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Miyako was finishing sweeping out his comprar and was about to close down for the day. He was tired for he had an unusual amount of customers today. He passed por a dulces wrapper, probably left por some stupid teenager, he sighed, bent over and picked it up. His old bones couldn't take much más of this, he needed to retire. Just one más year, he kept telling himself, and I'll retire. He took one last look around and thought that his comprar looked pretty good, so Miyako set down his escoba and locked up his store. He started to mover towards his car when he saw a limping figure in the distance. He skinted, and he was shocked when discored that it was that one boy from the village, Watanay Obanchone. Miyako ran across the paved street, to check him out. "Watanay? Are tu alright?" "Yes Jopoi-san" (Jopoi is Miyako's family name). Despite what the boy said, it looked like he was about to pass out from exhaustion. "Watanay, why don't tu come over to my house for dinner?"

"So then, something strange took over me, i'm not sure what but it made me turn into something with extraodinary power. I mean, my energy barely grazed his arm and he exploded into a gory mess!" Watanay was explaining the situation that he was in over cena at Miyako's home. Watanay told him about the teens who attacked him, and thought that he might know something about it. " Watanay, tu are young, so I really hate to tell tu this, but tu are one of the few thousand that have been blessed with the power of the Knakrow spirit." Watanay had no idea what this meant. "When tu say blessed that makes it sound like a good thing, so then why are tu sorry?" Miyako heaved a great sigh, of sorrow and empathy. "For most people, this would be considered a great, wonderful gift. But unfortunately, tu were born into this group at a bad time." Miyako paused to take a bite of his excellent, spicy curry. A look of sadness was starting to overtake this old man's face. "Watanay, according to legend, Knakrow's most truly blessed child will build an army of other blessed followers, and will either save the world... o destroy it." Watanay displayed the same face of confusedness that he'd had all that night. "And... what exactly does that have to do with me," Watanay asked. "According to what tu told me it makes me believe that tu are Knakrow's most truly blessed child. But, a secret war between the good and evil of Knakrow's blessed has already begun, a young russian man named Mokistafe Knoru has already claimed that he is the most truly blessed of Knakrow's children. Mokistafe has already decided that he and his army shall conqueor the world. Thus, he is going to destroy it rather than save it. A spy for Mokistafe found out about tu and noticed your yet unknown power from your powerful energy flowing from you. He informed Mokistafe and Mokistafe sent an assassin to get rid of his problem for him before tu discovered your power." A tear went down the old man's eyes as he dicho this.
Watanay was shocked, the reason these people were after him was because he was the true chosen of these strange people. And the scariest part was that someone he knew had dado him up and let him get assassinated. "Jopoi-san, who betrayed me? Who was just going to let me die for a fake leader!" Watanay asked obviously angry now. "I'm sorry," The old man sobbed quietly, "it was me!"
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This is an amv made por me. ^.^ I hope tu like it. Warning: There is yaoi/shounen-ai in this video so if tu don't like yaoi then please don't watch.
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I found this site when looking for naruto episodes. It has a huge collection on anime and I just wanted to suggest it for tu guys in case tu want to use it.

It had enlaces to Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Elfen Lied, Full Metal Alchemist, Gantz, Lucky Star, Ouran High School Host Club, and a lot of other current animes I like, but it also had a bunch of old animes from the 70's which was really cool.

Sorry if it seems like I'm ranting but I just really loved the site and it took me forever to find a good site that had a bunch of the animes I liked.

I hope tu go check it out, it's definitely been a help for me. That's all!

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Title: Edward vs. Edward
Author: Dearheart
Rating: Rated G for Giggles! :D
Summary: Once upon a blank piece of paper, two very different characters from two very different fandoms happened to bump into each other. One was an alchemist with height issues. The other was a vampire with no fangs. Chaos and comical verbal attacks ensued.

This goes out to all of tu who are Team Edward...ELRIC!! Because when HE glistens in the sun, IT'S BADASS. No offense to the Twilighters, but our awesome, butt-kicking, short-ranting Ed was around long before Mr. Sparklepants was even a speck of glitter in Stephanie...
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