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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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hace más de un año jstar18 said…
@gokuluigifan333 - I would think my character is the best to be paired with you. In shikai I can protect you from kido spells and the water from my bankai can protect you from physical attacks and kido spells. The final ability of my bankai would be a perfect way to hide you as you play your songs. Its just an option, but I don't know how you guys want to pair us up. My zanpaktou is just a few post above yours on page 70, Umi Mashin.
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hace más de un año Ulquiorra1313 said…
However, we already had four applicants who decided full on to do it and we were gonna do a 2v2
I think gokuluigifan has quite the following now
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hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
@ulquiorra im was like the third or second person that joined or did you mean something else @jstar i agree with you
hace más de un año Ulquiorra1313 said…
I meant that everyone seems to want to be with you :) I'll go with WhiteFlame then. So we got WhiteFlame and I, and Gokuluigi and Jstar as our teams?
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hace más de un año Ulquiorra1313 said…
i am not sure now. Should i use the ax idea or the violin?
hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
not sure either myself(about your zanpakto)
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hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
i guess i am sitting out this one well fair enough ill enjoy watchin u guys kill each other while im at im making one final adjustment to my blade instead of 50 shots in a minute im capable of firing fifty at once from each gun. ta da
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
here is a new blade i create last night it is completely thoughtout:

zanpakuto's name/shikai name: puño de odio (hateful fist)
release command: punch a hole in them
bankai name: puño gigante de odio (giant fist of hate)
description: in its sealed form it appears a katana but only slightly longer, by like .5m. The blade has a pale green tint to it, the hilt is green and sliver and has a green and white ribbon attach to the bottom, the ribbon is actual as long as the blade. The guard is in the shape of hand giving the middle finger. When he releases the blade he wraps the ribbon around the blade, the ribbon and blade form together to form a jousting lance with a metal fist on the point.

shikai abilities:
1. carga puño (charging fist): The end of the lance can fire a strong blast of green colored enegry, this blast is capable of projecting the lance and weilder 60mph this burst of enegry last only for 10-15seconds. This draw back to this power is that its highly unstable the weilder must have a tight grip on the lance and steady aim, it can fly at of his hand and hit a bystander or it could cause him to miss and crash into something.
2. palma de bloqueo de piedra (palm of blocking stone): The fist can open up into a palm and then this creates a stone wall its is about as high maybe a little higher and as wide as the user again maybe a little wider. The first problem with this is that a opponent can easily just go around the wall and 2 even though it can last as long as the weilder desires it can actual break with enough attacks or a single strong attack. if it breaks then he loses that ability.
3.perforación vengativo (vengeful drill): The fist at the end can break revealing a small but extremely sharp point on the end capable of rotating at speeds comparable to a high speed drill. The problem is if this ability is activated then none of the other two abilites can be use.

Bankai Description: When activated the lance turn into, two oversized hulk hands, on the weilder they are metallic green in color they are tied to the weilder arms by a ribbon similar to that in the sealed form.

Bankai abilities:
1. perforación explosión (punching blast): when the user makes contact with something he can fire a 5 second burst of enegry out of the back of the fist(s) to project them up to 100mph so that he can break though barriers, bones, etc. One of the two drawbacks is simliar to the first shikai ability this is unstable a miss time blast can really hurt someone other then the opponent. The second is that the fist can break, chip, and crack the harder the things he hits or the harder he hits them the bigger the damage if hitting something hard enough he can actually break the fist completly leaving him in bankai with no weapon or abilites.
2.palma de la absorción de la piedra (palm of absoring stone): The user can open the fist up and absorb different types of enegry NOT KIDOS SPELLS but like thermal enegry, eletrical enegry, kinetic enegry etc. He can then when he punches his opponets for exmaple if he asborbs thermal enegry punches can burn enemies because they are hot. The draw pack is one the more enegry the hotter the gloves are causing painful burns on the user second if the gloves overload they can explode again leaving the user in bankai with no weapon.
perforación libras (Drill Pound): He can rotate the gloves up to 100 mph creating blunt drill like weapons to cause more damage. The drawback one drawback is that friction the gloves create heat and simliar to previous ability it can burn him pretty badly. And also he can not use any ability in this mode.
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hace más de un año onix11 said…
New Blade

Zanpakuto:Kousen(War), Shiaki name:Yuuen Kousen (Grand War)
Realese command: Begin

Description: The blade is a normal katana. It has a blue handle and a standard hand guard. The shikai form looks the same except the handle looks red.

Shikai Abilities: Ability 1: The blade forms a blue aura and it begins to move down on the sword and goes onto the wielders body. The aura takes two seconds to become active The aura suddenly burst and the wielder gains 3x their original speed. This does not effect the kido abilities of the user. It lasts for abou 10 minutes

Ability 2: The blade forms a red aura and goes through the same process as the first ability. The wielder gains 4x their original strength and 2x thier original kido ability strenght. This stays active for 7 minutes

Ability 3: The blade mixes both the red and blue auras. The user points the blade at thier opponent and can launch a huge blast of energy at thier opponnent. The aura damages the enemy but also decreases their original speed and strength making them 2x to 3x weaker, depending on how much spiritual pressure the user used. the effects last for 8 minutes

Bankai name: Ketsueki Yuuen Kousen (Blood of the Grand War.)

