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What anime albums do u have in your anime música collection?

I mainly have Pokemon, Gundam Wing, and .hack albums in my collection
 weirdalfan2788 posted hace más de un año
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blackpanther666 said:
K-On Character Image Song albums season 1 & 2
HTT - Go Go Maniac single
HTT - Cagayake Girls single
HTT - Utauyo Miracle single
K-On - Original Soundtrack
HTT - Unmei Wa Endless single
K-On - Movie Soundtrack
Death Devil - Maddy dulces single
D.Gray Man Soundtrack
Girls Dead Monster album
ángel Beats - Soundtrack album
Cowboy Bebop - Soundtrack album por Yoko Kanno
Sakamichi No Apollon - Soundtrack album por Yoko Kanno.
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posted hace más de un año 
Cool and awesome collection u have there :)
weirdalfan2788 posted hace más de un año
Thanks. Very good music, too, especally the K-On/HTT stuff. XD
blackpanther666 posted hace más de un año
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