) I'd say all blades would need to be preapproved to prevent any monkeying with them later (saw a lot of people using abilities that were very specific to certain situations). I'd also say that we should limit the number of characters each person has (thinking to 4 or 5, depends what we want to do) just to keep things civil. If a character is killed off, it can be replaced. Characters can and will die, there should be no arguing that. We can implement some system for deciding battles.

How's that sound as a rough outline?
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hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Whiteflame - I like everything that you said but I still think that we should make it 100 years in the future or to just dismiss the entire bleach storyline because I agree that we should not include the real characters but with the character's we make being so strong, it would not make sense for Soul Society to not get involved with our character's. We can either fill in all the captain and lieutenant seats before we start or we can fill a few and when more people join we can have them fill the seats to reveal new characters and plot twists.

And I do agree that all blades and arrancar abilities must be approved. We don't want any godlike Barragans out there!
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Alright, we can do something set far into the future, still keeps the groups as they are. If we do so, I believe that people can just reserve seats as they go (whoever gets the seat of captain commander has to make a very interesting blade, that one should be a vote). I don't know how we'd formulate the Espada, especially since their rank is supposed to reflect power level, we might want to make up a new system for the arrancar rather than keep it as is.
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
We should probably keep the kido corps and Onmitsukido out unless someone wants to bring them in with their character. And yes we should vote for Captain Commander. Maybe hold a contest to see who can make the most fierce blade.
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Well I myself don't want to be capatain commander so i guess i can be a judge.
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hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Same here, I can be a judge too! I already was thinking of a plot for my character and being in Soul Society will only be a hindrance.
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hace más de un año jlazlo said…
Oh sorry for a late reply but. The Rp isn't about high schoolers. In fact in the story its like school has been cancelled through all the fighting. xP.

So if you're worried your characters are going to be high schoolers you're wrong, the school is for people who are not used to taking the lead in RP so they can get used to posting.

On top of that, everyone there isn't a student (anymore) lols.

We except any type of character you make, just cause it says Shinigami academy, doesnt mean its about school. Dont judge a book by its cover. Hehe. Just check it out.
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
i have a good feeling whiteflame is gonna become the all powerful capatin commander haha.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Well, I'll see what I can do, I'm definitely putting in an entry (and no, it's not a previous post, been working on this one for the past week, still not finished), though my characters will mainly be the three Greek blades I made earlier.
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Ok, but should we start picking what postions we want or should we wait.
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Yeah I guess so. As soon as you come up with your character, you should post it so no one else can take the position you want.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Well, I would like to get a decent idea of where everyone would want to go with their characters before we go into positions. If everyone could just name off where they see their 5 or less characters going (you don't have to do all 5, I'm likely doing 4), that'd give me a good sense of where the balance is at. Remember, not all your characters have to be allied, nor do they even have to be in the same group. You don't have to specify who's going where, just have a plan in your head and write out the number going to each of the 3 groups.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
After we've gotten that, we'll deal with positions.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
I guess I'll start. I've got 3 that are going to be a part of the Outsiders and 1 that's going to be in Soul Society. I have an arrancar that I could use, but I'm only going to bring that character in if there's a lack of people going into that group.
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Ok well mine is i have 4 total. I've got 2 in the Soul Society and the other 1 will be outsider, and one an arrancar i will make the arrancar after i finish all my other characters.
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hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
...Alright, well since everyone else is being rather slow about responding, I'll give you first pick of captain numbers if you want it QuickDeath35.
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
I have 4 people. I'm not sure where to put them because I wanted to make them outsiders but it seems like everyone is making more outsiders than others.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Don't worry too much about it jstar18, I suspected most people would. The idea is that the Outsiders are an amalgamation of small groups that, for the most part, wont work together. It's really an ununited front, as opposed to the other two.
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Okay if that's the case then instead of 4 I will make 3.

2 Soul Society and 1 Arrancar.
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hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Well since i get to go first im gonna choose for my character to be capatin of squad............3! and here he is so people can see

Name: Amiro Hikotora

Age: Unknown but looks 21

Apperence: He has Black medium length messy hair and green eyes, he wears the standard 3rd squad captain uniform, and he has two tattos a moon on his right hand and a Sun on his left hand each tatto is the size of a quarter.

Personality: He is a very laid back person but also has a very serious side but most of the time he is joyful person. He like to walk around and sleep in different places every time. ( In a tree, on top of a squad barracks, ect). He often catches people by surprise by jumping from a building he was sleeping on to right infront of the person, when he does that he usaly starts to talk with the person he surprised


Strength: 100
Kido: 80
Shunpo: 100
Swordsmanship: 90
Hand to hand Combat: 70
Zanpakuto/Shikai Name: Tsuki to taiyō (Moon and Sun)

Release Command: Orite oide (Come Down)

Shikai Apperance:A long blade with a smooth top edge and a outwardly jagged bottom edge (the bottom edge being the one for cutting). Then the handle being a gray color, at the end of the hilt there are two strings, one has a ring with a small crescent moon, the other haveing a ring with a sun on it.

Shikai Abillities:

Bān kyūsoku ni (Burn Rapidly) The cutting edge of the blade will be set on fire. The wielder can either swing the blade causing it to launch a firey or if target is cut the damage being either that part of the body to be set on fire or causing a mild burn.

Mūnzusafā (Moon's Suffer) If the oppnent is cut they will lose there sense of sight and feel for 15 seconds but all of their other senses increasing by 50%. If oppnent is cut they will not feel it, once the effect wears off all the pain the wielder inflicted on the oppnent starts to come into effect causing them a sudden burst of pain.

Tengoku no shotto (Heaven's Shot) The wielder inserts a finger in either the moon ring or sun ring and starts spinning the blade rapidly above their head at the same time if the wielder inserted their finger in the sun ring the blade would be englufed in flames and can be launched at the oppnent causing whatever part the attack hit to be set on fire, if the wielder inserted their finger in moon the blade would be covered but sharp crystals (that glow like the moon) and can be launched at the oppnent causing whatever part the attack hit to be impaled with a large amount crystals.

Bankai Name: Tsuki to taiyō no sōkan (Correlation between the Moon and Sun)

Bankai Apperence: The Shikai becomes two 2 foot daggers that are held with the tip of the blade facing behind him but the user can switch the direction of the blade so the tip is either facing behind him or infront of him. One dagger is White with a black jagged design in the middle of it (This being the Moon Blade), The other Dagger is Red with a orange jagged design in the middle of it (This being the Sun Blade). The wielder can extend the daggers another foot and can also retract the daggers to their orginal length (This has no special attack boost this just being for a longer reach.)

Bankai Abilities:

Sākuru-hi no (Circle Of Fire) An radius of 50 foot is surrounder by a gas that can barley be seen, then the wielder hits his blades together making them spark causing the gas to erupt into flames making a large firey circle that is hard to escape, the wielder can cantrol flares of fire that come from the circle. if a part of the oppnent is touched by the flames that part of them will be set on fire (fire can be stopped).

Tsuki no namida (Tears of the Moon) He draws a circle in the air above him with the white blade, after he finshed drawing the circle it launches into the air and the sky starts to darken, then it starts to rain down sharp crystal that cut like razors for 15 seconds.

Taiyō to tsuki ni somuite (Total Eclipse) The Moon goes infront of the Sun making an Eclipse that lasts for 10 seconds, during this time the wielder's Speed, Strength, Kido Strength, increase by 50%. This attack can only be used every 2 hours.
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