Description: The handle changes and the blade begins to drip blood. The handle has a iron wrap in the middle of it. The blade looks the same as the shikai. The hand guard is morphed to have four prongs on it.

Ability 1: The blood hardens and the edge of the blade gains the ability to slice through spiritual pressure.

Ability 2: This ability is why the blade is named Blood of the Grand War. The blood on the blade is thrown to the ground. The blood attracts hollows to come to the area. As soon as they touch the blood the wielder of the zanpaktou can take control of them. He uses the hollows to kill his enemys. If the hollows turn against him the blood turns poision and kills the hollow. This is a last ditch effort for the reason that it takes up a good amount of spiritual pressure to do it and it leaves the wielder open.

Give me some feed back.

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hace más de un año onix11 said…
hace más de un año QuickDeat35 said…
Im new so if the blade is completly wrong im sorry >.< So here it is

Zanpakuto/Shikai name: Kirābī (Killer Bee)

Release command: Sorera o sutingu (Sting Them)

Shikai Apperance: two whiplike weapons, with multi-bladed axes coming out of the tips (Each axe being a foot wide) and a ring with a small crescent on the end of the hilt. The blade can reach a length of 100 meters. The two weapons can retract to become dagger like weapons. The weapon can curve and bend to make it harder to dodge. The axes are held together by a chain. The blade retracts at a speed of 100 feet per second and extends at the same speed.

Shikai Abilties:

Chūnyū (Infusion) If stabbed it injects a poison that last for 15 seconds depending on strength (Seated officer 15 minutes..Captain/Aranncar 7 seconds) The poison will start to paralyze the body part or parts it hits. If you are hit by both weapons the poison will last twice the normal time and the affects spread faster. If hit in the chest the attack will be fatal . If injected, the creascent at the hilt of the weapon will start to glow indicating the time left. The attack can be used repeatedly but not on a person thats been injected.

Kuikku kakikomu (Quick Burn) The tops of the weapons will be engulfed in flames, If hit by the the weapons the body part will either be set on fire and start to burn toward the rest of the body, or inflicted with 2nd degree burns. If hit in the chest the body will be set on fire and start to engulf the rest of the body, (Fire can be stopped). The affect of the burn will last until healed or if the oponent or wielder dies. This can be used repeatedly but not on a person that's been set on fir,e if the fire is put out then wielder can use this attack on that person.

Kōsoku o korosu (Speed kills) The wielder gains a great speed increase, being able to shoot out the weapon and retract it in a matter of 4 seconds. The wielder also gains speeds at about the same of a Sonido, this affect last for about 15 minutes and the wielder can use this only every 45 minutes. (Does not effect kido)

Bankai Name: Hebunzukirābī (Heavenly Killer Bee)

Bankai Apperence: The weapon becomes two normal blades with a yellow outline and a black inside the blade which can now reach a length of 250 meters, the blade extends at a speed of 250 feat per second and retracts at the same speed. This blade is not ordinary becuase it acts like a chainsaw, the blade is vibrating extremy fast so that if it cuts it causes more damage. (the vibration can not be seen). The weapon can also bend the blade.

Bankai Abilities:

Bīshotto (Bee Shot) At the tip of the blade or blades a cero looking beam starts charging. The weilder can extend the blade toward the enemy while the attack is charging. (The charge takes 5 secondes). This attack has the damage of a normal cero, the attack is fired like a cero aswell and be fired every 2 minutes.

100 Mitsubachi no sokudo (Speed of 100 Bees) The wielder has an extreme speed increase, now the wielder can shoot out and retract the blade or blades in 2 seconds. The weilder moves at a speed 50% faster then a Sonido. This effect lasts for 45 seconds and can be used unlimtedly but has to recharge every 5 minutes (Does not effect kido attacks)

Wasupu-gun (Wasp Swarm) 50 wasps made of Black and Yellow Spitriual Energy surround the wielder of the blade, the wasps attack has the affect of a 3 inch cut but since wasp can sting as much as they want this can cause great harm. This attack will continue for 5 minutes, this can only be used once every 2 hours. ( The wasp do not have a poison)
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hace más de un año QuickDeat35 said…
So tell me what i need to change or get rid of or add or whatever you think of :). oh and another thing, I messed up the username it's supposed to be QuickDeath35 so now you know >.<
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hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
LOBOSdelRAYo-don't fall in the same trap i fell in like don't make attacks that sacrifice a technique or person and dont make the attacks able to hurt you that much unless it is a projectile type of attack

