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 BATMAN'S CORGI BATMOBILE CARS THAT WERE NEVER MADE! Production Art for Unproduced Corgi Car Toys
prototype pics of Batmobiles that Corgi Toys was thinking about making
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A fan made panel por panel adaptation of the Frank Miller graphic novel
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Several actors have played Batman. There have been over five live action versions of batman as well as various voice actors. People often discuss about which batman actor is the best. I think that the best is Adam West.

1. Adam West stood out más than any other batman actor

Adam West got to play batman in a mostrar that lasted over 100 episodes. That gave him plenty of time for his version of batman to be memorable. Later on he got to voice batman in caricaturas which gave him a chance to play various versions of Batman. All of his performances as batman are a memorable treat.

The other live action...
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