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 serena's present
serena's present
GG: wow who would have thought 4 months would have passed so soon. tu upper east siders havent give me any gossip for them past 4 months. when did tu all get so boring, but today is graduation and i plan to have my cake and eat it o gossip and post it. come on i know you're hiding something.

St. judes and constance high school:
(Chuck, blair, nate and serena all sitting in the courtyard and ready for graduation)

B: can tu belive it finally high school is over and i get to find some new people to terrorise.
S:(laughs) B tu never change. although i dont think im going to go to brown.
B: what?...
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 Can't believe the truth S?
Can't believe the truth S?
Episode 18: While tu Weep

GG: Rise and shine Upper East Siders, The queen is...Alive, Long live the Queen. tu didn't honestly think B was leaving us did you? Oh poor little 'mean girls' you'll have to wait if tu want to replace B...

(At the Belleview Hospital)

After Blair has woken up.

The doctor has just finished talking to Blair, Eleanor and Harold about Blair's problem.

D: If there is any information that tu need, don't hesitate to call me, any time and lets hope Blair makes a full recovery, Aye Blair?

(Blair is lying in cama ignoring the conversation.)

H: Thank tu so much doctor, and you're...
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 Blair, your killing yourself...!
Blair, your killing yourself...!
segundo part of the double bill, make sure tu only read this after episode 10- The bajo Identity!

Epsiode 11- A Blair To Remember

Gossip Girl: # Rumour has it that Chuck has gone from losing his mind to losing his memory....and queen B? Well she may have just lost the amor of her life...! tu Know tu amor Me xoxo #

Blair is at home. she has been avoiding everyone and hasn't been in school for the past few days. Her mother is really worried about her and Serena has been regularly visiting her.

It's been two days since Chuck woke up and he has slowly been recalling the events he had forgotten...
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posted by luvrgirl101
Blair braced herself as she walked through the tunnel to the airplane. She was breathing hard, really hard. Why was she flying commercial again. Oh right, she was flying commercial because Lord Marcus wanted to mostrar all of his people that he was just like them. Not only were they flying commercial, they were flying coach, ugh. She was probably going to get some sort of infectious disease.

At that very moment, she felt a warm, gentle hand on the small of her back, at first she somehow believed it was Chuck; he was the only one who had ever touched her like that. With so much care and gentleness,...
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posted by Yankeesam32935
The Mess that is Chuck Bass~ Chapter 5

Chuck sank down on the bed, while he tried to digest what Blair has just dicho to him. “You really do amor me?” He asked in a quiet voice, not yet quite believing her admission of amor for him.
She sat down siguiente to him. “Yes Chuck, I really do amor you. How could tu not know?”
He groaned and ran his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know, Blair. I guess I figured that I would always come in segundo to Nathaniel. He’s the one tu always chased, not me.”
Blair took his hand in her own, and rubbed his callused knuckles. “That was before, Chuck....
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I'm gonna write something diffrent from the normal fan fiction. I'm going to write a scene for Gossip Girl for Chuck and Blair.


Chuck Bass
Blair Waldorf
Serena camioneta, van der Woodsen
Dan Humphrey

Chuck has waited so long to tell Blair he loves her, that she has fallen out of amor with him. Chuck is in total regret about what he hasn't done, and tried everything to convince Blair she still loves him.
- Dan, Serena and Blair are in a cafe.

Scene 3- Cafe in the Lower East Side

Serena and Dan are besar in another area of the cafe.
Blair walks up to Dan and Serena.

Blair: Ohh excuse me while I...
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“Closure: the unattainable goal.” ~ Chuck Bass, 4.08 “Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”

As per usual, Chuck’s above quote speaks the truth, particularly when it comes to him and Blair. Throughout the course of the show, there have been several moments between them that could have been perceived as “closure” and while this may have stuck had they been any other couple, in each scenario, the end result has only solidified the cold, hard FACT that “Chuck and Blair are never over.” Although we have touched on this in anterior blogs, we would like to take a few moments to expand...
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posted by luvrgirl101
“I just can’t believe he never showed, S” Blair exclaimed into her phone, “I thought, well, I thought he really cared about me, maybe even loved me. At very least he owed me an explanation for that awful text from Gossip Girl about that interior designer.”

“I know B, I thought he really cared too. But he is Chuck bajo and tu had to know there was always a chance of this with him. Plus, tu weren’t exactly willing to accept an explanation. Just forget about Chuck, forget about him and come stay in the Hamptons with me.” Serena was really worried about Blair. It seemed as though...
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posted by emmagossipgirl7
 what happened B?!
what happened B?!
hope tu enjoy my segundo episode
GG:spotted. Blair waldorf coming out of Chuck's limo and 4am. long night B. what did tu get up to thats what i want to know. nothing like a good scandle to wake tu up in the morning.

waldorf apartment:

(dorota enters blair's room)

D: Miss Blair tu have school today.
B: im not going!
D: Miss Blair tu have to go today tu have a test remember.
B: i dont care im not going
D: this test is going on your school record what about yale?
(Blair comes up from under the sheets)
B: fine but only for yale.
D: did tu and Miss serena...
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From the very beginning of Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair have had an inexplicable, intense connection. They were demonstrated early on to be matched in intelligence, cunning and wit, and after the infamous limo scene in 1.07, it became strikingly clear that they were (and still are) a perfect physical match as well. Although everyone knows that Chuck and Blair have always been destined for each other, they have suffered a couple of trouble spots in their union due mostly to anterior emotional immaturity and feelings of inequality, particularly in terms of their professions. We say anterior because...
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A Million amor Songs Later

A/N: Argh! I just got my Gossip Girl Season 2 Part 1 DVD I've been watching it all día and I can not believe how much I underrated Oh brother where Bart thou? I thought it wasn't that good but re watching it. It's amazing! I amor the CB hug it's so epic I didn't really appreciate it watching it on-line but now that's one of my favourite scenes and I just adore the song they put with it Signs. Oh my God I amor it. Anyway this chapter isn't that great I don't think, I rushed it a bit, I just wanted to update sooner than I have been doing recently. And I've just realised...
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posted by edwestwick
Story: "French Kiss"

Author: edwestwick (Ana)

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl o movie French Kiss.

