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 10 things tu never knew about Adams
10 things you never knew about Adams
1. Amy Adams was born to parents Kathryn and Richard in Vicenza, Italy in 1974. She was raised with six siblings in castillo Rock, Colorado.

2. During her youth, Adams didn't dream of the silver screen - she wanted to be a ballerina! She preferred to focus on her school choir activities and dance company apprenticeship rather than on her education. "I trained as a ballet dancer, and so that's what I always thought I was going to do," she says. "But as I got into dance, I realised dance didn't really fit me. My personality goes better with musical theatre. Ballet dancing was too disciplined, really...
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Amy Adams and Isla Fisher are often confused because of their ravishing red manes…but what if they didn’t have them?

BeautyXpose proves that the similarities wane when these actrices lose their locks. First up is Amy Adams, who is nominated for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Doubt.” Next, we have Isla Fisher, who stars in “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” which hit theaters this past weekend.

So tell us — when they’re shorn, are they beautiful, o just bald?

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In "Andalasia", an animated fairy tale world devoid of problems, in which there are talking animales and "happy endings", an evil queen named queen Narissa frets that her stepson Prince Edward will soon find his true love, which means that Narissa's position on the trono would be taken over. One day, Edward and Nathaniel, queen Narissa's henchman, successfully capture a troll, but Edward rides off to the cottage of a peasant named Giselle after hearing her sing about "true love". Knowing Narissa's wishes, Nathaniel sets the troll free to get rid of Giselle, but Edward saves her just in...
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True Loves kiss - encantada Soundtrack

Amy Adams
"I've been dreaming of a true loves kiss and a prince I am hoping comes with this,
That's what brings ever-afterings so happy!
That's the reason tu need lips so much
For lips are the only things that touch...
So to spend a life of endless bliss
Just find who tu amor through loves kiss..."

James Marsden
"You're the fairest maid I've ever met,
tu were made...."

Amy Adams
"To finish your duet!"

"And in years to come with Remanence."

James Marsden
"How we came to love"

Amy Adams
"And grew and grew love"

"Since first we knew amor through true loves kiss....