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This is a video that I really like .. Its awesome. Its mix of slideshow , and video. hope u gonna like it as much as I did
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i want tu so bad
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So, on TNT on cable, at 5a.m. they play one episode of ángel and then at 6a.m. they play the siguiente episode. So, two episodes of ángel in one day, YAY! But, that's not the reason of this article.
I was watching episodes 8 and 9 today (they restarted the series on TNT and this is the first time for me so I'm excited) and in episode 8: I WILL REMEMBER tu has Buffy come into the episode right after BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER ssn4 ep. "PANGS" where Buffy wants the perfect Thanksgiving and everyone has a reunion with ángel except for her, and she confronts ángel in L.A. about him going behind her back...
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Below is a look into (5.02) "Just Rewards", a Season Five episode from "ANGEL":

"ANGEL" RETROSPECTIVE: (5.02) "Just Rewards"

Co-written por David Fury and Ben Edlund and directed por James A. Contner, the Season Five episode, (5.02) "Just Rewards", was an immediate follow-up to the conclusion of the season premiere, (5.01) "Conviction". The latter ended with ángel receiving a mysterious package that contained the amulet he had dado to Buffy Summers in the "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER" finale, (7.22) "Chosen". When the amulet activated, it released Spike’s non-corporeal body.

At the beginning of...
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