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Featuring scenes drawn from Tim Burton's #Batman (1989), Christopher Nolan's #BatmanBegins, the pilot episode of #Gotham, and Zack Snyder's batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. From Birth.Movies.Death. @ YouTube.
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The Batman. What can be dicho about one of the greatest fictional characters of all time? I wrote at least 2 verses, so that should cover it.
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William Dozier is the man responsible for bringing the 1960's batman televisión series to life, as well as being the person who narrated the show. Over the past fifty years, several people have made their own versions of Batman. While there have been lots of outstanding things done with the batman franchise, the 1960's still remains Batman's best decade. There are so many things that make the 1966 televisión series and movie so great. For this article, I'd like to focus on the main elements that made the 1960's such a special time for Batman.

The mostrar closely resembled Bill Finger's comics,...
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@IGN - Watch the new clip from Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two, featuring a meeting between Harvey Dent and Solomon Grundy.
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I miss the days of Batman. tu might be wondering what that means, because there's plenty of new batman content. However, I'm not talking about the dark, violent, anti-social vigilante who fights a clown that was disturbingly violent. I'm talking about the bright, heroic, fun superhero who fought a clown that was delightfully goofy. When I see people talk about who batman is and what he's about, they usually describe the darker batman from reciente decades. It's sad to hear that, because that's not the batman that Bill Finger created.

In Batman's first year, 1939, he was a dark vigilante. However,...
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@Warner Bros. Entertainment -Frustration builds as batman attempts to unravel the mystery of the Holiday Killer – with some help from his trusted butler Alfred in evaluating the probable suspects – in this all-new clip
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@Entertainment Weekly -Jensen Ackles, Julie Nathanson, writer Tim Sheridan and producer Butch Lukic gather around the mesa, tabla to celebrate the release of a long held secret.
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@IGN - Produced por Warner Bros. Animation, DC and Warner Bros. inicial Entertainment, the all-new feature-length animated film arrives on Digital & Blu-ray on June 22, 2021.
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I'm not exactly subtle when it comes to the fact that I amor Batman. He's one of my favorito! heroes. I amor his rogues gallery, comics and shows. Also, I'm a big fan of Batman's movies. If tu count animated films, Batman's appeared in over three dozen films! Ranking all of those films would take más time than the Clock King can give me, so I'll just be ranking the live-action films.

Warning: In order to properly discuss some of these films, I will have to give spoilers.

This ranking will just be for official batman films, with one exception dado to a film that I loved too much to exclude....
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