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sorry it's a little late
i made up a few thing's OK
sorry for bad typing :p imma vietnames
this epicsode is super long !

Epicsode 2 : Ryuga's past

Ryuga : " What you guys should know, i wasn't born at Japan. I was born at a place call ... ( need name plez commet ). I guess that everyone know that Ryuto was my bro, i have two more sister name Ryna and Ryun. I was the oldest one, Ryna was second, Ryuto then little Ryun. We don't fight each other like other family's would. Our parents love us but they don't stay at home much, they always work, not like we were poor or any thing, We had lot's of money. They just had so many thing's to take care of. Because of that, our aunt and uncle take care of us but they never did. " * take a deap bearth to continue * " They always always drinking and gambling. They yelled and beat us up a lot. Like i say'd befor, we have lot's of money so they use it too cure us when our parents come home, but when they do our aunt and uncle won't let us talk to them . Until our parents came home without saying, our aunt was hiting us with a leather whip and uncle was holding us so we cant hide. I love my brother and sisters alot so i puss them back to take less then always. Our parents let us to the best doctor they know after kicking our aunt and uncle out. Then they let us stay at their friend's house. There were... "
Kenta : * interrupted the story * " Who are they ? "
Ryuga : " There are the Jonh's. " * eh hem * " There were 4 kids like my family, the only thing is different is there younger then us a year old. There name's and the order are : Anna, Aslan, Alice and Alan, their mother is Alica and their father is Andew. ... "
Gingka : * interrupted the story * " what about your parents's name ? "
Ryuga : " My mom is Ryn and my dad is Rick "
Madoka : " So your family's name all start with the letter R and the other family all start with the letter A ? "
Ryuga : " Yeah, it's a traditional in our country. Maybe i'll call the other family is the A family and my family the R family and saying me ( i ) to say my brother and sisters too for short. Anyway, the children in the A family are younger than us a year old. ... "
Kenta : * interrupted the story * " I don't want to interrupt the story (though he did) but how old are you when that hapen ? "
Ryuga : " I was 10. Does anyone have any more question "
Kenta : " When did your parents lelf you with your aunt and uncle ? "
Ryuga : " When i was 4 "
Kenta : " When did your aunt and uncle start hiting you ? "
Ryuga : " When i was 5 "
Kenta : " Don't you go to school ? "
Ryuga : " I did but not in peace. The kids there also beat us up. Anymore question ? "
ALL : " Yeah "
Ryuga : " O man " * exhausted face *
Gingka : " When did you play beys and what is your bey before L-drago ? "
Ryuga : " This one " * show bey * " It's call Flame Drago "
Kyoya (i forgot to mention that the team wind fang was there to) : " Did anyone beat you with that, cuz i want to be the first "
Ryuga : * sad face * " Have been, thousands of time "
Gingka : " By who ? "
Ryuga : " I was only 5 on my first battles and i don't get to practice so lots of people beat me "
Gingka : " So can i battle with you later with that bey :D "
Ryuga : " Challenge accepted "
Kyoya : " After him, ... "
Ryuga : " Challenge accepted :) "
Madoka : " Can you pelz continue with your story ? "
Ryuga : " O ... well ... yeah ... ok " * take deap bearth * " Actually, the one who cure me and my brother and sisters was Anna. "
Gingka : " What you said you were 10 and she's younger than you a year old. That mean you were save by a girl that 9 years old !!! "
Ryuga : " I know it's hard to believe but that is the truth ! She is young but she is the geatest doctor that my parents know. But much socker is in the part she is a chef of a famous restaurant, a famous fashion designer and more of our country ! "
ALL : " NO WAY !!! 0o0 O.0 O.O "
Ryuga : " Yes way ! " * poker face -> serious face * " Anyway..., " * em hem * " Anna is talented when she was born cuz she is chosen to be a spirit ... "
Yu : " Someone will kill her ?!? "
Ryuga : " I though you said you don't have anymore question !?! "
Madoka : " It depens :) "
Ryuga : * sigh * " In my country, spirits is the most powerful species ever. Normaly each year will appear one. Spirits is also our protecter and our guide. Now do you understand ? "
ALL : " Yeb "
Ryuga : " Anna is chosen too be a spirit cuz she is nearly perfect. Now back to the main part. After Anna save us, we stay with the A family. At first we were very afraid of them, afraid that they will beat us up, but they din't. Anna helped us understand that. My brother and sisters start playing with the A family, but i was sill afraid of those leather whip from my anut and uncel. Anna knew that, she started talking to me, started making the life with the A famiy more interestinger, more funner for me to not fear those leather whip from my anut and uncel will come again. All intill i was 16, war started between 4 family : The A family, my family ( the R family ), the N family, and the T family. ... "
