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posted by deltabannermen
One of the oddest things about Bambi's legacy is the film's lack of presence in the disney theme parks. Everything tu read about Bambi cites it as one of Walt Disney's greatest achievements; the unseen Man is one of the greatest disney villains; Bambi is one of Disney's most iconic figures and yet Bambi, and his forest friends, are practically invisible as far as the theme parks are concerned.

Looking around I've found that Bambi appears in some of the fireworks shows in various montages; World of Color and it's Winter Dream iteration.

In terms of attractions, though, Bambi as an inspiration...
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I'm longing to find a buyer for this exceptional piece of Disney/ Bambi history - if anyone has any ideas as to who might like it - do get in touch... I'd amor it to go to a real Bambi fan. It's probably one of the best provenances for any vintage disney jewellery you're likely to see. Let me tell tu more...

The costume jewellery house of Rene Llonguet in Paris (I’m a vintage fashion specialist) was closely linked with the film industry and Llonguet provided glorious pieces for movie stars just Post-War and into the early 1970s. Knowing that connection it makes sense that he secured a licence...
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saurice:this forest is manficent.
me:no kidding
sierra:i think it's pretty.
bambi:yeah i amor living here it's so peaceful so quiet..

oscar:where's my luggage at?!
suga mama:do i look like a bellhop to you?!
oscar:no mo' like a liberty campana if tu ask me.
suga mama:now your the one who ask me bell(hits oscar)
suga mama:ha!see

me:okay... so bambi where's your parents at?
bambi:on their honeymoon.
saurice:i bet the're having bunches of fun there.
sierra:honeymoon? there gonna put honey on the moon?why would they do that.
me:(smacks face)no tu idiot...
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posted by deltabannermen
A disney Tale: A deer, Bambi, is born in the forest, the heir to the Prince of the Forest. He meets a rabbit, Thumper, and a skunk called flor and they live through the seasons of the forest learning about life and amor until Bambi becomes the Prince himself, protector of the forest.

Disney Hero: Bambi is a young deer full of innocence and naivety. As a 'hero' he is terribly ineffectual. The events of the film simply happen to him. He is passive for almost the entire story. Even in the climactic forest fuego he is rescued por his father. One aspect Bambi does share with many, many disney heroes,...
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