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BenandGwen2009 posted on Mar 06, 2010 at 04:24AM
Alright.To all of you out there who are putting anybody down for liking/disliking Sasuke.I have a few words for you,Knock it off. Sasuke has had a rough past and known nothing but tragedy and revenge in his life. I feel sorry for him. His clan was murdered,he grew up hating his brother( who was responsible for that very deed ) and never really had any 'real' friends ( aside from Naruto and Sakura ) when it comes down to it Sasuke made some bad mistakes in his life but underneatth all that is a kind heart and a hero.I know you think i'm 'grasping at straws' here and might even call me crazy but, I know Sasuke. He will always be a hero no matter what his inside or outward appearance might say.And even if he is consumed by revenge it's not against his friends but, actually against his brother.Still it's sad in a way.It makes me wonder what he will do when he finally kills his brother, as he said he would.

In closing I can say this much,Sasuke's past is very sad but that doesn't mean he's bad or evil.It just means it will take him some time to realize his mistake and redeem himself.If/When that happens maybe Sasuke will finally find peace where now there is only hate and dispare. He's a great character and will always be a favorite of mine.No matter what happens to him, I'll always think he's cool. in closing this is my favorite memory of Sasuke.It comes from the old days of team 7

Saskue you're great and will always be.
 Alright.To all of tu out there who are putting anybody down for liking/disliking Sasuke.I have a few
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hace más de un año puffyamiyumifan said…
i agree
hace más de un año speeddemin said…
great summary about sasuke i dig it sasuke and sasuke fan's for ev
hace más de un año thebeleaver said…
havn't you guys seen sasuke kill his brother it's a bit sad
hace más de un año thebeleaver said…
but that's when he goe's totally evil
hace más de un año 36gg said…

Goooo SASUKE!!!