onix11-how long do the first and second shikai abilities last

QuickDeath35-OP(over powered)10 minutes for the first shikai to OP make like 10 seconds instead,second shikai make that 2nd degree burn because 5th degree burn again OP,second bankai ability make that 45 seconds and unlimited uses but has to recharge every 2 mins or something like that, third bankai instead of 200 hundred make that 50 because wasps can sting as much as they want
hace más de un año QuickDeat35 said…
Ok :) Thanks for the feedback i will correct it
hace más de un año QuickDeat35 said…
Ok all fixed :D, I hope i corrected it right. :)
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hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Heh, I did not have internet for a day, so it's interesting to see all the posts. Too tired to address each blade, so I'm glad you guys did that. Anyway, I'm fine with the teams as is (that is, gokuluigifan333 and jstar18 vs. ulquiorra1313 and I), and as soon as everyone's finalized their decisions for a blade, we're pretty much good to go. Ulquiorra1313, I can't say for certain. The axe idea is more in keeping with mine, but the violin idea would provide more variety and give us something really different to work with, especially considering my character's focused on hand to hand. I'd go for the latter.
hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
ok so i have my zanpakto and character 1 down 3 to go
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
um...far as I know, I posted my zanpakuto and character on the previous page. What you're missing, and what all of us are missing, is the stats. For example, my character would be a master in shunpo, a master in strength, expert in wielding his sword, and very weak in kido. Everyone needs to do something along these lines, though you certainly don't have to make them weak in anything (it just fits my character's profile, view him sort of like Renji when it comes to kido).
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
How are we gonna rank our characters? Is it Expert, Skilled, Average, Beginner? Are we using numbers from 1 to 10? Is there a limit to how strong we can make them?
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hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
im going to post my character again 'sigh' so that people can see him
Name: Kouji
Rank: Zero Squad 5th seat
Personality: he likes to play the flute in his free time, he is a hard worker, a good friend, also likes a good fight but can get cocky sometimes and if anybody touches his flute they are about as good as dead
Kido-80(not level skill)
Hand-to-hand combat-71

sealed zanpakto appearance(forgot to include in first one): it looks like a katana but has a little more curve, is double sided, is longer, it has a flute shape as the guard and a black and gold hilt

Shikai: Yokobuejikoku(flute of time, idea off of ocarina of time)

Release command: Sing the passage of time

shikai apperence: the sword becomes a black and gold flute with a sharp end for cutting

kashouyaiba(song of blade)-blades appear in sky and rain on the opponent at semi-shunpo speed, only 10 fall down and travel start, song lasts 2 mins and the father into the song the stronger the attack

takafukou(falcon's sorrow)-a falcon made of fire appears instantly in front of the user and travels straight exploding on impact, speed is the same as the peregrine falcon diving, only one appears, song is 3 mins long and the further into the song the stronger the attack

mitsukaiyurushi(angel's forgiveness)- an angel made of light appears and heals the user,one note heals a part of a bruise or small cut the whole song heals everything except internal organs poison and broken bones, the song is 5 mins long and the further into the song the more it heals

Bankai: Kanashiiyokobuejikoku(sorrowful flute of time)

bankai appearence- the flute keeps the same shape but gets blood red stains on some parts of the black part and gets rusted on the golden parts of the flute

washirippuku(eagle's anger)- an eagle made of fire appears and strikes the opponent with its talons piercing the opponents body and after 5 secs explodes, it has the speed of a peregrine falcon, only one eagle appears , hunts down the opponent but the longer it takes the weaker it gets,if lasts too long hunting the opponent it will diminish, the song lasts 3 1/2 mins long and the further into the song the stronger the attack

kyuutenyurushi(heaven's forgiveness)-a group of angels appear and heal the user, if you play one note they just heal a cut or bruise if you play the whole song everything will be cured, the song is 6 mins long and the further into the song the more you get healed

kashoukokugen(song of time)-the opponent slows down by 50% but the user slows down by 30% , affect lasts for 1hr, the song is 4 mins long and you have to complete the song for it to work
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
i understand wat u mean whiteflame but it was really the only way to tune this blade down unless u have suggestion and like i said j call me crow like my character btw i much as pains me to say this i wud like for u 2 comment on the changes i made to my first blade
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Okay here is my guy.

Name: Marik
Height: 6'3''
Wieght: 225
Rank: First Squad 3rd Seat
Appearance: Dark skin like Yorouichi, regular soul reaper clothes except the top which is a sleeveless white hoody.
Personality: He is a very friendly and laid-back person. He will always try to avoid a fight even when he knows he doesn't have a choice, but when he fights he is very intense! Even though he gets very intense, he does not lose focus and is very strategic.
Shunpo: 100
Kido: 85
Strengh: 65
Swordsmanship: 83
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 100

Zanpaktou Element: Water
Shikai Name: Umi Mashin (Sea Devil)
Bankai Name: Umi Mashin Ryouiki (Sea Devil's Domain)
Shikai Phrase: Tread the Water

Shikai Appearance: It is a yard long katana. The handle is blue with a black triangle design going down the side. The blade is black, and the grain of the blade is blue to look like a flowing ocean wave.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Awa Shi-Rudo (Bubble Shield): A bubble is created from the tip of the blade and surrounds the wielder or anything the wielder wants it to surround. The blade deflects kido spells of up to level 50. If timed right, the wielder can surround an opponent with a bubble while the opponent is trying to launch a kido spell of level 50 or lower which will cause the spell to bounce back and hurt themselves. The bubble does not stop sword swings.

2) Oni Tama (Demon Shot): The grain of the blade shines blue and the wielder swings his sword causing a highly pressurized blast of water to shoot out at the opponent. The speed of the blast is a little faster than an average kido spell and the blast is the same size as the blade.

3) Mashin Nakigoe (Devil's Cry): The wielder holds his sword with both hands. The handle in one and the tip of the blade in the other. A condensed orb of water is formed on the surface of the blade, and the wielder swings his blade sending the orb into the sky. Once the orb reaches 50 feet of elevation from the launching point, it explodes and it starts to rain down in a 50 foot diameter of the explosion. The rain water is pressurized and cuts like knives as it falls.