Gingka : " Who are they ? "
Ryuga : * not paying attention to Gingka's question * " The N and the T family doesn't live in our country so they don't take the rules like us. Members of the N family are : Nicholas, Nessie, Nigel, Nessa. Their morther is Nirvana and their father is Nivek. Members of the T family are : Tamson, Thomis, Tamsy, Thomas. Their mother is Terra and their father is Tron ( Tron Legacy :D ). The mother of the N family loves the father of the T family and he loves her back and so as the farther of the T family and the morther of the N family but they were force to mary like that so they force their child from both family to mary each other but their child don't want it that way. The child from the N family wants to mary the A family and the child from the T family wants to mary us - the R family. My parents want me and my brother and sisters to mary the kids from the A family. Both family ( A and R ) agree with that but the kids from the other two family ( N and T ) disagree so they kill their own parents and started war. My parents and the A parents send us to Japan for safety. That happen when i was 17. Though Anna is younger than me but she will manage us… "
Gingka : " What happen befor that ? "
Kyoya : * got hit by a rock *
Ryuga : " Normal activiti of the A family like horse riding, kite flying, snow ball fighting, ect. Back to main part. We lived together until … " * sigh *
Kenta : " Until what ? "
Ryuga : " Anna is very weak because she had to take care of us and a lot of sick people befor so… "
Kenta : " So … ? "
Kyoya : * got hit by a rock *
Ryuga : " There were thieves, they came to our house and rob everthing will we were a sleep. I was reading Anna’s music book with her and then we heard the thieves and woke everyone up. But it was to late, the thieves heard us walking down the stairs and set the house on fire. We didn’t know so we were very scared and then we ran different direction. I ran down to the basement, everyone eles I don’t know. I scared so I didn’t notice that I was sill holding Anna’s music book. The fire had spread around the basement and I was drawn into the corner. I was wearing this jacket " * take the jacket out * " Anna made this for me. She said it’s was very special, I didn’t know why is it so special until then, it was a fire-proof jacket, I weard it over my self and turn turned toward the corner, holding the music book. I didn’t know what I was doing, i didn’t even think about it but … well, I’m alive now. I woke up in a hospital, the doctor said I was unconscious for 3 days but when I ask her what about every one eles she didn’t ansew me. I have no idea where they are so I guess their gone  "
Madoka : " We meet Ryuto a few months ago "
Ryuga : " A few months ago, not yesterday. Anything can happen in that time  "
Kyoya : * got hit by a rock * " OK THAT IS IT WHO KEPT THROWING ME WITH A ROCK !!! " * got hit by a rock * " HEY WHO THROW THAT !!! " * runs in to the forents *
Ryuga : " Is he always like that ? "
Gingke : " Sometimes "
Kenta : " What about the rose ? "
Ryuga : " That is Anna’s favorite flower " * hold it up * " I wish that I can see her again "
Madoka : " You guess that they are gone. Maybe they are sill alive. Maybe I saw her on the street with every one eles. We just need í a photo "
Ryuga : " I think your right let me get the photo "
Voice( girl 1 ) : " We are here "
Ryuga : " O NO "
Gingka : " What do you mean 'o no' ? "
Ryuga : " Except you guys, I don’t want any one to know that am sill alive. They will take me back to the city and use me as a wepon again " * take jacket out -> cover him self -> invisible *
Kenta : " HOW DO YOU DO THAT ?!? "
Voice ( girl 2 ) : " Comon we are all most there "
Ryuga : ( whisper ) " The jacket can help me do this too. Now be quiet and don’t tell them that I’m here got it ! "
Kyoya : * walk back * " What happen ? "
Nile : * Explain to Kyoya *
Voice ( Boy 1 ) : " We made it " * appear with his group *
( P/S : the group has 7 people )

LOL i can't take it any more i just gotta post this XD
this is a pic i got from google
at first her hair was red and her eyes was green but i want her to be Alice ( Anna's sister ) so i change them to brown-golden XD

This is the couple Ryuto x Alice XD if i was border i will make her shirt pink or something like that XD
 sorry it's a little late i made up a few thing's OK sorry for bad typing :p imma vietnames this ep
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 this is the main pic XD
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