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GenesisEvo posted on Mar 20, 2013 at 10:18PM
Hey guys,
I just want let you know that my fanfic is in the works. But progess on it has been rather... slow.
But I have additional announcements regarding this fanfic.

Whats Confirmed so far:
* The plot of this story will revolve around the romance of Yoshi & Birdo. Quite a rare breed when it comes to romantic fanfics about the two of them compared to other Mario couples in my opinion.
* The second teaser is now out. The third and final teaser is in the works.
* Yoshi will be driving some sort of car. But you'll have to guess what kind in the next teaser.
* I have most of the activities that Yoshi and Birdo will be doing on their date planned out. But I'm always open for a few ideas.
* A book cover is now in the works. But I don't know if I'm going with the first chapter, or later on down the track.

Things that must be done:
* Note that 'Yoshi's Date Day' is only a beta title. So I'll need your help to work out a good title for this fanfic.

Things that I will Consider:
* At the moment, I have planned at least 20 chapters. But I may include more.
* Yoshi's and Birdo's past games will be mentioned.
* I don't know when I'll post the first chapter, let alone whereabouts. But hopefully I'll post it sooner rather than later.

That's all there is so far. Write in the comments below on what you think so far or have a few ideas that you'll like to share. I might be able to consider them. ;)
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hace más de un año Dragon-88 said…
Yoshi driving a car? I would guess a Wild Wing? That's one of his main vehicles in Mario Kart Wii. I even use it with Birdo, and I've been getting great race results!