Bankai Appearance: The katana transforms into a three-pronged trident and sends out a wave of water that stays on the battlefield, the water is slightly above the ankles, the area the water takes up is 100 feet in diameter from where the bankai was activated. The handle and blade of the trident is black with a blue triangular jewel in the middle blade.

Bankai Abilities:

1) Mizu Oni Shi-Rudo (Water Demon's Shield): The water on the battlefield moves to defend the wielder from attacks and kido spells up to level 65. The wielder must notice the attack in order for the water to protect him. So the opponent needs to use speed and precision in order to land a hit. This ability will not work if the other abilities are currently being used.

2) Kuro Garandou (Dark Void): The wielder points the trident at the opponent and quickly charges up a beam that is fired at the opponent. The beam resembles a hollows cero and is black in color like the ocean's floor.

3) Umi Mashin Sankaku (Sea Devil's Triangle): This is the second form of the bankai. The jewel begins to glow and the water surrounding the battlefield now takes the shape of a triangle and a dense fog forms in the area. As long as the opponent stays in the area of the triangle, they will become disoriented and the wielder can also create illusions to further confuse the enemy. The illusions are being created by the fog, so trying to get rid of the water will not save you. Everything above the triangle that is in the area of the triangle is affected. Since the pool of water that the bankai causes is 100 feet in diameter, then whatever the area of the circle is, that will be the same area of the triangle. (I didn't feel like doing the math, sorry).
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Sorry about the abruptness earlier, it's been a rough couple of days. Here's my full character and blade.

Name: Titus
Height: 6'5"
Wieght: 240
Rank: First Squad 4th Seat
Appearance: Wears an unadorned shinigami robe, is bald with deeply tanned skin. His entire torso is criss-crossed with scars from previous battles.
Personality: Tends to have an upbeat demeanor in public, though in private he's almost always somber. He will defend his closest friends to the death, but even when provoked will focus more on defense than offense. Known for being able to take massive damage without falling.
Shunpo: 100
Kido: 60
Strengh: 100
Swordsmanship: 80
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 85

The initial appearance is as a longsword with a depression running down the middle all the way to the tip of the blade. After release, the blade appears to crack, and despite the lack of any actual liquid in the blade, it appears to drip blood as though draining from the middle of the blade.

Haemorrhage Cessation: The user injects drug into them that increases blood coagulation to extreme levels, allowing any cut to be immediately sealed, and basically increasing the healing rate tremendously, ensuring that striking any organ except the brain is not deadly. The effects of using this drug are extreme. The propensity for the person to develop internal hemorrhaging goes up over time, and therefore their stamina is vastly reduced.

Promethius’s Shackles: This ability creates shackles around the wrists and ankles of the wielder. These shackles have 6 holes equidistant from each other all around the bands. Each of these holes can release a jet of powerful light that can push the user’s limbs faster than they could possibly manage otherwise. This ability is extremely difficult to control. Upon contact with an opponent, the shackle rotates quickly as all of the holes eject a stream of light, causing the contact to have far more kick than would otherwise occur.

In all bankai abilities except “Lost Soldier,” the sword disappears. Shikai abilities persist only as long as the blade remains directly in the possession of the wielder, so only for this ability.

Lost Soldier: The Equivocal (this is the default bankai) – A thick black line appears to extend on the ground from the opponent to the wielder, continuing past both for an extremely long span. The line will stay in place the entire fight, and will not move with either combatant. Stepping on the line causes them to remain as they currently are. Stepping over the line in either direction changes the rules. Stepping to the right swaps all fatigue between the wielder and the opponent as long as they are both on that side. On the left side of the line, all damage is swapped between the two combatants.

Bleeding Diamond: The Protector (used only when the wielder is attempting to protect a person or group of people) – This ability opens all wounds external to the wielder. As blood begins pouring out of the wound, it crystallizes as it comes in contact with the air, quickly covering the body in a dense diamond exterior. This form has highly reduced offensive potential, with very little striking potential, and makes it completely impossible to use all kido. The vast loss of blood to the wielder dramatically reduces stamina and weakens them. However, any and all kido attacks used against it are absorbed by the crystals, speed is intensely increased, and the armor is meant to absorb the highest level of physical strikes. Only pinpoint, precise attacks can break through any part of this armor.