Summary: After being left por her boyfriend Blair Waldorf goes to France to get him back. But what will happen when she meets not really honest guy who will not leave her alone? Based on the movie 'French kiss'.

Hi! Sorry it wasn't sooner but I was busy with navidad and oneshots for my Secret Santa gifts =) Hope you'll like it and thanks for reviews on the last chapter!

Chuck bajo thought he couldn't sit better. This woman was not only the most beautiful girl he has ever...
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Gossip Girl: Where do we go from here? Chapter 3

It had been three weeks since the cast apologised to Leighton for treating her like they did when they found out about the alleged sex tape scandal, the newspapers were still raving about it however, since they had found out somehow that Leighton and Ed were a couple.

Leighton and Blake were filming a scene in Blair’s bedroom, some members of the crew were adjusting the lighting and Leighton was talking to Ed, he was waiting for her so they could go out to lunch.

‘’What’s up babe? tu seem quiet?’’ Ed asked worriedly about his girlfriend...
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Last chapter Ed had proposed to Leighton and they had sealed that deal… what happens now?

Leighton and Ed had arrived back in New York the anterior día and were back on set, they had decided not to tell anyone about the engagement so Leighton couldn’t wear her ring that she loved so much, it showed everyone that she was taken and who por and she loved that fact, that after years of flirting around each other they had gotten together and neither could be happier.

It was around four in the morning when Leighton woke up having to run to the bathroom to be sick, she had been feeling sick for...
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posted by AnnaSmiley
Chuck: You're lying.
Blair: I am not!
Chuck: Your eyes are doing that thing where they don't match your mouth.
Blair: I wasn't aware that robots got jealous. Did they update your software while I was away?

Blair: Chuck! Aren't tu done trying to destroy my night?
Chuck: Look I should never have abandoned you. I know I made the wrong decision as soon as your plane took off. Distracted myself all summer...hoping I wouldn't feel it, but I still do.
Blair: And?
Chuck: I was scared...I was scared that if we spent the whole summer together, just us, then you'd see.
Blair: See what?
Chuck: Me. Please don't...
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A Million amor Songs Later

A/N: Right so epilogue here it goes, I know predictable but what the hell – I amor it!

Epilogue- Princesses wear headbands

Their penthouse apartment was covered in balloons of rosado, rosa and purple. It was only her fourth birthday but Blair always thought it was worth making a fuss over. The living room was fill to the parte superior, arriba with gifts, designer kids clothes, Oh wouldn't she look cute in them Blair thought as she folded them neatly on her cama while clearing up the barbie muñecas that had been left on the floor....
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It had been three days since the funeral of the late Bart bajo and the UES was still trying to come to grips with what had happened. Blair Waldorf on the other hand had another bajo on her mind. She was worried. Worried sick about the one person that she hadn’t seen since the día of the funeral. Chuck bajo was nowhere to be seen; he seemed to have fallen of the face of the earth. Not even Gossip Girl seemed to have any leads on his whereabouts these days.

“If only he could answer his phone!” Blair slammed her phone shut with a frown after calling Chuck for the millionth time that day,...
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They’re not a stop along the way, they’re the destination.

Clearly the show’s most popular couple, “Chair” fans were… less than thrilled when the gruesome twosome put their epic romance on hold and decided to just be friends for the time being. Savage explains the decision to take a break from their relationship: “Overall, I think that we felt like that was the natural evolution of Chuck and Blair’s relationship and something that we wanted to see happen to the characters. I think it’s frustrating fans who just want them to be together and be happy, but we have to save the finish line for the finish line.” We think all Chuck and Blair fans should find major comfort in that last part, keywords: “finish line.”

—Stephanie Savage (January 24, 2011)
“I think the draw for me with Chuck and Blair was how unique they were to television. I admit to loving a very specific prototype couple before CB came along: the bad boy and the good girl. I liked the cliché redemption arc that always brought tears to my eyes. There was a comfort in knowing exactly how those couples and stories would play out, so I was reluctant to jump into the water with Chuck and Blair. He wasn’t just a bad boy, he was a bad, bad boy. He did despicable things and felt no remorse. And Blair… Well, Blair was the bad girl. She was the one tu root against in romantic...
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For anyone who is just tuning into Gossip Girl, allow us to briefly summarize the fifth season. For the first 21 episodes, Nate ran his big boy job, Serena sucked at life, and Chuck was sad. Blair planned a wedding to a royal drip that everyone and their mother knew wouldn’t last–we just didn’t think it would take THAT long. Blair was pregnant and then…wasn’t. Blair went straight from being married to the Prince of Monaco to having the most boring relationship ever with the King of Douche, Dan Humphrey.

Suddenly, in 5.22 and 5.23, the plot starts to move. Bart bajo is alive. We find...
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