Being Nice registrarse Please! REMEMBER NOT TO registrarse IF tu DON'T KNOW ME o DISLIKE ME!!!!!!!!!![EDITED AND FIXED WRONG SPELLINGS N LINKS!!]

poddo posted on Feb 17, 2009 at 01:18AM
So if your nice will you Join!?
I would love it if you would Join the Poddo Spot please!
You see it's special,
I helped this Fanpoper,
And she made the Poddo Spot as a gift for me!
So I'm very happy coz of she made it for me!
I'm trying to do my best to Upgrade, Update and make that Spot famuos so she can be happy,
It's her Spot, So I need people to join!
So please if you don't mind Join the Spot!
If you don't know me then don't Join!, It's totally Ok!, I wont mined at all! ^o^ ^.^ ^_^ ^-^ :3
Poddo Spot: link
This Fanpoper that made the Spot: link
last edited on Feb 17, 2009 at 01:34AM

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hace más de un año bee--123 said…
ok i'm a fan
hace más de un año leuron said…
spot was probably deleted
hace más de un año poddo said…
Try again!
hace más de un año poddo said…
K lemmie check
your right!
hace más de un año leuron said…
wait... you wrote the link wrong... try this one:
link ^^
hace más de un año poddo said…
Fixed n ready to go!
hace más de un año leuron said…
lol u already fixed it ^^
hace más de un año swiddlewiddle said…
Meh, I'd rather join the "Being Lazy" spot xD