Tartarus (where the Titans were banished to in Greek mythology): The Vengeful (used only when both the blade and the wielder loathe the opponent completely) – The ground beneath the feet of the two fighters plummets precipitously at blinding speed, coming to a stop in dank, gloomy pit, surrounded by a wall of bronze. The area is a mile square. The area has no ceiling, but instead seems to stretch out into endless night. The wielder plunges their fingers into their chest, causing all the wounds they had received in battle to instantly open while infusing them with a short acting boost of adrenaline that lasts 5 minutes, increasing their speed. A huge amount of blood comes out instantly, vaporizing on contact with the atmosphere and turning into droplets that surround the opponent. These droplets have no effect through the opponent or wielder directly touching them. When the wielder removes their fingers, their hands appear with webbed gloves of dried blood. The wielder can use these gloves to push the droplets onto the opponent, which then proceed to melt through whatever they touch and whatever that is attached to. Clothing can be removed that is touched by this before it reaches the skin, but once it touches skin, it will move through completely, making a hole the size of the droplet.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
LOBOSdelRAYo - alright, well while I can make no promises about how particular I'll be, I will try to provide as constructive feedback as possible.
I think the shikai is fine. The changes make sense, it's a lot less vague, and the abiilities are reasonable.
In terms of the first bankai, I'd say you really don't have to limit each gun to 50 shots a minute. It's really not about number of shots (and, to be honest, think of how much goes on in just a second in the show), it's more about their power. What I'm having issues with in this ability is that variable size has no effect on how much power the shot has. You could make an inordinately large shot that your opponent couldn't possibly dodge, and it would move at the same speed and have the same effect as a millimeter sized bullet. You don't have to enforce limitations on speed or size, but you could do one of two things. You could either enforce range (larger shots go a much shorter distance), or you could enforce power (larger shots paralyze for much shorter periods of time), or even both. I think that's a good way to balance.
The second ability seems alright, as long as the wolves themselves can be defeated, it's fine by me. The only thing I'd add is a limitation on the power of these explosions (shall we say, somewhere around 1 and a half times a cero of equal energy?).
The final ability is something I can't get my head around. I'm wondering how anyone would dodge this. The howling causes a shockwave, but that shockwave should go everywhere because it's a noise coming from all of them. I'd suggest not changing the area of effect, but rather changing the effect itself. Why not have something that makes you appear to multiply, or puts them permanently off balance during the howling?
hace más de un año Ulquiorra1313 said…
Name: Shi
Height: 5'8"
Wieght: 135 lbs
Rank: 2nd squad 13th seat (could be 2 or 3 but loves the number 13)
Appearance:See my profile pic
Personality: Dark and depressing air around him. He is rather isolationist. He loves to play music as well as read poetry (he is an art lover). He rarely speaks. He thinks a lot in battle but sometimes can lose caring and falter. He is known for his brilliant planning and sometimes poor execution of said plans.
Shunpo: 100
Kido: 100
Strengh: 80
Swordsmanship: 60
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 25
Kanashi-sō na kōkyōkyoku (sorrowful symphony= shikai)
Release phrase: Play, Kanashi-sō na kōkyōkyoku
Basically one blade becomes the bow to a violin and the other a violin its self.

1) Sounds of sorrow (Kanashimi no oto):
A slow and sorrowful minor tune is played (tempo is adagio on down). The music of this instrument affects time and space, making the opponent move slower, though it seems as though the user speeds up. Basically "increases" your speed by 25% ish.
2) Sonikkuburasuto (sonic blast)
A note is stricken, and a blast (think like one of ishida's arrows) comes off of the string that is being played, thus a four note chord, the most possible, fires four blasts
3)Nenshō moji retsu (burning strings)
A fast flurry of music is played (tempo is Allegro up. Faster=more power). When the tune starts, the violin glows read, and once the player reaches the end of a section of music, the area within 20 feet around (except the small place where the user stands) bursts into flames.

Ban kai- Kanashi-sō na ketsueki shinfonī (sorrowful blood symphony)
The violin grows to a black viola with red details and the bow becomes pure black.
1) Subete no sekai no gengo (the language of all worlds)
This is basically a more resourceful than a combat move. The user plays a tune and when they complete it, they can understand and speak any language in the world for the next 72 hours, after which the ability cannot be used for another 72.
2)Ongaku shīrudo watashi (music shields me)
When the user plays the music for this ability, a barrier of a rainbow of colors appears around the user for the duration of the song (20 feet around). The enemy is automatically transferred out of the area. This allows for allies to heal and get ready.
3) Kurushimeru (torment)
when the user plays this song, they must play the whole song UNINTERRUPTED for it to work. It transports the opponent and the user to another dimension. There, the opponents mind is subjected to torture by means of horrible out of tune and small intervals (Trust me it really is that bad). It all actuallity, the ability only takes roughly 2 minutes, but the opponent feels like it lasted for 3 years. Basically a psychological attack

The more in tune the instrument is, the more powerful everything is
hace más de un año onix11 said…
Goku my blades abilites last for about ten minutes except for my final bankai ability which last as long as i still have spiritual pressure. this is the reason of why I am vunerable.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Alright, so we have two choices. I'm going to be gone this weekend, so we could start tomorrow, but I would only be back Sunday night. We could also start that night, and I'd be available during the late afternoon and evenings during the week. Up to you guys which you'd like to do.
hace más de un año devilstare said…
im andrew and this is wat my zanpakuto would be
name:gula los raika (eating fire of the lost pack)
release command:burn under the moon lighten fire
bankai:ryuiraika aragluttna(destroying fire of the hunting moonlight)
zanpakuto ability:able to control fire infire attack example
raw(flaming progectile)azul pyrosa(projectile of blue fire)
hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
Give me feedback but this is something that i will never use in the battles we are doing

(second stage bankai): Kamigamiyokobuejikoku(gods flute of time)
the flute becomes white and all the gold instrument parts become platinum

takaarashi(hawk storm): 10 hawks made of fire appear around the user and fly straight exploding on impact, it takes 5 secs for a falcon to form,they travel at semi-shunpo speed,the song lasts 4 mins, the further into the song the stronger the attack

jikokukeika(time passage)- i can make anything rot except for humans and metallic items the rot is permanent, but i can damage humans with this attack and makes most metallic items rust, the song is 2 mins long, the further into the song the faster this takes affect

