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 Not exactly how it happened in the story.
Not exactly how it happened in the story.
(The scean Zuko's room at the palace 7 years after Sozin's comit) A knoock at the door, Zuko respuestas the door, Katara is at the door. Zuko, can I talk to you? She asked. Sure what's up,Zuko said, letting her in. It's about me and Aang she dicho sitting on the couch. Umm, O.K. Zuko said. We had another fight Katara said. And, and... she started to cry. Zuko pulled her close and hugged her. Oh, Zuko Katara said, Aang has been such a jerk lately and he's called me everything in the book. Shhhhh Zuko dicho it's O.K. now matter what Aang says I'll always amor tu then he kissed her on the forhead....
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Keep in mind this is my opinion, thanks! :)


He's not going to be number one just because he's the protagonist. But he's going to be on it. I amor his personality, he's so hyper and sweet. He's also super awesome because he's the avatar, and I personally think he does his job better than Korra, but that's just me. I amor how he's the last airbender and I amor his relationship with Katara. He's such a great character, he's funny, cool, sweet, and he's a good role model, supporting things like peace and not killing people. It was really Valiente of him to take away Ozai's bending instead...
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