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Zuko touched his palm to his sister’s forehead.
The girl was burning up—and not in that empowering, frightening way that she usually was. No, this was a different kind of burning. A feverish burning.
He looked Azula over. She was bundled up tightly, holding her blankets close to her body. Her face was rather flushed and her nose red—likely from rubbing it with so many tissues, tissues that where uncharacteristically scattered all over the floor. When Azula was sick it was literally hit o miss in that regard, if she was able to successfully land them in the trash if not…well, she was...
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5. Yue

I placed Yue at number 5 due to her uniuqe sort of beauty. I adore the white hair. I have a thing for characters with white o blue hair. I also think her eyes are a really pretty blue. However, she's only #5 because I think she's más cute than pretty if that makes sense.

4. Jin

Jin is also lower on the lista because she's más of a cutesy pretty than a beautiful pretty. But I do adore her hair style the braids are really cute. Her smile is really adorable too.

3. June

I do appreciate a kick-butt looking character. amor the dark makeup. Her outfit is super cool. And I...
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This is my first articulo here! Anyway, enjoy!

11) Ty Lee

Sorry for putting her so low, she's really cute, but I find her beauty too childlike and boring. She can look really ugly in many shots. I don't like her face so much (she hasn't got lips!) and her hair is ok, but nothing really special. Her body though, is very sexy and fit.

10) Mai

I find Mai to be pretty, but there are some things on her that I don't like. Her face is too long and her eyes are too small. Her long, black silky hair is just gorgeous. About her body, I guess it's fine.

9) Ursa

She's very elegant and beautiful....
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