Kamigaminibankouki(gods second chance)- i can make anyone be revived once, if i use it on anyone that was already revived they will be healed by how far i am into the song,song lasts 5 mins, i must complete the song for it to work
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Alright, feedback first, but I don't see anyone responding to the question I posed earlier.

devilstare (andrew): I really have no idea what makes this different from Yamamoto's blade. All that seems different is that you can control these blue flames. Beyond that, control of fire really isn't a specific ability, you should try to come up with something more unique.

gokuluigifan333 - yeah, so, that second ability needs to be clarified a bit. What does "damage humans" mean exactly? How much damage can this inflict? How does it inflict it? When the rust completely covers an opponent's zanpakuto, is there any effect beyond dulling the blade? If so, what is the effect? Also, in general, it's not a good idea to say "anything," even if you leave out a couple of things. Think about it: clothing isn't metal or a person. While I like the concept of nude fighting, I think we got over that during Roman times. Just a thought.
hace más de un año gokuluigifan333 said…
oh well im not going to use this so i not gonna edit just wanted to see the problems and about your question i think we should do this on a sunday but not to late(school)
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
ah, well that's fine, these days I'm on the east coast so you wont have to worry about late. Besides, I got work in the morning.
hace más de un año bleachfan12 said…
hey whiteflame55 i've been off for a wile (school perposes) but if you made any new zanpakuto it would be nice to read about them (you did make the zanpakuto about the fates correct?) or this could go for anyone, please but the page number if possible, ex: page 56.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Eh, to be honest the last creation I'm really proud of is the final of the three Greek blades. Those were probably my best to date, now that I think about it. Made a more recent blade that's all defensive, but it's really not something I'm enthralled with. Anyway, the final of the three (this one was after The Fates blade) is on page 61, used it in a nice little back and forth battle with gokuluigifan333's blade. Also got a character there.
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
whiteflame u r a genius n i wanted to suggest things last night i came up with a way to totally redo the blade n character give me a lil while n ill have the finish product
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Um...glad I could help? It'll be interesting to see the end result, but I don't consider myself much of a genius. You're the one making the blade, honestly, it's the hardest thing to come up with a good idea. Augmenting it takes time, but is much simpler.

Anyway, one update. I have 2 ideas for another blade group, though I'm still uncertain about them. I'll tell you guys about one, though, see what you think. I'm thinking along the lines of creating blades that are based off of the three races in Starcraft (Zerg, Protoss, Terran). Not entirely sure how I'm going to do it, but I have a few pictures in my head of where I'd be going. No, the characters would not be named after the "heroes" of each race.
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
i was so close to finishing the updates and i fricken when back now i got to start all over again
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
first the newly updated "blade"
zanpakuto's name/shikai name: Lobo Escondido Enrayo (wolf hidden in lightning) if you are wondering why the name is in spanish there no reason i just like it and sounds cool
release command: "howl towards the moon"
bankai name: Lobos del Rayo (wolves of lightning)

descripton: This blade is unique as its exist as 2 seperate parts a pair of guns and a sword. The guns in the sealed state look like colt revolvers one is black and the other is white both have blue detail and a silver wolf on the handle. On the white gun Caos is written on it and on the black gun has Justicia written on it. There is nothing special about these guns they fire regular bullets or specailty bullets (explosive, emp, hollow point, etc.). When release the guns change to desert eagles, they have the same color scheme and detail. The bullets the guns fire now are acutal a physical manifestation of my spirit enegry. The second part of this zapakuto is the sword but uniquely the sword is not the main weapon it is actual just a side arm. The sealed state appears as standard katana with a blue and silver hilt, and a silvery white rectangular guard with a light blue wolf on it. When release the sword changes to a ornate claymour similar to Dante's rebellion except the skull part is a wolf head.

shikai abilities:
1. relámpago (lightning): This is the primary ability as long as the user is in contact with the sword he is able to control the eletrons in him and around him allowing to create fire eletrical blast in a arc or ball shape from his finger tips like a gun, generate eletromagentic sheilds to repel projectiles NOT KIDO SPELLS, magnetize metal objects, etc.
2. balas de descarga (discharge bullets): The user can charge up eletrical enegry in his guns and fire them in short burst of this eletrical enegry. He can charge this shot up to 3 levels each one getting progressily stronger. The first level takes 15 seconds to charge the second takes 30 seconds and the third level takes 1 minute to charge. The strength and level of this blast will be represented in the user has as the will be cover in a eletrical aura. If the user uses a level 3 shot he must wait 2 minutes to begin charging again.
3. balas lobo de descarga (wolf discharge bullets: Similar to the previous ability the user charges and fires a bullet of eletrical enegry this takes only 10 seconds to charge. As the bullet travels further it will grow and eventually become a wolf of eletrical enegry, so the bullet actually is stronger the further away it hits and is weaker at point blank range. When the wolf bullet hits its something it will explode with a strength of a silghtly above average bala blast, it also travels at this speed, also the eletrical discharge will parazlye the opponent for a milisecond or two.
Bankai description: In bankai my appearance changes dramicatlly I gain a outfit similar to a gunslingers outfit, yes excatly like starrks, I get gloves with white fur at the top of the gloves and boots with white fur at the top. I also gain a eye piece over my right eye, again excalty like starrk. And finally I gain two orante guns and you guess excatly like starrk. Can you figure out the motif im working with.

