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Chapter five : You're not on my sight anymore

Tori : Yeah, tu didn't.. bummer..
James : She cares!
Tori : What? I do not care!
James : What about this? *kisses Tori*
Tori : *pushes James* tu monster!!

Note : I don't have anymore ideas left so I will continue chapter five on part two ... o I could even send tu a message and,..

Breathe in, breathe out. Do that many times and tell me if tu want a message of it..


Ideas - stellawinx101
Chapter titles - my mom
Couple dating - my dad
Others - me
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Chapter Four : más and more

Tori : *pushed Kendall* Wait! Wait! What just happen did we kissed?
Kendall : Yup! And that's just the beginning..
Tori : The beginning?
Kendall : I wanna,need to go! Wait for me, I'll come back later! I'm just gonna go for a second!
Tori : Okay?
Kendall : *runs* See tu in a minute, bye sweetie!

After a few hours...
Kendall : *runs to Tori* Hi, sweetie! *holds something on the back*
Tori : What? A minute, seriously?
Kendall : Sorry but I need to ask tu something! *sits on the chair and takes out a box from the back*
Tori : Alright.
Kendall : *opens the box and a ring was...
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Chapter three : Hollywood Arts vs. Big Time Rush

Katie : The first ever.. talent contest! Judges Tori and Kendall will pick the winner for tonight.. who will win??
Tori : I'm from Hollywood Arts!
Kendall : tu know me..
Katie : Let's begin! We begin from Hollywood Arts..
Tori : Let's begin with my friend, Jade. she's good at actuación and singing.. she picked acting!
Everybody : *looked at the televisión mostrando a movie starring Jade*
Kendall : Tori, what number per 10 shall we pick?
Tori : I pick what tu pick!
Kendall : Let's give her a full mark!
Two hours later..
Katie : And the winner is......

30 minutos passed by.. Kendall and tori were dating..
Tori : I can't believe it!
Kendall : What?
Tori : I know your the head judge but why Trina? In my school she sound completely terrible!
Kendall : Relax, sweetie..
Tori and Kendall : *kissed*

Chapter one : Welcome to Palm Woods

Carlos : *enters* Guys! Guys!!
James : What? What? *sits on a sofa with Kendall*
Carlos : *sits on the sofa* Wait..
Logan : *sits on the sofa* Okay! I'm here. What?
Carlos : Six new people just moved in!
Kendall : And they all are girls, am I correct?
Carlos : No! Two boys and four girls! They say that they all are from Hollywood Arts and más talented then us!
Kendall : So?
Carlos : Let's mostrar them who's boss! We're más talented, am I correct?
Logan : I don't think that will be a warm welcome for them,..
Carlos : *stands up and walks to the door* Big Time Rush...
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