Bankai abilites:
1. Rafaga Rayo (Burst Lightning): I am able to fire rail-gun like eletrical blast from the guns. I can controll the varying elements of these shots from the size to the quanity, they can be small balls to a large blast. The larger blast will travel a shorter distance but the smaller shots will parazlye the opponent for a shorter time, but all these shots travel at the speed of a .45 bullet. When a opponent is hit with one they are damage but are temporaliy parazlye only for a second or 2 (i know how white flame is with time) the reason is so I can follow up with repeated attacks or shots. I am able to fire 50 shots at once from each gun this attack is called Meteoros Rayo (lightning meteors).
2. Los Lobos (wolf pack): I am able to create up to 50 wovles made of ligthing, these wovles are white in color and appear to be smiling. The wolves can hunt and chase a opponent and when they make contact they will explode with the strength of a slightly above average cero blast also the eletrical dischage can parazlye the opponent for a second or two. The problem is these wolves can actually collide with each other causing them to explode. They also have the ability to form into my sealed zanpatkou but made of eletricty so they eletrocute and slice the opponent. 1 wolf makes 1 sword but with mutiple wolves form together they can create my the release form of my sword with same concept.
3. Aullido de las Tormentas (Howl of the Storms): The wolves can howl to create a strong sonic waves like attack these howl sounds like thunder hence the name. The concept of this attack is to use as many wolves as possible becuase the more wolves the stronger the attack. When the wave hits a opponent they will suffer temporarily (5 to 10 seconds with each hit) confusion and it will appear that there are mutiples of me 1 mutiple for each wolf i create so that there can be a total of 50 mutiples.

i will post the character tomorrow comment on this for now
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
I don't see anything major, just some small things that could possibly be overpowered, though they would have to be used to an insane extent to do so. Looks pretty good man. Seems as though this blade is mainly vulnerable to close combat.
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
Okay here is a new blade! It's based off of mood rings, hope no one has done this already. Give me some feedback please!

Release Phrase: Play on their emotions,
Shikai Name: Kokochi Ringu (Mood Ring)
Bankai Name: Kyougi Emo-Shon (Game of Emotions)

Shikai Appearance: When the zanpaktou is released it becomes a katana with a meter long blade. There is a circular gem in the middle of the handle filled with thermotropic liquid crystal in order to read the wielder's emotions. The blade is white and the groove is clear crystal filled with thermotropic liquid crystal in order to tell the opponent's emotions.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Taira Aoi (Calm Blue) - This ability reads the wielder's emotions or anyone the wielder wants to help. When this ability is activated, the crystal of the handle shines blue. When this ability is activated, a blue aura will surround the wielder or the person he wants to help. The aura heals injuries in exchange for spirit energy: 1/20th for cuts which takes 10 seconds, 1/10th for deep wounds which takes 30 seconds, 1/5 for broken bones which takes two minutes, and 1/2 for internal organs which takes 5 minutes. The wielder must stay completely calm during the entire healing process for the ability to work.

2) Gekido Niiro (Raging Red) - This ability reads the opponent's emotions. When this ability is activated, the crystal of the blade shines red. The opponent must reach a point a rage for the ability to work. As the opponent attempts to attack and the wielder blocks the attack with his blade, the blade will absorb the spirit energy of the attack and store it inside the blade. The wielder can release the energy stored up at anytime he chooses, causing a blast of spirit particles, like Ichigo's getsuga, to shoot out from the blade. The blade can safely store an amount of spirit energy from the opponent of up to 1/4 of the wielder's current spirit level at the time, if more is stored then the blade begins to crack. If up to 1/2 the wielders level is stored, then the blade will shatter.

3) Nekura Murasaki (Impulsive Purple) - The wielder can activate this ability at will. When this ability is activated, the crystal of the blade shines purple. A purple aura surrounds the wielder and his eyes turn purple as well. This will safely double the wielder's speed, strength, attack power, and senses for up to one minute. The wielder can force another minute of this ability but his bodily functions will slowly start to deteriorate. This ability can only be used once a day without it causing major damage to the body. If used more, then the wielder is taking huge risk as his bodily functions will continue to deteriorate until the point of death.

Bankai Appearance: The wielder points his blade down to the ground and the liquid crystal oozes out of the blade onto the ground and hardens into a big diamond shaped crystal. The crystal then glows in a rainbow of colors and all fighters must touch the crystal in order to scan themselves into the game. No ones attack will do any damage until they have scanned into the game. People already scanned in can hurt others but no one outside the game can hurt anyone scanned in.

1) Shoubu Za Teishoku (Match the Color) - This is the game of the bankai. The crystal will begin to glow a certain color for a certain emotion:
Red - Anger
Yellow - Joy
Blue - Calm
Gray - Depressed
The players scanned in must match their emotions with the colors in order for their attacks to do any damage. If they can not control their emotion, then they can not attack. Also, the first person to match their emotion gets there attack power doubled for their first attack. The first to make the match will be surrounded by an aura of the color of the crystal to identify who won that round. The color of the crystal will remand for two minutes.

2) Orooro Kuroi (Nervous Black) - If anyone of the players gets nervous or scared as they play the game, the crystal will turn black and shoot out a black colored energy field that is as fast as a shunpo. When the field hits the person that is scared, they will become paralyzed with fear and unable to move until they change their emotions, leaving them wide open for an attack.

3) Kitsui Howaido (Intense White) - This attack works in favor of the wielder. If the wielder is losing or realizes that his opponent is to strong, the crystal will turn white. The wielder will then stab the blade into the crystal and be surrounded in a white aura. This will focus all the rest of his energy into this one attack, then he charges at the opponent with the speed of a shunpo. When the attack hits it will cause an explosion of spirit particles about the size of a 20 ton TNT explosion. The wielder will not be able to use his zanpaktou for a day after this.

Okay there is the blade, tell me what you think!
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hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
It's certainly interesting, though any blade dealing with emotions is bound to have some uncertainty to it. More on that when I get to the bankai. I'm fine with most of the shikai abilities, I think the whole facet that you must be of a certain emotion to utilize that ability is important because it basically means you can only wield one of the first two abilities at any given time. The third ability is missing a crucial element: how long between uses of this ability is there before you can use it again?
Alright, now into the bankai. This is where things get uncertain (but in my opinion, that's what could make this interesting to fight against). "Rage" is a different emotion from "hatred," for example, yet often these might get confused. Same with "cheerful" and "ecstatic." The difference is control of an emotion versus lack of control, and for that reason I like what you've done with this. However, I'd make a couple of modifications. First, "rage" is an uncontrollable emotion since it practically requires outside influence, I'd say go with "anger." "Cheerful" is fine, as is "calm," but "calm" and "neutral" are pretty close to the same thing, there's decent overlap there. Why not go with "depressed" instead? It's another facet of emotions, and it's sort of left out here. The other bankai abilities seem fine to me, just have to gauge a bit of how powerful this explosion is in the third ability.
All in all, it's certainly an interesting blade. Opponents who let their emotions run rampant (i.e. Kenpachi, Ichigo) would be in trouble against it, as would those who refuse to show emotion (i.e. Byakuya) would also have issues with this blade.
hace más de un año jstar18 said…
@whiteflame55 - Thanks for the feedback, I fixed some things that you pointed out, so tell me what you think.
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
thank u whiteflame i think it helps to know the concept of a bankai, which Byakuya mentions in his big battle with ichigo in soul society, bankai is a expansion of the shikai powers. i will post the redesign character later
hace más de un año rantora13 said…
wow wewre already on page 70 just lat mounth i could have sworn the page was 55, time sure does fly ugh?
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Looks good jstar18, think you specified everything I asked for. I'd definitely like to see where a blade like this goes in battle, especially since a lot of people make their characters to be sort of stoic and unyielding. I wouldn't want to fight this with my Fates blade, for example, because the character design I have for that doesn't feel much in the way of emotions (though there's an interesting reason for that, saving her for a later battle). I do wonder how it would function with multiple fighters on both sides, but when it comes to that, I always feel a little bit of surprise is in store.

And yes, rantora13, this has gone on longer than I think any of us expected, and moved along a lot faster. Shows how intriguing the show really is.
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
name: Crow Hakaba
height and weight: 6'1'' 210 lbs
age: 21
personality: Crow is the personification of a old western cowboy, with a modern twist. He is very lazy often taking naps, a fact his girlfriend hates. He is also very cheerful and smiling almost all the time. But is all a cover Crow is acutally very perceptive and smart he is always thinking during a fight and he can notice things others wouldn't. He loves anything sweet, fried or chocolately often seen eating a candy bar or witha lollipop stick in his mouth.
appearance: Crow has short brown messy hair and cystal sky blue eyes. He wears a outfit similiar to a modern day cowboy constiting of a t shirt, worn out looking jeans, boots and black loose fitting gloves, a light jacket, and a black cowboy hat.He doesn't like the shinigami uniform saying that its to fancy and he rather put on a dress. He has a tattoo of a ace of spades with a X in it to symbolize he is part of the Ace of X group, a mercenary like orginaztion of shingami. Crow also carries a leather guitar case with him that rarely acutally contains a guitar it usually contains guns, ammo, knives, etc. and his zanpakuto sword. He wears a gun holster for his zanpakuto guns but the actually holster cross behind his back so that he can conceal them easier.
strength: 100
kido: 30 (really doesn't like it that much)
speed: 100
accuracy: 150 (he has 120/20 eye sight)
Swordsmanship: 80
Hand to hand Combat: 70

all done tell me what you think
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
One question Is he a Captain if not them what seat is he, but besides that good job.
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
no he is not a captain all at he not even in the thirteen squads to begin with he is one of the leaders of a special group call Ace of X, they are shingami who don't beileve in the kind of justice that the Gotei 13 beileve in they are a mercenary-ish group who only loyalty are to each other n who ever is highest bidder good or evil
hace más de un año QuickDeath35 said…
Oh i see well then good job.
hace más de un año LOBOSdelRAYo said…
your welcome i aim to please or kill